Do cancer patients avoid eating hair?

Do cancer patients avoid eating “hair”?

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Ms. Zhang: Someone in the circle of friends said that mutton, seafood and other “fat” cancer patients need to eat. Is there any reason for this?

A: The question about the taboos of cancer patients cannot be generalized. It depends on people, because of illness, and because of the law.

It varies from person to person depending on the patient’s different constitution.

Such as obesity and dampness, avoid eating fat and thick, so as not to help wet oysters; temperament deficient or yin physique should eat cold and cold products, prevent cold accumulation in the body, damage yang; weak heat or impotence physiqueDo not eat mutton dog meat and fried hot fried foods such as frying, so as not to hurt the yin and smoldering; damp heat body does not eat alcohol and tobacco, eat less spicy products, avoid heat and heat.

Different local tumors vary according to the disease, and different conditions are different.

Tumors with above-mentioned diseases, such as head tumors, diabetes, esophageal cancer, etc., should not be served with spicy and dry products, such as tobacco and alcohol, betel nut, mutton, dog meat, etc., because the body is above the positive position, the warm and dry products are prone to heat and fire.The tumors that are under the disease, such as intestinal cancer, gynecological tumors, etc., eat cold and fat, etc., because the abdominal cavity is in the negative position, cold and fatty, easy to hurt the sun and help the wet.

Tumors with hemorrhagic disease need to avoid spicy and warm dryness, because it helps the yang heat to aggravate bleeding.

Patients with expected survival patients are required to avoid taboos, but patients in the terminal phase must correct them. The principle of “stomach is to supplement with happiness” is as follows. As long as the patient wants to eat, he or she wants to get nutrition and pleasure as he or she wants.

Because of different treatments, patients with radiotherapy avoid spicy and warm products, because radiotherapy is a kind of heat, food spicy and warm products like oil on the fire; chemotherapy patients should be light to care for the stomach, should not eat raw cold fertilizerGreasy, because of chemotherapy is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, cold and fatty, easy to gather wet oysters and more hurt the spleen and stomach; implanted patients with qi and blood deficiency, avoid alcohol and tobacco, dry, cold; interventional treatments do not eat shrimp and crab seafood, because of the treatment oftenAccompanied by skin itching, diarrhea and other reactions, cold seafood is easy to aggravate symptoms; patients taking Chinese medicine should pay attention to drug and food taboos, such as ginseng to avoid radish, Banxia avoid mutton and so on.

In the circle of friends, it is said that you should avoid eating lamb, seafood and other “fat”, which can not be mechanically performed. Cancer patients should be informed of the diet under the guidance of a doctor.

Half a year is the best time to treat cerebral palsy

Half a year is the best time to treat cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy was discovered more than 20 years ago. The son of a film taken two years ago still had “atrophy of the cerebellum and the brain had calcification points”; two years later, the film appeared “large, no obvious abnormalities in the cerebellum”.

This incident occurred in a family named Zhou in the west of Hangzhou.

Zhou’s son, Xiao Zhou, started acupuncture treatment in May of the previous year. He applied more than 200 needles to the body twice a week.

After two years of treatment, Xiao Zhou’s brain returned to normal.

  ”In general, brain damage is irreversible, but this may not seem to be the case now.

“On Friday, Ruan Buqing, the chief physician of the Department of Acupuncture of the Provincial Tongde Hospital, told reporters that when he started acupuncture treatment for Xiao Zhou two years ago, he could not expect such an effect.

  The tip of the tongue, which is always in the mouth, can be imitated. “Did you take the wrong film?

When taking the son’s examination film from the doctor, Mr. Zhou’s first reaction was “wrong.”

  His son Xiao Zhou, the only child in his family, found cerebral palsy more than 20 years ago. The son who took a film two years ago was “Cerebellum atrophy, the brain has calcification points”, but now the film on hand tells him:No obvious abnormalities in the cerebellum. ”

  The doctor gave him a positive answer.

Hearing the news, Mr. Zhou, 60, said that his heart was almost out.

  The reporter met Mr. Zhou’s family in Dr. Ruan’s treatment room.

  Although it was the first time to meet, Xiao Zhou greeted reporters generously, making people feel extra outgoing.

  Mr. Zhou told reporters that every Friday, Xiao Zhou had to come for treatment. “Now the tongue is better, and it is smoother.

“Mother Zhou was surprised.

  Xiao Zhou immediately plasma tongue came.

