China Youth Net Comment: the 20th anniversary of Boao, greet the new future destiny of the human community

  Wind of Haitian sail full wide, walk hand in hand to start over.

"The world big changes: Lovers in global governance setting effort ensemble ‘along the way’ strong voice" as the theme of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021 in Boao, Hainan 18th kicked off.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Forum, the impact of new crown in the global pneumonia epidemic, global challenges become more prominent background, the annual meeting of concern. To "tenth anniversary" as an opportunity, it is often an important node extraordinary journey for some people to review and outlook. Compared with other international organizations, the 20th anniversary of the Boao Forum for Asia "being young", already witnessed the golden age of prosperity and development of Asia.

Look at the Boao Asia, world outlook in Asia.

For 20 years, the Boao Forum for Asia has played an important role in promoting Asian economic integration and promote the development of Asia and defend globalization, free trade, multilateralism and the destiny of the human community.

"Boao voice" played, collision "Boao wisdom", "Boao Program" launched, built with the world intersect Asia, interlinked with the times, the Chinese expression to the Community concept of human destiny is read in mind.

  Community proposed the idea of human destiny, both the historical experience profound summary, is the strategic choice for the future.

Meanwhile Boao Forum for Asia 2021 annual session, the new crown deaths worldwide has exceeded 3 million, the current human epidemic in need of extensive exchanges and cooperation. In response to the outbreak of the global action, the cooperation between China and countries has not stopped, by providing more vaccines to developing countries, including African countries, so that global vaccination equal opportunity. The fate of the human community is not a great concept, but there are clear and detailed settled.

  The world we live in, is undergoing profound and complex changes.

Whether it is the current focus on epidemic prevention and control, or to deal with future climate change, it is the Community concept of human destiny a Road "plus questions."

Complex macroeconomic environment, the international community expectant mood intertwined and confused, eager Chinese voice, looking forward to Chinese program. "Addressing climate change is a common cause of all mankind", "China, the world’s largest developing country, will complete the world’s highest drop in carbon intensity" – the leaders of Germany and France on video recently held summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping resounding words, reflects the great powers China to make greater contributions to the community of human destiny to play. Construction of the human community is the fate of civilization process "road is long Come," the need for all countries to bottom search, before the relay line. On this road, China forefront. Build the human community destiny, not ideological, "klippe" is the Chinese civilization for the "Locally Colored ‘identity;" high decibel "on is not a slogan, but China’s economic development is its solid support.

Not long ago, China’s economy this year "in the first quarter News" published: GDP reached 24.931 trillion yuan, an increase of%.

Observe things, to look at the overall situation.

The world economy, the strong recovery of China’s economy, the world’s positive spillover effects.

International Monetary Fund (IFM) recently predicted that from now to 2026, China’s average contribution to global economic growth will exceed 1/4. Good World, China can be good; good Chinese world would be better. China sustainable economic growth, inject more powerful driving force for global economic recovery, the fate of the human community to build a more inexhaustible power output.

  Greet the 20th anniversary of Boao, writing a new chapter in globalization. President Xi Jinping had come to light "Boao program" with "one swallow does not make spring blossom spring beauties," the poem, pointed out that the general trend of the development of the Community concept of human destiny. Just as the permanent site of Boao Forum for Asia Dongyu Island, the shape of a giant Ao travel to the Pacific, and the Pacific broad enough to allow the construction of the community of human destiny the sunshine to the world. The heart is coming, the line is approaching.

Let us look forward to this year’s forum to make "circle" bigger and bigger, "voice" in the widening stronger. (Xie Weifeng).