How to bring healthy meals to a white-collar worker

How to bring healthy meals to a white-collar worker


For the choice of the insurance lunch box, if the office worker replaces the plastic lunch box, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacture of the material, and it is best to choose the product made of PP.

However, too many microwave food plastic boxes are made of PP, but the lid is not, so it is best to remove the lid when heating food.

The best choice for utensils with rice should be glassware, which can effectively protect the nutrients in the food.

The high temperature and high temperature heating of the plastic easily destroys the plastic molecules and becomes fine and durable. Therefore, it is found that the plastic box becomes hard, becomes transparent, atomized, deformed or scratched, and if other such lunch boxes are put into the microwave oven, they will be released.A substance that harms the body, so change the lunch box regularly.

Also be sure to thoroughly clean before using the lunch box.


For the choice of food, the choice of the office worker is best for rice.

The choice of meat is preferably low-fat. It is best to pick beef, chicken, lean meat and other meats.

For vegetables, it is best to choose tubers, eggplants, and potato vegetables such as tomatoes, white radishes, lotus roots, carrots, potatoes, and yam.

Do not choose green leafy vegetables, because green leafy vegetables contain different amounts of nitrate, which will turn yellow and taste after heating. Nitrate will be reduced to toxic nitrite by bacteria, which is carcinogenic.

Some foods are not suitable for bringing rice.

For example, salad dishes, because the cold vegetables are prone to deterioration after overnight; the eggs are not suitable for taking meals overnight; the fish and seafood with rice always have a taste and taste, which will cause harm to human health, because the fishAnd seafood is prone to protein degradation after overnight, which will damage liver and kidney function.