Small room area,Only more than ten meters long and wide,There are three human sanctuary powerhouses and a sanctuary monster inside.。

In the deepest part of the secret room,Is the Cromwell Saint Magister,I’m already in a very deep practice at this moment,Normal external influences cannot wake him from this immersion。
And on his relatively outer side,With four figures,Wright、Baruch、Cecilia and a fluffy cattail civet。
Chapter 32: Drill and Murder
Wright’s power,The five powerhouses who have a sense of the law are all here,Perceive the law through the special environment here。
of course,Invisible attack in the space chamber,So they can easily resist,While maintaining the state of spiritual practice。
And the state of defense,In fact, it can also reflect the realm to some extent。
Among these four people and one beast,Except for the Cromwell Saint Magister, it seems calm and calm,An invisible force around the body eliminates all attacks,Worthy of being an infinitely close to God-level existence。
And the other four used their own methods to resist the attack in the space chamber。
The lowest fur ball shrank into a ball,Looks like a kitten,Relying on the shrinking body and hiding behind Wright,Greatly avoided the attack of the wind blade、
Cecilia is in the form of a dragon blood warrior,At the same time, the light cyan vindictiveness formed a defense,Formed layers of invisible air waves,Weaken the attack,Then the power of the attack on the body is not enough to damage the body of the dragon blood warrior.。
Wright seems to be the closest to the Cromwell Saint Magister,His whole body covers this seemingly weak grudge,The light cyan water flows on the grudge。
Just such a layer of defense,Easily block the ubiquitous wind blade in the micro space outside the body。
This state,The Cromwell Saint Magister who looked no less than eight years ago。
Facts are also true,Except after spending half a year as a miner,Wright spends more than 60% of his time practicing in the micro-space secret room。And the remaining 40%,Another 30% of the time is to leave the micro space to practice the moves outside。
In a small space secret room,You can directly see the spatial turbulence,Law explicit,The speed of perceiving the law is ten times faster than under normal circumstances。
Wright’s talent,What realm can I reach after 80 years of practice?Is the sanctuary limit??

“Forehead,whats the matter?”

Facing these moves in Lu Dahai,Let the people around you don’t know what to say in a time.。
“I want to know where you have six days of kings.?”
“Forehead,I don’t know this.,I have heard that they go to the end tonight.,It seems to be in the wild outside the woods.,Do you really don’t know?。”
I heard this,Lu Dahai directly gave the child Peng Peng’s three heads,Then get up and ride a motorcycle.。
Even the mother’s mother who has already been crying。
arrive home,He took a killing pig knife directly.,It takes into the place where the child said.。
At this time,Li Hui is also meeting with six people.。
Wan Mountain Peak did not expect it to be a person。
Even Jin Xijie is not,Unreasonable people are exciting。
To say a group of people,They have to desperately desperate,But one person,That is simply playing。
After all, they have something to do every day, how to play people.,Where is the hurt?。
Facing Li Hui,Wanshan Peak feels tonight。
Thinking of the pedicure in the woods is also tied by them,He is exciting。
It’s too stimulating for him tonight.。
“Correct,I am myself!”
Face a few children,Li Hui Feng has decided to ask a good question.,How many bad things have been done in these children,If it is difficult to accumulate,He doesn’t mind, wipe a few children directly from this world.。
“Tonight, you are really dare.,But you know that you will die.?
If you die, you should also win it.?”
Speech,Wanshan Peak took out the machete that Wei Feng gave them to them.,Sharp,The truth of the real gun is really able to hack people.。
Seeing Wanshan Peak has taken out from his arms.,Other people are also bright.。
Li Hui Feng did not expect this to help the child dare to take the weapon。
Just when Li Hui is ready to open,The roar of a motorcycle in the distance is gradually approaching。
Lu Dahai got a car,I looked at Li Hui Hui and looked at the 14th year-ordered children.,The eyes are pink all over the horse.。
“You a few small rabbits,Is the six big kings of the Mojia Work School?”
“Trough,Who gave you courage to call us a small rabbit?
Don’t live or not?”
Lu Dahai listened this,Have no care,Directly asked directly:“Lu Bin is you killed.?”
Where did you know??
It seems that our propaganda is very in place.,how?
Want to go to us?”
Wanshan Peak is a bit proud to look at Lu Dahai,He feels that his plan is too successful.。
“hehe,Then you are all with my son to die.。”
Say,Lu Dahai directly kill the pig knife and rushed。
In the face of the rush of Lu Dahai,Wanshan Feng also took a machete to cut it in Lu Dahai.。
Both people don’t want to live,Lu Dahai hardly smashed a knife,Blood DC on shoulders,Pink,Can even see bones。
But his dagger in his hand is dead, and it is in the opposite throat.。

