Datong City Rural (Community) "Two Committees" re-realization age education "one liter"

  Original title: Datong City Rural (Community) "Two Committees" re-realization age education "One drop and one liter" December 10, Yang Gao County, Lion Town, Yanggao County, Poverty Alleviation Vegetable Greenhouse Park, Yugui From time to time, vehicles are next to the big trucks of the hosters, people come, a busy scene. Village Party Branch Secretary, Gu Aijun is busy helping the villagers selling vegetables. The "Village ‘two committees" will end, these days, the cadres are busy helping the villagers selling vegetables, online orders, online transactions, live broadcast, new The village cadre has a culture, technology, this year, it helped the villagers, 210 vegetable shacks became the ‘Jubao shed’ in the village. "This year, Datong City has firmly established" based on the development of development and conversion, grasp the development "The concept, not only successfully completed 1426 administrative villages in the city, 395 communities" two committees "exchange, but also achieved the expected goals of age education" one drop. " This year, the city’s 35-year-old (community) "two committees" cadres account for more than one percentage points from the previous one.

In particular, all townships and the streets achieve at least 1 35-year-old "two committees", all administrative villages, and communities realize at least 1 young cadres under the age of 35.

The city’s village (community) "two committees", the average age of cadres drops, the degree of hearing is greatly improved, and the vitality of rural residence is further excited. In the "two committees" in the city (community), the city focused on the main factors of "people", targeted, and opened source choices.

Before the continuation, the county and township party committees have a village cadres, a village of the county and township, and the village of the village, and the people who are talking about, and they are not nominated by 2925 people, and 1425 people transfer, and formulate specialized work programs synchronously. "One person Sustatch, ensure stability.

At the same time, the city planned, focusing on the demand, and the universal cultivation of 370 high school education in Datong University in Jutong University, 35 outstanding rural backup cadres.

In this session, 192 people entered the "two committees" team. For the "no one can choose, some people is difficult to select", they will take a directional selection. The city has selected 515 institutional institutions cadres to the village to carry out, of which 207 undergraduate or higher degree or above is 35 years old.

At the same time, the city uses township industry to prepare, recruit 470 years of age, undergraduate and above graduates to the village, covering 33% of administrative villages, injecting "source live water" into the grassroots. The reporter noted that the city served as the Secretary of the New Village Party Organization, there were 544 foreign countries, 400 cadres issued by the institutions, and 80 guards were returned to the country, and the retired soldiers, the homeland University graduates, the agency The outstanding party members of all walks of business units, the college village officials, village medical village education, etc. also have become the brightest point of the city. (Zhao Zhicheng Du Jianfeng).