Mother Zhou said that such a simple movement was a big problem for him in the past.

Because of the fracture, the tongue is always retracted in the mouth, and the tip of the tongue is not visible at all.

  Twice a week, more than 250 needles are put on the body each time. In May 2011, Xiao Zhou’s family found Dr. Ruan Buqing and started acupuncture treatment twice a week.

  Ruan Buqing told reporters that there are 365 acupoints commonly used on the human body. At most, he needs to put more than 250 needles on Xiao Zhou’s body, from the top of his head to the center of his feet, and the front of his chest and back are silver needles.

  Treatment begins with the back.

After the top spine had been fastened forty or fifty stitches, and then wrapped around the top of the head, chin, tongue, neck behind the ear . “He was very cooperative and relaxed, so he fell asleep soon.

According to Ruan Buqing, these needles were pulled out after half an hour.

  Ruan Buqing said that at present, cerebral palsy is treated by Western medicine through rehabilitation training. Besides traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is also a method.

More patients with cerebral palsy have limb disorders, and limb disharmony is mainly due to poor meridians, and acupuncture can pass through the meridians to promote blood circulation.

  Ruan Buqing is the eighth-generation descendant of Ruan’s Acupuncture. Before Xiao Zhou, too many patients with cerebral palsy came to him, but the children are usually before the age of 10, and the oldest is not 15 years old.

  At first, Ruan Buqing didn’t expect this result, and he was also very surprised when he found that Xiao Zhou’s brain lesions disappeared.

  Whether a miracle can be replicated in others, it is difficult to say whether such a miracle can be replicated in others, it is difficult to say.

Ruan Buqing said, “In general, the earlier the treatment of cerebral palsy, the better, the brain is not yet fully developed, and the brain tissue is highly plastic. Rehabilitation can stimulate potential brain cells.

“Xiao Zhou is an exception, both in terms of age and treatment.

  Ruan Buqing said that Xiao Zhou’s condition is not the most serious. Among the patients he contacts, he is medium. The most important thing is that his coordination is particularly good.

  ”Compared to younger patients, he has no resistance to emotional touch and can fully enter the state during treatment.

Ruan Buqing speculated that this is one of the key factors affecting the treatment effect.

  Li Haifeng, deputy chief physician of the Department of Rehabilitation, Zhejiang Medical College, told reporters that he has also encountered such imaging changes, but most of them are children. For 30-year-old adults, it is a bit incredible.

  ”In general, the chance of calcifications disappearing is very small; if there is a mild brain atrophy, early intervention during infancy and the chances of recovery are high.

Li Haifeng said.

  The baby is about half a year old and has stunting to check whether he has cerebral palsy. Li Haifeng summarizes the factors that cause cerebral palsy into three categories: prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal.

  Prenatal factors are related to the mother. Smoking, alcohol and drug use increase the risk of cerebral palsy in the baby; perinatal factors, including premature birth, low birth weight infants or gigantic infants are at high risk.  After the baby is born, if there are problems such as neonatal seizures, aspiration pneumonia, intracranial hemorrhage, etc., it may also cause cerebral palsy.

  ”Cerebral palsy is not incurable.

Li Haifeng said that prevention can start with the first two factors, strengthen health care during pregnancy and perinatal period, and avoid various harmful factors to damage evolution.

  Li Haifeng said that for high-risk groups, early intervention can reduce the incidence of cerebral palsy.

  Normal children usually “look up in 3 months, sit in 6 months, and climb in 8 months”, And delay the child’s best treatment time.

  ”Half-year-old children are the best time for treatment. If they can intervene early, cerebral palsy is not irreversible.

Li Haifeng said that for many children, rehabilitation is a long battle, but insisting on treatment, many children can live as normal people when they grow up.

Authoritative reminder: The heart has 4 invisible natural enemies, but also need to avoid (including summer secrets)

Authoritative reminder: The heart has 4 invisible natural enemies, but also need to avoid (including summer secrets)

What is the heart most afraid of?

Smoking, drinking, staying up late, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood lipids. This is the “mainly behind the scenes” of crimes that were previously widely considered.

On May 21st, the European Heart Journal article summarized some of the unexpected heart threats.

Yang Xueli, deputy director of the Department of Epidemiology, Fuwai Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, said that this study is to remind people not to ignore the “invisible natural enemies” that threaten heart health. Usually pay more attention to it and pay attention to “avoidance.”

