Demystifying the sexual foreplay skills of conquering sex

Demystifying the sexual foreplay skills of conquering sex

舔: The skin in the thigh area between the thigh and the groin is one of the most sensitive places in our body.

In this area where the skin is very thin and usually stimulated very little, it is best to use the tongue.

If you still want to give her more stimulation, blowing it later will make her become brighter and hotter.


hzh {display: none; }  捏:内侧脚踝向上10厘米左右  这个位置是神经反射专家们治疗性冷淡时都会关注的穴位。Clamp her calf with one hand and gently pinch the place. When she suddenly starts to wiggle or tremble, you are right.

  Raising: Smoothing between the vaginal opening and the anus This is the acupoint involved in the treatment of vaginal fissures.

So when you are lying next to a healthy girl who wants to burn, instead of a vaginal contraction patient waiting for treatment, is that effect still useful?

  Press: 5 cm below the cheekbone, a volunteer who has enjoyed the “ankle massage” describes it like this: “He pressed on me, his hands pressed against my crotch and stroked there. I never thought of pressing that place.I was so excited that I seemed to separate my legs unconsciously. When he finally entered, I was almost going crazy.

“Pro: The reason why the breasts go up to the entire line behind the neck to kiss these parts is not only because the skin in these places is also very thin and sensitive, but the meaningful meaning is that you can actually improve the sensitivity of the breast better.Let the busty chest that you think about is more eager for your caress.

  揉: The “Sexy Seven Stars” under the navel is also a reflection expert – the group of guys who specialize in living people tell us that there are seven acupoints related to “sexual interest” between the navel and the haze. Try this button.Well, anyway, for this place, the seven goals should never be hard to find.

  Points: Separate her hips. “When my boyfriend did this for the first time, I even thought he was a little embarrassed, but now I even want to say directly to him, please please separate my ass.”

“Flick her hips, massage, gently separate, then release, and then continue. This is the move that the boyfriend used above.”