Evincent said chic,And don’t give anyone a chance to question or refuse,The screen returned to its usual state,The pedestrians on the road also spent some time digesting,And then return to his life。

No one cares about this episode where Evincent appeared on the screen,But Evincent has planted a seed in everyone’s hearts……
“Is the desire to be a star satisfied??”
Turned off all equipment,Robinson looks at Evincent,He understands why Evincent planned to rob the bank,Finally played so big。But what Robinson didn’t understand was,Why did Evincent show up for this live broadcast?,Such an effect is far from giving people a certain imagination and more faithful value。
“Play games!Naturally, let people know our hole cards,You have to be sincere。After today,I am god,I will leave the lowest level of life,I should be the spiritual leader in this society。I feel I can eat three catties of beef now,Eating half a roast duck,Drink a bottle of top wine。I can also start from now,Three days and three nights without sleeping,Then run like a madman。”
When talking,Evincent closed his eyes,Dancing,Seems to be enjoying the performance just now。
“You’re confident!I just often say things that people don’t understand。”Robinson exclaimed。
Evincent looked at Robinson,And then said:“Speak more principles,The easier it is。Someone told me,Life is like chess,Just pass one level after another!”
“Then you see the biggestbossYet?”Robinson asked with a smile。
“Sometimes very deep and big problems,It doesn’t have to be a deep reason;There is a little reason,Can make a fundamental change in your life,Like what you saw today,At least half of the people changed because of this。”
Ivincent tells Robinson an objective fact,Talking,Seems to have thought of something,Then he whispered to Robinson:“I am a person living in the dark,Seldom will the sun bathe in my heart,If someone like me is too easy for others to understand themselves,I can’t live to this day。But today in front of you,I can tell you honestly,starting today,I am the only god in this world!”
The smile on Evincent’s face is a bit naive,But Robinson knew this was not his real motive,Just what is this guy going to play,Robinson doesn’t know yet。
Evincent is not going to explain,Just looking at the screen in front of me,Watching the people there look like nothing has happened,Even the smile on Evincent is brighter。
It’s like the food eaten in the stomach changes its appearance after digestion,The money that I put into my pocket has changed over time,I want these people to take it out,Also impossible。
According to part of the poor thinking,The rich will only get richer,I can only keep working for the rich、Enslaved。Now there is a reasonable way to put your hard money back into your own pocket,Naturally, no one thinks that the money needs to be returned。As for the money of the rich,Do they really care about a bank’s money?Even care,It seems that it should be the responsibility of the bank,What does this have to do with me?
There are countless similar reasons,Brainwashing my own thoughts constantly,Even if I don’t need to contribute to it,Reasons and ideas are always there。Besides, there is a madman threatening to trouble those blood-sucking bugs,These people are more at ease,Just the parasite that the madman said,Who is not a parasite in this world?What formula can be calculated,This madman will have himself among the parasites he wants to eliminate?
Existence is reasonable,Reasonable is peace of mind。After a brief riot on the street,allxynewenergy.People have returned to their hurrying appearance,Go to their next destination with peace of mind。
It’s just that Evincent knows,As long as there is another robbery,There will be more people on the street。It’s like giving a kid a piece of candy,After he finished eating,Will wait for the second block,Isn’t it that many adults make children feel more impressed by themselves??
Put your feet on the table in front of you,Slide the chair under one’s butt back and forth。

Yao Yao didn’t know when he had an extra mirror in his hand,Pick and choose from yourself in the mirror,But feel invulnerable。

