“Hey,What are you doing?Treat you,for free。”

“That won’t work,To get,To get。”
“A bowl of wonton is not worth a lot of money,What are you polite?”Cui Minmin’s mouth pursed。
“Not worth a few more money,Can’t eat for nothing。”Li Tianchou finally found the change,Handed over。
Cui Minmin’s face changed,Suddenly stepping across the door,Put the big bowl heavily on the table,Turn around and leave。
“Hey,Hey,You haven’t got the money yet……”By Li Tianchou,I don’t know why Choi Minmin suddenly became angry。
“Eat while hot,I’ll collect the bowl in a while。”Such a sentence floating outside the window,The little girl has gone far。
Few days,Liang Hui discharged,With a spirited look,Everyone has to say a few words about how brave and brave I was on the day of the petition,Skillful,Only in front of Li Tianchou not dare to brag。
The most shocking thing is Liang Hui’s first day at work,Let Captain Hao lead the talk,Let Fatty Zhu go at night to be safe,So angry Old Comrade Hao jumped and scolded,Also dropped a teacup。But Captain Hao is absolutely impossible to talk,I can’t do anything to Liang Hui,He knows that he can do anything with this second pole,Not provoke。
But Liang Hui is really good enough,The hatred for Fat Zhu keeps increasing。He didn’t just talk about it,This guy actually conspired with Weidong to follow Fatty Zhu,Decided to take advantage of no one,Use a sack to wrap up this fat guy and beat him up,It’s also good for Li Tianchou to speak badly。
Weidong always feels a bit suspicious,Hesitating for a long time,Still revealed the matter to Li Tianchou。The fat man’s plan naturally died。
Li Tianchou angered Liang Hui again,Although this second item is horizontal,But he’s still obedient in front of Li Tianchou,Finally, without repeating the guarantee,Li Tianchou just let go of this fellow。
This matter makes Li Tianchou a headache,Although these brothers are reckless,But all for your own good,But keep going like this,Maybe something will happen,I seem to be right to leave the company early。
SZA top club in the eastern suburbs of the city,Piaoxiang Yunhai。Although the location is very partial,But business is excellent。Customers who come here to spend are either rich or expensive,It can be roughly judged from the luxury cars next to each other in the parking lot。
Evening,In a very elegant private room on the second floor,Two middle-aged men sitting opposite each other,Listening to the Guzheng playing with great interest,Savour the tea slowly。
The middle-aged man on the left is in black casual clothes,Have seen gray hair at the temples,Just sit quietly,But there is a strong aura all over,Gives an unspeakable sense of oppression。The strangest thing is,In a private room with insufficient light,This person is wearing a pair of sunglasses。
Middle-aged man on the right,Keep a head start,Eyes like torch,Although the face is thin,But sharply angular。A long dark brown scar on the right side of the forehead,Adds a bit of fierce momentum。

Yucheng people always like to catch up,Flush and good literacy,Can be touched today this notice,Instead, everyone is silent.。

