Let’s not talk about his various backgrounds,I’m afraid that its own strength is enough to make them jealous。

After all, a lean camel is bigger than a horse,Although from the previous situation,The opponent is just an 8-Rank entering the Holy Realm level。
But according to what he knows,The real strength of the opponent is asking the level of the gods,And steadily ask the gods。
Master of that level,I am afraid that only the Patriarch can deal with it。
“go with,Check me,Especially the news about Dragon King,I must check it out!”
The ground is in full swing,As for this underground, it seems very calm。
of course,This is the situation seen on the surface,Since the woman in red,After Zong Xueqin takes Tu Cancan away,Except for the roaring sound of the dark river of the mountain stream,Nothing else。
however,Inside the magma cave,Xia Chenglong’s eyes opened suddenly,The figure hovered in mid-air in an instant,The gradually recovered right middle finger began to change an abnormal color。
Then the fingers go down,The hot magma disappeared,The endless darkness in front of me,That’s a depth that can’t even be touched by the Ninth Stage entering the Holy Realm,This is the power of Tianyuan Finger。
Take a breath,Looking at the effect he just created,Xia Chenglong smiled unconsciously。
This blow was not his full blow,Just simply stimulating the effect of Tianyuan Finger,Obviously very satisfied。
Just imagine,If he uses his current level to fully perform this“Tianyuan Finger”,I am afraid that even the masters who enter and leave the gods can resist one or two。
of course,“One sword”The second type estimate also has this level,But he still won’t。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Fortieth Missing person
You can do it in a hurry,That kind of powerful martial arts must be tempered for a long time.,It takes time。

Hundreds of representatives on site,Except for those who already knew about it,And most of the other people are all shocked,And marvel at it。

Who can imagine,The Earth Alliance is already silent,Made an earth-shattering event。
In a sense,It can be said to be a super event that changed the fate of mankind!
Since the contact between the alien space and the earth world,Humans completed the counterattack for the first time!Passively defended,Became the active offensive party。
Humans can also counterattack foreign space,And establish a stronghold on the opposite side,What an inspiring feat this is!
And what is more shocking is,Foreign space is not only suitable for human survival,And better than the earth world,Can make human mutants stronger!
This news,It means that mankind has since embarked on another new road!
Represents that the living space of mankind has been greatly expanded,Human beings are no longer alone,The race trapped on this blue planet,Mankind will have a new world,There is a vast land here,Richer resources than the earth world,At the same time there are new opponents。
Human beings trapped on earth,There have been no competitors for thousands of years。
Alien world invasion,For human society,Panic at first,Is a sign before the end of the world,But as time goes by,The era of national mutation begins,Not only did humanity not perish,But become stronger。
And now,The Earth Alliance has entered the foreign world,This represents that the war between humans and foreign life has just begun,Both sides have reached the same starting line。
And human beings are competing with other species,Never lost!
As soon as the exciting news broke,Immediately ignited the audience,Everyone can’t help but think,When mankind embarks on the journey of conquering foreign space,What a spectacular scene will be。
There used to be countless scientists,I imagined that mankind would conquer space,Scene of collision with alien civilization,Who can imagine,Man’s first external conquest,But arises from the conquering between space and space。
“right now,You should know how stupid you are!Join the Earth Alliance,Do you have any questions??”Chen Qingyun proudly said。
Kasuga Mingzi frowned,No answer。
some things,She doesn’t know whether to speak,Can you tell!

“Mr. Sanchez,Central Bank of Mexico issuance1000Billion pesos news?Time to shoot!”

