Tongren Bijiang: Textured Jiyan Inspection and Monitoring Cadre "Over 8 hours" supervision network

"As a discipline inspection and supervision cadres, it has to be a final rate outside of eight hours. It is not going to go. It should not be eaten. The discipline inspection and supervision of the whole district knocks on the alarm. This is the region to extend the tentacles to "eight hours" and strengthen a micro-management of the supervision and management of discipline inspection and supervision.

This year, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection has further strengthened the supervision and management of the discipline inspection and supervision cadres in the district, and the supervision of the "eight hours of" eight hours "exceeding the discipline inspection and supervision cadres will be strengthened. The "hard bar", the daily supervision of the discipline inspection and supervision, extends from the working circle to social circles, living circles, entertainment circles. The District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission strictly enforces major issues to report the reporting system, and check the disciplinary inspection and supervision of individual major major events to ensure the complete information is comprehensive and effective. Formulate the provisional provisions of the "Tongren City Bijiang District Discipline Inspection and Monitoring Cadre", requiring discipline inspection and supervision cadres to request reports, please ask, do not ask, report, miss, false positives and non-reporting, posthand report If the preparation is serious, seriously pursue responsibility, and focus on eliminating the "blind zone" in cadre supervision. In addition, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission also established a political home visit system, led by members of the leadership team, using "eight hours", in-depth inspection and supervision cadres, understand the cadres, home education, home wind, "eight hours" living circle , Friends and interest hobbies, and comment on discipline inspection and monitoring work, cadre education management supervision.

The evaluation work of the discipline inspection and supervision cadres extended from eight hours to eight hours, further understanding cadres, warm cadres, and supervising cadres. At the same time, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has taken the combination of "handwritten + electronics", establishing discipline inspection and supervision cadres and clean government files, and records discipline inspection and supervision of individual integrity, regularly renewing and maintenance, realizing dynamic supervision, information management. And use the Bijiang Discipline Inspection and Supervision Network, "Bijiang Integrity" WeChat Public No. Provincial Department of Supervision, announced the supervision of the telephone to the public, hired 10 special inspectors, and wide accepted social supervision. Up to now, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission handles 4 pieces of discipline inspection and supervision cadres violating the laws and discipline, and 3 pieces are completed. "Discipline inspection and monitoring organs are not natural ‘Safe’, and the discipline inspection and supervision cadres do not have natural ‘immunity’." The main person in charge of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission said "To continue to polish the self-supervision probe, strictly prevent the ‘lamp under black’," Create a high political quality, loyalty and clean, professional skills, and dare to be good at struggle, "(Tongren Bijiang District Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission) Source: (Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share Many people see recommendation reading.

Ningxia High Court Special Research Promotion Problem Clue Checked Work

On October 13th, the Ningxia Senior People’s Court held the Political and Legal Team Education Cultivation Conference, notified the situation of political and legal team education rectification issues, and deployed raising the quality of the clues.

The meeting is required, to implement the door to rectify, accept the supervision of the masses, the supervision of the society, the supervision of the parties, and after entering the check-related chart, the horses will rectify the horses to the horses to provide clues, and review questions. case. Do a good job in the problem of traversal, and you have to check with your feelings. Implementing "I do a real thing for the masses" "I am a grassroots solution" to the education and rectification, put the case, do the trial implementation work, solve the people in the trial implementation of the trial, solve the problem, put The verification clues act as the intentions and entrance points of the masses, and the intensity, transient thinking, and strive to make each people who provide clues feel fairness justice.

The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to compact responsibility, layers, prevent the "glass door" "rotating door" phenomenon and procedures.

The problem of online verification should be practical, there is a mistake, adhere to the timely correction of the mistake, have a timely correction, adhere to the legal bottom line, enabling each review case to afford the facts, laws and history.

In response to the secret of the privacy of the parties, the state or the secret of the country, it is necessary to strictly follow the legal provisions and regulatory verification, strictly abide by the problem clues to verify confidentiality discipline, strict issues of clues to check the integrity and discipline, prevent improper contact with the parties, lawyers, special relations people Communication, there is a behavior such as privacy by lawsuits.

