Tailor-made fitness methods for travelers

Tailor-made fitness methods for “travelers”

When you are traveling for business or traveling, it may disrupt your regular fitness training.
Try not to let this happen, use the equipment around you to exercise, and minimize losses.
20 minutes can fully mobilize the muscles of the whole body.
All you need is a chair, a cushion, and your own body.
  Exercise in the order of A, B, C, D, and rest for one minute between each group.
After doing this round, just repeat it again.
Squat with legs and do 15-20 times; B.
Do push-ups on the chair with your hands, as many times as possible; C.
Jump from bed to mat on the ground and do 15-20 times; D.
Use your chair to do a front lift, 12 to 15 times.

What can eat to defeat the super germs in the intestine?

What can eat to defeat the “super germs” in the intestine?

Recently, a two-year, unprecedented-scale study showed that daily intake of Lactobacillus casei strains (a typical probiotic, the strain used in Yakult drinks) has a significant effect on reducing the incidence of acute dysentery in young children.

This is the result of a study on the incidence of probiotics and young children with acute dysentery conducted by Yakult Corporation and the National Research Center for Cholera and Diarrhea in India.
.hzh{display:none;}  据日本共同社报道,全世界5岁和5岁以下儿童每年的死亡的人数是880万,而且印度是死亡最高的国家(每年约为183万儿童)。It is reported that 13% of deaths among children aged 5 and under in India are due to dysentery.
(BlackRE et al., Lancet.
375: 1969-1987).
  This is a double-blind randomized controlled trial involving 3,585 children aged 1 to 5 years in Kolkata, India.
The two groups of children who participated in the experiment ingested Yakult or placebo daily for 12 weeks, observed the incidence of acute dysentery, and detected pathogenic microorganisms in feces.
  The results showed that the proportion of children with dysentery in the Yakult group (608 out of 1,802 patients) was significantly reduced compared to the “placebo” group (674 in 1,783 patients).
In addition, the incidence of dysentery in the Yakult group (0.
88 times / pediatric / year) compared to the “placebo” group (1.
029 times / children / year), this difference is statistically significant (P <0. 01). At the same time, analysis of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites in children with diarrhea and diarrhea showed that the detection rate of Aeromonas and Cryptosporidium in the Yakult group was lower than that in the placebo group.   The taste and color of placebo and Yakult are similar, but the placebo drink does not contain Lactobacillus casei strains. The efficacy of Yakult is scientifically verified by comparing the different effects of the two groups of drinks.

