Seven Yoga Practices

Seven Yoga Practices

It is a well-recognized fact that the waist is easy to grow meat. In addition to controlling the diet, proper exercise is essential.

Today I will teach you a few thin waist yoga exercises to achieve your dream of a bee waist woman.

  1. Plow type ① Lie on your back with your feet close together, legs straight, slowly lift your feet off the ground, and reach the top of your head, with your toes touching the ground, your upper arms supporting the ground, and your hands supporting your head.

  ② Slowly loosen your hands, keep your hips up, and insert them straight on the floor, with your palms facing the ground and straight forward.

  2. The dog-down variant puts your feet together, your legs straight, your toes point to the ground, your heels are off the ground, your body is bent down, and you stand on the floor with your hands around your head, your elbows on the ground, and your toes are raised forwardPush forward.

  3. Stand in a wheeled position, with your feet separated from each other, and lean forward and backward until you straighten forward and your hands are on the ground.

This action is difficult to break, and beginners are advised not to try it.

  4, L-shaped sitting position, feet close together, legs straight into the floor, feet tight, toes pointed and straight forward, hands fists and placed in front of the chest, straight and straight, eyes look forward.

  5, supine supine, lying next to the ground, feet apart, the toes point forward, straight into the floor, away from the body, take a deep breath.

  6, kneeling posture, knees forward, feet close to each other, hips sitting on the heels, hands and fingers holding each other, the body is bent, the forearms are placed on the floor, support the body, the tibia is lowered, the abdomen is close to the thigh surface, firmly straight.

  7, sitting twisted sitting position, right leg on the floor and bend, heel close to step in front, left foot across the right leg to insert forward, straight forward, twist forward to tilt, right arm close to the outside of the left calf, And holding the left foot to reset, the left arm is stretched to the left rear, and the head is twisted back.

Winter nutritious longevity walnut

Winter nutritious longevity walnut

Walnuts are rich in nutrition, not an ideal tonic, and have a variety of dietary functions.

  Governing Kidney Deficiency: From the winter solstice, eat 1 piece of walnuts every morning or evening until the beginning of spring.

Or mash 1 starch walnut kernels and steam with water, take 1 tablespoon each morning and evening, add sugar to brew or stir with rice wine (heating).

Or use 20 grams of walnuts, 50 grams of rice before, porridge with sugar, eat it daily.

Or add 50 grams of walnut kernels to 500 grams of white wine for 15 days, drink 20 grams each morning and evening.

Completely replenishes the effects of kidney yang, and also assists in the treatment of kidney deficiency cough, low back pain, soft feet, impotence and nocturnal emission.

  Nourishing the brain: Walnut kernels are rich in phospholipids and vitamins B1 and B2. Each hundred grams of dried walnut kernels contain 294 mg of phosphorus. Phosphorus is the main substance for nerve stimulation. Vitamin B is really called a “mental vitamin”., Walnuts have good support and protection for human brain nerves.

Take 1000 grams of walnut kernels, add rock sugar to mash them into a “walnut puree”, and conceal them in a porcelain jar. Take 2 spoons every morning and prepare with boiling water. A layer of white liquid floats in the cup when it is washed.”Walnut Milk”.

  Heart Benefit: Walnut free radicals. Among adults of walnut kernels, 71% are linoleic acid and 12% are linolenic acid. These unsaturated molecular weights can purify the blood, remove impurities from the blood vessel walls, reduce cholesterol content in the blood, and consume the body.The accumulation of saturated fat can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Vitamin E of walnut kernels can prevent diseased heart disease.

  Paving stones: There is information: a patient with gallstones took 4 walnut kernels a day for 6 years, and the B-ultrasound showed that the gallstone particles shrank from the original 12 mm to 3 mm.

  Cough and asthma: walnut kernel moistens phlegm, warms the lungs and relieves cough.

It has the effect of reducing the tension of bronchial sharp muscle caused by histamine, and has a significant effect on chronic cough, asthma and dry cough caused by lung deficiency, especially in elderly chronic bronchitis.

In winter, most children suffer from pertussis cough. Walnut kernels can be used.

  Lirongyan: Eating walnut kernels can nourish blood vessels and make hair grow, which can make rough skin moist, delicate, smooth and elastic.

There are prescriptions: In the morning, 3 walnut kernels (without clothes) are slowly chewed and persisted for 2-3 months; then, the effect of nourishing the skin and developing black hair is received.

