Qiao Tianyu can’t save his teacher Mr. Wu Wenjie?

on the one hand,Although Qiao Tianyu has never seen Wu Wenjie since his rebirth,But morally speaking,Mr. Wu Wenjie is Qiao Tianyu’s teacher after all,Is the one who taught Qiao Tianyu this skill。
This time, if Qiao Tianyu is afraid of Wu Minghao and Jianying’s involvement in the pound exchange rate prevention and control system and“Diplomatic bond”The trap set up and hesitated,Cause the rescue mission to fail。
Then Qiao Tianyu will be posted“Rebellious”“Deceive”s Mark,This is for China, which attaches great importance to the inheritance of the division,Totally unacceptable!
Let’s talk more,Same as Qiao Tianyu,Mr. Wu Wenjie has devoted his life to establishing the life of China Finance,I spent my whole life trying to protect China Finance,And this is also the highest pursuit of Qiao Tianyu in this life。
So even if you put the friendship between master and apprentice,,Just talk about Mr. Wu Wenjie’s exemplary power and outstanding contribution to China Finance,It’s enough for Qiao Tianyu to stand up high,Admiration。
Qiao Tianyu also has the responsibility and obligation to rescue Mr. Wu Wenjie,Let the world know that we are not Mr. Wu Wenjie fighting alone!
So in terms of emotion and reason,Qiao Tianyu should rescue Mr. Wu Wenjie!
On the other hand,The pound exchange rate prevention and control system and“Diplomatic bond”This is the key to Qiao Tianyu’s containment of the forces of the United States and Britain to rescue Mr. Wu Wenjie,It is also the most important starting point for Qiao Tianyu to break the crisis in the world offshore financial market.。
And now Wu Minghao and Arrow Sakura are also in the pound exchange rate prevention and control system and“Diplomatic bond”Layout for many years,Set up many traps and wait for Qiao Tianyu to cast,Once Qiao Tianyu acts rashly, he will fall into the opponent’s trap。
At that time, not only Mr. Wu Wenjie will be brutally attacked by his opponents,And Qiao Tianyu and his allies will be deeply involved,Even ruined with Wu Wenjie,Lose everything。
At that time, the two branches established by Huaxia people over many years“National Defence Fund”Will fall short,China Finance will completely lose“Great Wall”,Fully exposed under the eye-catching big international bearish minions。
To know,In the 1990s when international hedge funds flourished,Even the highly developed financial empires such as Britain and the United States cannot withstand the fierce attacks of financial vultures,Not to mention China, which is just getting started in finance。
So now Qiao Tianyu is truly in a dilemma,Are you risking the destruction of the entire army?,Enter the enemy line with enthusiasm and rescue the teacher Mr. Wu Wenjie?
Still hold on“Deceive”“Rebellious”Infamy,For China to leave the last steel Great Wall guarding China Finance?

“It really is Qiao Tianyu!”Lily did not expect,Qiao Tianyu really came back!

But Lily doesn’t understand,Qiao Tianyu just vomited1.06Trillion dollar yen,Now he is throwing the dollar again,To exchange for yen,What way?Playing around?
Although Lily didn’t reflect what Qiao Tianyu wanted to do for a while,but1000Billion dollars in yen is not a small sum。
If the Bank of Japan doesn’t hurry up and pay the bill,Will cause the yen exchange rate to rise,At that time, Japan’s import and export trade will also be a fatal blow!
“eat!”Lily has no other choice,I had to order to take orders。
But for Lily and the Bank of Japan,Although I just used US dollar reserves to eat Japanese yen,It needs to be calculated carefully,After all, no matter how many dollar reserves Japan holds,There is always a number,Run out and run out。
But let’s talk about using yen to eat dollars,But no worries about this。
Just like the U.S. dollar is printed by the U.S. central bank,So in transactions involving the use of U.S. dollars,The Fed absolutely plays the role of an omnipotent god,Can continuously provide dollar shells without hesitation。
The yen is printed by the Bank of Japan,same,In transactions involving the use of yen,The Bank of Japan plays the role of God again,As long as it wants,The Bank of Japan can also provide a steady stream of dollar shells without hesitation。
So use yen to eat dollars,Lily has no psychological burden at all,At this time, she completely changed from the perspective of God,She wants to see where Qiao Tianyu, the beam jumping clown, is going to jump!
See on the international foreign exchange market1000Billion dollars in Japanese yen were eaten instantly,Everyone in the Horizon Fund headquarters turned their eyes to Qiao Tianyu again。
Everyone at this moment feels almost the same as Lily,Were all confused by Qiao Tianyu’s accidental move,I don’t know what Qiao Tianyu wants to do,Are looking forward to Qiao Tianyu’s next move。
On the other hand, Qiao Tianyu,Seeing that the Japanese yen bill she made was quickly eaten by Lily,The corners of Qiao Tianyu’s mouth rise slightly,Nodded very satisfied。