It is reported that on August 16th, the second batch of political and legal team education rectification, the Ningxia High Court, announced the telephone, website, mailbox, etc. of clues, and to open the door to rectify, accept supervision, in-depth investigation, etc. The rectification of the deep and turning, and striving to build the party and the people’s trust, the court that can rest, can be relieved. As of October 12, Ningxia High Court received 513 clues, 222 clues of the first batch of political and legal team education rectification issues, and 91%.

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Qingshan has a cloud of clouds, why is it two towns?

Return, these two words, affecting each traveler who strands at the end of Nija’s flag from October 28 to the 30th at noon, Jijanqi accumulated to the low-risk area. Retaining the passengers 7,650 people. These more than 7,000 retention passengers in Inner Mongolia.Public security will be held in Baotou, Erdos, Alax League Alax, Alashan, etc., 14-day centralized health monitoring, and closer to the home, getting more and closer to these stranded travelers.Baotou October 29th, at 2:40 in the next morning, the G6 high-speed Ulashan service area Baotou City and the right front flag high-speed export 461 traffic police, 138 police cars were waiting for 14 hours to escort the team safely arrived in Baotou day and night.Dust servant, do the highest standards to make the plan to do the programs, do fine, and ensure that there is no loss.

Promote the efficiency of the agricultural festival, driving farmers to increase production and increase in the "menu + package-custody" to resolve the cultivation article

Autumn and winter is busy, planting new hopes for coming.

On November 9, the Wanchai Demonstration Base in Pan Laizhai Village, Zhongcha Town, Liuping County was busy. I saw a few tractors were plowing the land. I came back and forth, three or two kung fu, the tractor took the land of the land. The cultivation is completed. "Tractor work is more labor-saving, and the cooperative has a large tractor, a spirate machine and other agricultural machinery, which carries out comprehensive farmers in surrounding towns and surrounding counties, with orders and agricultural production, providing farmers. Cultivated, seedling, planting, harvesting, plant protection, drying, food processing and other services.

Luo Zhengwu, a person in charge of Ming Tei Agricultural Machinery Professional Cooperative in Zhongchaow Town, Liping County, China Metal Machinery Professional Cooperatives, Middle Town, Luping County, is a cooperative, a cooperative, producer of modern agricultural machinery production services and agricultural products, production, processing, storage, and sales. To engage in machinery, machinery and production and sales of agricultural products.

As early as 2016 to 2017, the cooperatives conducted a machine farm in Mixi Town and around the townships, and the operation of the machine has reached more than 10,000 acres.

In 2019, the cooperatives launched a farmland, sowing breeding, transplanting, pests and pests and pests, and the villagers will take the land to cooperation, and the villagers will take the land to the cooperatives. The cooperatives receive 500 pounds of rice per acre for service charges.

Today, the villagers of the same land, each year’s cooperatives, for the construction of the farmers, 700 pounds of rice, such as the popularity of farmers. "Usually our young people go outside to workers, the old people and children are left in the home, my home will pay 2 acres of land share cooperatives, let the cooperative community, the people who don’t worry about the old people at home, but I can eat my own field. Rice.

"Huang Village Li Jiyi said happily.

A total of more than 1,000 villagers who hosted the land to cooperate like Li Jilian.

In addition to the "full-time hosting" full-time "service, the cooperative" multi-link host "menu" service has developed rice managed technical service standards in breeding, machinery, machine transplanting, machine harvest, plant protection, etc., and organized professional and technical personnel , Do "service standard, charge is based on".

"At present, harvesting is 100 to 130 yuan 1 mu, plowed 150 yuan 1 mu, drone split 30 yuan 1 mu, transplant 150 yuan 1 acre, full mechanized package 180 yuan 1 mu, while the next After the rapeseed, after mature harvest, the cooperative also offers 1 catties of oil 3-hairy oil.