Let women not see the age, remove the traces of the years

Let women not see the age, remove the traces of the years

How to quickly remove wrinkles on the face, wrinkles are the skin affected by the external environment, the formation of free radicals, free radicals destroy the collagen, active substances in normal cell membrane tissue, oxidation of cells to form small lines, wrinkles.
  A beautiful woman, not only can not find a trace of fine lines on the face, even the skin of the neck is flawless, but many women just focus on the whitening work of the face, and ignore the anti-aging maintenance.
In fact, from the age of 25, women’s skin will gradually reveal the traces of the years, if the skin care properly, you can keep your age secret!
  According to scientific research, the skin on the face is thin and fragile, and it is easy to let collagen lose without paying attention to maintenance. Therefore, the skin is slack and lacks elasticity.
When sebum secretion is less likely to become dry, it is difficult for the skin to retain moisture, so it is easy to cause wrinkles, fine lines, and rough skin.
So how do you do skin care to keep your secrets of age?
The following small series will recommend a small trick for everyone, let you stay away from aging troubles!
How to supplement collagen and make age a secret?
>>> Xiao Bian recommended: breast goddess heavenly breasts talk about body care secret recipe tenderine actress Liu Xiaoqing 57-year-old single-door maintenance secret Masuden sexy photo breasts show perfect curve house men and women peace of mind fluoroscopy career line into focus  据相关调查显示Now, I have millions of women who want to make their faces look old and apply some skin care products to them. 42% of them said that they have been swollen and itchy.
Experts say that using too much chemical-containing skin care products can make your skin sensitive or fragile, and frequent skin care changes are prone to allergies. Over time, your skin will become aging.
Experts say that many skin care products can only be absorbed on the surface of the skin to a large extent, and can not really enter the dermis layer, to achieve deeper renewal and collagen supplement.
A skin care product with small molecular collagen has become a must-have for maintenance. Small molecule collagen can penetrate deep into the skin and improve the skin aging status from the root.
跟都市白领学保养,娇嫩肌肤你也能拥有>>>小编推荐:美胸女神天心露胸 谈身材保养秘方嫩颜女星刘晓庆 57岁独门保养秘诀马苏登性感写真 丰胸展现完美曲线宅男女神安心亚 透视装事业线成焦点  在大都市里,苏玛素很多白领都喜欢用一款来自法国的专业抗衰去皱保养品,它就是将胶原蛋白和玻尿酸进行成分重组而成的专业护肤品——Camline, it can lock the firming nutrients, avoiding the passage of nutrients over time, and restore the elasticity and luster of the skin, smoothing wrinkles, eye bags and other aging phenomena.
  专家称,是全球唯一一款能同时补充胶原蛋白和玻尿酸的专属产品,它是不用开刀拉皮,不用针剂注射的“天然拉皮术”,而且它成分天然毫无副 作用,所以能受到众多The favor of white-collar workers.
For those who want to make their skin younger, you can learn to apply some skin care products that can deeply absorb the skin like urban white-collar workers. This can prevent skin aging and effectively wrinkle!
How to maintain it in order to change back to young beauty?
>>>小编推荐:美胸女神天心露胸 谈身材保养秘方嫩颜女星刘晓庆 57岁独门保养秘诀马苏登性感写真 丰胸展现完美曲线宅男女神安心亚 透视装事业线成焦点

Health problems revealed by both feet

Health problems revealed by both feet

Cold feet or heart disease Health problems revealed by the feet The human body is an organism with multiple tissues and organs interconnected.

Your feet are a mirror of your health.

Paying attention to the abnormal changes in the feet can help to detect certain diseases early and anticipate the time for treatment.

1.A big cause of cold feet and cold toes is poor blood circulation, sometimes associated with smoking, high blood pressure, or high blood pressure.

Nerve damage caused by uncontrolled diabetes can also cause cold feet.

Other causes include hypothyroidism and anemia.

It is best to see a doctor to find out the cause of cold feet.

Foot pain Chronic wear of inappropriate shoes can cause foot pain. However, foot pain should also bear stress fractures of the heart (also known as fatigue fractures).

Excessive intensity sports such as basketball and long-distance running can easily cause foot fractures, and the size of danger for patients with osteoarthritis.

Foot burns are common in diabetic patients with peripheral nerve damage.

Other possible causes of foot pain include: B vitamin deficiency, athlete’s foot, chronic kidney disease, poor blood circulation in the lower limbs, and hypothyroidism.

The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis.

Arthritis, too much exercise, poor shoes, etc. can also cause foot pain.

3.Excessive swelling of the feet for too long, long flights, pregnancy, etc. may cause swelling of the feet.

Other causes of swollen feet are: poor blood circulation, lymphatic disease, thrombosis, kidney disease, and hypothyroidism.

4.Itchy feet Itching and peeling of the feet may be caused by infection of athlete’s foot fractures.
The 40-year-old age group is more common.

Contact dermatitis can also cause itching, redness and peeling of the feet.

Another major cause may be psoriasis.

5.Ulcers on feet that are difficult to heal are one of the important signals of diabetes.

People with diabetes should wash their feet and check for abnormalities in their feet every day.

6.Excessive foot cramps or muscle fatigue are common causes of sudden cramps (fractured fractures) in the feet.

Other causes include reduced blood flow to the feet, dehydration, or an imbalance of potassium, magnesium, and calcium, and vitamin D deficiency.

Hormonal disorders or thyroid abnormalities during pregnancy can also cause foot cramps.

Moderate exercise can alleviate muscle fatigue. Gradually feet before going to bed and regular drinking milk to supplement calcium can help prevent it.

