“never mind,Thank you for your love.,I can’t do this.。”

Say,Zhang Duo directly twisted,As for the electric vehicle key on the ground,He didn’t even see it.。
Insults to insult this copy,He feels nothing.。
What happened to him is also a college student?,And people who have done managers,Actually, I am giving them to the other party.,Not only did Li Hui’s work,The result is not honest here.。
Look at the back of the departure,Liu Sihai disdain。
“Xiao Li,Go to the door to the door。”
boss,Why do you want to lock??”
I heard the words of Liu Sihai,The secretary next to him is somewhat wondering。
But I saw Liu Sihai’s face.,Especially the light in the eyes,She immediately understood the other party’s meaning。
“Hey-hey,Do you say why you want to lock??
Anyway, I don’t want to lock.,But for your innocence,affim” I haven’t finished it yet.,The female secretary is to work directly as a shy model.:“boss,You are bad,How can I have a big day?” Liu Sihai has not listened to the other party nonsense.,Into the action。
“Hey-hey,Boss likes it.,Don’t call the boss in the future,I prefer my husband.,Let’s one side,Then go to the car together,how is it?”
Very fast in the house is a swallow。
And Zhang Duo is a little fascinating on the street.,He didn’t know where he actually.。
Yang Tie has given him a call before,It is also very obvious in the meaning of the words.,Yang Tie’s company is Li Hui’s capital,If you let him go back this time,The result is natural that it is self-evident.。
After all, he is guilty.。
Come carefully,How many times, this small county doesn’t seem to have his own place.。
Hesitate,He also bought a ticket,Choose to start another city,He believes that his strength is absolutely。
Just when he was ready to go back to the dormitory,Li Hui Feng also received a call from Jin Xijie.。
The things that Jin Xijie said that he is also very happy.,He didn’t expect Zhang, many customers, will sell so many customers.。
I heard a few communities are a lot of people who are running.,His some time is hesitant to use each other。
From psychology, he is a bit uncomfortable.,But I thought of the people of Jin Xijie to promote,I am afraid I can’t do it.。
I also have some contradictions at once a time.。
The 627th chapter Jiang Shuyan wants to enter the mountain
Jiang Shuyan has come out from the big river.,The whole person feels bad.。
She felt that Li took someone to give her someone to have something else.,She did not heard anything in any of the books in any class.。
Is it not a family task?,She feels that they will go back to find a book in the first time.。
Because she is very trouble now,Her chest is actually developed two times to make her abduction。
Even the close clothes brought this time can’t wear it.,Can only use a lotus。
I heard Li Hui’s conversation with Jin Xijie on the phone.,She didn’t want to help Li Hui,But hesitated:“Since the other party is in this regard, it is not followed.?
After all, such talents are not full of streets.,You are now in business route,Not a matter of feelings,As for so hesitation??”
Suddenly heard the voice of Jiang Shuyan,Li followed the wind and looked back.,Laugh:“how?
Not angry?
I didn’t expect this to look like this.,And when you don’t believe it, you don’t believe it.?

Xia Jian who is both embarrassed and angry,Pushing both hands desperately,But this woman has very strong hands,Holding Xia Jian firmly,Wang Lin sitting on the side can’t stand it anymore,She shouted:“What do you two do?“

