Tourists pay less "0", beekeeper alarm help police survey recovered 72 yuan: for fair justice, value

Yin Uncle, Sichuan Mianzhu Town, usually put honey in the mountain road, this time, because a can honey is reported … It turns out that a tourist passerver in Yin Uncle on June 15th, I purchased a honey worth 80 yuan, but I pressed a "0" when paying the phone. Later, Yin Uncle saw the mobile phone and found that 80 yuan did not arrive, and the heart was anxious to call 110 alarm for help. After receiving the alarm, the Mianzhu City Public Security Bureau Yushi police station visited, check the monitoring … Through a half-day efforts, the police finally found the Mr. Yu, Mr. Yin, Huan Yin, chasing 72 yuan.

In this regard, many netizens point to praise the police and responsible, sincerely serve, "it is warm". Old people alarm "customers who bought honey, they ran …" "Hey, 110? There is no money to buy honey!" At 9 o’clock on June 15th, a alarm phone scored Mianzhu The 110 Command Center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau for help, the policeman is the beencome Yin Uncle Yinshi Town, Mianzhu City.

Yin Uncle is a local farmers, usually relying on the beekeeping to subsidize home, and the economy is not rich.

After the police, the police station, I found Yin Uncle, I learned about the situation.

Yin Uncle, 8 o’clock in the morning, a car stopped in his honey stall, a man in a 40-year-old man got off the car, two people talked about the price, the man bought a can of honey, the price of 80 yuan . Due to the busy bag, the other party scan the code payment period, Yin Uncle did not carefully check.

Until the man leaving soon, the old talent remembered the mobile phone and found that 80 yuan did not arrive, this grandfather is anxious, and quickly alarm for help. When the police investigated the customer, the police lost a "0" to understand the situation, and the police visited and went on-site monitoring to find clues.

After one morning, the police successively adjusted the monitoring video within more than one hour of the location, and finally queried a black car as described by Yin Uncle. In the end, by comparing, the police contacted Mr. Drivers in the information by the vehicle information, letting it view the WeChat payment record, and Mr. Yishi rarely pays, not familiar with the operation process, 12 noon at noon, at 12 oss, in the wife Next, Mr. Yu was told that the payment record was found. He paid 8 yuan for a WeChat account name "small bee". "Who is the little bee?" In the face of the police asked, Yin Uncle suddenly realized that this is a misunderstanding: "The little bee is my wife.

"After some investigation, the police finally understood the words of the dragon to clear the matter.

Wang Du introduced that when Mr. Tian Yu glanced on the payment code on the wall of the uncle, but when paying less, the payee was Yin Daoyai’s wife "little bee", and Yin Uncle himself If you have confiscated money, I misunderstand that guests did not pay for alarm. Trigger the police: the people’s interests are not small, this is the hard money of the elderly, and Mr. Yu will transfer 72 yuan through WeChat, and the police will transfer 72 yuan to Yin Uncle.

At 13 o’clock on the same day, the police came to Yin Uncle’s honey sales point, and he turned 72 yuan to him.

"Thank you, you have worked hard!" He looked at the police. This matter, although eventually solved, it also caused the hot discussion of netizens. For the spirit of the police, many netizens are praised, but there are some netizens questioning: In this case, the police force is used, whether there is a waste of police force. "If I carefully, I will not have this situation." When I interviewed reporters, Yin Uncle felt very embarrassing, because of her negligence, delayed the police a morning, he even regretted the alarm phone.

However, he sent himself from the heart, thank the police: "The police put this small thing in their hearts, thank them.

"And Mr. Yu, who is buying honey, is also awkwardly of his care, and also entrusted the police to express apologies to the old uncle.

For this matter, the civilian police Wang Du received an interview with an interview: "The interests of the masses are not small, and they can help the elderly to solve the problem. This is also a real thing for the masses." The police frank, 72 yuan for many people, but For beekeepers, this is his labor income, is hard money, not all things to use money to measure. The police also reminded that the merchant must check the amount in time when receiving mobile phone payment, and the amount will be checked in time to avoid property losses. Legal Experts "In order to achieve a little cost of fairness and justice, it should be, valuable" For this matter, the Director of Deyang City Lawyers Association is also supported by the police. "Don’t make the case, how big is lost, in accordance with the proportion of police force. In order to achieve fairness and justice, we spend a little cost, it should be, valuable.

"Cold Xinhong believes that" there is difficult to find the police "is the guidelines for the public security department to our own, and the interests of the people are the basic requirements of the state to all government agency departments. The needs of the people is the direction of the police. 72 yuan Money is really insignificant in today’s society, but Yin Uncle chooses alarm, police handling cannot be measured simply using economic value, and the police go to handle, avoid contradictions and further expand, and is a must-have to maintain social stability and fairness.

Cold Xinhong believes that in this case, the police these behaviors are in maintenance fairness.

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