Yao Yao’s direction made Yan Xiaoyi even more ashamed,For the position of vice president,Yan Xiaoyi tried his best to make her tone sound peaceful。
“Boss,I don’t think we can compete with the cafeteria of Wanghai University and the private chef.,Business license alone,We may not be able to handle it in a short time,After all, the catering industry,The review is still very strict。”
When Yan Xiaoyi is talking,Always paying attention to Xiang Chen’s face,As long as there is something wrong,I immediately knelt down and apologized!
“You look,This is the profession!”
Yan Xiaoyi dare not confuse Xiangchen,Doesn’t it mean Yao Yao has to give Xiang Chen face,Yao Yao gets upset and Xiang Chen doesn’t need a draft at all。
“Gangster,Your beauty salon idea is also good,But have you ever thought that the living standard of college students has indeed risen?,But the girls here should not have the idea of going to the beauty salon。”
In this era when women call themselves little fairies,As long as it is a woman,Cruel facts,It’s just that Yan Xiaoyi tried to explain Yao Yao’s euphemism。
Feng Shui turns,Yao Yao was still ruthlessly laughing at Xiang Chen in the last second,Now Xiang Chen’s mockery is even more crazy。
“Can I take this kid to a place where no one is going to beat me up?”
Yao Yao points to Yan Xiaoyi,Speaking unkindly。
Yan Xiaoyi shut up suddenly,Look a little awkward,Don’t know what to say next,After all, Yao Yao looks very fierce。
But Yan Xiaoyi was not embarrassed for too long,Xiangyang’s cheerful voice saved Yan Xiaoyi who was at a loss。
“Brother demon,I didn’t expect it was really you!”
Xiangyang went crazy and waved to Yao Yao,If it wasn’t for Yao Yao desperately to stop,I believe that with Xiangyang’s enthusiasm,It will definitely hang on Yao Yao’s body at this time。

It turned out to be such a reason,Zhang Bo nodded,No longer say anything。

Liu Taosheng next to him doesn’t understand,Stunned:“I seem to be the first?Why don’t you tell me?Talk to him first?”
The two girls looked at each other and smiled,Don’t answer this
problem,But turn around,Left the classroom。
Liu Taosheng didn’t get the answer,Still thinking about it。
Zhu Xiaoguang laughed:“Want a ball!He is handsomer than you!So people look for him first。Think about it?Your head is silly reading!”
Liu Taosheng suddenly realized,Looked at Lu Menglin again,Nodded with a seriousness。
Lu Menglin smiled innocently:“This is also a reason?If you associate with them,Wait for them to see the leader,Isn’t it going crazy?”
“This is true!No way,We can’t let that kid show up。Otherwise, you won’t even get the soup。”Zhu Xiaoguang said seriously。
“forget it!That kid probably prefers to sleep,You may not be willing to go if you tell him。”Zhang Bo smiled and mended the knife。
really,at dusk,402The dormitory received a call from the female dormitory。
The voice on the phone is sweet and crisp,approximately402Dormitory participates in social activities。
“Go,Go!Go together!”Zhu Xiaoguang couldn’t be the most active about this kind of activities involving girls,Hurriedly yelled Zhang Luo up。
Zhang Bo has the best relationship with him,Naturally won’t refuse。
Liu Taosheng is already freshening up in the mirror,Don’t look at this old scholar who is usually stupid,It’s the critical moment that can solve lifelong issues,Unambiguous。

Soon,Liu Wenzhang is back with Gao Dajin。

Just walked in,Gao Dajin leaned forward with a smile,Said:“Boss Wu,You can make money this time?Is there any good business to take care of my brother??”
Other words with puns,I’m actually talking about the hunt for Elder Liu。
Elder Liu’s information was sold to Wu Hao,It turns out that the front foot is sold,Elder Liu was slaughtered,Know without thinking,Wu Hao definitely did this!
It’s just that Gao Dajin is not sure,Wu Hao did it himself,Or is there a master behind him to drive。
“If there is any inconvenient goods,give it to me!Guarantee fair price。”Gao Dajin smiled。
Lu Menglin shook his head,Tao:“Not needed yet。”
“Isn’t it?Then what are you looking for?Isn’t it because you want to kill someone??My little heart can’t stand fright!”Gao Dajin pretended to panic,Patting his chest。
if we assume,In Tianzun God City,What other people and forces Lu Menglin still can’t see through,Then Gao Dajin in front of him and the grassroots gang behind him,Even one。
Gao Dajin laughed and scolded,Looks gag,Not like a serious person,But he is the kind of person who can really solve problems。
At least Lu Menglin can’t get the top secret information in Prince Ning’s Mansion.,But Gao Dajin just got it。
And this guy is extremely cunning,As if nothing can be hidden from him in God City。
“okay!Lao Gao,It’s serious to see you!Tomorrow noon,I will have a party at the Guangming Dragon Temple,Public auction of our special products and long-term supply rights of Bairimen,You know。In addition,Don’t hide,I got a good ability from the sacrifice,I think there may be great business opportunities。Priest of Thunder,And the Sixth Prince,Have been notified,Every big family in the city will send people over。How about you?Your friends in the arena,Are you interested?How about joining in for fun?”