"Luo Zhengwu introduced. Mid-Chau Town Wan Yongtian Agricultural Machinery Professional Cooperative is only a typical typical" Menu + Cut Trust "Social Service. As the labor service output county, Liping County Rural Youth Labor Force has a large number of external flow, planting farmland Most of them are olders and women. In order to crack food, "Who will type, who come to the tube, who will collect", adopt "Village collective economic organization + service main body + farmers" "service main body + farmers" and other forms Solidly carry out agricultural social services. At present, Liuping County has a total of Liupi Mountain Agriculture and Forestry Co., Ltd., Mixi Town, Wanlian Fei Tian Agricultural Machinery Cooperative, Mixi Town Pan Laoquan Plant Protection Protection Professional Cooperative, Zhongcha Town FAO Agricultural Machinery Cooperative, Colorful Farm Farmer Professional Cooperatives The subject has achieved excellent results in agricultural social services, which can provide services from the selection, machinery, breeding, transplanting, general management, drying, processing, sales, etc.

As of the end of October, there were 1486 economic organization cooperatives, 485 cooperatives engaged in social service work, including 5 agricultural machinery cooperatives, 4 plant protection cooperatives, and 85 labor services cooperatives.

"Agricultural social service is carried out in the county agricultural machinery cooperatives, which effectively solves the waste of production costs caused by traditional transplants, breeding and other links. There is no investment in the field cost of the masses, increase the benefits of seed grains, and solve The problem of insufficient rural labor. "Liu Honglin, the economic service station of the Agricultural Rural Bureau of Liping County, said.

Next, Liping County will continue to increase investment in agricultural production infrastructure, further detailed planning for machine farmways, farmland water conservancy, etc., and strive to change agricultural production conditions, and strengthen the support for agricultural services and agricultural publicity Work, actively cultivate the business entity, increase the intensity of agricultural machinery, and make great achievements of agricultural services. (Guizhou Daily Tian Eye Journalist Li Li, Wang Jun) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Shanxi: "Double Eleven" agricultural products are more smooth, and the courier is more powerful.

The courier Song Hongwei said that the salary rose.

Since September 1, this year, the express delivery piece has been charged by 1 cents. He can send a piece of 300 to 400 orders every day. The daily income can increase 30 to 40 yuan, and October is more than 1,000 yuan more in October. "The two days of delivery doubled, and I sent 740 orders yesterday.

Although I am tired, I am very excited, full of dryness! Song Hong smiled. In addition to salary to the express delivery, in order to protect the rights of the courier, improve the customer’s cost standardization, bill transparency, Zhongtong take the courier to send the power chain, through the courier working App Direct settlement Fees, that is, the delivery of the delivery of the courier wallet, the intermediate link will not be intercepted.

"Implement the dispatch line-chain mode, simply, the salary is ending." Shanxi Zhongtong Network Management Department Qin Yizi introduced that the day payment on the day, solve the timeliness problem of the courier dispatch settlement, improve the courier professional satisfaction It is conducive to retaining people to cultivate people, and then strengthen the stability of the mesh.

In addition, Zhongtong has helped the courier through the end of the end of the end, and the delivery cost is reduced and increase efficiency, thereby improving the courier’s income. Double eleven, double 12 and the Spring Festival do not fight, Zhongtong Express can generally have a welfare reward for dispatching, holiday red envelopes, and red envelopes.

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Shanghai released the "Opinions" to build a modern public cultural service system

"Shanghai’s opinion on promoting high quality development of public cultural services" issued a strong construction of modern public cultural service system (Reporter Li Junina) Recently, "Shanghai City’s Opinions on Promoting High Quality Development of Public Culture Services" by the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee propaganda Department, Municipal Travel Service, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued. "Opinions" requires the concept of "people’s urban people’s construction, people’s cities as the people", and strives to plan "145" public cultural services high-quality development, and focus on building socialist modern international metropolis with world influence. Matching modern public cultural service system. First, we must adhere to the overall situation of the National Strategy and the Shanghai Development Gradient, fully implement major decision-making deployments and "14th Five-Year Plan".

Second, we must adhere to excellence, accurate grasp the new situation, new needs, new tasks, and new requirements.

Third, we must adhere to the cost-effective plate, strong weakness, and shortboard, and fully promote the high quality development of public cultural services.

Fourth, we must adhere to the principal status of the people and build a synergy in the construction of Shanghai public cultural service system.

