Experts explain why babies don’t like breast milk

Experts explain why babies don’t like breast milk

Question: The baby was delivered by caesarean section. Because of abdominal pain, Mummy’s milk did not come down. So when the baby cried, Mummy gave him a bottle. But when Mummy’s milk came down and her breasts were uncomfortable, no matter what.Feed the baby, the baby refuses to eat.

Expert answer: This situation is a “nipple illusion”, because the rubber nipple on the bottle is long and the nipple is large, the baby can suck the milk without much effort.

When they suck their mother’s nipples again, they will find it difficult to hold them, and they will struggle to suck them up. Therefore, they will not want to eat their mother’s milk again.

Correcting the baby’s “nipple illusion” is more difficult. The key is the patience and perseverance of the mother.

First, stop giving your baby a pacifier right away.

Even if the baby needs to be fed breast milk, do not use pacifiers, other methods, such as a spoon, a needle, a medicine dispenser and so on.

Basically, patiently and tirelessly help your baby learn the correct breastfeeding position. Make your baby face straight to the nipple (no need to twist the neck), form a straight line of head, shoulders and hips, and be comfortably held in the mother’s arms.

Use your nipple to tease your baby’s mouth wide. Once it’s widened, let the nipple drive straight in and reach behind the baby’s tongue.

Your baby’s nose should stick slightly to the upper side of the breast, and the lower lip should contain more areola.

If this time is unsuccessful, contract again.

It’s best to keep your baby in your arms, give him nipples whenever possible, and feed him when he’s comfortable and not too hungry.

Generally, the baby with “nipple illusion” is unwilling to wait for the milk to be squeezed out. You can squeeze the milk before feeding and wait until the milk “downs” before giving your baby’s nipples, so that the baby does not have to wait for milk to urinate immediately.

You can also let the babysitter or family drop some pre-squeezed milk on the breast when the baby starts to suck, and run down the breast into the baby’s mouth to give the baby some “reward”.

Don’t starve your baby deliberately, thinking that he will be fed when he is very hungry.

This can make him weak and even cause dehydration.

Even if the “nipple illusion” is more serious, the baby who resolutely resists the nipple needs to take the extreme measures: on the first day, no nipples or nipples, and other ways to feed the baby with squeezed milk; the next day,Instead of giving a pacifier, use your nipples to soothe your baby, but also breastfeed in other ways; on the third day, your full nipples can be replenished and fed before your baby’s newborn.