Dragon Ball and Fang Fang recovered,Then they both rushed up,Twist the leaf’s hand away,Controlled,Xia Jian just got out,He roared angrily:“This woman is crazy,Notify the security here,Get her out“
“You are lazy,Fucked them in the toilet,I don’t recognize people when I lift my pants,Since you are so ruthless,Then I’ll call the police“The leaves are under the control of Dragon Ball and Fang Fang,Twisting his body like a water snake,Shout loudly。
moment,There are some people watching the excitement,Okay,The music here is loud,Many people don’t understand,What are you doing here?
Come what you are afraid of,Xia Jian knew he was innocent,But this matter started,Mouth grows on someone else,He will fall into a show again,It seems to be impossible。
“Let her go!“Xia Jianchong, Fang Fang and Dragon Ball waved their hands,Leaf free,Came over,Caught Xia Jian,I’m afraid he will run away again。
I don’t know who the onlookers said:“let’s go!Little couple awkward,Nothing good,Let’s go dance!“
Xia Jian sat down,He patted the sofa next to him and said:“sit down,stay away from me“
Ye Ye was obedient this time,She sat down,No more bashing on Xia Jian,But staring at Xia Jian motionlessly,Looks really charming。
“What do you want to do?Tell the truth!Don’t go around such a big circle“Xia Jian said with a gloomy face。
Ye Zi smiled and said:“What i wanna do?I want to ask you,What do you want to do?You just pulled me into the women’s bathroom,I won’t admit it when I’m done“
“Did you admit the wrong person?I just came out of the men’s room,Preparing to wash hands,You pounced from behind,I think you drank too much,So I didn’t make you rough,Why are you not sure”Xia Jian lowered his voice and asked。
at this time,Heiwa and Zhang Sangui who received Wang Lin’s call,Already standing behind Xia Jian,Awaiting order,Ready to do it。
Ye Zi’s expression couldn’t help but get nervous,She replied:“What do you want to do,Isn’t it killing people?!”
Just at this time,A service came over,Lower your head and say to Xia Jian:“Why do we let you bring this woman tov8Private room,Where is she waiting for you”
He always hears twice,Xia Jian couldn’t help but get angry,What shit place,Laozi here for the first time,Unexpectedly encountered such a bloody thing,You don’t find me,I’m still looking for you,Thought of here,Xia Jianhu stood up。
“where are you going?“Ye Zi asked nervously,Just now in the monster,Vanished。
Xia Jian said coldly:“follow me!“

Pan Yulin frowned。

My son is really because of this?
“I will come back often!”
Fang Yu finished,left。
“His father……What exactly is going on?”
Pan Yulin saw her husband come out,Wondered。
“Not those relatives yet……My son also wanted me to stop embarrassing。”
Fang Deyun slowly said。
“but,He never went out to live!”
Pan Yulin worried。
“He is not a three year old……do not worry!Maybe move back in a few days!”
Fang Deyun comforted。
And at this moment。
Fang Yu has found a hotel nearby and will stay temporarily。
Simultaneously,Fang Yu is planning for the future。
Last time treated Jiang Wan’er。
Fang Yu’s blood,Not fully recovered yet。
I have to start looking for medicine now!

Take a long breath of relief,Checked my level,Impressively reachedBLevel three,Near the peak,There was a trace of joy in my eyes。

Immediately remembered something,Consciousness enters the body,The blue dragon in the gene lock also wakes up,Huge green eyes look towards Fuming,Body shakes slightly,A gentle breath spreads。
“Ye Fuming,I have met Senior Qinglong!”
Fuming slightly bent over.
Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen:Ye Fuming,Gang Heming
“what is this?”
Li Xingyu stepped forward to take a closer look,Search for this object in the brain,But I can’t see what it is。
“Cold Spirit Orb!”
Li Yun looked at this bead,Look very ugly,This thing is very rare,Can be bred in the extreme cold,The most important thing is that once this thing enters the body,Basically no solution!
“Fortunately he has this thing on him,Otherwise he will die before you arrive!”
Fu Ming picked up the fiery red necklace from Li Huo Nao,It’s already full of cracks,The fuming finger touched slightly,Directly turned into powder。
Li Yun’s heart is full of fear.

This is a surprise and joy for him,The great news of worrying again,Li Tianzhen can come back,That he was not angry,Still trying to maintain social stability,Fight against evil abilities,With him,A lot of hot hands、Things that are difficult to solve will be much easier,At least have the confidence to deal with the so-called great magical powers。