7.Toe pain Gout easily causes sudden pain in the big toe, accompanied by redness and swelling.

Osteoarthritis and knee stiffness can also cause big toe swelling and pain.

Pain in the small toe (usually the third and fourth metatarsals) is often associated with Moreton neuroma (also called interphalangeal neuroma).

Women are 8 times more likely to develop the disease than men.
10 times.

The cause is usually trauma or excessive toe pressure.

8.Pulmonary diseases such as spinous, claw-like or spoon-shaped toe lung fibrosis and lung cancer are the most common causes of spine-shaped toe, but cardiovascular, liver and digestive diseases as well as certain infections can also cause it.

Possible causes of claw-shaped toes include: diabetes, alcohol or neurological disease.

Exercise stretching, wearing special orthopedic shoes or surgery can be treated.

The causes of spoon-shaped toes include: trauma, iron deficiency, or frequent exposure to petroleum solvents.

9.Yellow or white fractures of the nails can easily cause yellowing and thickening of the nails.

Yellow toenail may also be a symptom of lymphedema, lung disease or rheumatoid arthritis.
The causes of white nails include trauma and infection.

Nail nails that are intact but mostly white may be symptoms of liver disease, congestive heart failure, or diabetes.

If there is an abnormality, go to the hospital for examination. If treated early, the toenails can return to normal.
10.Stomp walking Stomp walking may be due to peripheral nerve damage leading to foot dysfunction.

Studies have found that about 30% of dragging is related to diabetes.

Other causes include foot inflammation and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Tips: Warm Nursing for Newborns

Tips: Warm Nursing for Newborns

Newborn’s warmth care The newborn’s body temperature regulation center is incompletely developed, the subcutaneous aunt is thinner than the adult, the thermal insulation ability is poor, and the newborn’s physique is relatively overcome. In terms of weight, it is 3 times that of the adult. Therefore, the newborn’s body dissipates heat.It’s also fast, four times faster than adults.

It is very difficult to keep the normal temperature of the newborn alone, and some measures must be taken to remedy it.

In addition to controlling the room temperature of newborns, you can also borrow the warmth of clothes and bedding.

Some other warming measures can also be taken.

  Under what circumstances do you need to keep warm?

At home, you can touch the warm and cold hands and feet of children to make a rough estimate. If your hands are warm and not sweating, it means that you do not need to take additional warming measures.

If you sweat with heat, your body temperature will rise, at 37.

Above 5 ° C.

If the hands and feet are cold, the body temperature may be lower than 36 ° C, and measures must be taken for newborns.

The newborn’s body temperature is too low, and scleredema can occur in severe cases, which threatens the life of the newborn and must be treated.

  There are many ways to keep newborns warm at home. The easiest way is to provide them with comfortable clothes.

Because the temperature of the gap between the newborn’s body and the clothes is 30 ° C?
3 It is the most comfortable between 4 ℃, which can prevent the body from dissipating heat and maintain the body temperature of the newborn.

Therefore, newborn clothes that are too loose or too tight are not conducive to maintaining body temperature.

Some parents like to wear several layers of clothes for newborns, such as underwear, cotton vests, sweaters, and jackets. They feel very warm, but in fact, the effect of keeping warm is not necessarily good.

It is best to wear a vest outside your underwear and a cotton jacket to ensure a certain gap between your body and your clothes, and then cover it with a small quilt or blanket.

  If the above measures are still not taken to maintain normal body temperature, it is more convenient to use a hot water bottle or thermos to keep warm. The temperature of the water in the hot water bottle should not be too hot, and it should not be in direct contact with the newborn’s body to avoid burns. It is best to wrap it in a cloth and keep it away.Newborn feet 20?
At 30 cm, the water in the hot water bottle is often changed to maintain a certain temperature.

Electric blankets are a good method of thermal insulation for adults, but they cannot be used for newborns. Because the temperature of electric blankets is difficult to control, they often overheat, which causes the newborn’s body temperature to rise and “dehydration fever” to occur.

