Living room bedroom,bathroom,Everything in the kitchen,All complete,So everyone thinks they can even stay here forever,Don’t go back,Obviously everyone has this idea。

But in fact everyone understands,I still have to return to my life,They should come here often in the future,Because Shen Lin and Su Ran haven’t been here yet,I will definitely bring the two of them here,And Fan Lao。
Everyone will enjoy life together,Although only a few of them came this time,But it’s still very interesting,Also very lively。
After a few people have packed their things, they are going to go down and eat something first,After all, I didn’t eat anything when I came here.,Especially small nian gao,Growing body,I’ll be hungry soon,So everyone hurriedly prepared for dinner。
Everything is what Xiao Fan arranged to eat,Are also quite distinctive,Because I live near the sea,So the seafood is very fresh,They had a very hearty seafood meal。
Especially small nian gao,I seem to be interested in seafood,When Bai Chen was at home before feeding him seafood, he would frown。
But I don’t know why I eat so much here,Maybe it’s because of environmental impact,I might want to eat seafood when I see the sea,Bai Chen thinks so。
Actually everyone thinks it might be caused by mood,When you feel better, you can eat more,Because everyone has a better appetite when they are happier。
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty Five Salvation
Everyone had a meal,And ate very happy,It’s getting late now,I wanted to go for a walk at night,But I am afraid that the sea breeze will be cooler。
Although the weather is slowly getting hot now,But I’m afraid that the small rice cakes will be cold,So Gu Jin and the others decided not to go out,It just so happens that Lin Yoona feels a little tired after being in the car today,And Xiao Fan stayed in the house。
Chu Yao and Yiming are not tired,So the two of them wanted to take a walk on the beach,Because both of them always want to have their own space。
So many days,Although we can always be together,But basically they are bothered by work,Seldom can say a few words,Or quietly guarding beside each other。
Such time is precious to them,Although short,But I am very happy,Xiao Fan knew that the two of them hadn’t lived their own time for a long time.。
So I let them play well,Don’t come back too late,Tell Xiao Fan what happened,But Yiming and Chu Yao went out。
To the beach,Sea breeze blowing on you,Make people very sober,Yiming takes off his jacket,And put it on Chu Yao,Say don’t catch a cold。

Wang Shuai glanced at the girl,Just say:“Whatever you lose?”

“Yes!She is shy,I can call the shots for her。”The red-haired girl agreed very simply,The friends around her blush,Very embarrassed,Strike the hair repeatedly,Did not speak。
“Today you two are doomed to lose。”Wang Shuai directly digs out Chen’s pocket,Took the wallet out,Show the fake car ID and ID card to the two girls。“Oh oh!”
“Isn’t it?He buys a car and still uses his name?”The red-haired girl was surprised。They obviously don’t know,I can’t get a certificate at this age。
“He can do this by himself,Still have to ask at home?”Wang Shuai took advantage of the opportunity to pay for Chen Wenjin,I installed my ID again,I put my wallet away:“Put it here,Don’t forget to get off。”
“Why don’t you wear a watch?”The tall girl is very confused,Her friend also looked at Chen Wenjin who was driving,Obviously also interested in this question。
Wang Shuai said with a smile:“I have a friend,Used to be his girlfriend,She told me that she went out once,They were just together not long,My friend asked angrily why he didn’t hold her hand after shopping together for so long!”
“why?”The two girls listened very carefully,I don’t know that Wang Shuai is purely a friend from nothing。
“He said to my friend:‘How tired to handle!’”Wang Shuai’s tone,Successfully amused the two girls。
Those two girls were stunned,I couldn’t help laughing immediately,Looking at Chen Wenjin in disbelief:“You are too lazy!”
“so,Think about it,People who are tired of holding girlfriends,Can he wear a watch?”Wang Shuai knows that Chen Wenjin is not willing to play,I just happily chatted with the two girls。
“Then he has a girlfriend?”really,The focus of the two girls’ attention is this。
“Don’t mention it,Later, my friend was sent to study abroad by his parents,They two broke up。”Wang Shuai said again:“Both of us are the same,Believe in fate,I like the feeling that love at first sight burns with passion!”
“You like it,Not i like!”Chen Wenjin knows that Wang Shuai deliberately pave the way,Love at first sight burning with passion,That is to push directly,I hate if I lose time。

