Black man is sinking,“Have,According to the news from the inner line,Yunshan is chasing one person,Three months ago, Yunshan Bailen Lingtui Park was burned.,This is this person。”

Paused,Also,“Recent days,This person is even secretly killed.,Today’s leaders,United to chase this person and search,But it is said that it failed……”“Um?”
Zhouraio eyes bright,“Have this?
Isolated this person??”
“I only know that this person is named Wang Wei.,From other islands。
Murder,It is his enemy joined the Yunshan.。”
“Wang Wei?”
Zhouraio picks the eyebrows,Asked,“How this person is cultivated?”
Zhoura Olympics is the city of the big city,It can be said that,Even if there is time,Also closed custom practice。
He doesn’t know,This king is summer。
If he knows more,Maybe you know the truth.。
after all,His daughter Zhou Ji joined Tao Baoge,As long as you go out,Some people in secret。
And summer and speech really calendar,I have already been investigated clearly.。
the most important is,Zhou Wei gave a summer black jade secret treasure,It is from Zipaio。
And Zhou Wei is also in front of Zelaio,Say a few times of summer name。
Unfortunately, I was isolated by Ziri.。
“The rumor has the repair of Ling Taiwan,But this person has a strange and powerful secret,Can fight,Kill the launcher。”
Zhoura Oao once again stunned,“Impressive,Let the internalline pay attention to it.,If possible,Contact each other。”
……the other side。
Summer quietly left the cave。
He carefully walked in the mountain,Gradually。
After about more than 20 miles,Finally discovered the shadow。
Now,Looking for a secret place,Show‘Heavenly eye’Secretation,Start View the movements in the square。
Take a look,Be shocked。
He saw that many of the priests stationed in all parties,Defense is extremely strict。
Not only that。
He also saw some spirits,Low empty flight in half air,Whenever encountering the gorge and mountain,Will pinch a white light。
These white lights are not destroyed。
Bombards above the mountain,It will penetrate into it。
And you will sway a layer of layer-shaped corrugated diffusion。