These dragons and tigers are endless,I’m going to cover up the three of them all at once,That terrible momentum,Make all three of them face discoloration。

Chen Xiu is lucky:“Fortunately, Ge Hong and Liu Dunyue helped me resist half of my strength,If Dragon and Tiger are all coming to me alone,I can’t resist!”
He took a slight breath,Suddenly displayed the Promise Sword Array,The Promise Sword Array is not Chen Xiu’s current attacking and chasing skill,But it is definitely the strongest defensive skill,The sword shadow in the sky in front of the Wu Ji sword slashed towards the dragon shadow.。
The attacking dragon shadow is like the angry waves of the sea,Wave after wave。
Chen Xiu cut every time,Brought a surge of sword energy,It’s just that the sword qi smashed on the dragon shadow and immediately dissipated!
Chen Xiu directly gave up the long-range attack,Brandishing a nine-ring sword,Although he is holding a knife,But it feels like a giant axe driving a mountain,It made Chen Dayuan feel astonished.。
1020 The correct way to open the power of easy muscle breaking
Chen Xiu hasn’t fought melee for a long time since he learned the sword-qi technique in the cloud-strike knife technique.。
The shadow of a dragon is broken up like bubbles,Let him out of sight。
“It turns out that close combat is the correct way to open up the skill!”
Witches do not cultivate their true spirit、Do not cultivate the soul,Only the flesh,Able to fight against the demons in the ancient times。Everyone knows that Yijin Bone Breaking Technique is the secret of the Witch Clan,The body is extremely strong,The magic can’t hurt them a little,The witches are even more dismissive of any long-range attacks,In the face of their powerful power, there is no opponent that cannot be solved with a punch。
If there is,Then two punches!

“I am being filial for my family,Tea wine,Inconsistent,Give。”Murong said with a cup of boiling water.。

“Murong Gongzi filial piety,Moving。”Chu Deirers are also polite。
Chu Dee people also found,This Murong is really an Xinger,Even Deng Baichuan、There is also a package of good guriery and there is also a difference.,There is nothing happening between the seats.,Cute deer is some“Discomfort”。
After the banquet,Chu deer reacts,This“Discomfort”Is it because——Different bags actually did not speak?Is this a recent trouble??
Banquet Wang Yin and Zhang Jing、Calm,Also worship the old lady,Zhang Jia has come to a sacrifice,Manda Villa……Li Qinglu is completely used as don’t know this。
Chu Deirens and little fish、Iron heart orchid,Naturally, I haven’t seen the habit of worshiping the license.,First go back to the house,Chu Deer estimation,Since Wang Yizhen wants to say anything to Murong,It should be seized this opportunity。
After a bit,The little fish is still a special in the Chu Deirers.,Horses:“This Murong Gong is really a cool person.,Actually from beginning to end,I didn’t ask us what identical.,Just follow the banquet。”This is what he and iron。
“People are a friend of the little pepper and Gu Gangzi.!”Tiexinlan is somewhat can’t see anyone of the little fish.。
Speaker,The listener is also finally——Under the tireless hint,Chu Deirers also think that Murong Fu’s performance is a strange。
Could not……
This is the native of the rivers and lakes today.?Murong recovered to me nervous?
The little fish is still thinking,In order to pick up Chu Deirers and Murong Fu,One is that he can wait for the iron heartland to escape,After all, Chu Deirens and Zhang Jing,Also remember the Treasure map,Two……He is also really unsatisfactory,Curious medicine itching。
However, look at the Chu Deirers.,Go to his own guinea,The little fish can’t help but……
But actually Chu Deirers are completely entered.,After reading the emotional nice king,I quietly sneak out from my own rooms.!
Not because of the little fish,Instead, the Chu Deiren was originally to the legendary《Fossil》,Interested!
In the original《Fossil》It is necessary to be a vain to Xuanyin’s body to practice,But now Mu Rong can practice,Chu Deirers feel that they have no reason not,This is obviously in the big rivers and lakes.《Fossil》,And the original setting is not the same。
Just like this,Chu Deirers are also uncertain,This martial art will not be like the original,In the ice——If not in the ice,That is not expensive,Murong Mountain Villa is so big,I haven’t found it at all.。
Ice location,Chu Deirers don’t know,but……Turn a turn,Chu Deiren found that the little fish did actually from the room.,So I kept him.。
In order to ensure that there is no loss,Chu Deirers also entered the golden immortality,by“Snake travery”In the dark。
On the front of the enemy,《Jiuyin Zhenjing》of“Snake travery”,It is not more fusion of Chu Deirers.“North”middle“Steep”,But in terms of concealment,but it is“Snake travery”More!
Chu Deiren quietly followed the little fish,I found that he seems to have some practical goals,Not looking like yourself。
Thinking during the day,When the little fish go through the courtyard,I have never seen the world’s faces.,Chu Deirers estimate that he was observed in the arrangement of Zhuang.,It is speculated some kind of trend……
But just in the small fish.,Want to discover the secret of Murong Mountain,Different iron fan,Already set to his shoulders!
“This little brother,Overnight,Is it disliked us Murong Mountain Villa??”Pack of different cold teles。
“no no,I urge an urgency.!”The little fish said with a smile.。
“The hoe is also available in the guesthouse.。”Package different continuation board。
“Oh oh!I will go back.!”The little fish is old and old.。
Chu Deirers secretly cheerfully——The package is different here.?Be sure is a problem here!
Otherwise, the Bag 3,In Murong Mountain,It is responsible for patrolling?
Is Mu Rongcheng practiced here?
Chu Dee people look at different attention,Is attracted by small fish,Successful and later,Sure enough, I found a ice——Set in the original,Murong Repaument is eight or nine in this ice。