"Opinions" clearly put forward, to actively promote the construction of high-quality development of Shanghai public cultural services to continue to achieve new achievements, to the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, basic public cultural services have continued to improve, and public cultural space layout is more balanced, product The system is more perfect, the resource allocation is more efficient, social participation is more active, smart service is more friendly, and the urban civilization and the comprehensive improvement of citizens’ cultural literacy. The people enjoy more fulfilling, more rich, and more quality spiritual cultural life.

"Opinions" clearly proposes five major tasks of Shanghai public cultural services: constructing new public cultural space, enriching the new supply of public cultural services, plotting new pictures of public cultural activities, enhancing the new level of digital cultural services, and stimulates public cultural development kinetic energy. (Source: Liberation Daily) (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share more people to see.

The top of the snow, the party flag flutters State-owned enterprises open the day of Tibet high altitude mine

People’s Network Lhasa September 4 (Li Haixia) Recently, State-owned Enterprise Open Day is held in a mine of 5300 meters above sea level in Lhasa Mozhukiku County, and many media follow the Chinese Gezhouba Group Yi Puli Co., Ltd. Mozhigong Card Branch staff entered Tibet High altitude mines, visiting the style and strength of the people’s explosion, professional blasting, ecological environment protection, safety production work.

During the event, China can build a deputy secretary of the party committee of Gezhou Dashi, and the President of the Trade Union explained the security issues of the on-site mixed emulsification explosives from the four aspects of mixed explosive production technology, production equipment, blasting construction, on-site management. Let the on-site personnel have further aware of the civilian explosion industry.

All the company has followed the principle of doing high-profile national enterprises, adhering to the principles of state-owned enterprises in the party management, and has achieved fruitful results in party construction.

So how do they carry out party building work in the Snowy Plateau? Introduction to Huaxian: "As a central enterprise, we have always adhered to the party of central enterprises, adhere to the party’s leadership, adhere to the traditional and all work to the parties of the" branch to build "," The branch sets the project line, and where the project is implemented, where the branch is built, strengthen the integration of party construction and production and operation, and open the grassroots party building ‘last kilometer’, and drive the party flag on the grassroots level. "

Remembering Guanghui History Drawing forces (Today, Today)

  In the Shanghai CCP and Zhejiang Jiaxing Nanhu Red Boat Heavy Wen Jian Party History, remembering the revolutionary martyrs in the Jinggangshan Revolutionary Martyrs, Jiangxi Jinggangshan Revolution, in Guizhou Zunyi Lushan Guan Hongjun’s Fighting Site, the exhibition hall … "New thinking leads new journey · In the red footprint, in the interview report, the multi-channel reporter wading in the red footprints, looking forward to the years, feeling the history of history, telling the brilliant story. "Let the initiative will pass the fire, and the mission should be bore." Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party, General Secretary Xi Jinping has visited the revolutionary commemoration when investigating investigations, and pays attention to the revolutionary history commemorative place, emphasizing the need to use the red resources, inherit the red gene, and transmit the red Jiangshan World generation. History is the best textbook, often often often new; party history is the best nutrient, which will benefit a lot.

A piece of revolutionary cultural relics, a red story, saying that our party comes from, guiding where the Communist Party should go, is a strong ideal belief, strengthen the vivid textbooks of party sex cultivation. The more you get near red resources, the more you can understand the importance of the party’s initiality and mission, understand the importantness of the party’s initiative and mission. Centennial roads, and continued to struggle for century. Today, the old agenda of the revolution is new, and the Chinese nation gets rid of the absolute poverty millennium dreams.

At the moment, from the revolutionary history, it is the best inherit of the revolutionary spirit from the revolutionary history. This is the best inheritance of the revolutionary spirit. It is also the best comfort to the revolutionary ancestors.

Southern Power Grid Corporation Chief Expert Raohong is selected from the Chinese Academy of Engineering

The Chief Professional Technical Expert of Southern Power Grid Corporation, Director of DC Transmission Technology, Rao Hong.