Lin Yoona has never believed in Xiao Fan like now。

Liu Chunlan snorted coldly,Said:“You will talk big when you abolish this wimp,Can you do something else?……”
Lin Yoona turned her head coldly,Shouted at Liu Chunlan:“mom,Dad is like this,Can’t you just make trouble??”
Liu Chunlan stretched her neck,Said:“I……”
Seeing Lin Yoona’s cold eyes,Liu Chunlan retracted her neck again,Something to say,Swallowed it back。
See Liu Chunlan stop talking,Lin Yuna said to the doctor:“Doctors,look,Can you let my husband……”
Lin Yuner hasn’t finished speaking yet,Seeing the doctor’s face changed and changed,Then said:“So you don’t believe in my medical skills,I ask Miss Lin,Is your husband a doctor?”
Lin Yuner shook her head。
The doctor asked again:“He has cured patients of this condition before?”
Lin Yoona shook her head again。
The doctor sneered:“Since there is nothing,Then why do you believe that he said it can be cured??”
Lin Yuna doesn’t know why she believes,She only knows that she believes in him now,She even believed,If Xiao Fan doesn’t make a move this time,Then she will never have a father。
Lin Yuner pleaded:“Doctors,Please be considerate of the heart of being a daughter,I don’t mean to believe your medical skills,It’s just that you didn’t say it just now,My dad,My father is no longer saved,Since it’s already like this,Why don’t you let my husband try!As long as there is a glimmer of hope,I don’t want to give up,Please,You agree to my unreasonable request。”
The doctor looked at Lin Yoona, who was already crying,Had to say:“Ok,I’ll make an exception for you!”
Lin Yuna saw that the doctor agreed,Immediately bowed deeply to the doctor,Keep talking:“Thank you,Thank you!”

“Father is still so generous,Is my father so suspicious of me alone,Can’t you unify the whole world??”

After Hu Hai received the information that suddenly appeared in his mind,Said in a leisurely tone,He didn’t think it was because his father was worried that he was in power,Bad intentions,Therefore, he deliberately closed the world he was in as a subsidiary world。
because,He understands father,Know more about how terrifying the strength of Qin Yunchao is,He knows better,How unfathomable my father’s strength is,therefore,He knows,This is because his father is worried that he is alone outside,This is to tell him,Da Qin Yun Dynasty will always be his backer for Hu Hai。
“Even if you have cultivated the way of qi and blood,With my current life,Still can’t compare with the immortal father and the big brother of the Lord of the Underworld。”
“One life,Always do something great,Let posterity admire,I Hu Hai,Maybe not as strong as Big Brother,but,I can leave it to my offspring,Is the territory of the whole world,Eternal empire。”
Hu Hai said with a smile,Just wait until the world is promoted,Connecting the two worlds,He can visit his father,And big brother。
“Great Qin Yunchao,About to wake up。”
After Hu Hai glanced at the distant sky for the last time,Sighed,then,Back to the main position,Continue to review the memorial,The world where the Great Qin Yun Dynasty is located must be promoted,This is his father’s big business,Even if Hu Hai wants to help,Can’t do anything,therefore,Continue to review this memorial that is endless to review every day.。
and,Hu Hai’s promotion from the world,Saw his father’s intention,To know,Before he left Daqin Yunchao,His father is already the lord of the world,Daqin,Already unified the world,can,Even so,The number of soldiers in Daqin has not decreased,But it is still increasing。
Just from this matter,Hu Hai knew what his father thought,Great Qin Yunchao,Can’t stay in one world forever,Not to mention the father who knew the existence of the heavens,I definitely want to embark on the road of continuing to fight。
And his elder brother Fusu,Lord of the Underworld,There are countless ghost soldiers under his hands,Hu Hai knows,I am afraid that after the world is promoted,Great Qin Yunchao,Will start a new journey,but,all of these,Nothing to do with him。
Hu Hai does not even occupy the entire world now,How could I still think about helping my father?,What he needs to do,Is to leave a retreat for the Great Qin Yun Dynasty,Orthodox for the Great Qin Yun Dynasty,Leave blood。
“Strong wind”
Hu Hai said with a smile,Then stopped talking,Concentrate on reviewing memorials。
at the same time,In a deep mountain,There are three or four wooden houses,In front of the wooden house is a vegetable field,At the moment two figures are weeding in the vegetable field。
Zhao Gao threw the weeds in his hand onto the weed pile in front of the wooden house,Get up,Wiped the sweat from his forehead,Look towards the blue sky,He just felt like something was about to happen,but,Is a good thing,Not a bad thing,As one of only two third-orders in the entire world today,sometimes,His feeling is very accurate。

