78th store in the country, Beijing first direct intelligence fox delivery center

On October 10, Beijing Yizhuang store, Beijing Yizhuang, Beijing, Daxing Yizhuang Development Zone, officially opened.

The store is the 78th store in the national channel construction planning planning, which is also the largest and most comprehensive delivery center of the best-fox in Beijing. Its completion, indicating the landing of the new sales service system of the Neptune Automotive.

The Beijing Yizhuang store Beijing Yizhuang is an important one of the polar fox car to build sales and service system innovation model layout. As the deputy general manager of Beiqi Xin Energy, Wang Qiurong, Vice President of General Fox Automobile, said in the completion ceremony: "From the first day of the birth, it will be user-core. We sincerely hope to make friends with users, listen from users Sound, I hope to create with the user ‘to push the growth of the polar fox brand.

Here, we solemnly promise: any problems encountered in the car, we will quickly solve it in the first time.

"The center can deliver more than 30 new cars at the same time every day.

For the owner, a new car is more likely to go to the café to enjoy a pleasant tour.

The first floor of the store is a broad delivery area, and the new car stops on the parking space.

The second floor is a public leisure area, not only offering a snack tea break, but also has an active interaction between the owner, a technology lecture hall. Here, the owner can learn the trick of the car, with the riders, or travel in the multimedia audio area.

At the same time, Yizhuang store also provides users with sufficient parking spaces and charging facilities. Behind the continuous growth of the polar fox sales is inseparable from the precision of consumer diversification.

The three products of the great fox are characteristic, meet the needs of different consumer people in different scenarios. Among them, the extreme fox alpha T positioned all-dimensional performance pure electric SUV, NEDC maximum achieved 653km battery life, equipped with adaptive all-terrain four-wheel drive system, with snow, mud, sand, three driving modes. Extreme Fox Alpha S is located in a new generation of intelligent luxury pure electric car, with 708km long battery life, both car comfort, SUV passability, also equipped with a travel car; the back design provides huge luggage space , Easily put down 2 28-inch suitcases.

In addition to the listed Alpha T and Alpha S, the Polar Alpha S Huawei Hi version will be started in the fourth quarter, as the world’s first mass production car equipped with 3 laser radar, with Huawei’s highest intelligent driving level, self After the Shanghai Auto Show was unveiled, it was greatly concerned by the industry and consumers. For the extreme fox alpha Hi-version, the poke in the special "Extreme Plan" is also specially launched.

Data show that the express delivery volume increased for 6 months for 6 months, and the monthly average growth rate was 53%, only 183% of the delivery in the third quarter, which also benefited from the expansion of the Extreme Fox channel. At present, the poor fox car has accumulated that the authorized construction network is more than 120. For the fast energy supply of the user, the Neptune Automobile Plan is in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Suzhou, in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and 16 destination station, 84 certification stations, 267 seats. Pilot station; in addition, it will also further deepen cooperation with national network electricity, special electricity and other partners to gradually form a charging service of superchard 750V grid.