Next moment,LanduoQSkills,Directly towards the edge of the row of the emperor,No spaceezGo。

In the emperorQSkill,Also at almost simultaneous cooling,Then moving towardsezRowed orientation。
The injury added to the two,byezAt this time,Absolutely it is difficult to support。
The emperor can even see,existezAfter a fall,I will receive the other party in my own.,Then win the victory of the group battle and the scene of the call of the screen。
Ice crystal energy,And one handle,Both faceezThe location of the location is getting faster。
But just in these two energy is about to hitezBefore the body。
Somewhere in the palace clear keyboard,by him“Snapped”Suddenly sounded。
then,Within the fieldezEnergy boxing in hands,At this time, crazy began to surging the energy。
ezbody of,Along with this energy,Slowly dissipate from in place。
Light spirit has once again appeared,It is that475Outside of the code。
then,Psycho-colored energy marsh direct sale,Press the blood of the emperor to the place where only one of the places。
Connect a flatA,The blood volume of the emperor is separated.。
This is not finished yet.,Constantly moving in the palace,ezAdjust your own body again。
Subsequent,A highly colored energy body,Spray out from China。
Chapter 274 Step
This sprayed energy body,Constantly draw the wind in the air。
finally,I am going to the body of Li Sang.,Turn her original and precarious blood volume。
This Po Lezuo’s pass,Say good, to support your own wilderness。
But in fact,She is because they can’t fully support the output of Sindra,Just choose the wall escape。
Aircraftez,Just a way of action。
Under such a big premise,Liszanto-wearing wall,Where can the state come??
I can’t blame it.ezA hairQSkill,I will take the blood volume directly.。
And after Lisang Zodso,FPXDirect group,IGAlso3Change5Raise,Winning this wave of group。
And at this time,Facing the large-scale group battle,Several explanations, of course, there is some excitement that can’t help but。
But rotary,After the end of the group battle,Their exciting sound is suddenly card shells,Like it, I was suddenly holding my neck.。
This wave of commentary,Is such that
“IGThis wave of positive group fight is very beautiful.,But the sword magic will fall.,How to deal with this wave?”
“Sword demon,FPXDirect set fire。butezOutput on the flank,Flashing esteemEQ,A hairQPrecision to play Kazha,Three killed!”
When I shouted to this sentence,I have already started exciting in the sound of Guanzeyuan.,Tone is also quite a bit of generous meaning。
The king of the side remembers a bit of a look,I also read a eye,In the end, he still did not have a rank export.。
Instead, the stage will give the stage to Guan Zeyuan.,Then tell yourself silently in your heart.,Waiting for another reminder。
“Emperor big trick,Two peopleA,Lisang Zhuojing Wall。butezA hairESkills directly escaped twoQSkill。”
“A hairQFlatteningA,The emperor is killed directly!Pretty!Another oneQShot,Precision to play Zhong Lizuo Zhuo”

Thirty Ling Taiwan is full of stunning。

Because in this world,Whether you are still a dragon,Both belong to the legendary invisible organism。
This kind of organism,Is equivalent to God or Xian,Both have the great strength to destroy the earth。
Nothing did not expect,The chaotic king is actually a dragon!At this time,The dragon in the air suddenly stopped struggling。
、One pair is more big than that of the grinding disc,Cold-cooled stares have walked to the summer。
Summer slowly,Established in front of the top head。
He still has no dragon’s great eyes.。
Such referring,The whole person is like a dust。
Summer is equally unexpected,Very shocking。
But under the case,I feel reasonable。
That nine life and death,Springs from one fantasy。
Small tree is not a large size,But with Xuanao protection。
And the energy of the small tree,Ability to seal the big array,Seal node。
Although the small tree is a fantasy,But the Zhou Hao Temple has once,The fanter is also illusion according to the rules of this world.。
So after the rules of the world world have evolved,Is such a one。
I didn’t know in the summer.,Now I know。
A magical dragon!Dragon’s power is just resting 蛟,And formed in the bit grid!Summer and even think of more。
The king of chaos can constantly break through the node seal,Whether it is incomplete from the mysterious Olympic tree rune?
this……Is it a reincarnation or fate??
Fall in your own hands。
“Wang Wei,Handle!” Too white old ancestor’s mind is over the summer mind。
Summer eyes,Grasp the total flag,Power。
Total banner illusion,Darkness,Blind blazing olu。
There is endless black flame in the burning of the bears.,咻,Chemoon as a black man。
That black is like a huge crisis,Send a shock-like roaring,Dramatic swing head。
But the total flag has already locked it,And it is in just within the node,Finally, it is still black, the long gun is firmly above the head.。
Taibai old ancestors drink again。
Everyone has a powerful momentum,Will run the exercise to the ultimate,Start the migrant flag。
Not only they。
Those far away from outside,Also through the induction of the flag,Actions。
A force gathering,That is like a big wave,Finally gathered above the flag。
“Taier……”Black scorpion is a painful roaring,The huge body swing is even more intense。
Its body seems to have an invisible blow,Chaotic energy is consumed in flight。