But why doesn’t this kid show up?Gu Changfeng’s heart is as urgent as a cat scratched,He must see Li Tianzhi,But I also know the previous misunderstanding,There are other things that are inconvenient to speak frankly that make it difficult for Li Tianzhen to trust and rest assured,This is what Gu Changfeng has to deal with,Otherwise it is difficult to get the opportunity to cooperate with each other again,He never wants to become a situation of fighting separately,That will cause big problems。
And now the situation is getting more and more severe,Supernaturalists appeared in many places,Especially those supernatural beings dressed in the cloak of cults are bewitching people who don’t know the truth.,There are many obstacles to hit,Tracking down the manipulator behind the scenes is even more difficult。
A while ago,Really upset the top,A cult plus an MLM organization has brought thousands of so-called followers to attack the place**,The purpose is to**Release several believers and backbones suspected of serious crimes,It’s not over,The boss behind this illegal organization actually worked out the next goal and action plan,Whimsical to seek legal status。
Tolerable or unbearable,At the local police、Under the joint enforcement of the armed police and other departments,Cult organization,But according to Gu Changfeng’s internal information,The casualties in this operation were extremely heavy,The price shocked him,And the first evil and the backbones almost escaped,It can be said that the action was not successful,The reason,It’s this cult organization that has supernatural powers making chaos。
The mission has already been taken over,Strictly investigate the chief evil and the backbone,Must be brought to justice as soon as possible,This task has been transferred from the old man to Gu Changfeng,He feels stressed。
To be honest,A shit on the base side,Just one month,Encountered three attacks,Can’t make any move,Although with the accumulation of combat experience,Everyone has made great progress,Some effective routines are also summarized for these abilities,But all for low-level abilities,Face the powerful、High-level abilities,Ordinary people are still helpless,Not to mention the great magical power monster Li Tianzhen called。
There are only two powerful puppets,Like the popular sweet pastry,Fortunately so powerful,Otherwise Gu Changfeng can hardly keep these two puppets,There are already two groups of people studying these two puppets in the name of a scientific research institution.,The funny thing is,The powerful cutting tool can’t even open the shell of others。
Another time there was a mistake,The puppet was out of his control,Almost strangled the two guys who were about to pry off its armor,Fortunately, Gu Changfeng commanded another puppet to stop it and didn’t cause death.,But it really shocked everyone present in a cold sweat。
After this incident,Gu Changfeng ran to the old man for the first time and lost his temper,But losing your temper has a price,The price is a bunch of guarantees and trouble,The two puppets must ensure that they are in their own hands,Must find out the specific whereabouts of Li Tianzhen, etc.,Always annoying。
The anti-sneak attack was successful,The combat power of the two puppets will be boasted by some people,To the old man’s ears,The task of arresting the chief evil elements of the cult can no longer be delayed,Bite the bullet and go,The opponent’s supernatural powers are powerful,The puppet must be taken away,But the risk of the base suddenly increased a lot。
Gu Changfeng regretted not listening to Li Tianzhen,Don’t be troublesome,Disguise the puppet as much as possible,Try to keep it mysterious,The most important thing is to keep a low profile,But Old Gu is used to being high-profile,These suggestions are completely ignored,Now very passive。
But I can’t hide it,A fierce battle,Sooner or later,The key is how to keep these two puppets,Perhaps letting them reflect their increasing importance is a temporary feasible way。
When Gu Changfeng racked his brains for the two puppets,Li Tianzhi is already on the north side of Dala Mountain‘Captive farm’There are sixteen war puppets in ambush around,This time he will draw a salary from the bottom,Defeated the so-called cult,But these ambush puppets are not specially prepared for Kampot,The main prevention goal is‘Nirvana handkerchief’,If this old evildoer is there。
‘Captive farm’Nei is more ghastly than when he first came,All kinds of weird creations cover the entire back mountain,These disgusting things rarely come out during the day,Night is their active period,They will kill other creations as much as possible during this important period,To compete for extremely limited promotion qualifications,Otherwise it is complete death。
The promotion target of these lower creations is mainly guardian,It is also the source of the main combat power of Dala Mountain,And preachers belong to a higher level,Only in talented、Crazy believers,Will not be selected among these lower creations。
Li Tianzhen’s first step is to completely eradicate‘Captive farm’,Cut off the common combat base of the Cult of Creation,To lure and irritate the preacher,As long as it’s not of Kampot level,Two puppets can kill it together,If Kampot makes his appearance,It doesn’t matter,Sixteen puppets shot at the same time,I believe that no matter how great the energy of this evildoer is, it can hardly support the kung fu of a cigarette。
And Li Tianzhen himself quietly came to the top of Dala Mountain,Observe in detail the place where the thousand-year-old temple collapsed,He was here last time,The old evildoer set an important prohibition,Prevent outsiders from sabotage,He was not capable of cracking,Today he also ambushed a great supernatural power here,It’s Li Tianzhen’s early practice of war skills in the God Realm‘Seal of God’s Punishment’。
This magical power is extremely powerful,Li Tianzhen only used it once,Desperately with Zhang Zhiqiang,Yiyin almost smashed it to death,Now he merges with Li Xiucheng,How powerful is the magical power,He is really itchy。
This time Li Tianzhen is here,Not arrogant enough to completely destroy Mount Dala and the Cult of Creation,Old evildoer and‘Nirvana handkerchief’Are not friendly,But he must hurt this old evildoer,Let it know,The mortal world is not a place for it to act recklessly。

