Xiao Chenchen and Xia Jian said something,So busy to play,Xia Jian feels this little guy has grown a lot taller。When facing parents,Xia Jianbu waited a few words,I don’t know what to say。

Sun Yuejuan is a very smart woman,She saw Xia Jian’s embarrassed expression,So I moved the camera to Old Xiao。Old Xiao smiled,But not many words。Xia Jian faintly felt,There seems to be something in it。
Seeing Old Xiao looked a little tired,Xia Jian greeted him,Let him go to rest early,Then closed the video。
Xia Jian sitting on the bed can’t figure it out,Why did Xiao Xiao hide from him??Is there any problem in this??
Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this problem,There is a sound coming from the video on the computer。Xia Jian quickly picked up the computer and took a look,The video came from Xiao Xiao。Xia Jian didn’t think much,The video is connected。
In the video,Xiao Xiao is wearing pajamas,Lean on the head of the bed like Xia Jian。Her face is haggard,Look a little wilted。Xia Jian surprised,Asked hurriedly:“What’s wrong, Xiao Xiao?What the hell happened?”
A sense of fear that has never happened before hit Xia Jian’s heart。Something happened definitely,Should still be a big deal。Otherwise Xiao Xiao would never be like this。
Xiao Xiao in the video hasn’t spoken yet,Tears shed,This is something Xia Jian has never seen before。Xiao Xiao is proud,Strong inside,The appearance is always the posture of a strong woman。
“My dad has cancer,It’s late”Xiao Xiao’s slightly hoarse voice came from the receiver。Xia Jian is like five thunders,Where he was stunned。
After a long time,Xia Jian just recovered,He lowered his voice and asked:“Is this true?Is there a check error?”Xia Jian until now,I’m still a little bit unsure that this is true。
“correct,Went to several hospitals,Also invited experts from the provincial capital,The results after the consultation are the same,they said,My dad can’t live for three months,Let me prepare for funeral”When Xiao Xiao said this,Already crying,Tears are like broken beads。
Xia Jian controls his emotions,Comforting Xiao Xiaodao in a low voice:“Don’t be too sad,Life and death,But we still need to work hard。Let me contact Wang Lin,Let her see if there are any experts in this area in the United States”
“no need,I have already contacted her,After reading our inspection information,Can’t do anything”Xiao Xiao covers his face with both hands,Crying so sad。