“quick,Go see,The gate of Dali Temple opened,People who want to listen,I can listen to it.!”
I don’t know who is in the crowd.,Then, the people began to surging to the Dali Temple.。
NS1247chapter Deer
Warm and heavy quilts,Gao Yu shrinks the lights into a group,Let Gao Bao hugged from behind。Music and indulgence last night,It is so much that she is so big.。
She will be inner depression,Long-lasting thoughts,Family falls helplessness,Every vent is in the overtest,now think of it,It’s really not as good as those of the news.。
“Alang,Today’s public trial,You can’t go??”
High-spirited complex contradiction,I want to ask for high Yanzong,But I don’t know what to say.。
“rest assured,Gao Yanzong is still a child,I won’t take him?。”
Gao Bao said softly,I suddenly blocked the words when I said.。Her position,Several quantity,Dialogue often has not started,If you want to say, you have been given an answer by the other party.。
For the death of high performance,Gao Boyi is a little jealous,certainly,It is a high guilt,Instead of high performance。
Come to the political stage,If you lose, you will stand it.,Win you will get yourself,There is nothing to say by the sky.,May gambling。
I got this famous venue.,There should be no woman’s benevolence。High performance,I believe this consciousness is still。Playing games should be done according to the game rules。
Gao Bo Yi will not feel sympathy,Because he became a loser,Nobody is coming to sympathize with him.,Other people will stand thousands of feet。As for the high Yanzong,That is just temporary.。
斩 斩 不 根 根,Spring breeze,What’s more, how to grow up,But a powerful person,It is the most emperor of Gao Chengyi.,This kind of character can stay?Leave a rebellion??
certainly,Will n’t kill so obvious,Use Zhao Wei to deal with the means of Chai Rong’s future generations.。
As for the high joy,Can stay in something,After all, people are high in the Bohai Sea.,Joyful,But damaged。This pulse,Gao Mibei is planning to let the high ocean。
This is a man’s commitment,Must be observed。Eating water does not forget to dig well,Gaowei family is no virtue,But the high ocean is to carry the Gao Baoyi.。I can even say Gao Baoyi has the achievement of today.,Rely on a high ocean“heritage”。
Regardless of these prosthesis threatens to our own invisible,I have to leave them a life.,Even to ensure that they are rich and safe。
“But it is a radish printing chapter.,I am going to go with it.,There is no difference。”
Gao Bao said sighed to say。
I am too indulge last night.,He has already entered today.“Sage time”,Even if it is a time management master, it is necessary to rest.。This is a much loss, he didn’t mix with Zheng Minmin Hu along the way.,If you don’t have some lunch last night?。
“Get up,Let’s go to see how the career is doing.。”
“Don’t want to go,I still want to sleep.,You go first.,I will wait for it.。”Gao Yu also tired,
Dali Temple has never been like today.!
I used to be a trial prisoner,Also closed,sometimes,Not tried at all,Only the case of the emperor concerned,I will mention the review。
Each trial,The prisoner feels like it is in the Hall of the King.,Um,Although they don’t know what is the long of the king.。
And now,邺城 ordinary people,It can also go to Dali Temple to watch Dali Temple to intermittent,This forter,Not awkward,Maybe this is this.。
Therefore, the hall is full of good things.,In addition to the position of the main review official and the side of the official,Surrounding almost water。Zheng Ke Yu, responsible for the trial,His deputy portrait Yunyi,There is also a high-ranking of the high-level room.,I am bored by these scriptists.。
But,Gao Biyi commanded,anyway,Also let the people,Siki,This is more convincing。What can they do??
A body in the hall,It is a high performance of the dress。Onlookers, not only don’t feel terrible,But think“Interrogate”dead,Is a fun thing。
Verified a sentence again:Watching lively is not afraid,Unless it is your own。

“it is good,Go downstairs to the alley on the right,Not far,I can see it when I walk,Here are farmers who grow vegetables to sell,The price is not high,not bad。”

“Ok,it is good。”Xia Qiuping nodded,Go out。
Xia Qiuping advised her sister to go home with herself the next day,Xia Shuyue refused,Sister had to leave alone,She continues to be a promoter,Anyway, one day’s salary,At least the rent and living expenses are there。
“When are you born?”When business is not busy,The shop owner chats with Xia Shuyue。
“almost,More than two months left。”Xia Shuyue answered。
“Your current situation,Can you go far?”Boss asked。
“how far,My body is alright,Can go out,But if it takes a long time,May not stand。”Xia Shuyue looked at the boss,Do you want to arrange a business trip for her pregnant woman??
“It’s an advertisement for a set of maternity clothes at the company headquarters,They hope to find a real pregnant woman,And also hope to find a more beautiful one,I think you are quite suitable,Recommended you,The people at the headquarters said,All travel expenses can be reimbursed,Another 20,000 yuan in reward,I feel good,Just a bit hard,What do you think?”
“is it?I certainly do,Thank you so much,Can i really?”Xia Shuyue really needs money,I heard that there is a reward of 20,000,I got excited right away。
“It’s a three-hour train ride to the North Station over there,you know,The train station is far from the city center,You have to take the bus for an hour to get to the company。”Boss looks at her。
Xia Shuyue nodded,“can,I am in good health now,I think it’s ok,I would go,Just ask you to arrange it for me,thank you boss。”She wants to leave here and go outside。
“it is good,Since you agree,I will contact them immediately,Buy you a ticket right away,How about leaving tomorrow?We go together,I want to go back to the company,You have to stay at the company for a week before coming back。”Boss smiling。
“Ok,It would be better if you go with me,Have a companion on the road,Can also take care of each other。”Xia Shuyue was a little pleased,nod,Simply pack up and change clothes when you go home from get off work,I went on a business trip with the boss。
Tossing for a few days,Qi Muyun was buried,Zhu Yi didn’t sleep much for many days,I went home and slept all day and night before waking up。
I received a call from Wang San as soon as I woke up,Make an appointment with him at the cafe。
Zhu Yi can’t wait to see who that woman is,Immediately agreed,Casually ate something,Just rush to the cafe。
When he arrives,Wang San is already waiting in a small private room in the corner,Zhu Yi sat across from him,“Wang San,You are too interesting,I treat you as a friend,You are partnering with others to cheat me!”
Fang Na hasn’t come yet,Wang San looked around,Whisper,“Boss Zhu,I really can’t blame me for this,Don’t keep this hatred on me,Because your family is too rich,Someone is always thinking,I’m just following orders,You know,Just for a bite of rice。”
What a mess,Made him commit a murder,Killed my mother again,Zhu Yi can’t wait to cut Wang San live on the spot,But he forced himself to calm down,I will force my anger down。