Tian Wa and Wu Wu told him last time they came,Said that Wang Guilan, the owner of Limin Commercial Bank, was beating her,Ma Hongfang。Thinking of these two women,Xia Jian’s heart is itchy。

Wang Guilan is really a flower stuck in cow dung。Don’t think she’s just the owner of a small shop,In addition to her beauty,It’s a great skill in bed,Let Wang Youcai every time*。Ma Hongfang is beautiful,Have a different temperament,But she was conquered by Wang Youcai。
Things in this world are so weird,Isn’t there a saying that one thing drops one thing??Wang Youcai thought of this,I can’t hold it anymore。What is this!If you think about them, go see them!I have a car,In the evening, people return without knowing it in the morning。
Since Li Lanxiang’s wife is close,,I won’t beg you,See what you can do to me?Wang Youcai thought of this,And quickly turned off the office lights,Lock the door,Then opened the locked big iron door,He is going to meet a lover in the city。
What do you say that people live a lifetime?Does it make money for a lifetime,Don’t know how to enjoy。When you die,Leave all the money to your children?Why?Anyway, Wang Youcai didn’t think so。
Drove the car out first,He went down and locked the big iron gate,Then get into the car,Go straight to the city with a kick。This ghost place,Frozen,At night there is no personal picture,Let alone have a car。So Wang Youcai’s car ran fast,This is an expression of desperation。
Fortunately, he had snow chains on his car,Otherwise it’s really easy to happen。It can be said that the road is smooth,Wang Youcai was exactly 10:30 when he arrived in the city。
Different countryside in the city,Although the same cold。But pedestrians on the street still come and go,Vehicles follow one another。Wang Youcai found a place he was familiar with,Stopped his car。Then jump out of the car,Put a big mask on his face,Then I wore a black hat on my head。
Just like him,No one can recognize him on the street。Wang Youcai shrinks his neck,Eyes rolling。I haven’t been to Pingdu for so long,He feels that every place is so fresh。
He dare not leave too many places,Keep looking for the most avoided place。Limin Commercial Bank logically said that it should not be off work at this time,He should visit this place first。
Familiar road,Familiar pavement。What are the conspicuous words,Wang Youcai gently stepped on the steps,Look inside,Found that the firm has no customers,Only one woman is tilting her buttocks to label goods。
I go,Haven’t seen you these days,This lady boss is blessed,She didn’t seem to have such a big butt before!Wang Youcai walked over quietly,I raised my hand and touched the woman’s ass。
“what!Stinking rogue!”Woman turn around,Yelled。
Wang Youcai takes a look,Suddenly dumbfounded,Where is Wang Guilan,I knew I was so ugly,Wang Youcai doesn’t touch her anymore。
“misunderstanding!Absolutely misunderstanding,I thought it was Mrs. Wang Guilan,Where did she go?”Wang Youcai quickly clarified,Fortunately it was night,No pedestrians on the road,otherwise,With the sound of this woman just now,It’s possible to call in the police。
The ugly woman glanced at the very strict Wang Youcai wrapped,Asked a little bit shocked:“What do you mean?If Wang Guilan was there,Can you just touch her ass?”

