Shanghai Wenfeng apologizes, consumers prepaid consumption will dock the government cooperation supervision service platform

  Wen Feng Hairdressing Beauty: Consumer prepaid consumption will divert the government collaborative supervision service platform recently reported on public opinion, Shanghai Wenfeng Hairdress & Beauty Co., Ltd., announced the declaration of the 12th, indicating that consumers’ prepaid consumption and government collaborative supervision service platform information Docking, this work is expected to be completed in ten working days. The boss engages in personal worship, blowing "Rainbow Fart", and the corporate culture of Wenfeng wonderfully has recently triggered the network "onlookers".

Since then, the official website of Wenfeng is unable to open, and it is positioned as "Hao Ge Thought, Hao Gong Decoration, and Wen Feng Information", "Today, Fengfeng" WeChat public account has been all deleted. Wen Feng said in the latest statement, it will establish corporate culture that meets the socialist core values, and accepts the supervision of society, the media, and the relevant government functional departments, and is working hard to rectify. The depth survey of Xinhua News Agency, "a small", the "one small", the road "an old" – see how this chain company pointed out "shampoo brainwashing" ", Wenfeng store has launched a variety of money to consumers." Product + Service "Package package, essentially the prepaid consumption behavior, through this" set ", Wenfeng can avoid relevant prepaid cards and prepaid fund supervision laws and regulations. In response to prepaid consumption, Wenfeng is in the statement that the Wenfeng Direct Camp and Folk Chain Store Business System and Government Collaboration Supervision Service Platform business system will be docked in accordance with the relevant management regulations of the single-use prepaid consumption card. It is expected to be completed in ten working days.

  As of December 7, 2021 Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee system received 476 complaints on Wenfeng, an increase of 45% year-on-year. Complaints are concentrated in induced large consumption and refuse to refund, after-sales service delay, and by "franchise store", I will be responsible for enterprise responsibility.

  Shanghai Putuo District Market Supervision Department introduced that Shanghai Wenfeng Hairdressing Beauty Co., Ltd. has illegal acts such as single-use prepaid consumer card, price and advertising publicity, has been investigated by the case, and the current case is under investigation. .