Gao Wei dares to look at the light high,Listening to this guy is not to disaster relief,But dealing with these things,It’s really unambiguous!lt;/Pgt;

NS139chapter Dry goods
“Gao Xiaoyu,Gao Gong,You go out first,I have something to talk to the gods.。”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Xiaoyan。lt;/Pgt;
This time, high-spirited,Nature is more powerful。Gao Bao made a eye on Wang Jun,The other party has an exit of the study。lt;/Pgt;
Brother is not afraid of you,The screen is behind my wife is staring.。lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi is in mind,Immediately asked:“I don’t know what advice in high service.?”lt;/Pgt;
“Donghe Po,Not ordinary government。Gao Baoyi,You are very big.!”lt;/Pgt;
He didn’t ask about the disaster relief.,Because those are meaningless。Just look at the prosperity of the city,I know this Chinese book.“Dog takes the mouse”Make a good job。lt;/Pgt;
But he is not allowed to be sandy!lt;/Pgt;
Some of the imperial court,Grateful(Such as the ancestors),With its own outstanding mind,Using unreasonable rules with vulnerabilities,Gifted。lt;/Pgt;
Biased, you can’t take him.!lt;/Pgt;
lt;/Pgt; Ha ha,Qizhou is the high-rise,What do you want to do?,I can think of the foot finger.。lt;/Pgt;
“What can I figure out??High school,Make a meal,Can you be chaotic?。”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi asked calm,The heart has already panicked。lt;/Pgt;
Gifted,How do I know what you want?!lt;/Pgt;

“correct,elder sister,I am going to call Huang girl.!”The sword is very eye-catching at this time.。

