Qin Feng was not surprised by this answer,rThe city is really the same as the sky light said,Extremely complicated,These people are tied together,Fight together。

Other way:“Got it,Go ahead and implement the planned plan。”Finished,He hung up,From the hotel’s floor-to-ceiling windows, look towards the main road where people come and go,Smile。
The sky at this time is densely clouded,A rainstorm is approaching。
Early next morning,Song Litao wakes up early as usual,Drinking sauerkraut and millet porridge,Watch the news。
There is a piece of news in the news,Talking about yesterday afternoon and evening,Someone noticed,Normal flow raterThe city airport received far more planes than usual,Looks very unusual,rSomething big may happen in the city。
And this watcher,Also posted this message on the web forum,And made various nonsensical guesses。
This question even got on the local hot search,TV reporter captured the news point,Contact the airport,But the airport said there is no comment,Everything is normal at the airport。
Saw this news,Song Litao sneered,Shook his head,Sighed,News is becoming less and less serious now,Such news is boring,What is the value of reports。
At least the broadcast is useful for the common people,Like the news from his company yesterday。
If he knew the consequences of what the news said,He wouldn’t think so。
After breakfast,He took a break,Then drove out to Fangyuan International Hotel。
Here today,He and Sun Yongli will fight back against Qin Feng,Get Ding Kun out。
Come to the hotel lobby,I saw forty or fifty young people,Are wearing suits and ties,His face suddenly showed disappointment。