Love that doesn’t need body and mind,Even if only**Happiness is also good!

Several people on motorcycles kept whistling to Bai Lu,Aggression in the eyes,Without the slightest concealment。
“Poor mountains and evil waters create troublesome people,The configuration of this group of spoilers is really poor。”
Xiang Chen said to Bai Lu beside him,Did not control his own volume,It was also heard clearly by the youths around。
Bai Lu looked at Xiang Chen with some worry,Xiang Chen didn’t care,If it’s a master like Kuang Tianyou,Even someone with skills like Han Genji,Xiang Chen will retreat。
But facing social decadent youth,Xiang Chen really doesn’t know why he is so scared,Even though my injury is a bit serious now。
And without a doubt,Xiang Chen’s words successfully angered the young people who surrounded him。
Young and passionate,Plus Bai Lu is standing in front of you,It makes everyone’s blood surge。
Cursingly walked towards Xiang Chen and Bai Lu provocatively,I can let this pretty woman go today,But let her recognize5ulc.Clear a fact,That’s her man is a trash!
Bai Lu couldn’t help shaking,She can clearly see,Some people wear sharp weapons around their waists。
Five minutes later,Colorful youths are lying on the ground and wailing,And Xiang Chen, who overestimated his athletic ability, was also because of vigorous exercise,Caused physical discomfort again。
“Otherwise, let’s ride this!”
Bai Lu points to a battery car,She can control this at present,The most speedy means of transportation。
Xiang Chen looked at the other motorcycles,Ask Bai Lu with her eyes,Is it really sure,And the latter nodded firmly。
“How about we grab a car?”
Looking at Bai Lu inquiring about Xiang Chen,In your current physical state,It shouldn’t be a big problem to grab a car and drive。
“Let’s grab this one!”
Bai Lu’s eyes are firm,Xiang Chen was also helpless…
As an adult,Such a thing as no home at night,No one cares about Xiang Chen,But three shots,Not even a call to report safety,This is too much!

Actually, don’t look at Su Xuehen’s cold appearance,Actually, I was so nervous,But deliberately pretending to be a frankenstein,Cold road:“Go to my residence!Good wine there,Can relieve your nervousness。”

Talk about it,Su Xuehen bit her lips tightly,Bury your head and go。
Lu Menglin quickly followed behind,I thought I was nervous with a hammer!
but,Before going out,He still looked at Kim So Yeon apologetically,However, the latter gave him an encouraging look,Smiles like a little fox。
Lu Menglin followed Su Xuehen,Two people walking like flying,It’s obviously Su Xuehen who is afraid to meet an acquaintance,Walk fast。
quickly,The two came to a single-family villa,The intelligent identification system of the villa’s door recognized the owner,Opened the door very intimately。
“come in!”Su Xuehen’s voice will be like a cat crying,Not much different from hum。
Lu Menglin walked into the door curiously,The first thing that catches the eye is a small exquisite courtyard,I can tell,Su Xuehen has a high status in the City of Steel,This villa is well built,Every detail is almost perfect。
But it’s normal to think about it,She is not only an important figure in Heino Lab,Is Lu Menglin’s true girlfriend,Have these two identities,It’s hard not to be respected in the City of Steel。
Two pass by the courtyard,Walked into the villa door,Come to the hall。
Just entered,There was melodious music in the hall immediately,That is a guqin,Mountain stream。
Hear this elegant tune,The evil thoughts in Lu Menglin’s heart suddenly disappeared a bit。
“sit down!It seems you haven’t come back for a long time!”Su Xuehen greeted Lu Menglin to sit down,Then said with a bitter face。
Lu Menglin smiled,Casually:“Your place,I’m here for the first time。”
But when you say something,He regrets it,Because he knows,Su Xuehen means that she has not returned to the City of Steel for a long time,Haven’t seen her for a long time。
“No need to explain,You have explained!People in the arena,Can’t help it。We are in such a turbulent era,Want peace and simple happiness,Not easy。”Su Xuehen shook her head,Sighed。
Lu Menglin also has mixed feelings,Five flavors in the heart,If it weren’t for the invasion of the dark race,Opened the door to another world,I may be traveling the world with two confidantes,See the most beautiful scenery,Eat the best food,Not like now,Each side,Even the chance to meet is so pitiful。

