The "money bag" of the public village of the pittan contributing the village

1400 yuan for the first time! 1400 yuan twice! Deal! On November 10

There are three places in the piton village like this. By holding a public contest, weeds become a treasure of everyone.

The Secretary of the Party Branch of Jiazhuang Village said.

In the past, due to the limited financial resources, there was a difference in the renovation of the old pit pond.

Do not change, not only affect the village of the village, but there is still a safety hazard.

Renovation, the problem is difficult to solve. The old pit pond became the annoyance of the villagers.

Things soon received the attention of the Village Task Force.

In September this year, after many visits to the villagers, the District Office of the District Committee held the village representative conference. After a disclosure, three pit ponds were disclosed to publicly contributed to the society.

Through WeChat group, the village room big speakers and post-posted announcements, the public condensing news is transmitted in all villagers.

In the end, 10 villagers submitted the application form and margin, and obtained the qualifications of conventions. I have always wanted to make aquaculture, but I can’t find the road. This is good, which piece is taken. Which piece is taken. It is comfortable! Holding a judgment of the tribute to determine the book, the villagers Gong Zhigang smiles.

Fair bidding, strict auditing, ensuring collective income is open to transparent, this is the main principle we insist. Jia Fengyu, director of the Jiazhuang Village Supervision and Commission, introduced that the conventions were conducted in accordance with two disclosed procedures in the previous asset assessment.

This will allow the village to collect the greatest interest. Although the pond rituals are small, they have lived the idle resources of Jiazhuang Village, increasing the collective income of the village, and will effectively improve the human environment of the village in the future.

The money bag of the masses took a drum, and the bottom color of the country’s revitalization also lit.

The first secretary of Jiazhuang Village said. (Reporter Fanghua Li Wei correspondent Fu Li).