Pros and cons of drinking herbal tea in children

Pros and cons of drinking herbal tea in children

“It is a drug that is three points poisonous”, which is more reasonable for children.

  Take Banlangen granules. Banlangen is a Chinese herbal medicine that clears heat, detoxifies, and cools blood. It has a bitter cold taste. It is suitable for heat syndrome and heat syndrome. It has a good effect on fever and virus infection.

However, if you use Radix Isatidis or take Radix Isatidis for a long time, it is easy to damage the stomach and spleen due to its bitter cold. At this time, symptoms of the injection tract such as nausea, loss of appetite, thin stools, or even dizziness, dizziness, decreased blood pressure, etcAnd so on, some patients even have allergic reactions.

  The handout of traditional Chinese medicine also warns us that for Banlangen, “those without real fire and hot poison should not use it.”

Herbal tea is the same. Although it can remove dampness and clear heat, it must be timely, appropriate, and suitable for the physique, otherwise some side reactions will occur.

  Children are vigorous and fast-growing bodies. Their viscera is delicate, their bodies are not full, and their physiological functions are not yet mature. They are obviously different from adults.

For children, the herbal teas that ordinary adults can tolerate may be intolerable in children and cause side effects.

This is the case with Qiangqiang. You need to nourish qi, strengthen the spleen, and warm the stomach to improve this symptom.

  Therefore, remind the public here that herbal tea is a good thing for health care, but we must pay attention to timely, moderate, appropriate amount, suitable for physical fitness.

Especially for children, it should not be excessive, continuous herbal tea for too long, nor should it be unsuitable for physique. For example, debilitating constitution is not suitable to replace bitter cold and hot drinks and herbal tea.