Secret: Running can suppress appetite

Secret: Running can suppress appetite

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People know that running can lose weight, but you know that it also has the effect of suppressing appetite!

  British scholars have found that people who participate in different types of sports such as jogging and swimming have different drought sensations and there are significant differences in the types of foods they need.

The result of this research overturns the general view that “the more sports, the more you must eat,” which helps people choose the right sports for their own needs.

  According to reports, Dr. Stensel, a sports science doctor at Ralph Baller University, found that people have different levels of fatigue after participating in different sports and the types of foods they need to absorb.

  For example, people usually don’t feel hungry after jogging, just want to eat foods that have more water but are not easy to fill their stomachs.

On the contrary, people usually feel hungry after swimming. They want to eat a small amount of food. After lifting, they need food containing protein or protein.

In addition, the sports environment may also affect the body’s sense of obesity.

For example, swimming in cold water makes people feel obese and wants to eat high-micro foods, and running in warm weather is the opposite.

It is generally believed that exercise contributes to increased appetite, but Stensel’s findings overturn this view, indicating that appetite is not necessarily related to exercise intensity.

  Stensell’s research is published in the new book, “The Impact of Resistance and Aerobic Exercise on Obesity.”

According to his preliminary analysis, the effects of different exercises on the amount of “chronic hormones” that control appetite in the human body are diverse.

The same high-intensity exercise, long-distance running in a hot environment may inhibit the secretion of “chronic hormones”, swimming in cold water has the opposite effect.

  However, moderate to low intensity exercise has little effect on the secretion of “pregnancy hormones”.

For example, after walking for an hour and walking in the same way, there is no difference in the sense of drought in the human body.

This research provides guidance for people to choose the right exercise to achieve more effective exercise goals.

  Stensell said that the inhibition of appetite in running projects usually lasts for a few hours after the end of the exercise. If you want to lose weight, people can choose to run without worrying about an increase in appetite after exercise.