Additional issuance1000Billion pesos?
For the shaky peso exchange rate,It’s nothing more than worse!
To know,The peso exchange rate is determined by the supply and demand relationship of the peso in the foreign exchange market,The peso is now facing a crisis of plunge because the peso has been sold too much,If the Bank of Mexico issues more pesos,This is the rhythm of suicide!
“no problem,Send now!”
Over the phone,Sanchez agreed quite simply。
After the call,Sato Junji is very proud,He leaned on the seat and raised his legs,Staring at Qiao Tianyu contemptuously as a winner,I really enjoy this moment of victory。
However at this moment,Qiao Tianyu didn’t let it last long。
“This time!”
Qiao Tianyu who closed his eyes suddenly opened his eyes,The right hand habitually pinches the nose twice,Shout in my heart。
Then Qiao Tianyu quickly picked up the phone,Also dialed a number,“let’s start!”
Qiao Tianyu just finished speaking,Came to Mexico immediately appeared on the foreign exchange market**Official news。
It’s just different from what Sato expected,The Bank of Mexico announced,Significant increase in Mexico’s domestic interest rates!
This news is completely the opposite of the news of additional pesos,Mexico raises domestic interest rates,Is to retain foreign capital,Increasing demand for pesos in the foreign exchange market,Increase the peso exchange rate!
This news comes out,Sato Junji, who was still triumphant just now, was dumbfounded for a moment,The smile suddenly freezes,There was an incredible face on his face。
What about the additional peso??
The said peso committed suicide?
I agreed to make money together?
How short a minute,The world has changed drastically?


Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Three Katsushika Hokusai
Followed by,Is a painting,Not like an ancient painting,More like modern paintings,Although the brush and ink use traditional Chinese ink,No painted dyes applied,But everyone feels that this painting is more suitable as an oil painting。
On the screen,Is a strong and powerful running horse,Overgrown with weeds、Running on the flower meadow,A few butterflies are flying around the horseshoe。
Corresponding to the poem of Meng Jiao, the poet of Tang Dynasty:Happy spring breeze!
but,This painting does not have any signature or seal,No way to study,Whose work is this。
The owner of the painting,Is a local collector。
According to his description,He got this painting accidentally。Nowadays,Borrow this event,On the one hand, I want to figure out,Whose work is it;on the other hand,In response to the call of the president of the antique association,Do something good for society。
“Everybody,May as well come and take a look,Identify it。”The owner of the painting gave everyone a fist。
At this moment,Someone asked in the live broadcast room,Could it be Xu Beihong’s paintings??
After all, good at drawing horses,And it’s still modern,The most famous is Xu Beihong。For many ordinary people,Maybe I only know such a famous horse painter。
Actually,A painter who is good at painting horses,Since ancient times。
For example, Han Gan in Tang Dynasty,Because he values sketching,So painting horses surpasses the ancients,Descendants of famous horse painters such as Li Gonglin、Zhao Mengfu had learned from him。
Han Gan’s most famous paintings,Just《Horse pasture》,Existing museums in Taiwan Province,Light color painting,Black and white horses,Huren rides one and controls two。Song Huizong Title“Han Qian’s original Dinghai Imperial Pen“character。Characters and horses are extremely vivid,The inscription in Huizong’s thin gold book is also very strong,Also has the Southern Tang Dynasty Imperial House Tibetan Seal,No doubt doing authentic work for Han。
It is said that,Han Gan in order to draw a horse,Often go to the stables,Observe the horse’s habits carefully,Compare and find out the characteristics of horses,Find out how the horse moves,And record all kinds of horses。
Like this for a long time,Various appearances of horses,Running majestic,The ever-changing dynamics,It is naturally displayed on paper when painting。So people praise Han Gan’s horses for being able to run。
Hu Yang watched for a while,Questions for the audience in the live broadcast room,He shook his head:“Not Xu Beihong’s。”
in fact,This possibility,Didn’t the owner of other paintings think about?Must have been identified,If it’s Xu Beihong’s paintings,I don’t think it will be used to contribute。

In this way, Xiao Fan can also relax a lot,Xiao Fan also felt very moved,My group of partners and my group of subordinates,I won’t cause any trouble to myself at any time。