Xiao Chenchen and Xia Jian said something,So busy to play,Xia Jian feels this little guy has grown a lot taller。When facing parents,Xia Jianbu waited a few words,I don’t know what to say。

Sun Yuejuan is a very smart woman,She saw Xia Jian’s embarrassed expression,So I moved the camera to Old Xiao。Old Xiao smiled,But not many words。Xia Jian faintly felt,There seems to be something in it。
Seeing Old Xiao looked a little tired,Xia Jian greeted him,Let him go to rest early,Then closed the video。
Xia Jian sitting on the bed can’t figure it out,Why did Xiao Xiao hide from him??Is there any problem in this??
Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this problem,There is a sound coming from the video on the computer。Xia Jian quickly picked up the computer and took a look,The video came from Xiao Xiao。Xia Jian didn’t think much,The video is connected。
In the video,Xiao Xiao is wearing pajamas,Lean on the head of the bed like Xia Jian。Her face is haggard,Look a little wilted。Xia Jian surprised,Asked hurriedly:“What’s wrong, Xiao Xiao?What the hell happened?”
A sense of fear that has never happened before hit Xia Jian’s heart。Something happened definitely,Should still be a big deal。Otherwise Xiao Xiao would never be like this。
Xiao Xiao in the video hasn’t spoken yet,Tears shed,This is something Xia Jian has never seen before。Xiao Xiao is proud,Strong inside,The appearance is always the posture of a strong woman。
“My dad has cancer,It’s late”Xiao Xiao’s slightly hoarse voice came from the receiver。Xia Jian is like five thunders,Where he was stunned。
After a long time,Xia Jian just recovered,He lowered his voice and asked:“Is this true?Is there a check error?”Xia Jian until now,I’m still a little bit unsure that this is true。
“correct,Went to several hospitals,Also invited experts from the provincial capital,The results after the consultation are the same,they said,My dad can’t live for three months,Let me prepare for funeral”When Xiao Xiao said this,Already crying,Tears are like broken beads。
Xia Jian controls his emotions,Comforting Xiao Xiaodao in a low voice:“Don’t be too sad,Life and death,But we still need to work hard。Let me contact Wang Lin,Let her see if there are any experts in this area in the United States”
“no need,I have already contacted her,After reading our inspection information,Can’t do anything”Xiao Xiao covers his face with both hands,Crying so sad。

