Tailor-made fitness methods for travelers

Tailor-made fitness methods for “travelers”

When you are traveling for business or traveling, it may disrupt your regular fitness training.
Try not to let this happen, use the equipment around you to exercise, and minimize losses.
20 minutes can fully mobilize the muscles of the whole body.
All you need is a chair, a cushion, and your own body.
  Exercise in the order of A, B, C, D, and rest for one minute between each group.
After doing this round, just repeat it again.
Squat with legs and do 15-20 times; B.
Do push-ups on the chair with your hands, as many times as possible; C.
Jump from bed to mat on the ground and do 15-20 times; D.
Use your chair to do a front lift, 12 to 15 times.