Tu Chanchan, this once

Top warrior,I can’t help sweating on my forehead,Obviously forced by the power of the gods。
Because he discovered a terrible fact in amazement,Even if the one in mid-air doesn’t use modern weapons, It’s also a peerless master who is far better than himself,The breath of the other party is unfathomable,Like a prison like a sea,In addition to seeing him in the Great Venerable,No one can give him this feeling。
Is it,This person is the big man behind Lu Menglin,Is the real trump card?
Just when Tu Yun was in a trance,When there are many ideas,The divine body in midair raised his arm,Pointed his finger at him。
“You are too weak!”Extremely cold words came from the mouth of God,With the coercion he had just killed Amoeba,It’s so ferocious,As if the real god descended from the heavens。
“stop!He is his own!”When Lu Menglin saw his divine body, he wanted to attack Tu Qinqin,Shouted immediately。
“Own person?you sure?”The divine body still maintains an attacking position,Calm eyes。
Lu Menglin took two steps forward without angrily,Pointing to the god body floating in the sky,Anger:“Don’t ask knowingly!Nothing for you here,Hurry up!and also,Remember to take time to clean up the garbage,To be classified!”
The divine body was sprayed out by Lu Menglin’s words,Nothing,Turn around and fly behind the rock wall,Disappeared。
And this scene,But it made Tu Chanchun so scared that he almost shut his breath。
“The one just now,What is that person?”Tu Chan and Weiwei murmured。
Lu Menglin actually used that tone to talk to the god man,This is incredible to Tu Chanchu。
Such a terrifying peerless strong man,She was so scolded by Lu Menglin that she didn’t even dare to look back,And also want him to clean up the garbage,What’s wrong with this world?
Lu Menglin glanced at Tu Ching, who was already in a daze.,Replied casually:“Him?Is my employee。”

One color water mill brick wall,Qingliang House,The house is surrounded by stone walls,And the bone meal of dark creatures is added to the selected stone,Invisibly exudes a solemn and heavy meaning。

Many exotic flowers and plants are planted on all four stone walls,Vine,Yuidou,Or Chuishi Dian,Or through the rock gap,Fluttering like a green belt,Dissipate from time to time, bursts of fragrance,It makes people feel refreshing before they get close。
now,Qin’s backyard,A place also known as Chiba Garden,Guests at a feast,The celebrities and gentry in Red Willow City,Came a lot。
Mu Feiyan is here too,She came with grandpa Munan。
Mu Nan is the owner of the Mu family,Forty-one level archmage,It can be said to be highly respected in Red Willow City,Taishan Beidou,Elders。
And this old man used to be the dean of Hongliu Academy,It’s not an exaggeration to say that peaches and plums are all over the world,Important figures in many families in the city,Have studied at Hongliu Academy。
now,Mu Feiyan is completely different from the usual heroic style,Wore a plain dress,Headband pearl hairpin,I also specially put on a dark green shawl,Fully show the attitude of the little daughter’s home。
She went to a banquet with grandpa,Naturally, we have to take care of Mu’s face,Such a dress is normal。
Mu Feiyan, the devil,It’s rare to dress so well today,The younger generations of Qin’s children who were present were all looking at him,All are secretly admiring this rare wonder。
Naturally, Mu Feiyan would not pay attention,look steadily forward,Sitting next to grandpa,Look like a good girl。
Sitting across from the grandparents,It’s Qin Nanming, the head of the Qin family,Is raising a glass to pay respect to Mr. Mu。
Although Qin Nanming and Mu Nan are both family owners,But he is much younger,He’s also a whole generation lower than Mr. Mu,All smiles,Respectful。
Speaking of,Mu’s family is also unfortunate,Mu Feiyan’s father is the same generation as Qin Nanming,Unfortunately died young,I still have time to take over a Patriarch,Already sacrificed on the battlefield to fight the dark creatures,And Mu Nan has no children,Only such a son,That’s why the old man has always served as the patriarch,And treat this precious granddaughter like a treasure。
If Mu Feiyan hadn’t had a father since childhood,Often bullied by peers,I won’t develop such a perverse character,Known as a witch among the younger generation。
And today,The witch became a good girl,Actually there is a reason。
“Wood Master,Nanming invites you to a banquet in Fuzhong today,There is actually something,I want to discuss with you。Come,We drank this glass,Talk about important matters。”Qin Nanming smiled,A neck,Drank a glass of wine。
Just by his smiling face,No one present will doubt his sincerity。
What’s more, the Qin family and the Mu family have met for several generations,Qin Nanming is the younger of Mr. Mu Nan again,I also read in the college hosted by Mr. Mu,Can be regarded as a disciple of the old man,Deserve respect,The gift of discipleship。
Mu Nan smiled slightly,Take a sip of the wine in the glass,Laugh without talking。