“Be right,Let the yellow girl don’t have to dig any http://www.jhyamy.cnmore。”Mei Jian feels very reasonable。
Huang Rong et al. Is not interested in the flow of flowers and small fish.,I am not willing to waste for a moment.,Also organized people’s hand excavation,The east is unbeaten here,Still to balance the swallow。
Chu Deiren turned his head to see the four swords,Slightly shake the mouth,I found that there is no reason to stop。
Seeing the Chu Deirers holding a few women’s clothes reappearing back,People in the rivers and lakes,Also slowly in your heart, this logic relationship。
Um,Two palace owners in Chu Deirers and Transfer Palace,Take the land together to illegally,Results The palace is self-destructive、Fall into it,After more than two months, Chu Deirers came out.,Who is sending clothes in the inside??
Can you also have no teeth??
“Do you want to play?”The little fish looks at the flower,I always feel that his state is wrong.。
There is no shortage to see the small fish,I didn’t take care of him。
Small fish deliberately switched out,A pair to suddenly attack,Flower is still still staring at the direction of Chu Deirers。
Small fish consciously bored,Re-standing on the side
Yan Nan Tian also carried the iron sword sword handle inserted on the ground,The battle is quietly condensed!
He is not interested in gossip,But if you are still alive,The flower of the flower is no shortage of small fish.,It’s good to put it behind you and invite the month.!
Jiang Feng couple die,It can be said to have a direct relationship with the moon.,After all, if it is not to avoid the challenge,Jiang Feng will not be attached to the 12 stars,Even the month of the month is watching the pig.、Chicken forced to death Jiang Feng couple。
However, I don’t have a direct shot.,Just let Jiang Qin to tell him under his eyes、Let go of the twelfth star, chasing Jiang Feng couple,Even the name of the flower moon slave flute、When I scared the pig and chicken,Actively go and pigs、Rumor,I suggest that they go back to continue chasing.。
Just this,Although Yannan Tian is coming to invite the moon,But I will not take the initiative to go door.,After all, he is Yannan Tian。
But more than ten years,Inviting the moon to continue to send disciples to chase small fish,This touched the bottom line of Yannan Tian!
People in the surrounding rivers and lakes,After the short-term fight, the moon, the moon, know the situation outside,Angry anger to Chu Deirers。
Chu Deirers also don’t know anything because?If it doesn’t spend a short and small fish,Will everyone get together here??
Tap,No one doesn’t,Finally, I have to wear clothes first.、Face fact
Chapter 919 Boiled egg
Seeing the Chu Deiren with three women,The people in the rivers and lakes are invincible.
But the blink of an eye,After the heart is cold,Do not do the same closed mouth。
“See the palace master!”Paste the brother of the martyrdom。
Before the Chu Deirers came out,I don’t see them, I’m going to see the respect of the Lord, but the Chu Deirers are angry.,I haven’t going to my heart.。
“Um,You are good。”Invitation of the moon, the cold, praise a sentence。
At this time, the disciples of the floral palace,Both are rare dirty、Even disciples from the rotten timetry palace,Not only faces outside the outside, it is very high.,And because of a clean quality,So never make white clothes。
Now this wolf,Obviously it has been turtled before,Just because of today’s Shaogong main and people,So I arrived on the side of the field.。
“Palace master is suffering,The scorpions do not dare to work。”The headed peony said,Some inexplicable sorrows。
“Master、Second Master!Disciple is not filial,Even the two Master came to the Turtle Mountain”Flower language,That’s more sad。
Chu Dee people always feel that the people of the floral palace,Some yin and yang strange may be an illusion?Obviously invite the month and the pity star already come out,One by one!
“alright, alright,Your Master、Palace master,Also have come back,All very happy!Just just right,When I came out,I feel that it is more advantageous on the gas machine.,I have a good time to win it.!”Chu Deman stands out,Very and good and majestic guidance。
Paste the brothers and disciples are clearly not buying him,Even the flower is not a shortage, I don’t want to take care of him.,But the radius reacts,The meaning of Chu Deirers。 Chu, you are,This battle can”There is no shortage of flowers。
Not because Chu Deirers say he won,But“Calculate him to win”if,It means that you don’t have to continue!
From the original must die,Get a winning issue、Be no longer life and death。
“Can I say it??”Inviting the moon to drink a cold。
There is no shortage of flowers,Master’s father has never been cold in cold,Also he can also distinguish,“cold”and“cold”difference between,It belongs to very born、Very serious cold!
“Master father,Disciple knows the wrong disciple!”Flower is unlucky, please, please,At the same time, I looked at the Chu Deirers.,As if:Since you said it is not,Can you shut up??