They are like they were specially sent to do things for Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan can’t fault anything,After arriving, Xiao Fan took a short rest。
After all, he is very tired these days,Different voices between Lin Yuner and Liu Chunlan,Make Xiao Fan feel like he is in a noisy environment,In fact, if he encountered this situation before,。
May relentlessly choose the solution that suits you best,Leaving Lin’s house with Lin Yuna,But now he won’t。
Because people live long,After spending a long time with my wife and my father-in-law, I know how to get along,How to grasp a metric,Otherwise, it is very likely to be labeled differently。
Or let other people down,Xiao Fan also knew that many people would persuade him for his good,But Xiao Fan would never take orders from anyone,And will not easily change his mind,Anyone familiar with him knows this。
So Xiao Fan didn’t want to explain too much,Let’s do this for now,Wait until the summer vacation,When Xiao Fan arrives, he meets Yiming and Chu Yao
Then Yiming smiled and said:“Brother Fan, you can count it,The two of us are actually very busy here,But the boss on the opposite side always bites something and doesn’t relax,Makes us very embarrassed。
We are not the highest executive,So many things are not easy to conclude,Only when you come in person can you understand the ins and outs of everything。
If there is a slight error in the information we convey to you,It is very likely that this cooperation will bring us some losses。”
Xiao Fan nodded in satisfaction,He knows that Yiming and Chu Yao have always done things very rigorously,For both of them,If there is something that cannot be solved,Then it must be difficult。
Or something that can only be solved by Xiao Fan himself,Xiao Fan never doubted them at this point。
So I looked at them and said with a smile:“Do not worry,I won’t blame you,You are already working hard to do what you should do,Besides, I don’t know your strength,Since you have been able to do this。
Just say that face to face is really menacing,Then leave it to me,We will go back to China after the matters here are handled,Maybe you don’t care about things here often,Only remote control。
So this time we must be rigorous in all aspects,And be cautious,Can’t leave any trouble,But different from other ordinary branches,This is our real public company,And in the future it will be a big company in the world。
So we must arrange everything well,Otherwise, there may be problems later,We have to fly over to solve,Or there is no way to solve it,Do you understand what i said?”
Yiming and Chu Yao nodded,Of course they know what Xiao Fan means,The two of them have been with Xiao Fan for so long,Many times a silent understanding has been formed。
Even if Xiao Fan doesn’t say anything,Just a look,The two of them can know Xiao Fan’s instructions,Or what Xiao Fan asked them to do。
On this point, several of them have always been in good agreement,Then Chu Yao smiled and asked:“Fan,Didn’t you say you have something to deal with recently??We thought you would wait a few days before coming,I didn’t expect you to come right away。”

“correct,If I remember correctly,weAMC’S buffet lunch restaurant opens at noon today?”After signing a document,Chen Geng casually asked Leilani·Taylor asked。

