College students punch cards to perceive Chengdu double stream happy life

The students feel the charm of sports from golf.

Intern Peng Yuanyu photo People’s Network Chengdu May 24th, "My University Life is in the Shuangliu" in Double colleges and universities in the double universal experience activities in Shuangliu District, Chengdu.

Sichuan University, Chengdu University of Information Science, Southwest University for Nationalities, Sichuan Cultural Industry Vocational College, Sichuan Modern Vocational College 5 residential colleges and universities have opened a deep experience tour in Shuangliu. Ecology and life parallel, feel the tech technology and modernity situated in Yongan’s Tianfu International Biological City Cultural Center, far away, bright red buildings, like a flourishing eagle. As the cultural landmark of Tianfu International Biological City, the cultural center is not only one of the popularity of Chengdu Tianfu International Biological City, but also the "ecological, production and life" characteristic experience of Chengdu Tianfu International Biological City. Here, college students combine promotional video and on-site explanation in detail the achievements and highlights of the Biological City in industrial development, scientific and technological innovation, industrial agglomeration. "This is the first time I walked into the Tianfu International Biological City. I looked at the side by walking. I found that the Biological City is a good place for water, Jingmei, and industry. It is very attractive to young people." Sichuan Yang Lin Li, a student, said. Airport flower fields, Zigang, Chunming’s young girl Lang into a film of Gesang flowers to fight, the delicate moon is blooming Zheng Yan, a breeze blows, and the flowers are fragrant, and the people are heartbroken. Today, go to the airport to fight, enjoy the flower sea, watch the plane, has become a new fashion. The second stop of college students is located in Huangshui Town, "Net Red Card" – Airport Field. When a plane whisper from the top of time, a joy of the college students cheered, and took out the mobile phone and the plane, and the flowers took a photo. "I used to see the boyfield in the friend circle. The feeling of giving me a lot of scenes. After I was in the same place, I found that it’s far away beyond my imagination.

"Sichuan Cultural Industry Vocational College students Li Rulang said that after returning to the school, I will recommend it here. I have the opportunity to meet again here" card ". In Tianjiaying Memorial Hall, the party history, realize the third stop of the Thought, the students walk Entering the Shuangliu Archives, visit the Tianshi Yutong Ping Ping Exhibition.

The pavilion is prefaced, and Tian Jiaying is unselfish and loyal.

At the scene of the exhibition hall, students stopped in front of a precious historical photo, recalling in front of a rushing historical artifact. Everyone or low thinking, or discuss communication, understanding the life of Tian Jiaying.

"By listening to the life of Tianjiaying, I introduce and watch the exhibition board, I practically feel the spirit of seeking truth and serving the people," said Yang Jinlaish, a student of Southwest University for Nationalities, said that as a preparatory party member, strict requirements I am studying, inheriting and promoting their excellent character to revolutionary ancestors. Under the national fitness, experience in the unique leisure way of the Sichuan Turk International Tennis Center, college students feel the charm of golf and tennis, and feel the unique casual way of the Shuangliu people in the spirit of the coach.

When I heard the current Shuangliu has become a high-end event gathering, there is a Shuangliu Sport Center, China Modern Five Event Center, Sichuan International Tennis Center, etc., high-level modern sports venues, college students have spighted. "By visiting the experience, breaking my previous cognition. Double stream is really a beautiful and happy place." Somarian students in the Southwest University for Nationalities said that there will be a chance to stay in a double stream after graduation, become a double stream Nice.

Chengdu core valley, helping the Shuangliu to open a broad future Chengdu Coun Valley, is the integrated circuit industry aggregation area jointly established by the China Electronic Information Industry Group and the Chengdu Municipal Government, and is also the last stop of the row of college students.

In Chengdu Chuanggou, the college students are interested in visiting the intelligent shared conference room, open-sharing leisure areas, independent office, open station, activity area and other functional areas. The scientific and reasonable planning layout, the strong double-enabled environment, left a deep impression on everyone.

At Chengdu Core Valley Exhibition Center, large-scale L-screen naked eye 3D immersive general sand table is immersive, and the double stream future development blueprint is in front of the eye; a platform eight center industry service system module interactive equipment is refreshing. College students experienced scientific and technological applications in the scene, and feel the convenience of smart cities to life.

After visiting, Wang Xin, a student of Chengdu Information Engineering, is sincere, "Shuangliu provides a good office environment and a powerful employment policy, which is very attractive to innovative entrepreneurial talents.

"(Intern Peng Yuanhao) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia).