The top of the snow, the party flag flutters State-owned enterprises open the day of Tibet high altitude mine

People’s Network Lhasa September 4 (Li Haixia) Recently, State-owned Enterprise Open Day is held in a mine of 5300 meters above sea level in Lhasa Mozhukiku County, and many media follow the Chinese Gezhouba Group Yi Puli Co., Ltd. Mozhigong Card Branch staff entered Tibet High altitude mines, visiting the style and strength of the people’s explosion, professional blasting, ecological environment protection, safety production work.

During the event, China can build a deputy secretary of the party committee of Gezhou Dashi, and the President of the Trade Union explained the security issues of the on-site mixed emulsification explosives from the four aspects of mixed explosive production technology, production equipment, blasting construction, on-site management. Let the on-site personnel have further aware of the civilian explosion industry.

All the company has followed the principle of doing high-profile national enterprises, adhering to the principles of state-owned enterprises in the party management, and has achieved fruitful results in party construction.

So how do they carry out party building work in the Snowy Plateau? Introduction to Huaxian: "As a central enterprise, we have always adhered to the party of central enterprises, adhere to the party’s leadership, adhere to the traditional and all work to the parties of the" branch to build "," The branch sets the project line, and where the project is implemented, where the branch is built, strengthen the integration of party construction and production and operation, and open the grassroots party building ‘last kilometer’, and drive the party flag on the grassroots level. "