Leo finally got a little impatient:“So many questions,Isn’t it just a delay?,Are we in a hurry?”

Green Bull shook his head,Seems not in a hurry,But there seems to be something wrong。
Green Bull don’t understand,Leo naturally flashed towards the shampoo without expression。
The advantage of not having to make a boat is that they can walk straight,Directly across the ocean current,Arrive at Chambord。
Just returned to shampoo,Green Bull is a little eager to use the super large life essence。
His suction ability is already very good,But the attack is very general,After all, his giant tail is more suitable for use in the sea,Too clumsy on the shore。
Although the devil fruit makes him stronger,But the attack is still weak。
Now only break through the life level,In order to improve his various abilities。
Once he is promoted to the eighth life level,Immediately able to have the strength of the strong sea,It’s not impossible to help Leo resist Raleigh。
Leo didn’t refuse this time,Isn’t he doing so much so that Green Bull can safely use the super large life essence??
Fruit is not the key,The key is to make Green Bull break through,Security breakthrough。
Take the green bull into the sea,Green Bull’s ability to store fruits,Started to exercise with Leo’s help。
The protective layer of Green Bull has strong resistance to water pressure,If you don’t put away the protective layer,Exercise will have no effect。
“Exercise is not as convenient as before!”Green Bull helplessly。
Leo smiled:“Of course,Who made you a fruitful person!”
Now the green cow can’t fully enter the sea,After entering, it will lose strength,Although not all,But only half of the power,Relying on this 5% strength, I want to exhaust my physical strength,It takes seven or eight times longer。
“Don’t worry,Anyway, only two or three times!”Leo laughed。“After two or three times, your life level will break through,But when you enter the sea, you won’t be completely relieved!”
Incomplete release,Then it consumes energy faster。

“What else,She might find that we were together in the morning,Feel uncomfortable,I’m jealous!”Guo Meili driving the car,Smile,Speak very frankly。This is a confident woman,Always as stable as Mount Tai。Xi Zhen compares with her in this respect,That’s really not a difference。