  Anti-constipation: There are two simple prescriptions: one can use 12 grams of walnut kernels, smashed like mud, add an appropriate amount of honey to make a paste, rinse with warm water, and take 3 times a day.

Served for 10 days.

Second, use 20 grams of walnut kernels and 60 grams of previous rice.

  Anti-aging: 264 mg of vitamin E per 100 grams of walnut kernels, vitamin E content ranks second in nuts and seed foods, second only to sunflower seeds.

Vitamin E has the function of supplying oxygen to the body, enhancing human endurance, delaying the aging of cells due to oxidation, maintaining youthful appearance, and alleviating fatigue.

Therefore, walnut is recognized by the medical community as an anti-aging food and is known as the “longevity fruit”.

  Remind the juniors to note that although walnuts are good tonic, there are also people who are not suitable for consumption.

Those who have phlegm and heat, yin deficiency and fire, and those who have diarrhea or diarrhea should not use it.

Preventing Sad Autumn Psychopathy

Preventing “Sad Autumn” Psychopathy

Beware of “weak mood”: The weather is cool, but many people are sleepy and mentally exhausted.
Experts said that the sustained high temperature some time ago led to overdraft of human energy consumption, and now one must be careful of “emotional weakness”.
  The doctor’s analysis believes that this summer suffered a rare high temperature for many years, people have been in a state of excitement, irritability, easy to get angry and other “emotional heat stroke” conditions.
Around the beginning of autumn, as the weather gradually cools down, people also adjust from excessive emotions. At this time, it is easy for the body to consume too much energy and become weak and sleepy. Serious cases will affect normal life.
  In order to get rid of this “emotional weakness” state, it is best to maintain sufficient sleep and try to fall asleep before 10 pm; to go to bed early and get up early, if you can enter the reserve state early in the morning, you can prevent sleepiness at work; noon is appropriate “Recharging, “taking a nap for 10 to 30 minutes is also conducive to relieving the distress.
  In the diet, it is best to eat light, greasy food will produce acidic substances in the body, deepen drowsiness; eat more fruits and drink more water, it is best to drink green tea, the refreshing effect is far better than coffee.
In addition, this sleepy state is also related to the lack of oxygen in the human body. Therefore, some green plants, such as spider plants, rubber trees, and bamboo, can be placed indoors to release oxygen and regulate indoor air.
  What’s the sad autumn? Why are some people sad in autumn?
It turned out that at the bottom of the human brain, there is a gland called “the pineal gland”, which can secrete “melatonin”.
This hormone can promote sleep, but excessive secretion can also easily make people depressed. Changes in air temperature will have an indirect effect on their secretion, especially in the season of cold and hot alternating seasons.
  The five internal organs, six emotions and six desires of the human body are related to the five elements theory and the changes of the four seasons.
Take the “gold” of “gold, wood, water, fire, earth” in the Five Elements Doctrine as an example: “lung” in the five internal organs belongs to gold, “sorrow” in the seven feelings belongs to gold, and “autumn” in the four seasons also belongs to gold.
Therefore, in autumn, especially in the days when autumn rains are continuous, in addition to being easy to “dry autumn”, sometimes people are also prone to sad feelings.
  In addition, “one autumn rain and one cold”.
The sudden drop in temperature will inhibit the metabolism and physiological functions of the human body, leading to endocrine dysfunction, which will cause depression, difficulty in concentration, and even a series of symptoms such as palpitations, dreaminess, and insomnia, which are commonlySaid “cold depression.”
  The most effective way to prevent “sad autumn” is psychological adjustment, maintain optimism, and do not look for troubles when “autumn rain is sunny”.
Autumn is a great season “not spring, better than spring”. It is the season of harvest. You don’t have to worry about yourself, and you are sad and sad.
Breakfast must be eaten, eat milk, eggs, fruits as much as possible, supplement protein and calcium intake to enhance endurance and willpower, people who often do not eat breakfast are not only listless but also weak in willpower.
  Pay attention to nourishing the heart and liver, drink rose or chrysanthemum tea, lotus seed tea, because they have the effect of clearing the liver and clearing depression, and long-term drinking is very helpful for depression.
  Eat more lotus root, lotus seeds, wheat, licorice, red dates, longan, etc. These foods have a soothing and soothing effect and are very helpful for anxiety and depression.
Walnuts, fish, etc. contain more phospholipids, which will also help people eliminate depression.
Xinkangyu overcomes the depression 7 methods 1. Participate in exercise: Physical exercise can cause a series of chemical and psychological changes in the human body. The more suitable sports include jogging, walking outdoors, dancing, swimming, and practicing Taijiquan.
  2. Improve nutrition: Vitamin B helps improve mood. Such foods include whole wheat bread, vegetables, eggs and so on.
  3. Visiting relatives and friends: find friends and relatives who understand and understand the truth, and pour out their hearts.
  4. Optimistic illusions: Some people have suffered a little setback and always think about everything bad.
The method to overcome is to prefer optimistic illusions rather than negative guesses.
  5. Work hard: Once you concentrate on your career and focus on your work, you can make people forget sadness and sorrow.
  6. Traveling and going out: When you are feeling bored, look at the mountains and rivers, and look at the smoke and smoke. The feeling of fatigue and depression disappears.
  7. Watching movies: When in depression, watching a comedy film, this empathy effect is obvious.