Although I understood Jack in an instant·Welch’s“Selfishness”,But Chen Geng agreed without hesitation:“can,no problem,tell him,As soon as possible。”

Jack·Welch was secretly relieved,Nod hurriedly:“OK,boss,do not worry,”Finished this,Jack·Welch paused,Then continued:“And one more thing,boss,To better develop the European market,I think not only we must continue to increase our investment in the World Rally Championship,And it’s time for us to marchF1Match,What do you think?”
As the crown jewel of formula racing,Chen Geng pairF1The competition is certainly no stranger,althoughAMCAlso participated in the North American Formula Car,And the results are pretty good,But it’s like jack·As Welch said,in caseAMCWant to gain a better market share in Europe,In addition to the World Rally Championship,F1Is an inevitable barrier。
no way,Consumers in the European market recognize this:How good is the product you are talking about,Then you goF1Get a good place in the competition。
PS:Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
Jack·Welch recommends James at this time·McNerney served as the head of preparation for the European R&D Center,The intention is also clear:If James·McNerney made smooth preparationsAMCEuropean R&D Center,To his credit,Enough to be the head of the newly established European branch,Then,James·McNanico becomesAMCThe few super bosses who are qualified to sit on the side,Jack in the future·After Welch’s retirement,He is even qualified to succeed Jack·Welch’s current location。
Although I understood Jack in an instant·Welch’s“Selfishness”,But Chen Geng agreed without hesitation:“can,no problem,tell him,As soon as possible。”
Jack·Welch was secretly relieved,Nod hurriedly:“OK,boss,do not worry,”Finished this,Jack·Welch paused,Then continued:“And one more thing,boss,To better develop the European market,I think not only we must continue to increase our investment in the World Rally Championship,And it’s time for us to marchF1Match,What do you think?”
As the crown jewel of formula racing,Chen Geng pairF1The competition is certainly no stranger,althoughAMCAlso participated in the North American Formula Car,And the results are pretty good,But it’s like jack·As Welch said,in caseAMCWant to gain a better market share in Europe,In addition to the World Rally Championship,F1Is an inevitable barrier。
no way,Consumers in the European market recognize this:How good is the product you are talking about,Then you goF1Get a good place in the competition。
Wonderful book house

“Row,When the time comes,Send me the location。”Qin Feng was too lazy to attend the class reunion,But I heard Zhang Dong say that,It’s not easy to refuse,It just happened to be nothing serious these few days,It doesn’t hurt to go。

“Great boss,We’ll be fine soon,I’ll send it to you。”Zhang Dong didn’t expect Qin Feng to promise so happy,Very happy。
hang up the phone,Qin Feng has no sleep,Thought a lot of things。
I think I will soon have a company,It’s time I should get myself a car,I attended the class reunion the day after tomorrow,I can’t ride my own broken motorcycle.。
Early next morning,Jiang Yan and Wang Mengmeng are not awake yet,Qin Feng has already left。
After going out,Qin Feng thinks of Zhang Dong,Thinking that he will follow him immediately
Division,And he had a broken van before,It’s also because it doesn’t work anywhere,Car accident,Wang Yuanyuan almost lost her life。
That car was also scrapped,No repair value,So just get them a car,It’s easier to go out to do errands in the future。
And the three million that I had pitted from Liu Huimin before has also been paid,Spend a million to buy a car,Two million left,So Qin Feng called Zhang Dong。
After hanging up,Qin Feng and Zhang Dong have an appointment in a big automobile city。
Not long after,Zhang Dong one step before the Qin style,Already waiting at the gate of the car city。
“Boss,You came。”After seeing Qin Feng,Zhang Dong greeted him。
“Just drive by yourself,where are they?”Qin Feng wanted both Liu Yuhang and Li Yang to come,But when I came here, Zhang Dong was the only one,So asked。
“what,The two of them contacted classmates at home,Didn’t you say that the classmates will be reunion tomorrow。”Zhang Dong explained。
“what!Who thought of a sudden class reunion?”Qin Feng asked lightly。
“Isn’t this Yuanyuan had a car accident?,Then some students who contacted before found out,Come to see her in the hospital,You said it’s been so long,Why should I invite others to eat?,While eating,I just had a short chat with the parents。”

