Lotus leaf tea also lose weight _2

Lotus leaf tea also lose weight

Since ancient times, China has regarded lotus leaves as a good medicine for slimming.

Because the roots of the lotus, (藕) and leaves have a simple diuretic, laxative effect.

  Taking full advantage of the weight loss effect of lotus leaf tea requires some tips.

  Must be strong tea.

The second bubbled tea has no effect, although it can be repeated as long as it can be used to make the color.

But in addition to the first bubble, there is no other weight loss effect.

  A small packet of lotus leaf tea can be washed into a cup.

Basically, you can wash 3-4 bags a day, and drink 3-4 times.

People who have constipation crimes can drink 4 packs a day for the first week and finish it 4 times.

The stool is smooth and has helped the weight loss.

  It is best to have it on an empty stomach.

Drink before dinner.

  No need to diet.

After drinking water drops, the hobby of food will naturally change, and many people do not like to eat greasy food.

  In addition, lotus leaf tea does not need to be cooked.

Put a packet of tea in a teapot or a large teacup and pour in boiling water to drink.

It is best to simmer for 5-6 minutes so that the tea will be thicker.

And even if the tea is cool, the effect will not change, so the summer can be changed after chilling, the taste is better.