Draw the airflow of the earth。

Both, like sharp lightning。
Guo Eighth and Obaco two have discolored,Northern Yinyang just left out.,Someone came here to mess up,The two of the two people stand up and look up.,But don’t recognize people。
“Guo 18,Obacoo,You don’t know me.,I know you.。”Golden windbreaker man carrying hands touching:“Guo 18,Follow me。”
Guo 18 airflow is surging,A powerful airflow emerged,An overbearing power of the elderly。
With the emergence of this overbrower airflow,Guo 18 directly took out,Overbearing,The 18th airflow surged in the void,Eighteen golden golden dragon,Eighth golden vain in the void。
That is an operation,This work is on the power of destroying the earth.,Long Yu’s voice sounded,Let the Buddha are the anger of the Dragon Emperor。
Optimus Giants directly impact to the golden windbreaker man。
“Arms。”Golden windbreaker man carrying hands smiling:“Although your Dragon 18 palm has reached,But after all, it is better than the ancient and modern nine gods.。”
Golden windbreaker man with a golden windbreaker,A sword is coming out,At the beginning, this sword was plain.,But a little bit of mighty,Rush,Endless,Flood。
A dramatic snoring sound,This suddenly crushed by this sword.,This sword is shining,From the heart of Guo 18,Guo Eighth or even the chance of dodge。
His figure fell directly to the empty。
“Dragon!”Obah Tiger faces。
“You see it.,Dragon’s Xuanyuan sword can be so good?”Golden windbreaker man faint,His figure appears between Obacula between the moment。
“Be awkward!”
A palm of the Obacoo,Obah Tiger Directly,Then he fell from the void。
“North Yinyang,Although you are very likely to be very likely to,But you can’t think so fast.,You will complete the smoke。”The golden windbreaker man is faint to look at the vast Tai Chi,He is cold and cold。
His figure is next to this starry taiji map,Then the post is coming to the meteorite of the round.,A huge palm extends,Directly promote this huge meteorite。
Golden windbreaker man’s throat issued a dramatic,The power of a neutralization is filled out from his body.,This huge meteorite is directly driven by the golden windbreaker man.,Then change the run trajectory。
Instantaneous moment in changing running tracks。
This meteorite is directly broken and disappeared.。
With the disappearance of the meteorite,The huge Taiji chart in the starry sky is transmitted to destroy the strength of the earth.,Dramatic sound,With unwilling color,Painful,But soon this kind of unwillingness and pain disappeared.。
Golden windbreaker man,He is full of golden light 30,000 feet,The body of the body will go out directly,Erun out more brightened rays,He took out a bronze big basin in front of him.。
The bronze big pot is flashing with a strange force。
A blood spit out from this golden windbreaker man’s mouth,Directly spit in this bronze big pot,Bronze big pots。
The power of powerful Yuan god directly into this bronze big pot。
The bronze big basin is like a big tonna.,Directly rumored,Submerged this void。
Golden windbreaker man is speaking again,Snoring,Sound through this starry sky,With the sound of this sound。
A voice of a god sword sounds,A light rushed out from the Taiji chart,Falling directly into this bronze big basin。
Ray is full,This is an ancient sword,A simple and unbornful sword。

Black man is sinking,“Have,According to the news from the inner line,Yunshan is chasing one person,Three months ago, Yunshan Bailen Lingtui Park was burned.,This is this person。”

Paused,Also,“Recent days,This person is even secretly killed.,Today’s leaders,United to chase this person and search,But it is said that it failed……”“Um?”
Zhouraio eyes bright,“Have this?
Isolated this person??”
“I only know that this person is named Wang Wei.,From other islands。
Murder,It is his enemy joined the Yunshan.。”
“Wang Wei?”
Zhouraio picks the eyebrows,Asked,“How this person is cultivated?”
Zhoura Olympics is the city of the big city,It can be said that,Even if there is time,Also closed custom practice。
He doesn’t know,This king is summer。
If he knows more,Maybe you know the truth.。
after all,His daughter Zhou Ji joined Tao Baoge,As long as you go out,Some people in secret。
And summer and speech really calendar,I have already been investigated clearly.。
the most important is,Zhou Wei gave a summer black jade secret treasure,It is from Zipaio。
And Zhou Wei is also in front of Zelaio,Say a few times of summer name。
Unfortunately, I was isolated by Ziri.。
“The rumor has the repair of Ling Taiwan,But this person has a strange and powerful secret,Can fight,Kill the launcher。”
Zhoura Oao once again stunned,“Impressive,Let the internalline pay attention to it.,If possible,Contact each other。”
……the other side。
Summer quietly left the cave。
He carefully walked in the mountain,Gradually。
After about more than 20 miles,Finally discovered the shadow。
Now,Looking for a secret place,Show‘Heavenly eye’Secretation,Start View the movements in the square。
Take a look,Be shocked。
He saw that many of the priests stationed in all parties,Defense is extremely strict。
Not only that。
He also saw some spirits,Low empty flight in half air,Whenever encountering the gorge and mountain,Will pinch a white light。
These white lights are not destroyed。
Bombards above the mountain,It will penetrate into it。
And you will sway a layer of layer-shaped corrugated diffusion。

He didn’t know what the unit of the flag of the flag.,Is it4gram?Still other units?