Mood attack this time,It was Xia Chenglong who made the strongest blow after mastering the mood。

After the blow,Discoloration of the world。The ink color quickly invades the real world with Xia Chenglong as the center。
The loss of color is a way to master the rules of the world,With this trick。Xia Chenglong can easily grasp Qi Shuang’s tiny flaws,It turned out that Qi Shuang was very angry,Under the mentality imbalance,Make the force uneven。
This is usually just a small flaw,At this moment, he was easily caught by Xia Chenglong。
“Ah!this one?”Xia Chenglong smiled contemptuously。Defeated Qi Shuang with just one blow。
Chapter nine hundred and thirty one Flee
Qi Shuang was caught off guard by this trick,He was already angry,Plus, looking at the opposite side is just a hairy kid,Although it has broken“Dragon King”The name。It is expected that he will only ask the lower level of the gods at most。
I have been asking the cultivator of the gods for many years,In addition, with the help of Li Lao not long ago, I finally broke through the upper level of the questioning gods.,A complacent man can’t help but feel a little slack in his heart,I’m not as cautious as before。
I didn’t expect to miss Xia Chenglong’s realm,After all, normal people don’t think there are only20You can hit the upper level of the questioning spirit,Plus Xia Chenglong’s hidden trump card,Accidentally suffered a big loss。
Qi Shuang wanted to avenge her son,Did not use those ordinary moves against Xia Chenglong。Instead, he used his strongest ultimate move as soon as he came up.,I just wanted to break Xia Chenglong’s bones。Can’t survive,I can’t die。
to this end,He has gathered a lot of vitality,Unexpectedly,Xia Chenglong used the ultimate move that can control the rules of heaven and earth.,Instead, he caught his tiny omission。
Under Xia Chenglong’s blow,It destroys the delicate balance between Qishuang’s moves,Qi Shuang was unable to control the huge power in his body and suddenly became unbalanced。

“Is there a reliable person who can help you?”Chen Wenjin feels trouble,He walks easily alone,When the magical power is activated, there is no way to move with others,Touched sister Huo last time,As a result, her cheeks are as weird as space distortion。