How to choose the right fitness equipment

How to choose the right fitness equipment

At present, the popular fitness equipment are treadmills, exercise bikes, exercise bikes, walking machines and rowing machines.

  In order to exercise, more and more people choose to buy fitness equipment to exercise at home. Many people are hesitant to face a variety of fitness equipment: Which one is best for you?

Expert advice: Before you buy fitness equipment, you must first clearly understand the purpose of using fitness equipment, to lose weight, or to strengthen your physique, maintain your body shape, or plan to build bodybuilding muscles, and then choose the appropriate equipment for different purposes.

  At present, the popular fitness equipment are treadmills, exercise bikes, exercise bikes, walking machines and rowing machines.

  The electric treadmill is a very good aerobic exercise equipment, it can effectively improve the cardiopulmonary function, and also has a considerable effect on promoting the function of the cardiovascular system.

The two best exercise methods of sprinting and jogging can be achieved on the treadmill, and the fat reduction effect is also obvious.

  An exercise bike is a kind of aerobic equipment for all ages. It is very similar to cycling. Through different riding speeds, you can improve your leg muscle strength and endurance, and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

  The shape of the exercise bike is similar to that of the exercise bike. It is a rare device that can move 80% of the body’s muscles and joints at the same time.

In addition, it can effectively exercise neural coordination ability, especially suitable for adolescents and elderly.

  The exercise machine is mainly for the exercise of the legs, which can enhance the leg muscle strength and the ability of the leg joints, increase the bone density of the legs, and prevent osteoporosis.

  The rowing function can exercise the abdominal muscles, and the exercise of the lower back is particularly obvious. It can relieve the symptoms of back pain and improve the physiological activity of the lower back muscles.

  After you have a good idea of the different performances of various devices, you can choose according to your own purpose.

For those who plan to lose fat, we recommend that you choose an aerobic exercise equipment, such as a treadmill, and buy some local exercise tools with your fatty parts.

For those who want to build body shape and strengthen their physique, aerobic exercise equipment is also essential.

Pros and cons of drinking herbal tea in children

Pros and cons of drinking herbal tea in children

“It is a drug that is three points poisonous”, which is more reasonable for children.

  Take Banlangen granules. Banlangen is a Chinese herbal medicine that clears heat, detoxifies, and cools blood. It has a bitter cold taste. It is suitable for heat syndrome and heat syndrome. It has a good effect on fever and virus infection.

However, if you use Radix Isatidis or take Radix Isatidis for a long time, it is easy to damage the stomach and spleen due to its bitter cold. At this time, symptoms of the injection tract such as nausea, loss of appetite, thin stools, or even dizziness, dizziness, decreased blood pressure, etcAnd so on, some patients even have allergic reactions.

  The handout of traditional Chinese medicine also warns us that for Banlangen, “those without real fire and hot poison should not use it.”

Herbal tea is the same. Although it can remove dampness and clear heat, it must be timely, appropriate, and suitable for the physique, otherwise some side reactions will occur.

  Children are vigorous and fast-growing bodies. Their viscera is delicate, their bodies are not full, and their physiological functions are not yet mature. They are obviously different from adults.

For children, the herbal teas that ordinary adults can tolerate may be intolerable in children and cause side effects.

This is the case with Qiangqiang. You need to nourish qi, strengthen the spleen, and warm the stomach to improve this symptom.

  Therefore, remind the public here that herbal tea is a good thing for health care, but we must pay attention to timely, moderate, appropriate amount, suitable for physical fitness.

Especially for children, it should not be excessive, continuous herbal tea for too long, nor should it be unsuitable for physique. For example, debilitating constitution is not suitable to replace bitter cold and hot drinks and herbal tea.