Hu Yang also smiled:“Director Liao,Our Antiques Association must not want to hear such news。”

Damn!Who are these people!There is another antique association。
Actually,The Antiques Association is more threatening than customs and other departments,After all, it is closely related to their industry。Although the Antiques Association is not a national institution,But its influence on antiques,Even better than the Cultural Heritage Bureau。
“Wait a moment,Drink tea,I’ll be there。Xiao Chen,Come in and greet everyone。”Director Liao made a decisive decision,I’m going to take those two guys。
He walked towards those two guys,Call to inform the top,Explain this matter。
The response from above was quick,Without hesitation, I abandoned those two for private work,Profit-seeking guy。If nothing happens,That little mess,They are too lazy。
But something like this,Still care about them?
“Row,Then I call the police。”Director Liao has confidence。
hang up the phone,He called the police immediately。
They move fast,Because they understand,The faster the reaction,The more you can separate the relationship,Even won everyone’s favor。
Expert Wang is still feeling sorry for the treasure just now、Annoyed,I didn’t know the danger was approaching。
quickly,Director Liao took a few security guards,Surround the two experts:“Wang Chong,Someone reported you,Use the name of free appraisal,Deliberately misidentifying antiques,For personal gain。I have called the police,You better stay away。”
Both Wang Chong were dumbfounded。

Phone vibrated。

Chen Wenjin saw Wang Shuai’s number,I waited for a while before connecting,Just talk:“Why did you call me so late??Run out of money?”
“Are you Wang Shuai’s uncle??”
“I’m,Who are you?”Chen Wenjin pretended to be surprised。
“Wang Shuai had a conflict with my friend,I’m here now,You have to pay for it,To take him away。”Xiao Wang on the other end of the phone does not suspect him,But just feel,It seems to have heard Chen Wenjin’s voice,And I think the voice sounds too young。
“What contradiction?How much do you want to lose?”Chen Wenjin guesses that Xiao Wang will not be able to confirm his voice,After all, Xiao Wang drank too much that night,He didn’t say a few words in total,Now I deliberately make my voice appear low,Also interferes。
“not much,Ten million。”The little lion opens his mouth,He’s not sure how much he can get,Just shout loudly。
“friend,How big a contradiction needs to pay 10 million?”
“What so much nonsense!Or take ten million to redeem people,Or collect him!”Xiao Wang deliberately threatened。
“such,Let Wang Shuai answer the phone first,I must confirm his situation。”
Xiao Wang called Wang Shuai,But stared at him and warned him not to talk nonsense。
Wang Shuai said to the phone:“it’s me,I’m fine,Get the money to redeem me!I save some money myself,The Big Dipper is located just north of the villa,There is a sign in the dark night,I saved tens of thousands!”
Xiao Wang suspects weird,Take the phone away,Pointing at Wang Shuai and threatening him viciously to shut up,Then said to the phone:“Ten million,Give you one day。”
“friend,10 million compensation is too expensive,I can’t get it out。”Chen Wenjin just finished,Xiao Wang said viciously:“Then collect his body!”
“friend,Your money,I want others to be safe。But the premise is that I took out so much,If you insist on ten million,I really can only collect his body!”Chen Wenjin pretended to be anxious,Xiao Wang on the other end of the phone was also shouting,Just ask:“How much can you tell?”

Jiang Chao almost didn’t turn the table,But I still cough to cover up my helplessness and embarrassment。No one threatened with resignation?You just came in the first day,We have all prepared your documents and information,This is just great,You actually said you want to resign。Isn’t all the work done before wasted??