In addition, there are many urinates for newborns. It is also very dangerous to wet the electric blanket.

Therefore, it is best not to use electric blankets for heating.

Often doing camouflage exercise can also exercise

Often doing “camouflage exercise” can also exercise

Pretend to dribble. The first thing to do in the morning is to move your fingers, shake your arms and hands.
Straighten the palms of both hands, fingers crossed, and both arms undulate, as if the exercise ball is moving on the arms. This action can be done for 1 to 2 minutes.
Helps blood circulation.
  Pretend to be a flying magpie standing with both arms stretched to the sides, and slowly waving the arms like a bird flapping its wings for 1 to 2 minutes.
  Pretend to hit a punching bag. Imagine a punching bag in front of you, hitting it with your left and right fists, or punching with an imaginary opponent. This can be done 10 to 20 times.
  Pretend to toss the ball, throw a ball into the air, catch it when you fall, or let the ball hit the ground and then pick it up on the wall.
If you don’t have a ball, you can also make a toss gesture. Do it 10 times for each arm, and then rest 10 times.

Internet Girl Chat Mentality Analysis


Internet Girl Chat Mentality Analysis

The person who knows you best in your life may not be the one around you, and you may trust a stranger more.

Everyone has a natural desire to express, but it is just that they have not encountered the most suitable audience. The Internet provides such a best place.

No one knows who you are.

  In the late 1990s, the Internet has become a fashion.

If you have a certain level of knowledge and young people with a certain level of spending power, all of them have experience surfing the Internet.

  Many organizations have surveys of Internet users.

The ratio of male to female is 8: 2.

95% of the total education structure is college degree or above.

The age structure between the ages of 20 and 30 accounts for 60% of the total.

Girls between the ages of 20 and 25 make up 38% of the total in this age range.

And girls between the ages of 20 and 25 have 99% of the total in this range.

(It’s amazing, but it’s true!

) So what purpose did these girls come to chat with?

What did the online chat room give them?

Adjusted some contacts with some of the expected girls among them.

The courage to organize them can be summarized as follows: First, there are certain situations for the girls in the chat room who are distributed to the chat room: One is the young people of the telecommunications bureau. Most of them are well-educated, and the Internet is more convenient.Don’t be afraid that you don’t have time (they go to work to surf the Internet). These two problems that make Internet users the most headache are not a problem for them.

So they make up a large percentage.

But they did not gain much because of the randomness and convenience of the Internet, they did not cherish the opportunities of the Internet, and they were mostly young.

There are endless youths, so they constantly go up and down and slowly surround them.

  The other is students, some who have just graduated and some who are in school. They are all about 20 years old.

They are curious and confident in themselves.

They believe that the Internet can give them another life.

Most of them have not made boyfriends, or they have not reached the stage of love.

They come less often because of time and money.

But they cherish the opportunity online. They don’t have to get anything online. What they cherish is learning from friends they know online that they can’t learn elsewhere.

They make up a small percentage.

  The last one is a supplement other than the first two, which accounts for a small proportion.

Their purpose and background are not the focus of the old paragraph.

So I’m not going to elaborate, but there are so many people.

  Second, what are the girls chatting on the Internet?

How about they talk to someone?

The chat room is like a vegetable market. It has everything in it, depending on what you want. Girls who like to chat have to learn Wubi fonts, just like girls in life have long skirts, because they are in the chat room.When I enter the show, I always do n’t know who to talk to. I greet everyone with a smile. Girl, there ‘s always a boy to say hello, and then I ‘m slowly sophisticated and slowlyHold on to it, the name doesn’t sound good, and people who aren’t very familiar don’t even care. If you meet more than two acquaintances at the same time, they will do it at the same time.

I accidentally told the words to A. The people who listened to them were somehow asking what?

The girl said in his heart, “If you don’t understand, you just step on” and then be very careful.

  The most talked about topics are love and friendship.

There are many ways for different people.

Some are implicit.

Some enthusiasm.Some lively.

Some are shy.

Some are elegant.

Some are really connected.

