Preventing Sad Autumn Psychopathy

Preventing “Sad Autumn” Psychopathy

Beware of “weak mood”: The weather is cool, but many people are sleepy and mentally exhausted.
Experts said that the sustained high temperature some time ago led to overdraft of human energy consumption, and now one must be careful of “emotional weakness”.
  The doctor’s analysis believes that this summer suffered a rare high temperature for many years, people have been in a state of excitement, irritability, easy to get angry and other “emotional heat stroke” conditions.
Around the beginning of autumn, as the weather gradually cools down, people also adjust from excessive emotions. At this time, it is easy for the body to consume too much energy and become weak and sleepy. Serious cases will affect normal life.
  In order to get rid of this “emotional weakness” state, it is best to maintain sufficient sleep and try to fall asleep before 10 pm; to go to bed early and get up early, if you can enter the reserve state early in the morning, you can prevent sleepiness at work; noon is appropriate “Recharging, “taking a nap for 10 to 30 minutes is also conducive to relieving the distress.
  In the diet, it is best to eat light, greasy food will produce acidic substances in the body, deepen drowsiness; eat more fruits and drink more water, it is best to drink green tea, the refreshing effect is far better than coffee.
In addition, this sleepy state is also related to the lack of oxygen in the human body. Therefore, some green plants, such as spider plants, rubber trees, and bamboo, can be placed indoors to release oxygen and regulate indoor air.
  What’s the sad autumn? Why are some people sad in autumn?
It turned out that at the bottom of the human brain, there is a gland called “the pineal gland”, which can secrete “melatonin”.
This hormone can promote sleep, but excessive secretion can also easily make people depressed. Changes in air temperature will have an indirect effect on their secretion, especially in the season of cold and hot alternating seasons.
  The five internal organs, six emotions and six desires of the human body are related to the five elements theory and the changes of the four seasons.
Take the “gold” of “gold, wood, water, fire, earth” in the Five Elements Doctrine as an example: “lung” in the five internal organs belongs to gold, “sorrow” in the seven feelings belongs to gold, and “autumn” in the four seasons also belongs to gold.
Therefore, in autumn, especially in the days when autumn rains are continuous, in addition to being easy to “dry autumn”, sometimes people are also prone to sad feelings.
  In addition, “one autumn rain and one cold”.
The sudden drop in temperature will inhibit the metabolism and physiological functions of the human body, leading to endocrine dysfunction, which will cause depression, difficulty in concentration, and even a series of symptoms such as palpitations, dreaminess, and insomnia, which are commonlySaid “cold depression.”
  The most effective way to prevent “sad autumn” is psychological adjustment, maintain optimism, and do not look for troubles when “autumn rain is sunny”.
Autumn is a great season “not spring, better than spring”. It is the season of harvest. You don’t have to worry about yourself, and you are sad and sad.
Breakfast must be eaten, eat milk, eggs, fruits as much as possible, supplement protein and calcium intake to enhance endurance and willpower, people who often do not eat breakfast are not only listless but also weak in willpower.
  Pay attention to nourishing the heart and liver, drink rose or chrysanthemum tea, lotus seed tea, because they have the effect of clearing the liver and clearing depression, and long-term drinking is very helpful for depression.
  Eat more lotus root, lotus seeds, wheat, licorice, red dates, longan, etc. These foods have a soothing and soothing effect and are very helpful for anxiety and depression.
Walnuts, fish, etc. contain more phospholipids, which will also help people eliminate depression.
Xinkangyu overcomes the depression 7 methods 1. Participate in exercise: Physical exercise can cause a series of chemical and psychological changes in the human body. The more suitable sports include jogging, walking outdoors, dancing, swimming, and practicing Taijiquan.
  2. Improve nutrition: Vitamin B helps improve mood. Such foods include whole wheat bread, vegetables, eggs and so on.
  3. Visiting relatives and friends: find friends and relatives who understand and understand the truth, and pour out their hearts.
  4. Optimistic illusions: Some people have suffered a little setback and always think about everything bad.
The method to overcome is to prefer optimistic illusions rather than negative guesses.
  5. Work hard: Once you concentrate on your career and focus on your work, you can make people forget sadness and sorrow.
  6. Traveling and going out: When you are feeling bored, look at the mountains and rivers, and look at the smoke and smoke. The feeling of fatigue and depression disappears.
  7. Watching movies: When in depression, watching a comedy film, this empathy effect is obvious.