A screen view of global collaboration cohabitation create intelligent urban governance samples

Xu Jing Yun face of the city center of the "big screen", Chen Yi Kai introduction: "We provide a platform as a central point, and then spread out from a central point, functional units will patrol the corresponding circulation problems found matters involved.

‘Network unified management’ means that the establishment of a ‘network’, ‘ruled over’ is that all units we can provide the platform to give the corresponding disposal to improve the handling efficiency at all levels, the aging of the case functions, we the meaning of existence, the city center is not operational departments to handle, but a discovery, coordination department.

"In the third into the Expo, the Expo Qingpu District security services into frontline command center, security services into the Fair intelligent video applications, update the clues found by a street camera automatically monitored.

Information shows that in all the optical path surplus Port Road intersection, pedestrians jaywalking found scenes, the side of the picture box is displayed, was made the monitor screen shots of this judgment. After receiving this information, the staff immediately confirmed and scheduling of joint logistics linkage recent visit to verify the workstation disposal.

Five minutes later, the management platform of big-screen, real-time location appear numbered 80,030,259 players, through his recorder to wear see real-time images also appeared on the big screen. Xu Jing Town Center received member of the Feng Yun Cheng description: "In the past, we do not have real-time transmission equipment man recorders, players are relying on the scene to verify the pictures of more and more advanced technology now also equipped with a man recorder. players in the field with real-time image transmission-man field to display computer platform, plug-picture footage back then disposed of.

"Live real-time transmission reduces the incident handling errors due to the time difference caused" Sometimes just the butterfly effect, as indeed affect the whole body, often because they can not understand the scene in real time, leading the way for dealing with incidents of approach becomes different. "Chen Yi Kai Xu Jing, deputy director of the city transportation center said.

As of November last year, relying on command command center platform 16 class intelligent application scenarios, effectively carry out intelligence work inspections on its third street into the Expo focus area for automatic discovery. While the use of the exhibition in large passenger protection module, intelligent traffic warning big scene, implement personnel to safeguard important point of people, traffic order.