Populus euphratica’s indirect crazy behavior,The system does not prohibit,Sure enough, it is a system full of loopholes,Not rigorous at all。

Populus estimates,Another ten days and eight days,The primary treasure hunter should be able to upgrade。
This speed,It’s definitely scary。To know,Others increase the amount of attention to 100,000,A lot of hard work for a year or two,It took even longer。
Populus euphratica,Just over ten days,To exceed 100,000 followers,On this live streaming platform,Absolutely rare。
To the place,Everyone is a little surprised。I thought Hu Yang would take Tang You and the others to a high-end restaurant,Who knew it was just an ordinary-looking tea restaurant on the street。
“Have eaten here a few times before,Pretty authentic,Who will come to Yangcheng in the future,Can come to this store,Not expensive,Authentic taste,Worth a try。”Hu Yang doesn’t mind putting up an advertisement for that tea restaurant。
After entering,Populus sit down,I didn’t even look at the menu,I ordered several dishes casually。
The viewers in the two live broadcast rooms have a look,I knew that Populus was not a lie,Must come often,To order food。Such a grounded tyrant,Get everyone’s goodwill again。
Tang You fixed his mobile phone,Do it now,Wash dishes and chopsticks with tea。
Hua Zi suddenly remembered something very funny,Sharing Road:“Speaking of washing dishes and chopsticks with tea,Suddenly remembered when the university was enrolled,There are several northerners in the class,Pour the tea directly,I can see that we are confused。”
This experience,Many people seem to have experienced。in the north,Dishwashing and chopsticks are really not popular。Tableware brought out by the store,Are all disinfected,Before they recognize,Washing dishes and chopsticks is fart taking off your pants——Superfluous!
“But not?Then I just drink it directly,Until graduation,Was also brought out by my roommate。”
“We are not popular,Feel unnecessary。”
“Southerners are hypocritical!”
“Can’t be hypocritical,Just a habit。”
“This kind of thing,Can’t say good or bad。But honestly,I am getting used to it now。I saw a cup that was not cleaned before,So I understand what the southerners do。”

“sisters,Are you too kind to sister??Bought me such an expensive office chair。”

Lin Yuna said:“How do you know this is expensive。”
Bai Qi said to him:“Although I haven’t bought this before,But anyhow I can see that this is a big name, right。”
“And it’s really comfortable to sit on。I’m not without touch,Speak,how much is it?”
Lin Yuna said:“I don’t know Xiao Fan paid,I don’t know how much,I just choose,how?You want to give me money。”
Baiqi said:“Of course not to give you money,I just want to ask。How expensive is this chair。”
Lin Yuna said:“I really don’t know about that, or I’ll help you ask Xiao Fan。”
Baiqi said:“Forget it。Don’t ask,I’ll just sit with peace of mind。How much do i care about him,Someone bought,I’ll just enjoy doing it,right?”
Lin Yuna said:“That’s right,How much do you care about him,Anyway, it’s on your desk now,Just sit at ease。”
Xiao Fan,Go back to the office and ask Wen Xu to tell him:“get ready,The corresponding documents for the video conference will be ready for a while。”
Wen Xu will do this right away。Xiao Fan thought about decoration,He asked Wen Xu:“Do you have a contact to find someone to decorate the Baiqi office?”
Of course not yet,He has to find someone to design before he can find someone from a decoration company to decorate,Then he said to Xiao Fan:
“not yet,boss,This one has to wait till tonight,After everyone in the office is off work, I will ask a designer to have a look。”
“Change the layout inside before you can continue to decorate,Because after all。People in decoration companies don’t know how to design,They only know Tu Dabai。”
Xiao Fan thought for a while,I think what Wen Xu said is right,Then Xiao Fan said:“That line,I’ll leave this to you。”
“I hope you can give me a satisfactory answer on Monday,Do not disappoint me,Do you know the consequences of letting me down,Right?”