of course,He also understood that Qin Feng was just talking,The purpose is not to dig him。
So after coughing, he got into the topic,“Say so,Should Long Qianyuan and Fang Kai be arrested and interrogated slowly??And our manpower is a problem,When to go to special forces to dig people?”
Qin Feng rolled his eyes,“Fat man,You are the minister,I’m just a deputy,Why are you asking me everything?”
“Do those who can do more!”The fat man smiled shamelessly。
Qin Feng helpless,Maybe this is Jiang Chao’s advantage,Able to completely put down his body and leave everything to Qin Feng to do,Not everyone has this kind of courage。
To know,Once Qin Feng has any other ideas,His Tamron unit will be abolished!
Qin Feng finally sighed,“Fang Kai can bring it back。Otherwise, he might be ready to run away,After all, so many people were kicked by us today,If he is not stupid, he has already reacted。He should have a lot of clues。of course,I have asked Luo Cheng to do this。As for Long Qianyuan,Can you find him?”
Qin Feng is a little helpless,Long Qianyuan disappeared after the two Cleaners entered the country。Afterwards, in order to make Shenglong Group start up again,The man in charge of the banner is his son Long Shaoyun。
If it is not for the instability within Shenglong Group,Long Shaoyun takes a lot of time to deal with housekeeping,Presumably at this time Shenglong Group will once again do something against Qinfeng Company。After all, those companies are owned by Long Shaoyun。
“Then do as you said。rest assured,Now we work together,You handle it internally,I am responsible for the external contact。you know too,There are four special warfare departments in the Sifang Guard House,Actually, we are fighting over and under。After all, everyone wants to say that they are China’s first special forces。But you don’t care about it,You are responsible for helping with training and getting people to track down spiders.。”
At this time, Jiang Chao patted his fat chest and promised。
Qin Feng could only shake his head helplessly。
The other side,Fang Kai of Angel Investment Company asked the driver to drive towards the airport。On the other hand, he pretended to be a sick patient and called a taxi to go to the port.。
He found some people to answer,But if you can,He doesn’t want to fight in these places。
In fact, he was so scared to sweat today。
He didn’t care about Jiang Tao’s transfer last night.。I think Jiang Tao offended the senior management on a certain occasion。So he continued to callACity deputy。

Qin Feng shrugged noncommittal。

I heard Qin Feng didn’t return to himself,The black glasses smiled suddenly。
This one must be a pity,“Just like you,It’s hard for me to win,Don’t even mention Wu Lang boss。But no wonder,Lu’s strength,It’s commendable to invite you to compete。”
Or the guard has a hot temper,I heard the black glasses ridicule,The jeep stopped suddenly。
“Don’t think I’m afraid of you,Go heads up now!”
Captain Honggu can’t help it anymore。
Yang Yinyin, the co-pilot, originally wanted to watch the excitement,See if the black glasses can provoke Qin Feng,As a result, Qin Feng remained silent,Doesn’t seem to say he is the same,Made Yang Yinyin very disappointed。
At this moment, she had to make a noise,Tao。
“Captain, don’t be angry,It’s not good to delay the bosses’ time。Brother Wu Lang, tell me about your friend,Jiang is very good and Lu is very good,We are all friends!”
It’s useful if you are still a girl,Especially beautiful women like Yang Yinyin,All of a sudden the smell of gunpowder in the car was fanned away。
Wu Lang just spoke up。
“okay,Give Yinyin some face,Let’s talk about the result of the test,Maybe this brother invited by Boss Yang,Really shine。”
I heard Wu Lang give her face
child,Yang Yinyin wrinkled her nose proudly,Replied:“Thank you Brother Wu Lang,But this guy is definitely not as good as yours,He also knows how to use fur!”
Qin Feng couldn’t help but touch his nose。
Even Jiang Yan’s best friends admire Wu Lang so much,An awkward and proud atmosphere floated in the car。
Not long,The jeep stopped。
“You can remove the eye mask。”
Qin Feng heard the words,Opened my eyes one after another。

Yang Chunsheng is hot,Happy smile:“good to eat,milk,I still want to eat。”