4 invisible enemies of the heart (1) The pain that can be relieved in a short period of chronic pain is called “acute pain”, accompanied by toothache, trauma, surgery, childbirth, etc., as opposed to chronic pain, which is manifested by pain continuing to exceed4 weeks.

Migraine, low back pain, joint pain, gout, etc., can lead to chronic pain. In order to relieve, generally choose some painkillers, not steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, and even opioids.

The American Heart Association’s team of experts has warned that long-term use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for chronic pain increases the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke; a study published in the December 2010 issue of the Internal Medicine Literature found that opioidsThe risk of heart disease for patients is higher than for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Especially for smokers and obese people, the degree of damage to the heart caused by taking painkillers.

Avoiding methods: If you have chronic pain, you should go to the hospital to receive professional medication advice in time. It is best not to abuse over-the-counter painkillers.

(2) If the temperature is too high or too low, the heart will be affected by high temperature and low temperature, and the influence of low temperature.

High temperature causes the body’s metabolism to accelerate, the amount of oxygen carried in the blood will be reduced, the heart load will increase, and the blood supply to the heart and brain will be insufficient. In addition, the body will sweat a lot, and the blood concentration will easily lead to increased blood viscosity, thrombosis and embolism.Atherosclerotic plaque may eventually lead to coronary heart disease or myocardial infarction.

People with diabetes and hyperlipidemia are more sensitive to high temperatures.

The effect of low temperature on the body is mainly caused by vasoconstriction, increased sympathetic excitability, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and increased burden on the heart. At this time, the heart muscle is easily contracted, hypoxia, angina pectoris, and myocardial infarction.

In addition, platelet aggregation and increased blood viscosity in cold conditions can also lead to the formation of blood clots and plaques, which is also an important cause of myocardial infarction.

Avoiding methods: Usually pay more attention to the impact of high temperature on the body, we must know the cold, especially in the weather with low temperature or high temperature warning, avoid long-term expectation in the outdoors.

(3) Air pollution Research data from Europe show that the annual air pollution will directly or indirectly cause 79 deaths in Europe, of which 48%?
80% is cardiovascular death.

Studies abroad have also shown that the more serious the air pollution, the more significant the deterioration of the carotid intima, which is an important cause of heart disease.

Researchers at the University of Hasselt in Belgium believe that whether driving, cycling or walking to work, as long as the vehicle is intensive, it will increase the risk of accidents.

Among them, the cyclists are the most dangerous, because these people absorb the most exhaust gas, they also need to spend some physical strength on the bicycle, which is easy to cause insufficient blood supply.

In fact, air pollution will increase the risk of congenital heart disease in high blood pressure.

Avoiding methods: It is best for people with high cardiovascular risk to avoid traffic peaks. When going out in bad weather, it is best to wear a mask. At home, pay attention to ventilation every day to reduce indoor air pollution.

(4) Sleep time is too long or too short. Europe is over 11 in 21 countries.

An epidemiological survey of 60,000 people found that the risk of cardiovascular events increased as the total sleep time was greater than 8 hours and less than 6 hours per day.

The study found that with 7 hours of sleep per night, 9 hours per night, there were more calcified plaques in the coronary arteries and lower extremity arterial wall; if the lack of sleep (less than 6 hours) lasted 5 days, humanCardiac function is diminished, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, especially for those elderly whose blood pressure will rise at night, and the risk of lack of sleep.

China Southern Medical University reviewed and analyzed domestic related literature in 2018. The results also showed that sleep disorders, short or too long sleep time lead to the risk of coronary heart disease.

Avoiding method: The best sleep time is 6?
8 hours, if there is a long-term sleep disorder, you should go to the hospital for professional treatment, targeted medication, if it is psychological and mental problems insomnia, usually pay attention to adjust the mood.

Summer is sad, it is a secret to raise your heart to go to the fire!

Chinese medicine believes that “heart and summer gas should be accepted”, the heart’s yang is the most vigorous in the summer, so we must pay attention to the heart, so that our gods are clear and gas, to prevent the heart from endogenous.

#夏天养生正时##中医来了# Here are two recommended acupuncture points for you: 膻中穴 and Neiguan.

(1) 膻中穴: ventilating blood, helping the heart to take acupuncture points: 膻中 is the acupuncture point on Renmai, and is located near the starting point of the hand-filled yin-hearted meditation, which is the place where the pericardium is recruited.

It is on the midline of the sternum, flat 4th intercostal space.