Obviously a very quiet girl, online may be hot, full of tongues.

The girl with a round waist and a rough face exhaled like a blue orchid, sulky and slow.

The Internet is a stage for equality.

Everyone can go to the show if you want.

No matter what kind of person is sitting there, facing a 14 or 15 screen.

Trying to press the same keyboard.

So in a sense, the Internet is the most equal place in reality.

  Every girl knows that there is no Prince Charming online.

But the girls are too fanciful. She always imagines those boys with special names and wonderful subdivisions to be handsome.

They also knew it was illusory.

But they just love this illusion.

The process of chatting is a process of re-understanding others and yourself.

Many girls actually want to meet someone like the sister-in-law Cai when chatting.

They all hope to be able to speak with the imaginary person to publish a movie dialogue.

Why look at beautiful women, men are satisfied

Why look at beautiful women, men are satisfied

According to the Daily Telegraph, recent research by US researchers has found that men get more “satisfaction” from photos of the opposite sex than women.

  Studies have found that the pleasure that men get when they see beautiful women’s appearance is equivalent to eating curry or making money.

Women, however, did not get much satisfaction from watching male photos.

  A survey published in the recently published Journal of the Royal Society of Biology stated that brain scans show that when men look at a woman’s face or body, they touch the “satisfaction center” of the brain while women are staringNot when the opposite sex.

Reports are inadequate, and men are more likely to make efforts and money to look at photos of the opposite sex.

  Benjamin at the Duke University School of Neurology Research Center?

Dr. Hayden said that the research results can be used to explain why men consume more pornographic products than women, and why Playboy is always better than Playboy.

  Hayden said the study showed that the photo examples follow the same principle, and that more moving photos represent satisfaction as described above.

Satisfaction also motivates people to work harder and can be exchanged for other types of satisfaction-that’s why men buy photos of naked women.

  However, for women, the influence of appearance charm is small, not even.

Teach OL to fight off the symptoms of premature one by one


Teach OL to fight off the symptoms of premature one by one

Teach OL one by one to fight back the symptoms of premature age. When you are only in your early 20s or 30s, you ca n’t afford to stay up late, have no strength, and ca n’t play anymore.”Early aging” mark must be very unconvinced and do not admit that they are getting old.

In fact, these people are members of “progeria”.

Progeria causes many women in the workplace to age early and suffer physical damage.

If you don’t want early age to come to yourself, pay attention to the major symptoms of early age and take precautionary measures in time!

Fear of aging is no longer the fear of senior women. More and more young women are only 30 years old and worry about aging and knock on the door early.

What is premature?

Premature aging, which should not be seen in physiology and psychology, occurs only in his 30s, which is called early age.

Although “progeria” is not a medical name, this innovative term originated from Japan and appeared in idol dramas at the same time, becoming a hot topic in modern society.

Why does modern OL appear progeria?

The following factors make modern OL appear prematurely, and they are linked to “progeria” before the age of 40: 1.

Long life in night life, bad life style staying up late.


More and more women have bad habits of smoking and drinking.


Long-term diet is not normal.


Unbalanced nutrition for weight loss and diet.


Overwork and stress.


Work overtime often and work too long.


Professional women face both career and family pressures.


Live in a noisy, fast-paced urban jungle.


Too young to start makeup or often apply heavy makeup.

To avoid premature skin aging and maintain a youthful appearance, you can start with the following life improvements: ◆ Don’t stay up late and get enough sleep: Sleep is the best time to stimulate the regeneration of collagen in the skin. Only by falling asleep can the skin play a repairing role.

◆ Enhance moisturizing: Moisturizing and moisturizing are the most basic maintenance to prevent skin aging. Drink plenty of water and wipe moisturizing and water-care products to prevent skin dryness and avoid wrinkles.

If the cheeks and eyes are very dry, you can use a mask or eye mask to increase the moisture content; but it should not be applied for too long.

◆ Wash your face properly: Use warm and cold water and do not over clean, to avoid the loss of grease and grease; the face wash is picky for spices, non-soap is the best choice, stay for no more than 30 seconds, and do not rub or wipe with a towel.