Look at the old lady very happy,Tao Zhenzhen took one and handed it to Yaya,“Come,Yaya eat one too。”
The old lady rolled her eyes,He snatched the balls from Yaya,“Little girl knows how to eat,Wait for the new year to eat,I have eaten it now?”
Yaya’s little hand is stained with oil from balls,She put her little hand in her mouth and wrapped it,Licking,Seeing greedy eldest brother, second elder brother and third elder brother are all eating delicious meatballs,Turned around and threw tears on Tao Zhenzhen,Holding her leg,Pointing at the balls:“Aunt,Eating pills。”
Tao Zhen really doesn’t know that the old lady is not happy because she is not a granddaughter,I still don’t want to see you because Yaya is a little girl,Such obvious difference makes her very unhappy。
She doesn’t care about the old lady’s eyes,Pick up a meatball,Reach out to feed me,I see how you snatched the balls from my hand?
The old lady sees that she doesn’t listen to her,I want to scold as soon as my eyebrows stand,But when I saw her cold brows,I don’t know why I suddenly remembered that she was clamoring to go“Police station”if,She snorted,Muttering,“Little girl used to film her!”
Did not scold it,Let Zhu Yuxia keep her lips secretly:The old lady is really watching people order dishes,This third new wife is amazing,The old lady dare not bully her like the first one。
Zhu Yuxia’s two sons are called Chunshan、Chunjiang,See ya ya eat,He Chunsheng quickly stepped forward and grabbed a few balls in his hands.,The old lady looks distressed,“I’m going to finish it before Chinese New Year,Hurry into the house,Can’t eat anymore……”
She didn’t finish,Tao Zhenzhen ignored her black face and took one into his mouth,“I have a taste,Oops not bad,Just some scum,I guess a piece of tofu will taste better。Ersao, try next time。”
Chapter 21 Share gossip
The old lady is too impatient,About to get angry,Tian Yuxiu is here,Holding half a bowl of fried meatballs,Smiled as soon as he entered the room:“You guys do croquettes too?By coincidence,I just fried some tofu balls,Can incense,Bring you some。Come,Weiguo Wife,You take it and pour out the bowl for me,I’m waiting to go back to make lunch!”
Half bowl of meatballs,Pretended not to be true,It doesn’t add up much,But in this era, only close people can afford balls,Tao Zhenzhen looked at the old lady with a sullen face and said nothing,Smiled and took it and poured it into my empty bowl,“Thank you second aunt。”
Tian Yuxiu smiled very gently,“Xie Sha is a family。Sister-in-law,I’ll go back first。”
Tao Zhen really hurriedly grabbed half of his own fried meatballs in the empty bowl,“Auntie took it back and tried our fried food,My second wife’s craftsmanship is pretty good。”
Tian Yuxiu did not refuse,Took it and said with a smile:“Ouch,Weiguo’s wife is sensible,generous,Row,Auntie also taste your meatballs,”She walked two steps to the door,About to open the door,Suddenly turned around,With emotion on Tao Zhenzhen:“Damn,I just said that you are not like that,What a nice boy,Have a good time with Weiguo,That’s also a good boy,what a pity……”Shook his head and left,Tao Zhenzhen left confused,What a pity?

“What right do you have?”

“Isn’t the Earth Alliance guarding over there??Why does the news come out from here?”
“What did Taoist Li Shixing tell you??What’s the situation on the Earth Alliance?”
“What about the city of steel?Can the City of Steel be opened for us to enter?”
For a time,Various problems,Flocked to Lu Menglin like a tide。
Almost simultaneously,All major forces on the earth have received this news,Their heads can pass satellite signals,Received the news from Jingshengu immediately。
as expected,The news from the Earth Alliance came back,The spatial passage of the three red zones,They were all shut down from the stronghold。
This is obviously a premeditated operation,And no doubt,Someone who can do this,Absolutely high-level in the Earth Alliance,And the most likely person,The Taoist Li Shixing who has died heroically。
Then,To escape from the earth world,Only hope,Fell on the man in front of me,The City of Steel has become the last choice for everyone。
For a time,All the representatives present,All staring at Lu Menglin with piercing eyes,The audience went from boiling to silence,Everyone wants to know,What does Lu Menglin think?!
According to Li Shixing Taoist,When there is only one road left in the city of steel,Then Lu Menglin who controls the City of Steel,It is equivalent to jamming the lifeblood of all forces on the earth,Can integrate their power without scruples,Unless they want to be trapped and die on earth。
As for the other way for mankind,Just go to outer space,But with human current aerospace technology,Still far from reaching the level of interstellar immigration,Besides, human beings don’t even have a destination,Not feasible at all。
And Lu Menglin,Is the most suitable person to lead human beings into a foreign world,He has an extremely strong personal power,A powerful army in his hands,There is another human fortress called the City of Steel,The most important thing is that he has opened up the situation in Shenmin Continent,Recognized by the god nation,Only entrust the fate of all mankind in his hands,Is the most promising。
As for what specific arrangements Lu Menglin will make,Is to let the high-level powers of various countries enter the city of steel first,Still use personal strength as the criterion for entering the city,These are not considered by Taoist Li Shixing,He is just responsible for the direction of human destiny,Guide to the most suitable angle。
Lu Menglin’s eyes swept across the audience,What I see are faces of expectation,Among them there are already hot eyes,There are also envy, jealousy, and hatred under careful hiding。