A nest behind the ear, special hypoglycemic blood transfer!

Press 10 seconds a day, the benefits are true!

A nest behind the ear, special hypoglycemic blood transfer!
Press 10 seconds a day, the benefits are true!

In the view of Chinese medicine, the health of the body can be inferred by observing the ear.

As far as the ear is concerned, the normal person’s ear is rosy and shiny, which is the performance of the congenital kidney essence overlap; if the ear is dry and dull, the reaction body is insufficient.

The auricle is dry and burnt, mostly in the late stage of infectious diseases or diabetes, because at this stage, the body’s Yin fluid has been seriously burned.

And behind the ear there is a special “healthy nest” – “behind the ear”, which is very good for lowering blood sugar and preventing diabetes complications!

Learn a massage action, the benefits are amazing!

The first nest of hypoglycemic blood: the posterior fossa of the ear is the depression behind the earlobe.

The vagus nerve is distributed deep in the posterior fossa, which stimulates the excretion of the vagus nerve and promotes the secretion of insulin, thereby effectively lowering blood sugar.

Everyone knows that diabetic complications are more serious than diabetes itself, and massaging the back of the ear can stimulate the gas of the three cokes to help prevent diabetes complications.

Massage method: slowly press the back of the ear with your thumb, slowly exhale, continue for 5 seconds and then let go, so repeat 10 times?
15 seconds, massage once a day for lunch and half an hour after dinner.

The back of the ear is a “health nest” that specializes in reducing blood sugar and regulating blood. It is very beneficial for reducing blood sugar and preventing diabetic complications.

Press 10 seconds a day to get this kind of effect, and be sure to send it to friends who need it!

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