Massage method: There are 2 kinds of massage methods in the sputum. One is to press the squat with the fingertips, and the other is to use the thumb of both hands to extend the extension from the squat.
100 times.

Generally, the morning massage is better, because the morning is the time when the yang is rising, which can play a very good role in raising the heart.

(2) Neiguan Point: relieves heart palpitations, chest tightness, chest pain, and raises the heart and blood circulation points: Neiguan is one of the commonly used acupoints of the hand-filled yin heart, which is 2 inches (two thumbs wide) on the wrist transverse stripes, wristThe middle of the two ribs.

Massage method: The massage technique is mainly according to the law, that is, it does not move down, insist on 30?60 seconds, the intensity can be determined according to your own situation.

Neutral and Neiguan can be used with massage, and you must first press the middle button and then press the inner button.

Because 膻中任任脉, closest to the heart, first stimulate the heart here, and then massage the inner pass, the effect will be better.

What vegetables should eczema eat?

What vegetables should eczema eat?

The symptoms of eczema make people’s life feel very uncomfortable, the physical pain is great, it also increases people’s mental pain, and the daily diet will affect the development of eczema symptoms to a certain extent, and sometimesEasy to regenerate; eat more fruits and vegetables to transform eczema; then what kind of vegetables and fruits can baby eczema eat?

First, what kind of vegetables and fruits can be eaten by eczema 1: It is best for patients to eat some fruits that can diure and clear fire, and avoid eating some fruits that are sexually dry and easy to get angry.

For example: durian, mango, longan, lychee and other hot fruits, patients can eat watermelon, grapes and other hot and humid fruits, which greatly help the disease control.

2: Baby eczema should not eat spicy and other irritating foods, some raw foods such as raw onions, raw garlic, raw tomatoes, raw shell fruits, such as almonds, chestnuts, walnuts and certain fruits, such asPeach, grape, lychee, banana, pineapple, longan, mango, strawberry, etc.

3: Appropriate adjustments in care and prevention, adding food supplements, pigeon eggs, squid, animal liver powder, papaya, mango, pineapple, kiwifruit are susceptible foods, should be added time, after eczema replacementTry to add it again.

If the baby is allergic to chicken protein, give the egg yolk alone, or start with a small amount of protein and then gradually increase.

If you are allergic to human milk, you can let the lactating mother temporarily eat less or not eat milk, eggs and other foods.

Second, eczema can not eat what 1: avoid sensitizing food.

Such as fish, shrimp, crab, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, goose, pollen, etc., these foods should be completely contraindicated.

2: Avoid spicy food.

Do not eat spicy foods such as onions, garlic, ginger, peppers, peppers, etc., consume yin and help yang, should avoid eating.

3: Avoid getting wet, moving blood, moving food.

Chinese medicine believes that people with skin eczema should avoid eating wet foods such as bamboo shoots, taro, beef, onions, ginger, pears, garlic, and leeks.

Bloody food, such as mushrooms, peppers, etc.

Dynamic food, such as lamb, lotus seeds, simmering and so on.

The treatment of eczema is generally based on the condition, oral medication is mainly anti-allergic, supplemented with medication.

Eczema is closely related to allergies, so finding allergens is the key to treating eczema.

Patients can be tested in the hospital for sensitive sources, or they can be carefully observed in life and take care to avoid these factors.

Eczema symptoms are divided into various types. For children with weak skin, they are most likely to relapse. Naturally, there is no stimulation. There is no targeted application of topical ointment. There is a set of methods for treating baby eczema. Please feel free to use it.

Look at your eyebrows to know if you are healthy or not.

Look at your eyebrows to know if you are healthy or not.

The first existing medical classics in the country, the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic, once pointed out: “The beautiful girl, the blood of the sun is more bloody, the eyebrows are less, and the blood is less.

“The so-called evil eyebrows, the ancients explained that “the eyebrows are devoid of brilliance.”

From this point of view, the eyebrows are thick, thick, moist, reflecting the strong blood; on the contrary, the eyebrows are short, thin, and dry, reflecting the lack of blood.

Obesity of eyebrows: eyebrows are light and easy to fall, more common in qi and blood weakness, weak and sick, such patients are easy to cold hands and feet, kidney is also weak.

In patients with hypothyroidism and anterior pituitary hypofunction, eyebrows often fall off, especially in the outer third of the eyebrows.

In patients with leprosy, the lateral skin is thick and the eyebrows are displaced in the early stage.

