“Times have changed,The outside world has changed。Only our Liufang has not changed,Be beaten if you fall behind!”

“Secretary Li, don’t think so,Aren’t we changing?If it doesn’t change,Why would you let the Lu family guy come on stage and do it casually?。”
“Ugh!Hope it can change for the better,Don’t mess up。”
Leaders, you say a word,Talking and talking in the audience。
Activities in the factory before,Every process link is repeatedly confirmed,Including every show on stage,Have been tried many times,There is no new feeling for the leaders。
But this year’s Spring Festival,Even the factory leaders don’t know what the links are,What will be arranged,So they are inevitably curious。
But for the leaders,As long as the counterparty’s investment is in place,Real money will be forgotten,As for the activity,What does it look like,What does it matter。
Even if it really messed up,President Lu Youshan was also responsible。
“Look,So many reporters!How is this going?Who invited so many reporters over?”A sharp-eyed leader saw a large group of reporters enter the venue,Exclaimed quickly。
These reporters carry long guns and short cannons on their shoulders,Video camera、camera,Long microphones should be available,Hard to recognize。
At least 30 media reporters came to the scene,Big scene,Makes the factory leaders feel pressured。
In the past, their attitude towards reporters was to stay away,Because the reporter came to Liufang,Or report industrial pollution,Either interviewing poor laid-off workers,All negative news,And dare not offend these uncrowned kings,So of course the factory leaders have a headache。
But this time,These reporters flocked,The purpose is to report on the rebirth of Liufang,Reported the launch of the country’s first game theme park project,It feels different。
The one responsible for receiving reporters is《Game time》Uncle Ji Hu,As a senior media person,He is not unfamiliar with the major media across the country。
Most of the reporters here are his juniors,Whether you know it or not,You have to give Uncle Jihu a face。
As one of the main media responsible for reporting,In order to support the boss returning home,《Game time》Of course take the whole team
It’s all here,All the advanced equipment is on,Treat this Spring Festival as a big news in the game industry。