“The common dream of people here is to make some money and go back to build a house and marry a wife,It’s better to open a store for business,One hundred thousand yuan can realize their wish four or five times!They are afraid that even their mother is willing to betray!”The tears on Sister Huo’s face are still wet,But he has recovered from the grief a moment ago,She lit a cigarette,Smoke,Finally scratched the red hair,Annoyed cry:“Die on the street!I’m so good,And was hacked to death by a little white face!What kind of dad is he!How good is it,Blowing for so many years!I’m dead now,Leave me、What kind of dad is he!”
Sister Huo scolded,in the dark,Before I knew it, I was already in tears,When the flame of cigarette butt burning is brighter,Chen Wenjin uses the hazy red light,Seeing her grieving gritted teeth。
“Sadness can be expressed normally,Don’t have to trouble yourself。”Chen Wenjin didn’t expect the white face to be so coincidental,Will start with Qinghe,If so,Then this Jie Huo sister’s father can’t escape。
In fact, Chen Wenjin doesn’t care about the fire dragon,The life and death of sister Huo……If it doesn’t happen, it will be another,But I can’t bear it,She is still a girl,There are many possibilities in the future。
“I’m sad?”Sister Huo wiped away the tears from her face,Cried angrily:“Why should I be sad?He’s just a damn bastard on the street!Why should I be sad when he is dead??He was in jail when I was born,He came out only when I was four,I just recognized him as a father,He went to jail again!He came out again when I was eight,Just went in for a year!He came out again when I was twelve!Forced my mother away,He has no time to control me,Will lose a stack of money there,Let me do it myself!Don’t have me if you don’t know how to raise children!Otherwise, he’ll go to jail for the rest of his life, don’t come out to harm others!I have a good time with my mother,Hit her when he came out,Fight every day,Hate her dirty、She shouldn’t sell it before!Don’t sell us mother and daughter to eat soil!What contribution did he make besides jail?When I came out, I felt that I was so majestic and despised my mother,Forced her away and ignored me,What kind of dad he is!Why should I be sad when I die like this!You said、Why should I be sad!”
“Ok,Makes sense,Spend champagne for a while to celebrate。”Chen Wenjin pretended to agree,Sister Huo wiped away her tears,Took a cigarette,The face under the red light,Full of stubbornness,When the fireworks faint,Just listen to her stubborn cry:“Hurrah!Celebrate with champagne!Who is afraid of whom?”
She is willing to die,Chen Wenjin didn’t force it to break。
The stubbornness of young girls is reflected in all aspects,Once you compete, you are not allowed to admit defeat,Otherwise it’s like losing myself,Lost dignity,Lost the meaning of existence。
In the dark room there is only the light of cigarette burning,Bursts of particularly bright。
Outside,Occasionally the sound of footsteps,But there has been no sound for a while。
“Where is your mother?”Chen Wenjin tried to ask,This situation right now,Sister Huo has to go if she leaves Qinghe,It’s not safe to go out at the moment,Have to wait until the searchers give up one after another,Leave when there is no activity outside。
“Ghost knows!”Sister Huo finished,Took a cigarette,I calmed down and said:“I heard that my marriage went to Sanshui City two years ago,Never found me。”
“What do you plan to do?”


Falkland-United Aviation Technology Corporation attaches great importance to the arrival of these engineers and designers from China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Group(Who made Chen Geng’s investment account for the entire project40%What),In order to express the arrival of the engineering and design personnel dispatched by China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Group,Anthony, chairman and familiar executive officer of Fokker·Fokker personally led group executives and employee representatives to greet outside the company’s gate,A pair“welcome,Warm welcome”Posture。
That is, foreigners are not happy“Gongs and drums,Firecrackers,Red flag,Crowded”This set,Otherwise, Chen Geng extremely suspects that Fokker will get this set out.。
Anthony in a straight suit·Fokker greeted with joy:“Mr. Fernandez,I’m so happy to meet you。”
“Mr. Fokker,I am also very pleased to meet you……”
After the two exchanged greetings,Chen Geng suddenly lowered his voice to Anthony·Fokker asked:“Mr. Fokker,Racial discrimination in the Netherlands is serious or not serious?”
Anthony·Fokker blinked,Some don’t quite understand what Chen Geng meant,Why this guy mentioned this suddenly,But he still said:“Racial discrimination cannot be avoided everywhere,of course,At Fokker Group,This situation is absolutely allowed,We absolutely do not allow racists to appear in the Fokker Group,As long as you find such a bastard,We fired immediately,Absolutely nothing。”
“that’s great,”Pat Anthony·Fokker’s Shoulder,Chen Geng said with a smile:“Mr. Fokker,to be honest,I have worked with Simmons Law Firm、CMSThe law firm and Long Road Law Firm signed a cooperation agreement,Responsible for all legal aspects of China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Group during its stay in the Netherlands;
In addition,My Fernandez Group and the United StatesFinley KumbleVlaw office、Brobeck, Phleger & HarrisonLaw firm and Gott Brothers Law Firm are strategic partners……
and so,If I hear that my people have been treated unfairly、Racial discrimination and Fokker’s inappropriate refusal or disguised refusal to fulfill the cooperation agreement reached by both parties……”
Speaking of which,Chen Geng handed it to Anthony·Fokker“You should understand what i mean”’S eyes,Said:“after all,I spend so much money every year,Always make this money worth the money,Right?”
“Yes,understand,I know。”