“This kid,Babble”Lin Lian shook her head。

Fuming put the iron box in a small hole under the bed,Buried tightly with soil,After burying,Just have time to look good
This halberd,The whole halberd is about one person tall,Half the thickness of a human arm,Halberd head is divided into three heads,Longest in the middle。
Half moon shape on both sides,Dark silver overall,Look in the light,Very sharp,Three words are engraved on the head of the halberd‘Halberd’!
“Domineering name,Judgment,Ruin the life of God?”Fuming sighed。
“Hehe,Since Uncle Wang gave it to me,Uncle Wang’s craftsmanship is so good,It’s definitely not bad for me!”Fuming thinks so,Pretty beautiful in my heart,But he doesn’t know how many people can be crazy with the weapon he holds!
“Nothing more,Time to sleep,Really looking forward to it”Fuming and looking at the stars outside,Full of expectation。
And Uncle Wang packed his bags,Left the village quietly,Walked to the cliff not far from the village,Looking at the man standing on the edge of the cliff and said:“I’m coming,Can go”
The man looks at Uncle Wang,Respectfully salute“Xiao Feiweng, one of the six generals under the Saints,Have seen the king。”
“Ha ha,Don’t need to be so polite to me”Uncle Wang waved his hand。
“Now that your business is done,We should go too,Master Shengshen is also waiting”Xiao Feiweng stimulates genes in vivo,Attribute activation,Is water。
Attributes condense wings shape,Into the sky,And the fire-colored wings appeared behind Uncle Wang,The unremarkable Uncle Wang turned out to beaClass fighter,But why did he tell Fuming that he has no genetic lock?,Uncle Wang glanced at the village,And followed Xiao Feiweng to the sky。
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Chapter two:Sky falls,Heartbroken
The next morning,Fuming got up early,I washed my face with cool water,With him,The air today is exceptionally fresh,starting today,Do not,From this moment on,Your life will change drastically。

Among the Three Realms,Li Ming’s second soul in the cave,The clone of the deity opened his eyes。

The moment the deity fell,Li Ming’s clone in the Three Realms naturally learned。
The blue and white mist in his body instantly changed,Power increased fifty times。
Notice,Li Ming’s deity and the second soul have three clones。
Within the Three Realms,The second soul is the unity of sixteen clones,One clone in Tianqiong Sect and Thousand Saint Sect。
Daqianzong,The deity is 980 clones in one,And Tianqiongzong and the Three Realms are each twenty clones。
The deity’s main battle clone has fallen,The true spirits in the other two clones have improved,Each has 500 times the power of blue and white mist。
“This time I made a big somersault!”Li Ming’s deity smiled bitterly,“magic weapon、The secret technique is gone。The divine body needs to practice again。”
This is the biggest part of his cultivation in this life。
but,All magical secrets are external forces,Only Tao is eternal!
“Eternal race!”There was a firm gaze in Li Ming’s eyes。
Now he is not an opponent of the eternal race,But when he stepped into the realm of Daojun with the ultimate way,Not much,Reaching the Second Path,Combining the Three Forces in One Method,It’s definitely enough for the eternal family to eat a pot。
The flow rate of time bit by bit。
One hundred thousand years、Million years、Thousands of years。
100 million years、200 million years、300 million years。
Chaos,One side of the normal chaotic world,Approximately equivalent to six quadrillion years in the Three Realms。
And Li Ming’s practice this time,After a full 1.2 billion years。
Li Ming underestimated the difficulty of comprehension。
The more you practice,The more I discover the breadth of this strongest way。
This is a line that is perfect from any angle。

also,New cotton textile fabric that has been piloted in Yucheng,Will also promote in Huainan,This machine can greatly improve cotton spinning efficiency!