◆ Regular exfoliation: When the stratum corneum is too thick, various maintenance ingredients absorbed on the skin surface cannot be transported to the skin’s essence and are not easily absorbed.

◆ Comprehensive sun protection: Choose SPF plus UVA sunscreen, choose SPF10 for daily protection?
SPF15, PA + sunscreen products; choose SPF30, PA +++ sunscreen products for shopping and outdoor activities; it is best to choose SPF50, PA ++++, and sunscreen skincare products with waterproof function when swimming on the beach.

◆ Special skin care during sleep at night: Use the most suitable night cream to seize the golden time of night skin self-healing.

◆ Make up as little makeup as possible: change the makeup, and choose a powder-free makeup that is safer.

Choose care products carefully: Don’t replace too moisturizing care products because you are worried about premature skin aging, but choose the right one, because young people’s skin only needs to restore normal metabolism and high self-healing care products.

In addition, choose good reputable, branded skin care products and cosmetics, don’t buy a lot of hoarding at the anniversary discount, because the ingredients will be less active for a long time.

◆ Avoid tobacco and alcohol: Quit smoking, drink alcohol and eat less fried, spicy food. ◆ eat some fatty foods: especially healthy fats that are good for the skin, such as nuts and plant seeds.


Things to note when exercising Pilates


Things to note when exercising Pilates

Pilates is slow, and every posture must be coordinated with breathing. It is especially suitable for exercise. It requires continuous contact with the computer and 9 to 5 office workers to practice.

There is also a course built to correct a particular type of injury, muscle imbalance, or other physical problem.

Many professional athletes now use Pilates to avoid sports injuries.

Because Pilates exercise pays attention to control, stretching, breathing, and helps to shape the key parts of women such as waist, abdomen, buttocks, it is more suitable for women’s requirements for physical beauty in real life.

  Basic movements ※ Abdominal exercise ★ Lie flat on a pad, stretch slightly over your head, arms around your ears, bend your knees, step on the ground, and inhale.

(Note: close your mouth and inhale with your nose) ★ Exhale with your mouth, sit up slowly with control, tighten your abdomen, and keep your feet off the ground.

  ★ The front is straight, the lower part sinks and inhales.

(When exhaling, the body returns to its original state, the movement should be slow and controlled) ※ Exercise forward, exhale, relax forward, straighten the lower leg, step on the toes, lift the upper leg at the same height as the hip joint,Kick forward once and shake once.

  ★ Inhale, stretch your upper legs, tighten your hips, and straighten forward.

  ※ Side motion ★ Prone position, the upper body and lower limbs are raised at the same time, alternately kicking legs and arms, like a swimming position.

  ★ Fingertips are in the same direction as your toes, and your waist is up, keeping your body straight.

  ★ Inhale, kick with one leg up and keep your hips from shifting.

Exhale and slowly return to the ready position.

  ※ Waist movement ★ Prepare the action, the upper leg is arched, the foot is placed in front of the lower leg, and the arm falls on the body.

  ★ Straight arm support, keep the body in a straight line, arms slender upward 45 degrees, exhale.

  Control movements should be in place, and try to achieve the position required by the coach.

  The center of gravity makes full use of the power brought by its own gravity to achieve the effect of muscle training.

  When doing breathing, pay attention to the depth of exhalation, and use the method of abdominal breathing appropriately.

The speed should not be too fast, which is basically consistent with the speed of the action.

Exhale while exercising and inhale while stationary.

Attraction must be concentrated.

  Relax lying on the floor and meditate quietly, feel your body carefully: the other is higher, which is lighter on the head and feet . Xiaobian tip: When you focus on training, you must concentrate and quietly “listen” to the bodyfeel.

Smooth strives for smooth movements and even speed.

If the exact movement is not accurate, the exercise effect will be “discounted”.

Staying power consciously shrinks the muscles that need to be exercised, maintains the muscle tension that is aligned with the time, and prolongs the energy consumption of various parts of the body. This is more effective than doing a few sit-ups.