TINNOVE Wutong Trucks Favorites 36 Wise2021 "New Economic King" annual hardcore

On December 13th, 36 announced Wise2021 "Wang" annual corporate list, adhere to hard technology innovation, help intelligent travel applications, Tencent Trunking Network Company Tinnove Wutong Car Union won traffic travel field annual hard core enterprise title.

In 2021, the new economy gradually became the hardcore era of technology change broke through the application era of the commercial model innovation. Taking the theme of hard core, 36 wise2021 "New Economic King", focusing promoting the innovation of the industries to achieve hard core, fully investigate the product innovation, management, health, channel industry status, growth potential Capital performance, combined with professional investment institutions, 36 资 行业 analysts and other authoritative opinions, select a hard-working hardcino in various industries. From the strict selection, it means that the TINNOVE Wutong Car Union has been explored and achieved in technology and business in many years, and he received heavy affirmation again.

The Tinnove Wutong Car Federation was established in 2018, based on Tencent Car Network Operating System and Technology Base, Based on the Basic Construction of Cascade Ecology, Positive Action Ai, 5G, Big Data, V2x, etc., in the intelligent scene engine, high precision map , Lane-level navigation, voice intelligence interaction, etc. process.

Policy, technical breakthroughs and standard evolution 2021 intelligent travel into acceleration period, the industry is quieting, fruitful. In April 2021, TINNOVE Wutong Car Union In the Shanghai Auto Show Exhibition Industry’s first intelligent network-based vehicle operating system forward-looking solution, providing three-screen cabling, double-screen interaction, double faceid face recognition, The high-grade powerful function of true full-duplex voice, helping the car company presents far more than user expectation of the smart cockpit experience.

In September 2021, Tinnove Wutong Car Union and the domestic car system chip black horse core Chi technology reached a strategic cooperation, will build software solutions on the latest technology architecture, early realization of the soft and hard combination of the middle underlying, embedded each other, build more intelligent car network plan.

Back to deep accumulation technology and Tencent’s ecology, Tinnove Wutong Car Union has become the provider of intelligent tools in the automotive industry, product and service coverage: intelligent cockpit design, intelligent network car operating system, custom voice and artificial Intelligent components, big data platforms and analysis systems, personalized applications and operations, become an important assistance of industry digital transformation. At present, Tinnove Wutong Car Union mainly attacks the smart cockpit field and the automatic driving domain fusion, SOA architecture and open direction of openness, and create forward-looking products with a central computing unit, a new form of a new form + smart transport, in response to the country to speed up the network Policy calls for deployment applications.

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