Daqi Development Bank also posted a notice,About the cotton coupon。The above says that Daihua Development Bank will concentrate on the acquisition of the cotton in the army.,Cotton in Huainan,Then prioritize the exchange of cotton coupons。
Time does not exceed the autumn harvest next year!
and,Every cotton coupon issued before,Will subsidize a 60% interest,Means of,A cotton coupon can be exchanged1000Match,Reached the autumn harvest next year,Can be exchanged1100Match!
One time,Cotton coupons that were treated as waste paper,Anti-hot。only,Yangzhou Futures Exchange,I can’t see the cotton coupon.,All cotton coupons,They are all reclaimed by Zheng Yuande with a very low price.!
Almost equal to white delivery!
One time,Zheng Yuande’s name is in the north of Jiangnan,“Futures harvester”“Mowing”“God of futures”The nickname does not walk。But the most impressive,still is“Call the wind”Four words。
Zheng Yuande’s step,Are walking in front of you,You will never guess,What should he do next?。
“Big brother,You go wrong,Hang the cotton coupon to the Yangzhou Futures Exchange.,Hanging high price。”
Zheng Yuande has just prepared to go out to participate in Huainan Family invited his banquet.,I will pass Zheng Minmin cold voice behind him.。
“Little girl,This is some”Zheng Yuande is really afraid of Huainan Shijia to returne,Take their brothers and sisters。
“rest assured,We can go out of Huainan safely.。”
NS1294chapter East side sunrise west rain
Autumn is getting stronger,Wheat field has already harvested,Wheat futures delivery,Also in full swing。However, these have already have nothing to do with Zheng Yuande.。
To know,Antico,In theory,Also hit a large number of harvested wheat futures。If you don’t see the channel, you can see the channel, such as two Huaiying Luo.,It is easy to be reddish, Huainan Shi’s horses。
Don’t say something,It’s just that it’s hard to see if it is found out.。The government must spread this from a statement.,I have to have a lot of time。
So Zheng’s brothers and sisters went to Yangzhou’s wish,Then take the name of Zhengyang Zheng,Bring these futures“Donation”Give officer,And proposing in North Yangzhou,Establish storage of national control,Prepare for military needs。
As for this military needs?,it goes without saying。
Be“Reward”,Qi Guo Guan gave Zheng’s tax-free negative three years in Yanyang hometown。At the same time,There are also cotton coupons and other futures contracts。People who are responsible for delivery,Zheng Yuande,Huainan line,From Wang Lin, personally supervised the delivery of goods。
This makes some hope to bully Zheng Yuande,Huainan Shi, who is doing hands and feet, extinguished the thought during the delivery process。By now,If they can’t see what happened in the past two months,That can be really no medicine.。
Zheng Yuande can do,But a lot of things,It’s not his aversion to a soldier.。After Zheng Yuande’s back,It is a huge thing that Huainan’s family can’t afford to provoke.!
Means of,Qi Guo’s official power,By Zheng Yuande’s hand,Futures exchange,The Huainan Shi family has conducted a clever and strong economic looting.!
Although the loss is heavy,But there is no way to hurt the fundamental of Huainan.,That is, there is no absolute bottom line involving these people.。This is a very clever“Spend”,Light,Huainan Shi family has no feeling,It’s like a mosquito。
It’s heavy,These people will start,Or simply dedicate Huainan to Chen Guo!Now,Just put the big family of Huainan hurts,But did not stimulate the table。The person in the back of the scene,Gradually surfaced surface。
In this case of cut leaves,Can’t ignore,Qi Guo’s strong central army,And Wang Lin, who is not controlled by the family,Behind the back of Zheng Yuande。
Become a referee that does not let Huainan Shijia!
Several key notices of Qi Guogu,He also became a sharp butcher knife in Zheng Yuande.。
This series of operations,Deeply interpret what is called“The people are not with the official”。Country’s strength,Useful,That’s not alone and one family can resist。
Gao Bo Yi, behind the scenes,For the use of national power,For his predecessor,To be more fine,Resource allocation is also more reasonable。Bring politics with political power,Combating the economy,A set of combined fists,Two Huhu’s family,Temporarily lose the opportunity to make trouble。
Planning the Northern Expedition for Gao Biyi,Won the rare machine。
Yangzhou is the largest private room,The home of the big family of Huainan,Founded by Zheng Yuande,For him。As for the heart of the robes that wearing the rhymes around Zheng Yuande,Automatically ignored by everyone。

He stood up a moment,Zhou Ye I only think that this bed seems like the string,A sudden peasant string,I took it up.。

