usually,Other major anchors,There are also activities to give back to fans,Send a few mobile phones,Buy people’s hearts。

Can be compared to Hu Ge,That’s how little it is。
of course,Someone may want to leverage:Was it sent by the anchor himself??Is it sponsored by Lao Fengxiang and Song Jewelry??
but,If it’s not Populus,Will Lao Fengxiang and Song Jewelry sponsor??Obviously not,It’s all because of Brother Hu’s face。To know,How much did Hu help them to recover?Hundreds of thousands of sponsorship fees,Everyone is willing to come out!
At this moment,A middle-aged man who was almost half bald walked towards Populus and the others。
While walking,And stretched out his hand:“Boss Zhao,long time no see。”
Song Ying is a little helpless,I didn’t expect him to come over。Not bad,This is her father,The head of Song Jewelry。
front,It didn’t take long for the material to be sold to Chow Tai Fook,He called,Scolded。Song Ying talked about the process,Among them, there are inevitably the language of Ge Tian,Very dissatisfied with it。
After learning that the fast material finally collapsed,Dong Song was silent for a while,So he said he was coming over。
Song Ying thought,Is kidding,Come here after all,It takes about two minutes?Does the company have nothing to do??
in fact,Song Dong ran over,Not only because of the conflict between her daughter and Ge Tian,Also because of Xin Zhao。I learned that Xin Zhao was there,Came here specially。
In addition,There are also young people who want to meet their daughters,See if there is a chance,To the boat of Song Jewelry。
“Mr. Song?Lucky meeting,Lucky meeting!this time,You Song Jewelry,Make a lot of money,Congratulations!”Xin Zhao dealt with,Seem polite,Actually not much sincere,Business only,And not deep。
“Haha!Tongxi,Tongxi!Compared with Boss Zhao,That’s far away。Listen to Xiaoying,Thanks also to Boss Zhao for the reminder,Otherwise it will be miserable。”
Xin Zhao shook his head:“I dare not take credit,Real hero,It’s my brother。”
Talking,Still a little unhappy,I believe your daughter said this too,Mention Xiao Hu。But your words,Although licking me,But subconsciously ignored my brother。
Mr. Song only looked at Populus:“I heard that,Thanks to this little brother this time,Thanks!What will be the difficulties in the future,Our Song Jewelry can help,Despite opening。”
Seems generous,But it’s actually a blank check,Not sincere。
of course,Hu Yang doesn’t care。Can he have any difficulties?I never thought about how they would return,So there is no disappointment,But it is certain that the favorability of this middle-aged person has declined。