What should a man do if he can’t help the urine?

What should a man do if he can’t help the urine?


Pyelonephritis 1.

Patients with urinary tract can be considered pyelonephritis.

This worm is an organ infection in the deep part of the body and is often accompanied by a systemic quenching reaction or impaired tubular function.


Older men caused by urinary tract infections can cause urinary tract obstruction due to benign prostatic hyperplasia, which in turn causes cystitis.

Cystitis occurs often because the bacteria in the vulva are retrograde along the urinary tract.


Urinary incontinence is a symptom that refers to the loss of urine loss and is not autonomously replaced.

Normal human urine storage and urination are carried out under the coordination of bladder pressure and urethral pressure. Therefore, any cause of bladder pressure during storage or urethral obstruction may cause urinary incontinence.


Psychological reasons are a reason. Some male friends always forced themselves to go to the toilet before going to bed at night, and over time, they would develop psychologically compelling diseases, and they could not help but slowly urinate.


Affected by living habits and seasons, the amount of drinking water, the number of drinking more, there may be frequent urination.

If the thirst is not obvious, drink tens of milliliters of water, and it may take tens of minutes to urinate.

Affected by climate and climatic factors, there is less sweating in winter, less water loss on the body surface, and water needs to be excreted through the kidneys, and the number of urine may increase.

In summer, there is more sweating, less urine, and less urine.

Experts explain why babies don’t like breast milk

Experts explain why babies don’t like breast milk

Question: The baby was delivered by caesarean section. Because of abdominal pain, Mummy’s milk did not come down. So when the baby cried, Mummy gave him a bottle. But when Mummy’s milk came down and her breasts were uncomfortable, no matter what.Feed the baby, the baby refuses to eat.

Expert answer: This situation is a “nipple illusion”, because the rubber nipple on the bottle is long and the nipple is large, the baby can suck the milk without much effort.

When they suck their mother’s nipples again, they will find it difficult to hold them, and they will struggle to suck them up. Therefore, they will not want to eat their mother’s milk again.

Correcting the baby’s “nipple illusion” is more difficult. The key is the patience and perseverance of the mother.

First, stop giving your baby a pacifier right away.

Even if the baby needs to be fed breast milk, do not use pacifiers, other methods, such as a spoon, a needle, a medicine dispenser and so on.

Basically, patiently and tirelessly help your baby learn the correct breastfeeding position. Make your baby face straight to the nipple (no need to twist the neck), form a straight line of head, shoulders and hips, and be comfortably held in the mother’s arms.

Use your nipple to tease your baby’s mouth wide. Once it’s widened, let the nipple drive straight in and reach behind the baby’s tongue.

Your baby’s nose should stick slightly to the upper side of the breast, and the lower lip should contain more areola.

If this time is unsuccessful, contract again.

It’s best to keep your baby in your arms, give him nipples whenever possible, and feed him when he’s comfortable and not too hungry.

Generally, the baby with “nipple illusion” is unwilling to wait for the milk to be squeezed out. You can squeeze the milk before feeding and wait until the milk “downs” before giving your baby’s nipples, so that the baby does not have to wait for milk to urinate immediately.

You can also let the babysitter or family drop some pre-squeezed milk on the breast when the baby starts to suck, and run down the breast into the baby’s mouth to give the baby some “reward”.

Don’t starve your baby deliberately, thinking that he will be fed when he is very hungry.

This can make him weak and even cause dehydration.

Even if the “nipple illusion” is more serious, the baby who resolutely resists the nipple needs to take the extreme measures: on the first day, no nipples or nipples, and other ways to feed the baby with squeezed milk; the next day,Instead of giving a pacifier, use your nipples to soothe your baby, but also breastfeed in other ways; on the third day, your full nipples can be replenished and fed before your baby’s newborn.

Kiwi’s lightweight body has a coup

Kiwi’s lightweight body has a coup

Kiwi (also known as carambola, mangosteen, or pear), converts many mineral elements such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, and is rich in vitamins.

The protein content is 1 per 100 grams of pulp.

6 grams, is a nutrient-rich, large shrinkage, low yield conversion fruit.


hzh {display: none; }  中医认为,它是辅治肥胖症的果类,它利水,化痰,润肺,健脾胃。 Here’s how to eat kiwi: Sanpin’s raw materials: 250 grams of kiwi, 1 apple, 1 banana, 30 grams of sugar, starch replacement.