Li Baosheng squats his head,Smile:“Brother,Excuse me,A little more recently,Body weight,Just heard you and Lu Min is a department,Excited some loss of loss。”
Seeing that he is not like a recently.。
Zhou Ye is a little confused,What is this a roommate?,But looking at people is very honest.,So Zhou Ye is just a shallow smile:“fine……Brother, don’t be so enthusiastic next time.,We have to gradually enter!”
Speech,Li Baosheng ran to his bed,Start a box。
Wen Ye looks at this brother to look for sweating.,I want to help,Can be touched to this sore leg,He gave up。
Not me not to help you!
It is God who doesn’t let me help you.……
Looking at Li Ben Sheng to find something to find a sweating,I actually gave birth to some distressed people.:“Brother,What are you looking for??”
When you look for something to the third layer of drawers,Li Baosheng suddenly lit:“it’s him!”
He got up with your ass to turn the drawer.,I only saw a box of cake in your hand.。
The cake is also equipped with exquisite gift boxes,Delicate。
Zhou Ye has hung,I am surprised in my heart.,This is really a fairy brother,I actually put the egg cakes so good,How long does this??
Could this be given to him.……This will not be expired.。
Zhou Ye thought about it,And the facts have happened like this……
This is a tragedy.。
Li Ben Sheng put the cake in his hand to Ye Ye,A face of excitement:“This is my collection of cakes.,I have been reluctant to eat,Send you today。”
“Have been treasured……How long?”
“Not long,It is the last ceremony,Unitary。”
“The last celebration is awkward?”
“half year ago。”
Zhou Ye wizards the cake of Li Baosheng,Heart is seven on the top eight,Just like holding a poison。
NS466chapter Help me give a gift
(Anti-theft chapter,Don’t subscribe,Half-hour)
Within the dormitory,Time is 7 o’clock40,10 minutes from the distance。
Zhou Ye watched the cake sent by Li Baosheng in his hand.,I don’t know how to deal with this“poison”。
Analysis from scientific perspective……Can this half-year cake eat??
Zhou Ye looks at this surface of the color cake,I can think of the appearance of the diarrhea after I have finished eating.。
Loss this brother is still a doctor.……
Why is the next poison?!
Zhou Ye swallowed the throat water。
Li Ben Sheng thought it was Zhou Yewu hungry.,Also try to grab the cake,To open direct sharing to Zhou Ye I。
Zhou Yewu scared straight:“Brother,You don’t want you.,I’m not hungry,I’m not hungry,So expensive gift I still enjoy it later.。”
He is in his heart,Enjoy now,It is also not available today.,Direct sputum ward can lying。
Receive yourself to your ward,Check your own course record every day,Give yourself?

“Yep,Zhu Minglang。”

“Then you know Zhu Tianguan?”Liang Zhong then asked。
“Father。”Zhu Minglang replied。
“what?”Liang Zhong was taken aback,I looked it up and wished it was clear,There was a bit of doubt on his face:“Does Tianguan Zhu have a son??Why never heard him mention it to me?”
Fan Lu and those students naturally know the origin of Zhu Minglang,After all, people like Master Ke Qing may not matter to the big power,They both care very much。
Zhu Minglang scratched his head。
So I met Zhu Tianguan。
As long as I am not in the capital,Zhu Tianguan doesn’t see himself as a person,This is in line with the style of the father who let go。
Since it is affectionate,I wish Minglang a little more polite,Besides, the other party obviously didn’t come to trouble yourself。
“Uncle Liang should also understand the situation,As the lord of Runyu City,I can understand Shenfan Academy is not willing to bless,But the same,I will also exercise my power as the lord,Multiple warnings are invalid,Relying on the fact that you are the Academy of Shenfan Academy,I won’t be polite。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Yelang arrogant,you guys,Ugh……Zhumen is now the head of the six clans,Not worse than our Shenfan Academy,I’m embarrassed by the name of Shenfan Academy!”
“Look at the really powerful juniors,When to talk about your power?Forget it if you win,Still lose well,I asked a retired person to come here to intercede with you。This matter should be passed to the imperial capital,Why do you ask me Liang Zhong to be the master、Country lord、Dean、Raised his head in front of the hall master,I met Zhumen Master,Still have to take a detour?”
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First312chapter Nothing is as good as
Reprimand,Everyone in the Academy of Divine Annoyance, who has finally gotten rid of their shame, is blushing again,Self-confidence。
“Wish nephew,People also hit,Out of anger,Just let them go back to heal?”Liang Zhong asked。
“Students can leave,The correctional institution and the dean must stay,The seal of the city lord did not get the front,I won’t let people go。”Zhu Minglang said。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“You still believe me!Pingdu has already started,Maybe we will be in Pingyang Town in a while”

