Wang Shuai glanced at the girl,Just say:“Whatever you lose?”

“Yes!She is shy,I can call the shots for her。”The red-haired girl agreed very simply,The friends around her blush,Very embarrassed,Strike the hair repeatedly,Did not speak。
“Today you two are doomed to lose。”Wang Shuai directly digs out Chen’s pocket,Took the wallet out,Show the fake car ID and ID card to the two girls。“Oh oh!”
“Isn’t it?He buys a car and still uses his name?”The red-haired girl was surprised。They obviously don’t know,I can’t get a certificate at this age。
“He can do this by himself,Still have to ask at home?”Wang Shuai took advantage of the opportunity to pay for Chen Wenjin,I installed my ID again,I put my wallet away:“Put it here,Don’t forget to get off。”
“Why don’t you wear a watch?”The tall girl is very confused,Her friend also looked at Chen Wenjin who was driving,Obviously also interested in this question。
Wang Shuai said with a smile:“I have a friend,Used to be his girlfriend,She told me that she went out once,They were just together not long,My friend asked angrily why he didn’t hold her hand after shopping together for so long!”
“why?”The two girls listened very carefully,I don’t know that Wang Shuai is purely a friend from nothing。
“He said to my friend:‘How tired to handle!’”Wang Shuai’s tone,Successfully amused the two girls。
Those two girls were stunned,I couldn’t help laughing immediately,Looking at Chen Wenjin in disbelief:“You are too lazy!”
“so,Think about it,People who are tired of holding girlfriends,Can he wear a watch?”Wang Shuai knows that Chen Wenjin is not willing to play,I just happily chatted with the two girls。
“Then he has a girlfriend?”really,The focus of the two girls’ attention is this。
“Don’t mention it,Later, my friend was sent to study abroad by his parents,They two broke up。”Wang Shuai said again:“Both of us are the same,Believe in fate,I like the feeling that love at first sight burns with passion!”
“You like it,Not i like!”Chen Wenjin knows that Wang Shuai deliberately pave the way,Love at first sight burning with passion,That is to push directly,I hate if I lose time。