“Yes,”Jack·Welch nodded:“bosssaid,he isthinkcenterI haven’t figured out how to spend the money I earned,Just right,Let’s use it to fill the hole in our side。”

“that……The union’s idea of threatening the boss with a strike,Didn’t you make a wrong calculation??”The secretary covered her mouth in surprise。
As jack·Welch’s Secretary,He is no stranger to company operating costs,ToAMCIn terms of current scale,Even if it’s a work stoppage for half a year,AMCThe total loss is about 100 million US dollars,Now that the big boss is ready,In other words,The big boss has prepared to use half a year to make these workers succumb?
In accordance with relevant U.S. labor laws and regulations,If a worker strikes due to wage issues,The employer does not have to pay workers a penny of salary and subsidies,The reason why workers dared to demand better salaries and benefits from the employers through strikes,On the one hand, it depends on the subsidy granted by the union during the strike,On the other hand, it’s also because the management can’t bear the workers’ long strike……This one“Long time”Generally speaking, it takes no more than a month……To the workers。
Look at the strikes of the workers in the U.S. auto industry,There has never been a strike lasting more than three months,The reason is also very simple,Although the capitalists’ losses will be huge,But workers also need to eat?Unions can certainly subsidize workers during strikes,But how many workers can the union’s money subsidize?Can subsidize several times?
do not forget,Monthly membership dues paid by workers to the union,Only equal to my monthly salary6%,This6%Not only do you have to feed the union, it can be as little as one or two hundred、Hundreds of people with high salaries“Off production”Leaders and negotiators and lawyers,Need to feed the media that speaks for them、politician,Union money,Actually, it’s not as generous as I imagined,At least the ability to resist losses cannot be compared with Chen Geng, who has just earned hundreds of millions of dollars.。
Jack·Welch did not speak,Just shrugged:Why is he willing to fully support the boss’s decision?Isn’t it because the boss’s determination to fight against the union was made with real money?
And conversely,For any senior professional manager who takes annual salary and dividends,Strikers and the like,Most hate,These bastards directly affect my income。
With Jack·Welch’s Promise,The secretary looked at the workers who were marching outside,Immediately gloated:Hahaha……I see if you are still proud of you after a month?!
Unsurprisingly,AMCOf workers’ strike quickly made headlines in the U.S.,Major TV、Radio station、Newspapers and other media began to give numerous reports,The politicians of the Democratic Party and the left-wing media certainly stick to their consistent position.,CorrectAMCAnd Chen Geng accused:No matter what the reason for this strike,The workers went on strike anyway,Ask for a salary increase,It means that you hateful capitalists give less salary、Poor welfare,This is your fault!
With the Democratic Party、Left-wing media relative,Naturally the Republican Party and right-wing media,They stand up for Chen Geng andAMCfeel wrong,MeansAMCThis year, I have taken the initiative to raise wages for workers three times,But you guys see,What if you take the initiative to increase workers’ wages?Workers are just a group of white-eyed wolves with milk and mothers, right?……
And as the banner of the right-wing mediaFOXOf course the news channel will not fall behind,They even invitedAMCCar CEO Jack·Welch。
“In fact,It’s not that we refuse to raise workers’ wages,weAMCIt is the only company in the automotive industry that actively raises wages for workers,since this year,AMCHas proactively increased the hourly wages and benefits of workers three times,”Speaking of which,Jack·Welch raised three fingers,Seriously:“Three consecutive salary increases for workers in six months,you need to know,This is also unique in the history of the American automobile industry。”
“Really?Are you sure?”The beautiful hostess was very cooperative and widened her eyes in surprise。
“of course,I’m telling the truth,”Facing the camera,Jack·Welch nodded seriously:“I know what I said will definitely be yoursFOXOn the news,If i lie,That is to lie in front of hundreds of millions of Americans……Can you imagine the consequences like that?”
In this sentence,Jack·Welch also took a small handfulFOXTV station——FOXThe TV station’s audience is not as large as hundreds of millions of people。
The hostess made a frightened expression very cooperatively:“Oh, God,I really can’t imagine what a terrible result that would be!”