Southern Power Grid Corporation is available on November 18th, the Chinese Academy of Engineering announced that the list of candidates in 2021, the Chief Professional and Technical Expert of Southern Power Grid, Rao Hong, director of the National Key Laboratory of DC Transmission Technology, was elected as Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

  For more than 30 years, Rao Hong has always been rooted in the first line of scientific research technology, engaged in power system research, DC transmission design and major engineering construction, DC grid operation technology. He led the DC transmission technology team to create a number of special high pressure flexible DC technology, leading the innovation of DC transmission.

  In his opinion, scientific research has no routine, the right technology route, teamwork, professional cooperation is the exclusive "secret" of scientific research.

  Strive to be a self-reliant practitioner, "External project manager told me that debugging immediately begged, please leave the staff." After many years, Raohong recalls the scene of Tianguang DC project power-on debugging the scene is still alive. In the purpose. At the beginning of the 21st century, the national Xidong Dongfeng sent strategy kicked off.

In order to continuously send a large-scale large-capacity western cleaning power source to the eastern part, DC transmission is the best technique. However, in my country, six high-voltage DC projects were all households. In 2000, the first DC project of Southern Power Grid-Tianguang DC Project was built and put into operation, the full set of projects introduced foreign products, and the engineering autonomy rate was almost zero.

  When the engineering power-on commissioned, a "unrelated personly invited the field", let the Chinese technical personnel in the scene stunned, and let Rao Hong realize that the real core technology is not available.

  In 2005, Guigui two returned to ± 500 kV DC transmission line construction, which is the first independent design of DC transmission project in China. As a head of the design technology, Rao Hong is a little bit of speaking. "At that time, the pressure was really large, because all designs such as design software, main loop structure, and equipment parameters were completed by us, and a little error will cause huge losses to the country.

"Two years later, the research team came out of the autonomous road from the research information of the mountain, calculated the draft and experimental record, and came out of the DC transmission technology to be subject to people’s dilemma. The comprehensive autonomy rate reached 70%, of which the set design reached 100%.

  Achieving the original innovation from 0 to 1 is the most often said that it is bold and innovation, careful attention.

We must dare to make new ideas, but the technical solution given must be a bamboo. "The researcher of the South Net Research Institute said." Encouragement and innovation "is not the sky, innovation is often coexisting with risk.

In particular, the construction of the power grid is a huge project. If there is an error in system parameters, key equipment norms, etc., it is often equivalent to the whole body, which may cause difficult to estimate. At the end of 2020, the world’s first special high pressure flexible DC transmission project – Udao Electric Station Power TV Guangdong Guangxi Special High Voltage Multi-Delive DC DC DC DC DC DC Model Project ("Kunliu DC Project") successfully put into production.

The production of Kunlilong DC project is an important milestone in the history of technology development technology technology. It has formed an independent intellectual property system in the "card neck" problem, showing the top level and energy equipment manufacturing of China Electric Power Industry Technology. Core competitiveness. Special high pressure, large capacity, overhead line, mixed DC, multi-end, these five keywords are the largest technological innovation points. Since 2016, Rao Hong leads the project team to rely on national key research and development plan – high-voltage large-capacity flexible DC transmission key technology research and engineering demonstration application to carry out joint research, five years, combined with the project, from systematic analysis, parameter selection The devices and demonstrations of the control strategy have given a complete set of technical programs, "implementing the original innovation from 0 to 1."

  As the study, Rao Hong and his leading research team gradually found that the problem of unknown areas came one after another, the more it faces unknown, the more necessary determination is supported.

Before the Qunlong DC project was commissioned, Rao Hong and his team have already launched many "simulation run exercises", and each idea has experienced countless considerations, tests.

"He often reminds us to stay with any dead ends and blind spots. Some important reports, he will also check, make amendments, to ensure that there is no loss.

"The team member said. Eventually, in this project, Rao Hong led his scientific research team in the Kunli DC project in the first high-voltage flexible DC technology, realizing the original innovation from technical ideas to engineering technology, leading the global special High pressure technology entered the flexible DC era, affected future grid development pattern. Brought a strong team of fighting power, "The power grid is like the human body’s meridians, there is electricity, so we have to create a strong grid for the people. .

"Rao Hong often said.

