Seven Yoga Practices

Seven Yoga Practices

It is a well-recognized fact that the waist is easy to grow meat. In addition to controlling the diet, proper exercise is essential.

Today I will teach you a few thin waist yoga exercises to achieve your dream of a bee waist woman.

  1. Plow type ① Lie on your back with your feet close together, legs straight, slowly lift your feet off the ground, and reach the top of your head, with your toes touching the ground, your upper arms supporting the ground, and your hands supporting your head.

  ② Slowly loosen your hands, keep your hips up, and insert them straight on the floor, with your palms facing the ground and straight forward.

  2. The dog-down variant puts your feet together, your legs straight, your toes point to the ground, your heels are off the ground, your body is bent down, and you stand on the floor with your hands around your head, your elbows on the ground, and your toes are raised forwardPush forward.

  3. Stand in a wheeled position, with your feet separated from each other, and lean forward and backward until you straighten forward and your hands are on the ground.

This action is difficult to break, and beginners are advised not to try it.

  4, L-shaped sitting position, feet close together, legs straight into the floor, feet tight, toes pointed and straight forward, hands fists and placed in front of the chest, straight and straight, eyes look forward.

  5, supine supine, lying next to the ground, feet apart, the toes point forward, straight into the floor, away from the body, take a deep breath.

  6, kneeling posture, knees forward, feet close to each other, hips sitting on the heels, hands and fingers holding each other, the body is bent, the forearms are placed on the floor, support the body, the tibia is lowered, the abdomen is close to the thigh surface, firmly straight.

  7, sitting twisted sitting position, right leg on the floor and bend, heel close to step in front, left foot across the right leg to insert forward, straight forward, twist forward to tilt, right arm close to the outside of the left calf, And holding the left foot to reset, the left arm is stretched to the left rear, and the head is twisted back.