Tips: Warm Nursing for Newborns

Tips: Warm Nursing for Newborns

Newborn’s warmth care The newborn’s body temperature regulation center is incompletely developed, the subcutaneous aunt is thinner than the adult, the thermal insulation ability is poor, and the newborn’s physique is relatively overcome. In terms of weight, it is 3 times that of the adult. Therefore, the newborn’s body dissipates heat.It’s also fast, four times faster than adults.

It is very difficult to keep the normal temperature of the newborn alone, and some measures must be taken to remedy it.

In addition to controlling the room temperature of newborns, you can also borrow the warmth of clothes and bedding.

Some other warming measures can also be taken.

  Under what circumstances do you need to keep warm?

At home, you can touch the warm and cold hands and feet of children to make a rough estimate. If your hands are warm and not sweating, it means that you do not need to take additional warming measures.

If you sweat with heat, your body temperature will rise, at 37.

Above 5 ° C.

If the hands and feet are cold, the body temperature may be lower than 36 ° C, and measures must be taken for newborns.

The newborn’s body temperature is too low, and scleredema can occur in severe cases, which threatens the life of the newborn and must be treated.

  There are many ways to keep newborns warm at home. The easiest way is to provide them with comfortable clothes.

Because the temperature of the gap between the newborn’s body and the clothes is 30 ° C?
3 It is the most comfortable between 4 ℃, which can prevent the body from dissipating heat and maintain the body temperature of the newborn.

Therefore, newborn clothes that are too loose or too tight are not conducive to maintaining body temperature.

Some parents like to wear several layers of clothes for newborns, such as underwear, cotton vests, sweaters, and jackets. They feel very warm, but in fact, the effect of keeping warm is not necessarily good.

It is best to wear a vest outside your underwear and a cotton jacket to ensure a certain gap between your body and your clothes, and then cover it with a small quilt or blanket.

  If the above measures are still not taken to maintain normal body temperature, it is more convenient to use a hot water bottle or thermos to keep warm. The temperature of the water in the hot water bottle should not be too hot, and it should not be in direct contact with the newborn’s body to avoid burns. It is best to wrap it in a cloth and keep it away.Newborn feet 20?
At 30 cm, the water in the hot water bottle is often changed to maintain a certain temperature.

Electric blankets are a good method of thermal insulation for adults, but they cannot be used for newborns. Because the temperature of electric blankets is difficult to control, they often overheat, which causes the newborn’s body temperature to rise and “dehydration fever” to occur.

In addition, there are many urinates for newborns. It is also very dangerous to wet the electric blanket.

Therefore, it is best not to use electric blankets for heating.