Ma Xiao saw Hu Shin, etc. who are being smashing.,Directly。

Hu Shin was also scared by Ma Xiao.。
Immediately turn your eyes to Li Hui。
He is the person under the bottom of Li.,Li Hui Feng said how to do,How can he do it?。
From the other party,I am not a good thing at first glance.。
“Continue to smash!”
Li Hui is very calm and said to Hu Shin.。
Hu Shin He heard this,It is also without hesitation.。
This is just anger Ma Xiao.,He started when he was mixed with the four seas,When did you be ignored??
“You a few,Give me a death,I have a disabled.。”
This exit,Originally, I followed the people of Ma Xiao.。
They also like to see that the feeling of fear is full of fear.。
“Horses,do not worry,These people don’t have a good time today.。”
Say this,Several people rushed to the Hoodlin in the past。
A few people in the Hu Shulin are also preparations.。
Ready to counter。
But the few people have not waited for the Body of Hu Shulin.,It was blocked by Li Hui.。
“how?We have already retired money to him.,We can’t take our decoration materials.?”
Several blending in Ma Xiao saw Li Hui Feng dry this way,Directly slap in the head of Li’s wind。
“Don’t want to die,Roll away……”
I haven’t finished it yet.,Hand has not fallen yet。
It is directly sent to Li with the wind.。
Several fewers have not yet, and they have fallen on the ground.。
Lightning speed,Let the few people fly out。
A few people see Li Hui Feng.,They are surprised,But the same Li Hui’s hand is also given him aesthetic pill.。
“You continue to demolish,Don’t tell us,Then we don’t have to reason.。”
Ma Xiao also didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng will have such a hand.。
Immediately after scared。
“superior,Give me up,Give me a guy。”
Ma Xiaogao shouted,But the few people in the ground, but there is no gathered.。
Li Hui rushed to Ma Xiaomo,Laugh:“Let’s talk about it.,Which boss behind you is??Ling Sihai?Ye Fengchun?Still Fanzhong!”
I listened to Li Hui.,Ma Xiaoyima also has some scared faces,Immediately install a self-fearful look。

“Where,I am a student of Lichuan College,It’s also right to fight for this honor for your college,No need any thanks。”Zhu Minglang smiled。

College is indeed a good place,Have a stable footing when you are down。
To Lichuan How to Train Your Dragon,Zhu Minglang still has feelings。
“Dean,In this way, will we be recognized by Ji Ting Continent?,No one will call us Pheasant Academy anymore, right??”Bai Yishu asked。
“This is just one step,There is another investigation,But you don’t need to worry about this。”Duan Changqing said。
“Also investigate,What are you looking for??”
“I should just wait for the high court’s reply.。”Duan Changqing said with uncertainty。
“Say,Why didn’t you see Teacher Duan Lan today?,Such an important assessment,Miss Duan Lan is still a little uncomfortable。”Zhu Minglang asked with some doubts。
“Did she forget the time??”Bai Yishu asked。
I’ve been focusing on the competition before,Especially Fei Song’s dragon was killed,Cause the atmosphere to become extremely tense,Duan Changqing only discovered,Duan Lan never arrived at the scene。
Duan Lan did tell Duan Changqing,She will be late。
But it’s all over,Why don’t you see her。
“Duan Changqing,Don’t be too happy,What if your student wins,Don’t want to get the final approval of the High Court!”Sun Li walked by,Said to Sun Li in a deep and cold tone。