In patients with alopecia areata, eyebrow replacement symptoms can also occur at the same time.

Cancer, syphilis, and severe anemia may also cause eyebrow replacement, and some anti-cancer or antimetabolites also have this alternative.

Eyebrow drooping: mostly facial nerve paralysis.

If some of the side eyebrows sag, it means that the side has facial nerve paralysis, so that the eyebrows are partial, can not lift up.

Some are unilateral upper eyelid ptosis (such as myasthenia gravis), so that the induced eyebrows are higher.

Eyebrows are boring: the eyebrows are straight and dry. If women have irregular menstruation, men are more likely to suffer from nervous system diseases.

Some children or malnourished patients have yellow eyebrows and scorch, which is also a sign of lung qi deficiency.

The eyebrows are thick: the body with thick eyebrows deteriorates and the metabolism is abundant.

However, if the female eyebrows are particularly dark, it may be related to adrenal hyperfunction.

Short eyebrows, irritability and irritability, must be taken care of acute illness.

Eyebrows rushing vertically: eyebrows rushing up, it is a sign of critical illness, such patients should take time to treat.

The eyebrows are dumped: it means that the disease is serious, especially the timidity is serious.

Long eyebrows: This is often a sign of strong old people. It seems that the two eyebrows are beautiful and long, and some of them are particularly long, up to 4?
5 cm, some 2?
3 cm.

The old eyebrows are long and long, so some people call this long eyebrow “shoumei”.

However, according to clinical observations and family history surveys, the appearance of “Shoumei” is not a good sign.

The study found that Shoumei is mainly related to the expected imbalance. The appearance of Shoumei in the middle-aged period may be the early external manifestation of some diseases in the latent stage including tumors and immune diseases.

The sooner the Shoumei occurs, the sooner the imbalance of the body occurs. The faster the pace of aging, the higher the incidence of tumors, so it is considered that 45?
After the age of 50, the appearance of the life eyebrows is in line with the physiological aging rule, but should be based on single hair.

For young adults with middle-aged eyebrows, especially plexiform, bundles should be regularly examined and followed up for early detection and early treatment.

[Tips]The human body’s defense function is accomplished through various tissues. The thin eyebrows also play a defensive role. It can prevent dust or forehead sweat from flowing into the eyes and ensure that the vision is not disturbed.

Some women use the power to pull out many “unworthy” eyebrows in order to bend their eyebrows.

Unless it is, the whole eyebrows are polished, and then the eyebrows are painstakingly tried, which is very hindering health.

It should be noted that the eyebrows are not useless. If the eyes are not covered by eyebrows, sweat and rain will flow into the eyes, irritating the cornea and conjunctiva, causing keratitis and conjunctivitis. In severe cases, it may cause corneal ulcers.

Because the nerve vessels around the eyebrows are relatively rich, if the eyebrows are often plucked, it is easy to cause bad stimulation to the nerve vessels, causing facial muscle movement disorder, resulting in pain, blurred vision or diplopia, and the possibility of causing dermatitis and folliculitis.

At the same time, often plucking eyebrows can also cause eyelids to relax, wrinkles increase, affecting the appearance.

Therefore, remind those who love beauty, naturally natural beauty, do not easily pluck eyebrows.

How to make scarlet fever is better to recommend 5 prescriptions for scarlet fever

How to make scarlet fever is better to recommend 5 prescriptions for scarlet fever

The scarlet hot diet needs special attention. It is necessary to avoid it. The food should be well understood. So how can the scarlet fever be better? Let’s recommend several prescriptions for the scarlet fever patients. Try it quickly.

5 kinds of medicinal prescriptions suitable for scarlet fever 1, Luo Han liquid[raw material]Luo Han Guo, rock sugar, the right amount.

[Method]Wash the Luo Han Guo, slice it, brew with boiling water, add the right amount of crystal sugar.

[Effect]Clearing heat and throat.

Suitable for evil invading the lungs.

[Serving]When the tea is accepted at will.

2, blue root achyranthes tea[raw material]Banlangen 20?
30 g, earth knees 15?
30 g, licorice 3?
6 g.

[Method]Decoction with the above 3 flavors, add the appropriate amount of rock sugar to taste.

[Effect]rash and pharynx.

Suitable for poison in the gas camp certificate[service]on behalf of tea, 2 doses / day, even drink 5?

3, mung bean mint soup[raw material]mung bean 30?
50 g, mint 2?
3 g.

