But for Wang Hong,This is a magical skill that fits him incomparably!

“‘defense’This skill is fixed every time,Maybe the effect will get worse in the future,But it’s definitely useful for now!”
The next period of time,Wang Hongnai practice hard,Go to Sanda Hall every day to exercise iron jersey,Strength steadily improved。
Ten days later,Wang Hong used that one thousand tael medicated bath,In the next few days, my body was hot。
A full week,He just absorbed the medicine that had accumulated in the body。
This kind of top medicated bath,It is impossible for a martial artist to absorb all the properties of the medicine during the physical training period。
Those nutrients that enter the body,Can absorb no more than 20%,Only a handful of geniuses with special constitutions,To absorb about 30%。
Most of the remaining medicinal properties,Will be wasted over time,The warrior can only be gone before,Assimilate as much as possible。
Wang Hong also knows this truth,But modern thinking is not so conservative。
What’s more, Wang Hong, who is influenced by a certain point of the Internet all the year round,How can brain holes be comparable to people in ancient society?
During the drug-induced erection,Wang Hong did a lot of experiments,Want to improve absorption efficiency。
It really made him find a way,Stimulate the body with a weak electric current,Can actually speed up the absorption of the drug!
Although this still has an upper limit,But as long as you keep beating your body,Let the absorbed medicine transform quickly,Ultimately wasted nutrients,Definitely not more than 10%!