Jiang Wan’er looked at Dean Huo,Asked anxiously。

“This one……Maybe Doctor Fang has something to deal with。”
Dean Huo said to himself。
Jiang Wan’er this time,Seems to be on the bar with Fang Yu。
Huo Cheng also wants to help,But can’t stop!
“Is there anything more important than me taking medicine?”Jiang Wan’er displeased。
“Waner……I heard what my father said,Fang Yu is indeed in a hurry。and so,You take medicine first。Later,I take you to find him,how is it!”
Hu Yili smiled。
“Really?That means……I can be discharged?”
Jiang Wan’er said happily。
“Follow our inspection,Ms. Jiang, you are indeed healthy。Can be discharged……but,I think Dr. Fang has to judge it himself。It’s better to decide whether to leave the hospital!”
Huo Cheng adopts a rigorous attitude,Seriously remind。
otherwise,There will be a problem。
Fang Yu is away,He can’t hold it!
“This one……”
Hu Yili was shocked。

“Should shoot directly?”Mali tentatively。

Leo wanted to laugh because of Mali:“You are very skinny,I think I have a good sense of humor, right??”
“Hehe,I’m just a little bit,There is still a little sense of humor!”
“You think I’m complimenting you on the street?”Leo couldn’t help but want to pull out his big sword。
Saw the sharp long knife slightly out of its sheath,Marry suddenly remembered that this person in front of him is not a good thing。
“do not,Don’t do it!If you want to rob,I can be your insider,Can tell you the route,Let you avoid the navy!”
Leo couldn’t help but sneer,Turned out to be a traitor。
Of course Leo can’t kill him,Just threaten Mali,Let Mali take him into the island。
Although it is a medium-sized island,But with the navy branch,The safety factor is naturally improved,It also makes the island more popular。
The population of the island is larger than many large islands。
Leo followed Mali to the navy branch。
“Hello,So you are planning to surrender?”
I surrender your sister!
Leo is not in the mood to talk to this street bullshit:“You stand here waiting for me,Green Bull, watch him!”
Manatee said it knew。
Leo went directly to the Navy Division。
Mali looked at the little green shell bastard and suddenly his eyes kept turning,You made Xiao Wang Ba look at me?Really treat me as paper?
The process of joining the navy is not complicated,The Navy simply asked a few questions。
Leo also told a little truth about his origin,That he killed the pirate because of his companion,So I want to join the navy to hunt down pirates。

what!Some cowardly colleagues screamed in shock,Wang Lin sat there stupidly,She never expected,This Zhang Chenglin would do such a bad hand to her。

Xia Jian on the desktop,Not up to get nervous,I saw his right foot mentioned,Swept across the chair in Zhang Chenglin’s hand,Just listen to the snap,The chair in Zhang Chenglin’s hands,Kicked by Xia Jian and changed direction,And the position is very accurate,Bang,Fell to the corner。
Zhang Chenglin, dumbfounded,Holding only the two handles of the chair。
Everyone could not help but let out a sigh of relief,This scene is simply watching a movie,That’s a morning meeting。
Maybe it was Xia Jian’s god intimidating Zhang Chenglin,Where is he standing,Dare not move,Looking at Xia Jian with straight eyes,For fear that Xia Jian will fly,Kicked him away。
at this time,It depends on who is the most calm,Just when everyone panicked,Manager Zhang of the Administration Department,Two security guards have been brought in,Xia Jianyi waved,Zhang Chenglin was honestly taken away by two security guards。
Xia Jian just jumped off the table,Immediately told Manager Zhang:“Call the public security bureau”The words are short,But it sounds very majestic。
“Good manager Xia,Leave this to me”Manager Zhang agreed,Turned and walked out。
Wang Lin in Fright,Gratefully glanced at Xia Jian,She didn’t expect,Xia Jian still has such good skills。
Things have reached this point,If Xia Jian doesn’t speak, he can’t do it,Turned on the microphone,Xia Jian mentioned his voice and said:“Colleagues,Unexpectedly, such a scene happened today,But everyone should be clear,Zhang Chenglin’s behavior is very serious,Not just a matter of harming the company’s interests,He is committing a crime,Everyone should take warning,Did you hear it clearly??”
“Heard clearly!”All colleagues in the meeting room,Responded together,The sound is deafening。
Xia Jian glanced at Yan Zhengsen with the leftover light,I found that the corners of his reluctant mouth moved。
“Do you have anything else to discuss??”Xia Jian asked this sentence deliberately,The result is still in unison:“No more”at this time,Who doesn’t have eyes,Dare to speak。