[Method]Wash the mung bean clean, add 2 bowls of water, boil for another half an hour, take a bowl of juice, add mint, and cook a total of 1?
2 minutes, the filter residue can be.

[Effect]Clearing away heat and detoxification.

Suitable for poisoning in the gas camp.

[Service]Randomly join frequently.

4, five juice soup[raw materials]reed, Sydney (peeled), 荸荠 (peeled), 500 grams of fresh oysters, fresh wheat winter (or fresh rehmannia) 100 grams.

[Method]Wash the pears, sauté and peel them first; wash them with fresh oysters, diced with Sydney and scallions; cut the radish; then put the medicines into the juicer and squeeze the juice. Stir well.can.
[Efficacy]nourishing Yin and nourishing liquid, and clearing the heat.

It is suitable for recovery of qi and yin two injuries.

[Serving]cold drink or warm clothes, 200?
300 mL / day, even 5?

5, 荸荠 radish juice[raw materials]fresh 荸荠 10?
15 and 1 white radish.

[Method]Wash fresh radish and white radish separately, diced, put about 100 mL of juice into the juicer, and mix well.

[Efficacy]nourishing Yin and nourishing liquid, and clearing the heat.
It is suitable for recovery of qi and yin two injuries.
[Serving]1 dose / day, divided into 3?
4 times service, even 5?

Related recommendations for scarlet fever have some common manifestations?
How do parents prevent the high incidence of scarlet fever in winter? Try to prevent scarlet fever.

Seven major dietary contraindications for scarlet fever patients

Calf muscle pain after track and field training

Calf muscle pain after track and field training

First, the muscles on the back side of the calf are the gastrocnemius and the soleus muscle. Generally, the muscle that is easily injured by exercise training is the gastrocnemius muscle. When the foot is determined, it is determined whether the plantar contraction action increases the pain.

  Second, the phenomenon of gastrocnemius pain after exercise, the slightest muscle damage in the classification of muscle strain, showing that the condition of the strain is not serious, as long as appropriate massage and hyperthermia.

  Third, the cause of muscle pain after training is the part that must be paid special attention.

As the game is near, it is necessary to increase the intensity of the training. However, the following points should be noted in increasing the training content: (1) Whether the increased training volume and intensity are too high or too fast (some games a week ago morning and evening)训练 可能使肌肉的负担显着增加)。
  (2) Insufficient recovery after training (including whether the interval between trainings is too much, whether there is proper training of muscles before and after training, whether there is relaxation activity of whole body muscles after training, whether there is a specific part before going to bed and after waking up[The back of the calf]thermal therapy and massage).

  (3) Whether the training schedule has a periodic arrangement.

According to the day before the competition, the periodic training schedule (usually seven days as a cycle, including the content), can complete the training control of physical fitness peaks, avoiding abnormal physical performance or performance during the game.

  (4) Whether the ratio of muscle strength of the anterior and posterior side of the calf is normal.

Usually the calf’s back muscles are much stronger than the front side, and it is less prone to muscle strain due to incorrect muscle strength.

Therefore, excessive use damage in front of the calf is more common than damage behind the calf.

  (5) Whether there is too much push-pull action on the running movement, or the timing of the foot push-pull action is too early or too long, and the load of contracting the sole of the foot is increased, and the fatigue of the gastrocnemius muscle is more likely to occur.

This part can be used to increase the muscle strength of the gastrocnemius muscle by stretching the soles of the toes or weighting the toes.

  4. If, during these few days, there is pain in the gastrocnemius during practice (meaning that it is not after practice), then this day should only be used for decomposing exercises, warm-up activities and basic movements of the hurdles (in the absence of pain)Bottom)), after a proper rest, can carry out higher intensity training.

Elderly diet to achieve a combination of thickness

Elderly diet to achieve a combination of thickness

Because there is nothing wrong with it, you can eat and drink, and often exercise. Before the onset, there is no bad feeling, except for a little bloody stool.

However, the results of the doctor’s examination are unquestionable. In the middle and late stage of colon cancer, the doctor said that it is relatively timely, and the surgical resection is not bad. It is hard to say later.

  Colon cancer: eating too good digestive tract disease colon cancer is a common digestive tract tumor, with the highest incidence of 40-50 years old, its incidence and death rather than common malignant tumors such as gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, etc., butThe incidence is now getting higher and higher.

  Common causes Previously, due to differences in lifestyle and diet between the West and the West, patients decreased, but most had a significant increase.