Xia Jian’s heart is like Ming Jing,But he still deliberately asked:“What jealous did she eat?”This sounds,He and Xi Zhen seem to have nothing to do。
“I see!She is jealous”When Guo Meili said this,Xia Jian has snored slightly。
Mountain wind is coming。Xia Jian abandoned the official and left,Can he really do as he wants?Just when Xia Jian half closed his eyes and pretended to fall asleep,His phone rang crazily at this time。
“Pick it up!So noisy”Guo Meili said loudly。
Xia Jian sat up straight,Take a look at the phone。Qin Xiaomin called,In the missed call this morning,Qin Xiaomin played。Are you picking up or not picking up now?Xia Jian is very conflicted。
Phone broke and rang,one by one,It looks like it won’t work if you don’t pick up。Xia Jian thought for a while,Connected to the phone。Qin Xiaomin’s angry voice came from inside.。
“Xia Jian!You’re still a man?Why don’t you answer my call?Even if you quit,I have to hand over the work.!Are you such a character?”Qin Xiaomin is furious,Drill straight into the ears with a loud voice。
Xia Jian quickly laughed:“Mayor Qin misunderstood,How can i not answer your call?Go to the hot spring this morning,I put my phone in the closet when I entered。The waiter brought it in just now,So don’t be angry”Xia Jian said with a smile。
“Humph!You will enjoy it!”Qin Xiaomin on the phone snorted coldly。
First1745chapter Sensible mother
? Pingyang Zhen,Office of Deputy Mayor Tong。Qin Xiaomin frowned tightly,She just called Xia Jian,Xia Jian’s answer made her angry。
“Mayor Qin!Is Mayor Xia still reluctant to come back??”Tong Jie asked quietly。
When Mayor Qin was about to speak,Secretary Lu of the town committee knocked on the door and walked in。He smiled at Qin Xiaomin:“Mayor Qin!You came just right。Mayor Xia is now unorganized,Come if you want,Don’t say hello or say hello。I haven’t seen anyone for more than a day now”

But for Wang Hong,This is a magical skill that fits him incomparably!

“‘defense’This skill is fixed every time,Maybe the effect will get worse in the future,But it’s definitely useful for now!”
The next period of time,Wang Hongnai practice hard,Go to Sanda Hall every day to exercise iron jersey,Strength steadily improved。
Ten days later,Wang Hong used that one thousand tael medicated bath,In the next few days, my body was hot。
A full week,He just absorbed the medicine that had accumulated in the body。
This kind of top medicated bath,It is impossible for a martial artist to absorb all the properties of the medicine during the physical training period。
Those nutrients that enter the body,Can absorb no more than 20%,Only a handful of geniuses with special constitutions,To absorb about 30%。
Most of the remaining medicinal properties,Will be wasted over time,The warrior can only be gone before,Assimilate as much as possible。
Wang Hong also knows this truth,But modern thinking is not so conservative。
What’s more, Wang Hong, who is influenced by a certain point of the Internet all the year round,How can brain holes be comparable to people in ancient society?
During the drug-induced erection,Wang Hong did a lot of experiments,Want to improve absorption efficiency。
It really made him find a way,Stimulate the body with a weak electric current,Can actually speed up the absorption of the drug!
Although this still has an upper limit,But as long as you keep beating your body,Let the absorbed medicine transform quickly,Ultimately wasted nutrients,Definitely not more than 10%!

Looking at this kind of well-behaved little girl,The guy is in the heart of these rivers and lakes.,Auger。