Ouyang Hong paused on the phone,Immediately said:“Ok!I’ll make calls to villages now,Let everyone do a good job in flood prevention,I would rather believe it,Untrustworthy”Finished this sentence,Ouyang Hong hung up the phone。
Rain outside the window,Lower and bigger,It’s like splashed down from the sky,Xia Jian suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart,He got out of bed and put on clothes,Walk towards the second floor。
He knocked on Guo Meili’s door,Guo Meili is wearing pajamas,Asked sleepily:“What’s wrong, President Xia?I’m a little confused”
Xia Jian went straight in,Sat down on the chair in his room,Asked with a smile“It rains so hard outside,You can still sleep?”
“Is it raining outside?”Guo Meili said,Opened the curtains,See on the glass window,The rain is flowing straight down,She couldn’t help being taken aback。
Xia Jian asked with a smile:“Think about it,Is there anything we need to guard against,It’s raining a bit scary,There must be no accidents”
Guo Meili hurriedly put on clothes,She thought about it:“Our staff in Pingyang Town almost withdrew back,Now is the development project of Heiwang Village,Where are the people from our project department”
“Have a phone?Hurry up and call,If it doesn’t work,Withdraw all”Xia Jian said,A little anxious stood up。
Guo Meili quickly grabbed the phone on the desk,Think a little,Then called,The phone is connected soon,Guo Meili eagerly asked about the general situation on the construction site,Then say in a commanding tone:“The machine is not important,Mainly, personnel must be safe”
After hanging up,Guo Meili took a breath and said:“Okay,Everything is ok,I’m too tired these two days,I don’t wake up as soon as I lie down,Luckily you’re here”Guo Meili said,Smiled humbly。
At this moment,Fang Fang who heard the voice came in,She is also in pajamas,Seems to have fallen asleep,She glanced at Xia Jian,Asked softly:“President Xia,Do we go back to Xiping Village in this situation??”
“I do want to go back,But it’s raining so much,How to drive this car?Too insecure,Let’s wait until the rain stops!”Xia Jian said,I looked out the window anxiously。
Fang Fang actually understands Xia Jian’s thoughts very well,She thought for a while and said:“Nothing,I drive slowly,The problem shouldn’t be big,You like this,Might as well go back”
“Ok!You get two raincoats first,Two pairs of rain boots,And flashlight,The engineering department should have these things,I’ll go up and prepare,We’ll leave in a while”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
Guo Meili is busy saying:“All this stuff,I sent it to the garage downstairs”Talking,Grabbed the phone on the desk。
On the streets of Pingdu,Not a pedestrian,I can’t even see a vehicle。The torrential rain has put the drainage system of this old city through a severe test。
The water rushed from the street,Like a small river,Some unevenness,Also made a small wave。The BMW car is moving slowly in the water,The automatic sensing wiper is constantly waving,But the rain is too heavy,I can hardly see what is in front of me in the car。
Fortunately, Fang Fang has experience driving in the rain,She stared at the front,Let the car go slowly around the downhill,A little Pingyang town,Actually walked for more than an hour,Just walked out of the city。