This moment, Han Jiang wants to marry,Tomato eats4Tons will also poison,Who can I have a special code?。
Then,Can normal people eat??
“All right,All right,Don’t pay attention to it, don’t be died by others.,I am not responsible for eating something.。”The flag of the flag is pushing to Hanjiang to the laboratory,She wants to sleep.。
I saw the flag of the flag that is very solemn.,Han Jiang can only lose a good sentence.。
When the laboratory door is closed,Han Jiang also listened to the wings of the flag to say a sentence on the love sauce.。
“This drama is really interesting,Sleep after reading this episode。”
Got,Generally, I can’t see it, I can’t put down my computer.,Also say what to sleep,That is a lie。
Return to the dormitory,Lily silk on the bed curled up in the nest,Out of a pair of eyes look at the door。
She is worried that Hanjiang will not do something,I was asleep when I saw it.。
Han Jiang put the medicine behind the table,Drill into the floor。
the next morning,Wake up。
Han Jiang is giving Lili,De Lisa sent a message,Let him go to the school leader office,There is something to him。
I have just been trained by De Lisa.,Han Jiang does not want to see De Lisa,I am afraid of she is angry.。
But this is going to the office,Explain that things are more important,Han Jiang can only go。
Go on the way,Han Jiang bought two bottles of bitter melon juice,See if you can’t let her lose gas。
After the office,Working with a glowing sphere in front of the desk in front of De Lisa。
“Liquid soul steel computer?”Han Jiang asked:“Not let me send to the reverse entropy?,How to send it back,There is a result.?”
De Lisa nod,Say:“Things have been secretly sent back before four days ago,Even inverse entropy is not completely parsed in the secret。”
“Specific information,I have already taken it out.,Liquid computer is not what we can operate at present。”
Seeing the mood of De Lisa is not bad,Han Jiang put bitter gourd juice on the table,I am sitting on a chair.。
After seeing bitter gourd juice,De Lisa is very happy to laugh,Pointing at the bottle:“Is this this to me??”
Hanjiang nodded,Laugh:“Yes,As the first two days, I am so reckless。”
“Han Jiang,you are the best!”De Lisa is holding a bitter gourd juice, there is a praise of the lungs.,I don’t know who is so angry.。
“Oh,This soul steel computer has not finished。”De Lisa has repeatedly said a bitter gourd juice:“Even if the calculation function is not available,This is also a powerful weapon.。”
“Is this going to give me??”Han Jiang asked,“But can this be able to become an energy gun??Why don’t you give Bronia?。”
De Lisa puts down the jar of the hand,Say:“Bronia onlyBLevel strength,Hand give her to play all the power,And it is easy to cause other people’s 觊觎。”
in this world,More than life、Reverse entropy、Three homoles of the world,There are many small forces.。
If you are discovered by someoneBLevel female Wushen,I have a weapon manufactured by pure soul steel,There may be ambient to arrange ambush when you have a mission in Bronia.。
Although Santa Raoya is not afraid of these small forces at all,But the trouble is always troublesome,It is better to hand over to Hanjiang.。
“Although I can also use energy guns,But not suitable?”Han Jiang started according to the indication on the light ball。
There are several weapons,Straight knife,Big sword,Energy gun,Also sniper。
Hanjiang chooses sniper gun mode,Soul steel began to change,A rib, a sniper, a sniper, appeared on the table。
This thing is extremely incomparable,Strongly stronger than standard anti-equipment。

For a while, those students who came to watch the game were dumbfounded,Long as Master,So crazy,How do you look down on Yin Yaozu?、Chen Leilao’s favorite dragon!!

Those dragon masters on the battlefield,Every face is blackened!!
And their dragon pet,Just now he was obeying the order,After being provoked by the Black Mossaurus,One by one is so mad to get out of restraint,I can’t wait to tear this black mosasaur right away。
Especially those ancient dragons。
Most ancient dragons use feces to delineate their territory,So that some wandering predators do not trespass on their own territory,Avoid unnecessary struggles。
But this kind of excretion in person,It’s not to get into the water with you,But to tell you,Where are you standing,Where is Lao Tzu’s chassis,I want to dominate!!
“Cruel Dragon,Vulgar!!”Bai Jun’s son Yin Yaozu said angrily。
Humiliated twice,Yin Yaozu’s patience has reached the limit。
“What kind of man is telling him about the war of gentlemen,He doesn’t know what a gentleman is,Processed together!”Chen Leilao called at this moment。
Yin Yaozu looked suspiciously at Chen Leilao,I don’t understand why Chen Leiluo said this,It’s not that he can solve it alone, Zhu Minglang,Then everyone cast aside together??
“Nalong,Have Tyrannosaurus blood,Your Red Claw Dragon is not necessarily its opponent。”Chen Leilao hurriedly said to Yin Yaozu in a low voice。
Although Yin Yaozu is unhappy,,But still no refutation。
indeed,Zhu Minglang summoned the Black Mossassaurus to make it a little surprised,I didn’t expect this guy to be a veritable dragon shepherd,What’s the matter with the rumor that he is a tramp??
Also cologne,The saber-toothed tiger dragon roared first。