“Brother,Do you want to open another one??”Guo Yu asked a sentence。
“Need not,I am overnight in group jade.。”Chu Deirers thought about it.,It’s so late,There is no need to come back more。
“Oh。”Guo Wei as much as possible, I don’t know where Jade Academy is.。
The guy is in the heart,I have already turned over the sky.,I am very envious in my heart.……Cough,Very critical!
Chu Deirent turned and took the horse to the city,Although there are also curfew outside the city,But Chu Deirers so rivers and lakes、So uncomfortable,Seeing the night will only be installed.。
Come to Qunyu,Chu Deiren first took the turtle,Next, first、Againing a token,If you have passed the guest, please go away from the box away from other rooms.。
“I want God to teach information,Recent intelligence、There is also its history,All。”Chu Deirers said directly。
“Yes,Sword。”I didn’t recognize Chu Deirers.,I only recognize the brand,I thought it was the teacher of the blackwater.。
Leave time,More than Chu Dee people think more。
Until the Chu Deirers have some doubts and urgent,This thing is only back,Hand holding two reels,One of them is obviously an old old thing,Another volume is very new,There is also a red hot stamping above——This is the highest intelligence of the encryption level,There is no view here.。
This should be the reason for her slower.,I want to have some。
Chu Deirers even suspected,The reason why this spool will appear here,It is possible to see yourself……
Although it is confidential message,But the Chu Deirers are not very anxious.,Instead, it looks like another old reel。
This time because there is a confidential message,There is no one who is accompanying.,Take things have retired。
Open the reel of the history of the dragon teaching history,Chu Deans came up with scalp——I thought that Mao Dongzhu was cheated.,The woman is too terrible.,Maybe it is planning,However, it is followed by it.,Chu Deeng also loose tone,And faintly impersonating the identity of people,There are also some guess……
Start writing,God Dragonism is also the overseas master inherited by three or four hundred years.,The town is in the heart《Glow》、And sound work《Tianlong Eight Sound》,It is said that it is headed by Shenlong Holy Women.,Martial arts,The doctors are a disciple in the door.,Although people are not prosperous、Isn’t a big faction?,But in the East China Sea is also a tyrant。
However, about 20 years ago,Intern of the Song Dynasty,The governor of the waterway of the Qing soldiers was killed,Water Army as a bird and beast,It is a general、It is also Hong Anton, everyone of Wu Dao.,Leading a part,First, temporarily stationed in Shenlong Island,Then the contact、占 鹊 nest……
Although it is still called“Shenlong teaching”,But after walking, I will walk the Dragon Classoon,It is the bottom of Hong Andong。
Shenlong teaches a generation of holy girls to have,Even will succeed,Also married Hong Annt……
More than ten years ago,Shenlong teaches it to the anti-Qing,However, Hong Antong is growing up again.,Congratulations from the old brothers,Gradually fell as poison control。
Historical comes from this volume,The record is these。
And Mao Dongzhu said,Target,As for her, she didn’t mention the history of Shenlong.,Chu Deirers can also guess the reason——It’s not just that it is,Two Mao Dongzhu is just a teenage,Another Mao Wenlong’s thousand gold,Initially Hongantong should be a gift to her,These discrete things she will not have、Also impressed。
After reading this volume,The identity of people who pretending to be their own,Just guess,And I saw the next volume“confidential”Rear,Basically determined it……
Chapter 910 Sun Moon God’s confidentiality
Chu Deiren looked at the history of Shenlongism,Faint discovery,This is another one“Integrate”。
Dragon education twenty years ago,Close to the movie version,And now the god dragon teaching,Basic is already the original version,Just a big lady’s identity!
And this second volume“confidential”,It is from this“Lady”Coming。
Dragon is in the next year,A big event has occurred——From time to time,When I saw Mao Dongzhu last time,She said that Shenlong’s retaliation has weakened many.,It should also be the cause of this change.。
Hong Atong was“Lady”Countenance……
Shenlong teaches a night, the king flag,There is no teacher in the future、There is no lady,Only Shen Dragon!
Original Hong Andong is《Unpredied boy》——and《Scorpio boy》Same,All“Boy”Medium on the middle。
Reasonable,He can’t bind your child’s man.。
And the lady,Because it is a candidate of Shenlong Holy,It is cultivated by itself.《Glow》,After breaking, it is necessary to scatter,But at the same time but,Have great benefits。

Xia Jian is in a good mood these past two days,Every thing is that he took 100,000 yuan in cash from his card,Personally delivered to Lingguang Temple。Abbot Wuxin announced in front of everyone,On the merit card,Write on Xia Jian’s contribution。This is a matter of staying forever。

