Why look at beautiful women, men are satisfied

Why look at beautiful women, men are satisfied

According to the Daily Telegraph, recent research by US researchers has found that men get more “satisfaction” from photos of the opposite sex than women.

  Studies have found that the pleasure that men get when they see beautiful women’s appearance is equivalent to eating curry or making money.

Women, however, did not get much satisfaction from watching male photos.

  A survey published in the recently published Journal of the Royal Society of Biology stated that brain scans show that when men look at a woman’s face or body, they touch the “satisfaction center” of the brain while women are staringNot when the opposite sex.

Reports are inadequate, and men are more likely to make efforts and money to look at photos of the opposite sex.

  Benjamin at the Duke University School of Neurology Research Center?

Dr. Hayden said that the research results can be used to explain why men consume more pornographic products than women, and why Playboy is always better than Playboy.

  Hayden said the study showed that the photo examples follow the same principle, and that more moving photos represent satisfaction as described above.

Satisfaction also motivates people to work harder and can be exchanged for other types of satisfaction-that’s why men buy photos of naked women.

  However, for women, the influence of appearance charm is small, not even.