“Yes,Yes,”Leilani·Taylor looked through the notebook,nod:“Are you going to see?”
Chen Geng then dropped the pen on the table:“Of course I want to see。”
for“Small government,Big market”For the United States,The mayor wants to be lazy,There is always a way to be lazy,And it’s the kind of upright,And what makes Chen Geng curious is,As the first day of restaurant opening,What will the workers say about the cafeteria?
Chen Geng was wondering how the workers would react,AMCThe car workers are actually thinking about a problem:as long as0.99Dollars,What kind of food can the facade of the cafeteria provide??Don’t be the kind that pigs don’t eat?
With this suspicion and scrutiny,The first workers who left work came to the newly built、Designed with steel structure、Two floors、The total area is as high as2600Square meter cafeteria,Just arrived at the restaurant door,The workers saw a huge white board,The content of the meal served today is written on the whiteboard,Looking at the food served today written on the whiteboard,The workers walking in the front were a little surprised……
“Egg Seaweed Soup,Cream soup……Ah!Soup alone6Species,sure。”Soup alone provides six kinds,This was a big surprise to the workers。
“More than soup,Look at the staple food provided,Have burger、Egg rice、Curry rice、French fries……There are dumplings,Very rich。”Types of staple food provided in the cafeteria,Also greatly surprised the workers、
“Look,Have fried chicken nuggets、Fried fish nuggets、Broccoli、Green beans、And shrimp……God!So many things,Really just need0.99USD!”
Have a rough look at the various soups and staple foods offered by the cafeteria today、Vegetables,The mentality of the workers suddenly collapsed:Such a rich variety of meals,As long as0.99USD?
“Yes,as long as0.99USD,”Michelle waiting here specially·W·Apple came out of the restaurant,I wore an apron decently,He shouted at the workers with a smile on his face:“Gentlemen,This is the welfare the union has won for you,Union pays part of the money,The factory pays part of the money,You personally contribute some more money,Let’s have a nice noon,I promise you,Lunch like this every day,Gentlemen,Are you satisfied?”
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
some things,You are not in it,I really don’t know what those gentlemen who are well-dressed in front of others can become rotten,And as far as Chen Geng knows,Among these world-class automobile manufacturers,More than half of the managers above the middle level are involvedD,of course,these peoplexiHeroineYThis kind of powerDThere are fewer products,MostlyDNot so addictive things like hemp。

“My son he?”

Ya Mucha saw Qin Feng kneeling on the ground,I feel a little uncomfortable,“Is such a lady.”
According to Qin Feng,Xiaoye was recruited into a special air force,Belongs to a national organization,But died in an air battle to defend the country!
of course,This is actually a scene,After all, people are gone,You can say anything。
Only Xiaoye’s mother can still understand。To know,She met the one in front of the team,I used to go out from their village to serve as a soldier。Later I heard that I was a company commander。
“Here is some cash,It’s Xiaoye’s financial subsidies,There is a compensation here.”
Chapter Three Hundred and Two Ultimate Fudge
Xiaoye’s family finally accepted the compensation from Qin Feng,Ten million is huge for the life of this family,There should be earth-shaking changes。
but,Their Xiaoye is the only seedling!The white-haired man gives the black-haired man,This is not to say how much money can be comforted。
But Qin Feng will leave the rest of the work to the company commander who leads the team.。Even said,If anyone dares to make this family’s idea,That is the family of the martyrs,This is a felony!The penalty will even be doubled!
of course,If this family wants to move to the city or something,They will also help with the official。Now it’s up to Xiaoye’s family to deal with it。
Qin Feng stayed in this small village for two days,Then go to the capital。
of course,Those classmates who originally followed him to the village finally returned to the border of Myanmar。According to what they mean,They lack exercise,More experience is needed to avoid this kind of sacrifice from happening again。
finally,Qin Feng just arrived in Beijing with Yamu Tea。
And when you get off the plane, there will be someone to pick you up。Don’t even have the rest of the time!

But now it seems,This teacher Hu probably put all his thoughts on generating income from the cram school,So I don’t care much about my own job。

But this is good too,At least he will not leave too bad memories for students,Just incompetent。
Teacher Hu came to the corridor,Students automatically separate a channel,He passed through the students,At the door of the small classroom,Take out the key,Ready to open the door。
Lu Menglin thought for a while,Decided to express his intentions before he entered the classroom,Because when Mr. Hu and his tuition students entered the small classroom,The tutorial session is about to start。
Maybe the inner soul is an adult,Lu Menglin did not regard this contact as a very difficult thing,So he didn’t expect Teacher Hu to react like this next。
“Hello teacher hu!”Lu Menglin strode forward,Greeted。
The skinny math teacher heard Lu Menglin’s greetings,Body stiffened slightly。
Because in the cram school,Everyone knows that they are paid for tuition,More of a sales relationship,No one will greet themselves enthusiastically。
“you?Problems?”Teacher Hu turned to look at Lu Menglin,Asked。
Lu Menglin was in the other’s cloudy eyes,Seems to see a trace of confusion,Can’t help but smile:“I am Lu Menglin, a student in your class,I want to learn math。”
“Oh!You wait!Stand aside!”Teacher Hu didn’t show any emotions,But a dull answer。
Lu Menglin Yiyan,Get out of the way,Standing by the corridor。