  The cause of colon cancer is not yet clear.

But there are mainly the following factors.

  Genetic causes Some diseases such as familial polyposis, colon adenoma, schistosomiasis colitis and ulcerative colitis are closely related to the occurrence of colon cancer.

  Dietary factors are high, high meat, low-fiber diet and colon cancer have a certain relationship.

It is generally believed that sorghum recipes and insufficient cellulose are the main causes of the disease.

  Studies have shown that a diet of saturated fatty acids increases the concentration of bile acids and neutral steroids in the colon and alters the composition of the coliforms.

Bile acids produce carcinogens through the action of bacteria.

  Food fiber, including cellulose, pectin, hemicellulose, lignin, etc., absorbs water, increases the amount of feces, and replaces the concentration of intestinal residues, which can reduce the time that feces pass through the large intestine and reduce the time when carcinogens come into contact with intestinal mucosa.When plasma fiber is insufficient, it is one of the pathogenesis factors of colon cancer.

  The incidence of intestinal cancer in chronic intestinal inflammation such as ulcerative colitis is higher than that in the general population. In the development of proliferative mutations of inflammation, polyps are often formed and further developed into intestinal cancer.

According to statistics, in patients with colon polyps, the incidence of colon cancer is five times that of patients without colon polyps.

Familial multiple intestinal polyposis, the incidence of cancer is higher.

  Early detection of colon cancer should not be difficult to find the above clues, should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

It mainly includes the following aspects: regular fecal occult blood test for middle-aged and high-risk groups, digital rectal examination and fiberoptic colonoscopy may be an effective method for early rectal cancer and colon cancer.

In particular, alternating constipation and increased frequency of bowel movements accompanied by blood in the stool must be checked as soon as possible.

Some patients refuse to check because of the ease of rectal examination, which often misses a good chance of early detection of colon cancer.

  The blood in the stool is checked once a year for people over the age of 50, which can be used as a primary screening method for large-scale colon cancer screening.

Fecal occult blood test can also suggest stomach ulcers, stomach cancer, large intestine polyps and other digestive tract diseases.

  Endoscopy includes examinations such as proctoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and fiberoptic colonoscopy.

Those who are eligible to check from the age of 50 for three consecutive years, once a year.

If it is negative, it will be checked every four years.

Where there is a change in blood in the stool or stool, and no abnormalities are found by digital rectal examination, routine sigmoidoscopy should be performed.

In addition, CT, B-ultrasound, and ultrasound colonoscopy are helpful for the diagnosis and metastasis.

  The main alarm signal of constipation and bloody stools is worthy of attention. The early stage of colon cancer is asymptomatic, leading to an increase in the size of the cancer and secondary complications. Only when it is discovered, most of the time has arrived.The middle and late stages of cancer have made it difficult to treat.

  Therefore, paying attention to some changes in the body is very helpful in preventing colon cancer.

The main symptoms are: gastrointestinal dysfunction, intestinal obstruction symptoms, bloody stools, abdominal mass, systemic symptoms (may have varying degrees of malnutrition, systemic failure, and dyscrasia, etc.) and anemia and weight loss.

  Surgical treatment is the best way. If you want to find the above symptoms, you must first actively treat chronic complications such as colon or rectal polyps, schistosomiasis, bacterial dysentery, amoebic and chronic ulcerative colitis.

Once the diagnosis is clear, in addition to the advanced cases, early surgical treatment should be performed and a phase of eradication should be performed.

  It is recommended to eat more vegetables and eat less meat. The current cancer-causing factors are: (1) The incidence of colon cancer is proportional to the amount of food and animal protein consumption, that is, high animal protein, high feces can easily lead to colon cancer.

  (2) The incidence of colon cancer is high in economically developed areas, which is mainly related to their alternative structure. Except for high animal protein and high feces, the diet is too fine, such as beef, less cellulose and refined rice noodles, so-called “Western”Cultural diet, prone to colon cancer.

This is mainly because adults in food and their breakdown products may have carcinogenic or synergistic carcinogenic effects.

The dietary supplement of less cellulose reduces the amount of feces, reduces the length of the stool through the interconnection time, and causes the concentration of synergistic carcinogens in the feces to increase, and the time of contact with the colonic mucosa is prolonged. Carcinogenic substances may be cancerous if they are in contact with the colonic mucosa for a long time.

  Therefore, colon cancer can be prevented from the following two aspects.