Lian Changheng said this,Everyone reacted immediately:Yes,In the current international situation, no major、In the case of fundamental changes,Why did the United States refuse to sell these equipment and technologies to us before?,But now suddenly let go?Think about it,Although I don’t know how Chen Geng did it,It seems that the root lies in Chen Geng,Otherwise, there is no other explanation。

of course,Like this kind of change in national attitudes,It can’t be solved by Chen Geng giving someone or someone a match point.,It must be that Chen Geng explained the pros and cons of China to President Reagan in detail at the previous White House New Year’s dinner.,That prompted the US to make such an adjustment,From the previous sealed lock on Hua Yan, it was released to a limited extent——Although not the most advanced,But still that sentence:What else do you want?
Just conceivable,How much effort did Chen Geng put into this。
Chen Geng smiled slightly,No denying:“Am I also a Chinese son?,I also hope to see my country become strong and prosperous……I repeat again,LikeF—15Fighter andE—3Airborne early warning command aircraft, the most advanced in the United States、Americans don’t have much equipment themselves,Don’t think about it,Americans are absolutely impossible to sell to us……”
Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Lian Changheng hurriedly waved,Said:“Brother, you laughed,We don’t even dare to think about these things you said。”
F—15withF—14Fighter andE—3Airborne early warning command aircraft,That’s the American’s housekeeper,Want to buy this stuff?You are joking。
It’s Military Attache Yang Li,He frowned:“Mr. Chen,You sayF—15、F—14Can’t sell,thatF—16What?”
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First570chapter I’m so much worse
? Just when Yang Li is immersed in beautiful imagination, knowledge,Chen Geng continued:“of course,It’s just possible,In the end, it depends on your ability.,There is……”
A little bit,Chen Geng said:“Price may……Not possible,Is definitely not cheap。”
The small meeting room suddenly fell into silence。

Dai Tianbao resisted and didn’t vomit out,The picture in front of us is beyond the tolerance of normal people。

Even Yue Wuhen hesitated,Think about whether to move on。
They can see Xia Chenglong’s sword swing,Kill the eternal beast with one sword,Leaving the blood rain stained with red dust。
The invisible blood mist,Lying on the ground stinking corpses,Completely turn this area into a hell on earth。
“Hey,brothers,you sure?”Dai Tianbao reminds Yue Wuhen,Because the other party wants to take a step。
“Since he can,I can too!”
Dai Tianbao cursed in his heart,I thought he was crazy,Unexpectedly, Xia Chenglong and Yue Wuhen are not even a fart。
Let’s go,Who is afraid of?
Dai Tianbao gritted his teeth,Stepping on the same foot towards the blood mist。
Stop again when they pass through the blood fog,That is a huge python body,From the point of view of body size, it should have reached the fifth peak level.。
It’s dead。
How did Xia Chenglong kill this fifth-level peak spirit beast?
There is an obvious sword hole at seven inches from the mang body,What kind of swordsmanship is this so powerful??
Too many questions,Let them know the young man again,The name Xia Chenglong has become a god of war in their hearts。
Yue Wuhen is not sure that she can survive this way,Maybe he will be like the armless swordsman kneeling in the distance,Become a stroke of the peak of Zhonghu。

After Sanqi heard A Niang’s question,,Said sadly,She doesn’t know why the King Sedum wants to say that about Big Brother Nezha,Does she remember that Big Brother Jingtian and Big Brother Nezha are not friends??