  Behind a strong grid is a strong scientist team. In the past 30 years, Raohong has been rooted in the first line, insists on the team wants together, dry together. "He will care about the difficulties encountered by the team, and it will often work with us to add some discussions." A member of the team said. At the same time, Raohong attaches great importance to the cultivation of young experts. In major scientific research, in engineering, the Youth Technical Orthodox Party will pay attention to the burden, it also gives the opportunity. "You need to investigate and interfere with scientific demonstration, give scientific recommendations." Rao Hong often said that it is necessary to support youth researchers to support a technical priority work environment, bring out a strong DC transmission youth technical expert team.

  Under his leadership, the team has built 3 national innovation platforms, 8 provincial-level innovation platforms, and innovating "self-organized" form new research and development by launching the "Higher Mount" "Climbing Plan" and other talents training plans. The team, exploring the implementation of postal dividends and projects, etc., and actively creates a good working environment for "technical speaking" with techniques.

  "As the academician cultivated by the party and the people, we must take advantage of the self-improvement of science and technology.

"Rao Hong said that the next stage will continue to do its own research work, service" double carbon "target, adhere to the innovation lead, strengthen research research on the field of front-edge technology and application technology, and speed up the construction of new energy as the main body Power Systems.

It is also necessary to use science and technology to self-strong as a mission, promote the innovation of institutional mechanisms, and cultivate more first-class scientific and technological talents, and create more excellent engineers.

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Since January 1, the full implementation of Xiangyang urban "that is submitted to obtain a permit."

Chutian Express News (correspondent Liu Yue Yang An Yun reporter Ding center bolt) December 11 from the real estate registration center of the city was informed Xiangyang Natural Resources and Planning Bureau and the Municipal Housing Construction Bureau jointly issued a work program, since January 1, 2022 onwards urban areas will be fully implemented "submitted to obtain a permit." This marks the next Xiangyang public to buy real estate, property warrants will no longer be waiting impossible.

"Submitted to obtain a permit" means when submitted with the statutory conditions for the completion of the first registration of new housing submitted, registration of real estate development companies and institutions, housing construction, taxation and other departments linkage, to apply for registration of real estate buyers who submitted an application in the field.

The implementation of "submitted to obtain a permit" range: from January 1, 2022, the urban (Xiangcheng District, Fancheng, New District, Tianjin East District, Economic Development Zone Yuliangzhou) to obtain pre-sale permit approval real estate development projects.

Specific workflow of real estate registration department shared municipal building housing sector has pushed the record information to large data office.

Real estate development companies and home buyers in the signing of the "real estate sales contracts" shall be recorded in the parties agree to apply the relevant provisions of the notice of registration.

Full implementation of the new housing notice of registration.

After buyers who signed a contract for the sale of new housing completed and filed in a timely manner to do the hall ( "E sinks do" Mobile APP) through the network of real estate registration application for pre-order online notice of registration of real estate. Notice of registration has been handled, when the contract for the transfer fee will not be repeated.

After the completion of the housing, real estate development enterprises should be in accordance with "joint completion and acceptance of" working mechanism, commissioned by the mapping unit qualified to carry out "multiple probe one" work, timely completion of housing, land measurement, planning and completion of the measurement. Real estate development enterprises to obtain the "construction project planning conditions to verify the completion and acceptance of proof", the mapping unit based on mapping results and technical report after auditing public housing measured area.

Completion of the project "joint final acceptance" in the process of registration of real estate development enterprises accepting synchronization mechanism to apply for home ownership for first registration.

Real estate registration agency within obtaining city natural resources and planning department push "construction project completion and acceptance of planning conditions to verify the proof," shared City building housing sector "completion of the construction filing form and acceptance", the synchronization for the development of enterprises for home ownership for first registration.

Real estate development companies submitted 30 working days before the notice is served Shou Fang buyers, so buyers well in advance and the cost of clearing the examination room and other preparatory work. Meanwhile, buyers in accordance with the agreed notice period, to submit a supplemental agreement (the difference between the predicted and the measured area) and other relevant information to the real estate development enterprises.

Submitted the same day, the real estate development enterprises in working days (due to the line at the tax department audit), field service network logon Hubei government transfer of registration application for new housing in the real estate registration office network to handle hall owners have been delivered to homes, property warrants issued ( e-certificate), can be submitted to achieve accreditation.