Qin Feng was not surprised by this answer,rThe city is really the same as the sky light said,Extremely complicated,These people are tied together,Fight together。

Other way:“Got it,Go ahead and implement the planned plan。”Finished,He hung up,From the hotel’s floor-to-ceiling windows, look towards the main road where people come and go,Smile。
The sky at this time is densely clouded,A rainstorm is approaching。
Early next morning,Song Litao wakes up early as usual,Drinking sauerkraut and millet porridge,Watch the news。
There is a piece of news in the news,Talking about yesterday afternoon and evening,Someone noticed,Normal flow raterThe city airport received far more planes than usual,Looks very unusual,rSomething big may happen in the city。
And this watcher,Also posted this message on the web forum,And made various nonsensical guesses。
This question even got on the local hot search,TV reporter captured the news point,Contact the airport,But the airport said there is no comment,Everything is normal at the airport。
Saw this news,Song Litao sneered,Shook his head,Sighed,News is becoming less and less serious now,Such news is boring,What is the value of reports。
At least the broadcast is useful for the common people,Like the news from his company yesterday。
If he knew the consequences of what the news said,He wouldn’t think so。
After breakfast,He took a break,Then drove out to Fangyuan International Hotel。
Here today,He and Sun Yongli will fight back against Qin Feng,Get Ding Kun out。
Come to the hotel lobby,I saw forty or fifty young people,Are wearing suits and ties,His face suddenly showed disappointment。


text Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Announced
? When the child Zhou Zhuoqun sat back in front of the game console again,I just feel the constant humming in my ears,There seem to be voices of doubt in all directions。
He is completely out of shape,After all, he is only less than seventeen years old,The fragile nerves of a teenager can’t seem to bear such a heavy pressure,Full of distracting thoughts。
And his opponent,Kim Jong-hui from the Korean team is full of confidence,In great condition。
The opponent’s infinite kills are banned,Mentality will inevitably be greatly affected,This is a rare opportunity。
Although many players will feel a little invincible,But who would really care about such things!At least from the game rules,No problem at all。
The game continues。
The child’s Iori only has blood,Plus I am completely absent,Was quickly killed by Kim Jong-hui’s Kagura Chizuru。
Second round,Kagura Chizuru to Daimon Gengoro。
Kim Jong-hui’s Kagura Chizuru played very well,At the beginning, it hit the door with a heavy hand.,Then take a congratulatory message,Hit the door continuously,The blood volume is over half in an instant。
Lu Menglin shook his head repeatedly,Unexpectedly in 1998,Someone played the skills of Kagura Chizuru to such a superb level。
Even if it’s him,I also think that when the masters use Kagura Chizuru,Is the most difficult to deal with。
Hit Kagura Chizuru,Basically rely on gambling,Take it away if you win,If you make a wrong bet, you get beaten yourself,Is a very tricky character。
The kid’s Iori Gengoro played reluctantly,In the end, it was reduced to a situation where only heavy legs could exchange blood with the opponent。
quickly,Daemon Gengoro was killed by Kagura ChizuruKO,There is only one character left in Team Menglin。
Kim Jong-hui’s Kagura Chizuru still has nearly half of his health.,After adding the victory and blood,Reverted to two-thirds of his blood。

“Times have changed,The outside world has changed。Only our Liufang has not changed,Be beaten if you fall behind!”