Aren’t friends all happy?Anyway, she was very happy when she saw her friend,It’s a pity that Big Brother Nezha was said something by Sedum,Seems a little unhappy,Sanqi doesn’t know how to make Nezha happy。
“Sanqi,What did King Sedum say?”
After Po Meng heard her daughter’s words,Curiously said,My daughter told her that she was there,The strong must be called the boss,As for the sedum boss,Po Meng also heard from her daughter。
Seems to be a gentle looking man,And that son Nezha seems to be the best friend with his daughter,What’s more, Lord Nezha’s clone is now the lord of the underworld。
“Anang,Big Sedum said that Big Brother Nezha knows to be lazy,Don’t practice well,It’s been so long and haven’t broken through,He also said that next time I go to other worlds, I won’t bring Nezha。”
Sanqi looked at Aniang in front of her,A little face is full of unhappy,Said sadly,I don’t know when Big Brother Nezha will remember to take her to other worlds?
She also wants to go to other worlds,She has lived in Mengpo Village for so many years,She and A-niang are here,She feels so bored,She is looking forward to whether the scenery in other worlds is particularly beautiful。
“Sanqi,That’s not Lord Sedum and Lord Nezha arguing,It’s Lord Nezha who doesn’t cultivate well,Just know to be lazy,Lord Jingtian couldn’t bear to keep watching Lord Nezha not enterprising。”
“Sanqi must practice well,After reaching adulthood,A-niang can also rest assured that Sanqi and Sanqi friends will go to other worlds together,Otherwise, Sanqi is so small,Still so weak,A-niang, don’t worry。”
Po Meng looked at her sad daughter in front of her,Mildly,It seems that Lord Sedum is just persuading Lord Nezha to practice well,Not really quarreling。
but,Po Meng knows what her daughter is thinking without guessing,I just want to go to other worlds with my friends,Their Mengpo has lived in Huangquan for generations。
Guarding the treasure yin and yang scroll,Although this is the fate of Po Meng,But how could Po Meng have the heart to let her daughter stay in Huangquan??Since my daughter can have such a chance,Then the fate of Po Meng’s line,Stop it in the hands of her generation Meng。
My daughter’s future,Should be in other worlds,but,Although Po Meng will not always restrict her daughter to stay in Meng Po Village,But at least my daughter must have the ability to protect herself before she can go to other worlds。
“Anang,Is that so?correct,Brother Nezha said that he will come to visit Sanqi after a while,Anang,Then you must treat Big Brother Nezha well。”

It’s time for dinner,What surprised Lu Menglin was,Father Lu Youshan actually came back。

It should be the result of my mother ordering my father,Guest at home,And it’s the first time my son takes a girl home,Dad should make an official appearance anyway。
Father Lu Youshan expressionless,Sitting dignifiedly across from Kim So Yeon,Quite a bit of no anger and prestige。
It’s just that he sits upright,In the eyes of Lu Menglin’s mother and son,It seems to be more nervous than Kim So Yeon。
Obviously the majesty deliberately pretended,Who does dad want to scare?
Family sitting at the table eating,One more person than usual,It feels weird,But very harmonious。
Kim So Yeon lowered her head,Eat carefully,I’m afraid that my manners are inappropriate,Upset this dark-faced father Lu。
After all, the other party is Lu Menglin’s family,So it needs to be taken seriously,Very important person!
Lu Youshan didn’t know what Jin Soyan thought,He didn’t even look at each other,After all, what looks like,It’s never been a consideration for Dad Lu,As long as the wife is not ugly,The key is virtuous!
Ok!This is how Dad has always been very traditional,An exceptionally simple view of marriage。
“dad,What have you been up to in the factory recently?I heard from Wang Shaoxiao,Our cotton yarn and garments have not been sold for a long time?”Lu Menglin asked casually。
I don’t know how dad heard this question,A deep somber color immediately appeared on his face。
“The factory’s efficiency is not good this year,Some problems with the market。But don’t listen to them,There should be a way,The country will never look at such a large enterprise,A factory of tens of thousands of people closes down!”Lu Youli in front of his son,Try to protect the dignity of adults,Shen Sheng said。
“I heard that our factory will be split and transformed?What is the current thinking of the second factory?”Lu Menglin asked again。
This question is asked in depth,of course,This is no secret in Liufang。All factories must find their own way,Some factories still have some goods to sell,Some of them can’t be carried at all,As before,Rely on financial allocation,Or eat big pot of rice,In the end, we can only end up together。
“I’m still thinking。The director of the first factory called me,It is said that Hong Kong businessmen have taken a fancy to the land in our factory,Want to build a joint venture。”Lu Youshan thought for a while,Said。
“Hong Kong business again?”Lu Menglin was surprised。