  (1) Should pay attention to eating more fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, rape, cabbage, celery, fruit, etc., in order to keep the stool smooth, reduce the contact time of carcinogens in the feces and colonic mucosa.

  (2) Reduce the intake of aunts and animal proteins in food.It can reduce the carcinogen production and carcinogenesis of its decomposition products, in order to reduce the potential risk of colon cancer.

  Colon cancer high-risk group Men over the age of 40 are high-risk colon cancer patients. If you have a colonoscopy every year, it is best not to give up because of the substitution during the examination, because the characteristics of colon cancer and other cancers are characterized byThe sooner you find the treatment, the better.

  The doctor also reminded that patients who do not like to eat vegetables and who have chronic enteritis are at high risk of colon cancer.

Detoxification of the home to maintain home health

Detoxification of the home to maintain home health

We all know that the human body needs detoxification. If the toxins in the human body are not discharged, they will accumulate in the body for a long time, which will cause many physical diseases and even very serious systemic disorders.

Beautiful women in front of the computer must attach great importance to detoxification, and often detoxify their bodies.

However, you know, your house needs detoxification too.

For us, the house is a place to live, whether it is a physiological habitat or a psychological habitat.

The house is our home.

Or say this, make us a temporary home.

Because many white-collar workers are now working outside, although they are in high-end residential areas, but they are renting others’ houses.

  But, no matter what, the house always gives us a lot of warmth.

Since the house is so important to us, have you paid attention to your own housing toxins?

Certainly not, you usually take the land as a building, it must be a poison.

It’s not right to think like this.

In fact, our housing is also left with toxins.

Today, follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to understand the toxins of the housing, so that you can prepare for the detoxification of the living room in the future.

  Currently confirmed housing toxins, in addition to the chemicals encountered in daily life, such as various types of detergents, chemical raw materials, clothing and personal skin care products, the degree of displacement of the house is also an important reason.

Therefore, the Canadian government checks whether the category items are harmful according to the relevant reports, and then determines whether it can be sold. At the same time, the National Health Bureau also recommends that customers can directly ask the manufacturer about the chemical composition and safety index of their products.

  The children’s professor Bruce believes that it is best not to fill his home full of things that are not needed, so as to reduce the chance of pollution.

In addition, he also introduced some tips for housing detoxification.


Regularly turn on the exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathroom.

Open all the windows in your home every day. It is best to avoid using various insecticides and detergents made with chemical compounds in the house.


Always test the relative humidity in the room.


Install a tap water filter.


Replace the traditional carpet with tiles, hardwood floors or carpets made of non-toxic wool.


Cloth curtains are used instead of curtains made of polycarbonate compounds.


Try to use natural mineral soaps and shampoos, and use pure essential oils instead of perfumes.


Replace the non-stick pan with a ceramic pot or a cast iron pot, and replace the plastic container with a glass container.


Domestic experts pointed out that the Canadian approach is worth learning.

  Chinese residents have always focused on the issue of excessive formaldehyde, but in fact far more than that.

Deeper environmental cleansing includes creating a good external living environment, keeping away from various infectious diseases and reducing chemical pollution of daily necessities.

For example, if you want to open more windows, choose a high-efficiency air purifier to purify the air, use a uniform exhaust pipe, do not punch holes, etc., otherwise it will easily cause mutual pollution.

Old people should not sleep immediately after meals

Old people should not sleep immediately after meals

As people age, nerve cell function is gradually declining.

Older people have less sleep time than young people and are easy to wake up, so they are also prone to fatigue.

Old people often have snoring and sleep during the day, especially after lunch.

This practice is detrimental to the health of the elderly.

  Federal German medical experts have recently pointed out that three people have a certain risk of taking a nap after a meal: elderly people over 65 years old; high blood pressure people who weigh more than 20% of standard weight; people with low blood pressure or severe circulatory systemPeople, especially those who often suffer from dizziness due to narrowing of blood vessels in the brain.

Most of the elderly have arteriosclerosis, especially obese people.

Hyperlipidemia is easy to cause arteriosclerosis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, often can cause insufficient blood supply to the brain.

After eating, the blood circulation of the digestive tract is strong, the blood flow in the brain is relatively reduced, and the sleep is still, it is easy to increase the local blood supply.

  There is a saying in China that “there is a diet and it is a disease.”

Therefore, after the elderly have eaten, it is not advisable to go to bed immediately, and some minor activities can be done to facilitate blood circulation.