“Secretary Li, don’t think so,Aren’t we changing?If it doesn’t change,Why would you let the Lu family guy come on stage and do it casually?。”
“Ugh!Hope it can change for the better,Don’t mess up。”
Leaders, you say a word,Talking and talking in the audience。
Activities in the factory before,Every process link is repeatedly confirmed,Including every show on stage,Have been tried many times,There is no new feeling for the leaders。
But this year’s Spring Festival,Even the factory leaders don’t know what the links are,What will be arranged,So they are inevitably curious。
But for the leaders,As long as the counterparty’s investment is in place,Real money will be forgotten,As for the activity,What does it look like,What does it matter。
Even if it really messed up,President Lu Youshan was also responsible。
“Look,So many reporters!How is this going?Who invited so many reporters over?”A sharp-eyed leader saw a large group of reporters enter the venue,Exclaimed quickly。
These reporters carry long guns and short cannons on their shoulders,Video camera、camera,Long microphones should be available,Hard to recognize。
At least 30 media reporters came to the scene,Big scene,Makes the factory leaders feel pressured。
In the past, their attitude towards reporters was to stay away,Because the reporter came to Liufang,Or report industrial pollution,Either interviewing poor laid-off workers,All negative news,And dare not offend these uncrowned kings,So of course the factory leaders have a headache。
But this time,These reporters flocked,The purpose is to report on the rebirth of Liufang,Reported the launch of the country’s first game theme park project,It feels different。
The one responsible for receiving reporters is《Game time》Uncle Ji Hu,As a senior media person,He is not unfamiliar with the major media across the country。
Most of the reporters here are his juniors,Whether you know it or not,You have to give Uncle Jihu a face。
As one of the main media responsible for reporting,In order to support the boss returning home,《Game time》Of course take the whole team
It’s all here,All the advanced equipment is on,Treat this Spring Festival as a big news in the game industry。

usually,Other major anchors,There are also activities to give back to fans,Send a few mobile phones,Buy people’s hearts。

Can be compared to Hu Ge,That’s how little it is。
of course,Someone may want to leverage:Was it sent by the anchor himself??Is it sponsored by Lao Fengxiang and Song Jewelry??
but,If it’s not Populus,Will Lao Fengxiang and Song Jewelry sponsor??Obviously not,It’s all because of Brother Hu’s face。To know,How much did Hu help them to recover?Hundreds of thousands of sponsorship fees,Everyone is willing to come out!
At this moment,A middle-aged man who was almost half bald walked towards Populus and the others。
While walking,And stretched out his hand:“Boss Zhao,long time no see。”
Song Ying is a little helpless,I didn’t expect him to come over。Not bad,This is her father,The head of Song Jewelry。
front,It didn’t take long for the material to be sold to Chow Tai Fook,He called,Scolded。Song Ying talked about the process,Among them, there are inevitably the language of Ge Tian,Very dissatisfied with it。
After learning that the fast material finally collapsed,Dong Song was silent for a while,So he said he was coming over。
Song Ying thought,Is kidding,Come here after all,It takes about two minutes?Does the company have nothing to do??
in fact,Song Dong ran over,Not only because of the conflict between her daughter and Ge Tian,Also because of Xin Zhao。I learned that Xin Zhao was there,Came here specially。
In addition,There are also young people who want to meet their daughters,See if there is a chance,To the boat of Song Jewelry。
“Mr. Song?Lucky meeting,Lucky meeting!this time,You Song Jewelry,Make a lot of money,Congratulations!”Xin Zhao dealt with,Seem polite,Actually not much sincere,Business only,And not deep。
“Haha!Tongxi,Tongxi!Compared with Boss Zhao,That’s far away。Listen to Xiaoying,Thanks also to Boss Zhao for the reminder,Otherwise it will be miserable。”
Xin Zhao shook his head:“I dare not take credit,Real hero,It’s my brother。”
Talking,Still a little unhappy,I believe your daughter said this too,Mention Xiao Hu。But your words,Although licking me,But subconsciously ignored my brother。
Mr. Song only looked at Populus:“I heard that,Thanks to this little brother this time,Thanks!What will be the difficulties in the future,Our Song Jewelry can help,Despite opening。”
Seems generous,But it’s actually a blank check,Not sincere。
of course,Hu Yang doesn’t care。Can he have any difficulties?I never thought about how they would return,So there is no disappointment,But it is certain that the favorability of this middle-aged person has declined。

But all this is over,Dust to dust,Soil return,The Blood Demon didn’t bother to think about these things that bothered him.。

