Beihai City implements enterprise name "That is,"

People’s Network Beihai November 17th, in September this year, Beihai City fully implemented enterprise name "即 报 即" reform. As of November 9, the city name "That is," it is ", which is 1517, accounting for 98% of the total number of new enterprises, growth%, reducing business errands more than 3,000 times, saving more than 4,000 pages of paper materials.

The company name is a prerequisite for enterprises to obtain business licenses. The first step of entrepreneurs registered companies is to declare. Although the market entity selection name has high degree of freedom after the commercial system reform, it is still necessary to follow some rules, such as not being renowned or approximation, and cannot choose the order of the prohibition of the law and so on. In order to further improve the convenience of enterprises, the Beihai City Administrative Approval Bureau starts in Beihai City in September this year, "即 报" "reform, solving the importance of entrepreneurs in Beihai registered enterprises, is difficult, audible .

The main content of the enterprise name "Daily" reform is to improve the name independent query declaration rules by printing Name Industry Flosures, and Improve the Auto Identification and Intelligent Screening Precision of Full Electronic Registration System Information. In order to ensure that the name of the company is in line with the "Enterprise Name Registration Regulations" "Enterprise Name Prohibited Rules", the verification system sets the function of prompting the applicant’s infringement risk, reminding enterprises to be carefully selected.

At the same time, the name of the company’s registration authority will quickly handle the company name dispute in accordance with the name disputes.

The people’s court or the enterprise registration authority determine that the enterprise name should stop using the enterprise name, ordered to change the name.

Enterprise name "That is," the report "reform adopts" commitment to use, there is a reform "registration model, which greatly reduces artificial intervention, realizing the company name" 即 报 即 "," Enterprise audited success rate.

In addition, if the entrepreneur is engaged in the emerging industry, refer to the industry habits or professional literature and other expressions, applying for new name industry words through the declaration process. (Wu Mingjiang, Huang Yu) (Editor: Wu Mingjiang, Huang Yumi) Sharing let more people see.