The second thing, of course, is to give He Jing a needle。As soon as he brought it up,Wang Huimin heard that He Jing was given a needle,She immediately agreed。Xia Jian brought her to He Jing’s house that night,Then I told Wang Huimin about some precautions。After Wang Huimin listened,So he gave He Jing a needle in front of Xia Jian。
The result is of course very satisfying,If this is about acupuncture,Wang Huimin’s experience is much richer than Xia Jian’s。
Xia Jian sitting in the office drinking tea,Thinking of these two things,Secretly happy。Suddenly someone knocks on the door,He screamed:“Please come in!“
Door opened,Han Juan walked in with a smile。She glanced at Xia Jian and said:”President Xia!Send Mr. Guo back this time,Because there is something wrong with the group,I came back two days late“
“Oh!Nothing,Mr. Wang called me and said。How about this!You drove this long car,Can go back to the apartment to rest,I drove back to Xiping Village“Xia Jian smiled and said。
Han Juan smiled and said:“Nothing,It’s nothing to drive this way,I’ll accompany you back!“
“No need to,Back home in the countryside,Very safe,But you have to wash the car for me,And put it downstairs full of oil“Xia Jian said with a smile。Han Juan answered and left。
It’s time to go back,Come back this time,I haven’t spent a few days at home。Wang Lin called him two days ago,Said it was Old Xiao asking Xia Jian when to go to Xiao Xiao’s hometown。It seems that the old man is really anxious,But from the current situation,Xia Jian still has time,So he has to go back to Xiping Village,Otherwise once I go to Xiao Xiao,It’s hard to say when to come back。
Xia Jian called some people in charge of the company,Made arrangements for them,Just got downstairs。The car has not returned,He took a stroll to He Jing’s home appliance sales department。
He Jing, in a black dress, is arranging jobs for several shop assistants,As soon as she saw Xia Jian walking in,She laughed and greeted him:“Yo!President Xia,You are a distinguished guest!Passing here every day,Never come in“
Xia Jian with his back,Walked around the shop,He laughed and said:“not bad,Are some brands,It should be sold well, right?!“
“Hey!Great market impact,Sell a little less,But we don’t have to worry about the after-sales。What cheap things sold well before,But there are a lot of after-sales problems“What day said,Let Xia Jian into her office。
Seeing He Jing’s ruddy complexion,Xia Jian can’t believe it,Sitting in front of him, this sexy figure,The big beauty who makes men tempted could get that kind of disease。
“Have some tea!Not as good as your tea,But it tastes pretty good“He Jing said with a smile,Handed the brewed tea to Xia Jian’s hand。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Good looking,Does the needle work??Still Wuxin Abbot’s medicine works?“

In the virtual universe,Li Ming practices the control method of Yan Shenbing,Practice the method of flying weapons。

Yan Shenbing,As Li Ming’s understanding of the origin of the law of gold deepens,Improvement of mind control skills,Now you can cast three magic swords at the same time—but。Three magic swords at the same time are only more powerful,To fight freely,It’s better to use two handles to be flexible。
Flying thought weapon,Li Ming gave up Dun Tissot,But specializes in thought-power weapons specially used for flight【Dark Cloud Shuttle】,Although Li Ming can’t afford any Tier 5 weapons,But this does not prevent him from practicing in the virtual universe。
Mind weapon、Flying weapon、Melee Force Weapon,Li Ming tried his best to maximize his strength。
of course,Li Ming also joined the virtual universe company headquarters under the recommendation of Ming Yu,Became an external elite genius member。
And the progress of Hong and Thor is also very fast。
At least Li Ming knows,Although Hong hasn’t stepped into the origin of the laws of the universe,,But the power to burst in the virtual universe,Can already be compared with the general strong who understand the origin of the law of the universe。
2059year1month,Li Ming, who is practicing, suddenly felt a trembling feeling。
“what happened?!”Li Ming’s face changed a lot,Practitioners still believe in their intuition very much,This trembling feeling is not so much the instinct to encounter danger,Rather than predicting some unknown。
“Babata!”Li Ming whispered。
“it’s here,Your face—What happened?”
“Help me find out what happened on the earth recently?”
“Ok?”Babata froze:“recent,Nothing happened。。。Have to say something big,Your new disciple seems to cheat,Burned out?”
“Not these gossip things?”Li Ming was also dumbfounded by what Babata said:“You help me check if anything special has happened on the earth recently,I just had a bad feeling!”
“Row,Wait for me to check。。。”A light flashed in Babata’s eyes,That is its detection equipment on the earth,Analyze massive amounts of data。
Babata knows very well,Some monsters on earth or something,Also, geological disasters certainly cannot give Li Ming a premonition of danger.,After all, neither of these threatens Li Ming。There are two possibilities。
Either,Several on earth‘remains’Something happened,For example, the Zerg in Shennongjia came back。
Either,It means that other forces in the outer space found the earth,But this is unlikely。After all, the space where the earth is,Hu Yanbo, the owner of Meteor Star, blocked it with a secret method,Outsiders who come in must fly honestly。Besides, Li Ming has registered the earth long ago,He himself is‘Black Dragon Mountain Empire’Earth master in legal sense。