Looking at Crawford’s tangled expression,Many Lucy felt a bit of pleasure out of thin air:“Isn’t the meaning clear??Mr. Crawford,from now on,Intel is no longer the only one for usCPUsupplier。

Oh,correct,Say hello to you in advance,Given the poor quality of Intel memory,Mr. Crawford,I suggest that Intel not participate in the day after tomorrowDRAMBidding for the project,This is better for Intel。”
People have to bow their heads under the eaves,Crawford feels like this now,When Intel is no longer unique to data research companies,Crawford’s greatest reliance is gone……Although Intel has received some news before,But blind confidence covers Intel’s eyes,right now,It’s time for Intel to pay the price:“Lady Dorothy,I admit,Previously, Intel was not careful and cautious in handling the relationship between the two companies,Intel agreed to your request,We can sign a draft share transfer agreement now……”
Without waiting for Crawford to finish,Dorothy looked at him pityingly,Shook his head:“Mr. Crawford,You still haven’t figured out one thing。”
Facing Crawford’s astonished and puzzled eyes,Dorothy said:“bossIn the beginning,Just hope to ensure the security of chip supply,But you refused without hesitationbossAfter the holding requirements,Intel will no longer be the exclusive chip supplier for data research companies,Do you understand?”
Can’t become the exclusive chip supplier of data research company……exclusive……
Become Intel’s CEO,Crawford is naturally not stupid,He immediately understood what Dolucy meant:Intel will not be the only chip supplier for data research companies,But it does not mean that Intel was kicked out of the data research company。
Fernandez·Chen needs Motorola chips to counterbalance Intel,But he’s not afraid that Motorola’s tail will be too big?Of course there is this worry too,As long as he is worried that Motorola will have moths on the chip in the future,Data research companies still need Intel。
Although it’s different from the previous treatment,,But at this moment,Crawford was still relieved:As long as Intel is not completely kicked out。
“I understand,”Crawford nodded:“What will Intel do?”
Dorothy took out a document from her bag,Push to Crawford:“Look at this document,Sign it if it’s ok。”
Open the file and glanced quickly,Crawford’s face instantly turned pale,My lips started to tremble,He looked up at Dolucy,Hard way:“Lady Dorothy,This……This……”
“how?”Dorothy raised her eyebrows:“Do you think this price is unacceptable?”
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First693chapter Career stains

Then Xiaowei’s phone came and hung up with a busy beep.。

Xiao Wei turned to look at Li Peng and his son,“You heard it too,Mr. Qin Feng said not to see you。Or you should leave?”
“That one,The security brother,Can you be accommodating,Or you give us his phone number,We can contact ourselves。”Talking,Li Sen pulled a stack of hundred-yuan bills into Xiaowei’s hand。
The latter counted,When the roll of bills is less than a thousand dollars, I satisfactorily handed Qin Feng’s phone number to Li Sen。
Jingle Bell——
Qin Feng looked at the phone,In the end, I reluctantly picked up the sound。
“Hey,Hello there,I’m Li Peng’s father Li Sen。And the owner of Dongcheng Hotel,I wonder if Mr. Qin Feng can let us come in and chat with you?”
“Ha ha.”
Qin Feng smiled and hung up the phone。When Li Sen called again, Qin Feng directly blocked the phone number of the other party.。
Li Sen is sweating,I feel that this cheating son of my own family simply cheated himself to death。
“Your prodigal stuff,What did you do that makes you hate you so much!”
Talking,Li Sen has a big mouth hitting Li Peng’s face。
“Mr,Almost done。This is an upscale residential area,Don’t use violence。Otherwise I want to invite you out。”Xiaowei received the money,So just a kind reminder。
“Yes,Yes,I know.”
Li Sen is now looking at Li Peng more and more angry,He is a big boss,When do I have to talk to a security guard?。These are caused by the bastard Li Peng,But this bastard was born by himself。
“Why did I give birth to you??”
Li Peng won’t do it anymore,You are a great father?“Who told you not to take safety measures,Isn’t it your seed to kill someone??”
Seeing Li Sen want to slap him again,Li Peng shrank back。
Li Sen points to Li Peng,But in the end he swallowed the cruel words back,“You bastard, wait for me,Do business first,I’ll pack you up later!”