Beijing junior high school students will receive online counseling: deepen the active exploration of "double reduction"

Beijing Youth Daily reported that the Beijing Municipal Education Commission has released "Beijing Middle School Teachers Open Online Counseling Program (Trial)." From January 1, next year, Beijing Middle School Teachers Open Online Counseling Implementation to the city, 330,000 school students in 646 schools in the city will receive online counseling.

Online counseling disciplines include Chinese, mathematics, English, morality and rule of law, physics, chemistry, biological, history, geography, etc. In principle, there is no holiday and cold summer vacation).

After the implementation of the "Double Reduction" policy, the online school training of students in the compulsory education is strictly prohibited, and the education sector and the society are strictly supervised by the "double mining" work, "double mining" preliminary achievement.

In this context, Beijing Middle School Teacher Open Online Counseling Plan expands the scope of implementation, providing online discipline counseling for the city’s junior high school students, may make people feel a "off-campus discipline training". In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission clearly stated that open online counseling is not "online replenishment", nor organizes students to launch a simple repetitive study, but a public resource that cooperates with the supply of campus, providing personalization for junior high school students , Differentiated feature classification counseling.

The reason why open online counseling is not a "off-campus discipline counseling", mainly after the plan is not implemented in the "Double Minor" policy, it does not have the purpose of providing "change form" for prohibited out-of-school discipline counseling. According to reports, the plan launched the first stage pilot in Tongzhou District in November 2016. In March 2018, in October 2019, the second phase was launched in several other districts, and the third stage pilot, the top three phases were good. It has promoted the balanced development of regional education, and has become an organic component of basic public education services.

Now, the plan is implemented to the whole city, and it is a comprehensive implementation of the "Double Reduction" policy and integrates, and should become a positive exploration of "double reduction" policy. The reason why open online counseling is not "online replenishment", mainly in the program for online counseling provided by junior high school students, not repeated or "supplement" for school teaching content, but for each student’s specific situation, matching students actually Demand personalization, differentiated counseling. The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission believes that after the implementation of the "Double Reduction" policy, the re-answer demand for students can be resolved in the school. I hope that parents and students will rationally look at online counseling, and there is a technical use of the scientific use of the platform when they need. Open online counseling responds to students’ personalization, differentiated counseling needs, but not to provide "less than enough extracurricular bails" or "others must make up, I must also make up" discipline, there will be no new "education" Anxiety "" Education Inline ".

The reason why open online counseling is not a "off-campus discipline counseling", nor is it simple "online replenishment", but also the plan is not only personalized, differentiated special classification counseling for junior high school students, but also a promotion of teachers The "growth plan" of its own quality and education and teaching is an educational development plan that promotes the teaching of teaching and promoting basic public education services. Implement an open online counseling plan, gives students to choose the autonomy of teachers and courses, given parents and society’s supervisory rights to teachers’ online counseling, and evaluation rights to program implementation.

At the same time, the education sector can monitor the teaching behavior, counseling process and its quality of teachers through technical means for large data analysis. In these aspects, government projects as public education services will focus on the consideration. If it is a variety of completions including the proofreading, it will not pay special attention to this. In order to avoid opening online counseling, it is "online replenishing courses", which is not only clarified from the nature, implementation principles, development direction, but also clear from implementation rules, technical management, performance evaluation. specific measure.

For example, strictly control the time of online counseling (only for each semester of the school calendar to Monday to Friday 18: 00-21: 00), prevent online counseling into a holiday, cold and fake courses; strict control students a single acceptance of counseling time ( Do not exceed 30 minutes), students will trigger the system alarm if it is too dependent on or even adds online counseling.

The teacher obtains the corresponding labor income by online counseling, but the open online counseling program does not make simple substance incentives, and avoids teachers to weaken the position of the classroom teaching in the school due to online counseling.

During an open online counseling program, it is also necessary to prevent certain deformation or alienation. For example, it should be prevented from being interested in guiding students to concentrate on selecting certain hours, some subject counseling courses, or focus on certain teachers’ counseling courses, so that online counseling has become an in fact extracurricular concentration.

If this happens, it is obviously violated the "Double Minus" policy. The education department should monitor and contain the above abnormal conditions and contain the above abnormal conditions. It can be expected that the open online counseling program launched in Beijing will produce demonstration drive effects in some other places.

Places in financial conditions can be purchased through the government, providing students with free online counseling services, and in place in financial conditions, there is a possibility that the cost of online tutoring services or all of the student parents.

This situation must also be avoided. The relevant places should be measured, and they do their best, increase the investment in basic public education services according to law, and resolutely prevent the economic burden of aggravating parents in the "double reduction" education reform.