But at this moment,The blood demon’s expression became tight and his complexion suddenly changed,He glanced in the direction of his cave entrance,Then I felt a very familiar breath,This breath is not Xia Chenglong’s,Who else?
When the blood demon felt this breath,The look on his face suddenly became wonderful,A little bit more surprised and horrified above the expression,His face suddenly became heavy。
The Blood Demon King at this time,Xia Chenglong glanced in the direction,His face is mostly solemn。
At this time, the Blood Demon heard Xia Chenglong shouting at the entrance of the cave:“Hand over quickly,Murong Ningbing,I will spare you,Otherwise, don’t blame me for being cruel!”
Xia Chenglong’s words contained a little bit of real anger,Sound is good,Strong penetrating power in the blood demon cave for a long time。
The Blood Demon heard Xia Chenglong say this,The expression on my face suddenly became wonderful,But they have already hit their door,I have absolutely no reason to swallow。
So at this time, the Blood Demon also uttered a violent shout,And then immediately towards the entrance of the cave,Just skimmed over。
The Blood Demon and Xia Chenglong stood in the air,At this time, everyone in the Blood Demon Cavern raised their heads.,Looked towards the sky。
Everyone saw the Blood Demon King and Xia Chenglong,Looking at each other,The other party will not do anything first。
Because they both knew,If you do it yourself,High probability of losing,But Xia Chenglong still has the Dragon Sword in his hand after all,Own Long Yin,See Xia Chenglong,Can save the previous one is different。
A swordsman has a good sword,This is not a simple question of adding one to two。
Xia Chenglong’s mouth rises slightly,Evoked a playful smile:“Today I give you a chance,If you can’t grasp it,Don’t blame me for being cruel!”
When the Blood Demon heard Xia Chenglong say this,do not know why,An unspeakable emotion suddenly emerged from my heart。
“Kid,It’s a mule or a horse,Just talk about it,Just talk about it,This is not possible!”
Xia Chenglong’s mouth rose slightly,A little sneered,Then he spit out a few words gently:“Since you are looking to die,Then I really can’t blame this seat!”
After Xia Chenglong finished speaking, he directly poured his true energy into the Dragon Yin Sword,Slightly exert your legs,Towards the blood demon, just skip over。

Before Chen Geng,Although there are also precedents of Chinese serving as mayors of certain cities in the United States,But those cities are not so much“city”,It’s better to say it’s a county seat……A city that doesn’t even have Wal-Mart, the largest supermarket chain in the United States,Embarrassed to call myself“city”Is it?

In addition,Chen Geng’s appointment also created a lot of history,such as:
He is the first in American history to receive the President and Secretary of State of the United States on the day he took office.、White House Chief of Staff congratulates the new mayor on the phone;
He is the first American mayor to receive a congratulatory call from the heads of state of China and the United Kingdom, two permanent members of the United Nations, on the day of his appointment.;
He is the first day in American history to take office,The governor of the state where he lives with all members of the state cabinet came to the scene to congratulate the mayor of the United States;
He is the first mayor in U.S. history to receive a message from a trade association on the day he took office;
He is also the first in American history to deliberately move the start date of the Major League Soccer and Major League Football to today.、To celebrate his appointment as mayor……
be honest,When these news came,Even the common people of Detroit are suppressed:We all know that Mr. Fernandez is very goodX,But he is so awesomeX?!
Bros,long time no see
Brothers,long time no see,Long time no billing chapter,It’s been almost three or four months,The reason why there is no billing chapter for so long,One is because the previous update was not strong,For an author, the update is not strong and there is no face to send a single chapter.,The second reason is that everyone was fighting the epidemic before,Thousands of years are silently praying for our nation like everyone,Just keep some words in my heart。
But today,Different。
on the one hand,Our anti-epidemic situation has fully improved,Today, we went around for a thousand years,In addition to the catering industry on the street,The other stores have basically opened,This shows what?It shows that with the concerted efforts of our whole country,The most difficult stage has passed,As the saying goes,Difficulties,Thousands of years firmly believe that the difficulties this time cannot help our Chinese nation,I can’t help the readers brothers who have lived for thousands of years;
On the other hand,This is not last month’s update, it’s a good idea,Thousands of years this cheeky came out again,I hope to use the character that I saved for a whole month last month to ask everyone for a guaranteed monthly pass。
As for the last one,Write here,It’s almost finished,About two or three months,The new book has also been conceived,And have already written part of it,and so,In the last few months of this book,I also ask you brothers to give more strength to the millennium,here,Thank you brothers and sisters for thousands of years。
Sincerely, Millennium
First1159chapter Stabilize the police system
30% of the captured will be called back to the police system?