“what’s the situation?No time for your clock?Don’t give face?”Xiaoqu cold road。

Zhai Xiaoxin frowned,Looked at the people in the box,Suddenly patted the small window on the box door,Made two gestures at the people outside。
The ladies outside turned around and left,Not at all muddled,I guess it was called。
Zhai Xiaoxin turned his face,Sneered:“I know,You guys are here today!Want to fuck me?”
Liu Taosheng saw her look like this,Heartache again,Panic again,Shook his head quickly:“Do not,no!We didn’t expect to meet you。”
“Pooh!You are an idiot as an old lady!”Zhai Xiaoxin yelled viciously。
Liu Taosheng is sad,Shook his head:“you,How did you become like this?You are obviously not like this!You are in my heart.”
The voice has not fallen,Zhai Xiaoxin has choked:“enough!I never liked you,You are a fool!Do you know why I found you?”
Speaking of which,Zhai Xiaoxin looks around,The line of sight fell on Lu Menglin’s body。
“It’s him!He doesn’t accept me,I went to tease you on purpose,Just want him to regret!”Zhai Xiaoxin points to Lu Menglin,Sternly。
Uproar,Even Lu Menglin looked dazed。
Liu Taosheng’s face changed from surprised to stunned,silently

Out the window。

Waited more than half an hour,The opinion of the expert consultation came out。
Grandma got kidney failure,Currently diagnosed as acute renal failure,But because the old man is too old,Physical indicators are low,It is difficult to cure,And even if cured,It is also very likely to become chronic renal failure,Need long-term dialysis,High medical cost。
“one way or another,Treat first!”Lu Youshan waved his hand,Made a decision。
Grandma was pushed into the intensive care unit,Start treatment。
And the relatives from Mother Lu’s family,But three people around the landed family at the entrance of the hospital,Started to discuss a very practical,Also very specific question。
“There are mountains,Let’s talk about the ugly first,My family lost money in business this year,My mom’s medical expenses,I’m afraid your family should take more responsibility。”Uncle took the lead,Blocked a sentence。
My uncle and aunt looked at each other,The former said carefully:“I heard that the provincial hospital charges are high。My mother is sick,It’s another costly disease。The two of us have no abilities in the village,There are still 800 yuan in the fold,I don’t know if it’s enough?Can only.I can only do my best。”
Mother Lu shook her head,Eyes full of tears。
Dad Lu Youshan is acting extremely manly at this time,Morality,Gritted teeth:“Nothing!My mother still has me!I’ll find a way for money,Really can’t do,I first borrow from the factory。Help if you can,I can’t help。”
Mother Lu also sobbed:“We still have some money in the game hall,I’ll bring it back。If it’s not enough,I transferred the game hall out,Can get three to five thousand。”
I heard that the Lu family still had thirty to fifty thousand,Auntie’s eyes flashed suddenly。
Lu Menglin stepped forward,Hold mother’s hand,Shen Sheng:“mom,nothing。And me!You don’t have to sell the game hall。”
A while ago, I heard that my uncle and they made money by running a quarry in the country,Bought a big Dongfeng,Grandma is sick now,He immediately ran out of money。
Lu Menglin sneered in his heart,But I’m too lazy to say something。
People are doing,The sky is watching,Some things know horsepower far away,See people’s hearts,No need to say more。
Uncle and aunt also heard Lu Menglin’s words of comforting mother,The sarcasm on their faces flashed away。
“I say Menglin!Grandma loves you the most,I’ll give you all good things first,You have to do your filial piety during this time。But money matters,With your parents!Don’t mess with you as a kid。”Uncle smiled and said。