  Method: ① Wash the kiwi into a bowl and steam it. After taking out to cool, squeeze out the gravy with net gauze. Wash the apples, remove the skin, cut into small cubes, and peel the bananas into small cubes.

  ② Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add sugar, and kiwi juice to boil. Put the diced bananas and diced apples into the pot one after another, and then boil them.

A nest behind the ear, special hypoglycemic blood transfer!

Press 10 seconds a day, the benefits are true!

A nest behind the ear, special hypoglycemic blood transfer!
Press 10 seconds a day, the benefits are true!

In the view of Chinese medicine, the health of the body can be inferred by observing the ear.

As far as the ear is concerned, the normal person’s ear is rosy and shiny, which is the performance of the congenital kidney essence overlap; if the ear is dry and dull, the reaction body is insufficient.

The auricle is dry and burnt, mostly in the late stage of infectious diseases or diabetes, because at this stage, the body’s Yin fluid has been seriously burned.

And behind the ear there is a special “healthy nest” – “behind the ear”, which is very good for lowering blood sugar and preventing diabetes complications!

Learn a massage action, the benefits are amazing!

The first nest of hypoglycemic blood: the posterior fossa of the ear is the depression behind the earlobe.

The vagus nerve is distributed deep in the posterior fossa, which stimulates the excretion of the vagus nerve and promotes the secretion of insulin, thereby effectively lowering blood sugar.

Everyone knows that diabetic complications are more serious than diabetes itself, and massaging the back of the ear can stimulate the gas of the three cokes to help prevent diabetes complications.

Massage method: slowly press the back of the ear with your thumb, slowly exhale, continue for 5 seconds and then let go, so repeat 10 times?
15 seconds, massage once a day for lunch and half an hour after dinner.

The back of the ear is a “health nest” that specializes in reducing blood sugar and regulating blood. It is very beneficial for reducing blood sugar and preventing diabetic complications.

Press 10 seconds a day to get this kind of effect, and be sure to send it to friends who need it!

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Conclusion: I hope this article can help you and your family!

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Where is the oxidation enemy

Where is the oxidation enemy

Since birth, aging has begun its never-ending journey.
As the most visible organ, skin aging is particularly noticeable.
One of the main reasons why people get old is oxidation!
The effect of oxidation on the skin is mainly to stimulate cells to secrete melanin, causing dullness and spots, and to break down collagen, making the skin lose elasticity and relaxation.
If you do not do antioxidant maintenance, your skin will look like an apple exposed to the air?
  Where is the oxidation enemy?
A little bit of human body metabolism, for example, every time you breathe, you need oxygen, and free radicals are generated during the process. Under normal circumstances, free radicals are broken down into water and oxygen and discharged from the body.
But with increasing age, more and more free radicals cannot be automatically decomposed, and instead attack cells, causing damage and aging.
  In the book “Human Revolution”, the Genetic Diagnosis Office of Harvard Medical School in the United States once put forward: “If oxidation does not occur, according to human growth rules and genetic speculation, people can live up to 167!
“Why does he produce free radicals?
What are the causes of free radical growth?
Only by knowing this can we prevent the growth of free radicals at the source and slow down aging.
  The causes of free radicals are external and internal.
External factors such as pollution from ultraviolet rays, second-hand smoke, and radiation from electrical appliances will stimulate the body to produce excessive free radicals; internal psychological pressure, staying up late and other bad schedules, and colds and illnesses will also generate a lot of free radicals.The more free radicals there are, the more chance there is that they cannot be broken down, stay in the body and oxidize cells.
  Experts: After 25 years of age, topical and internal use anti-oxidant experts suggest that after 25 years of age, you can use topical maintenance or internal use to antioxidants, of course, from daily life and a balanced diet is the cure.
  <氧化兵团>  Oxidation will occur as long as you breathe. In addition, there are many internal and external factors that will cause excessive free radicals and damage skin and physical health. You need to rely on external forces to help the body resist oxidation.
  <作战计划>  Strategy 1: Keep attacking and defending. Maintenance is based on sun protection. UV rays in the sun are more likely to “oxidize” the skin than indoor lights. Therefore, daily sun protection can be said to be the basic common sense of maintenance!
For indoor work, you can choose sunscreen products around SPF30 / PA ++. If you need to go out or have just finished medical beauty treatments, it is recommended to use SPF50 / PA +++ high coefficient sunscreen products, and make up every 2 hours.
  单品推荐:  FANCL无添加防晒露30号 SPF30 PA+++  参考价格:¥228/60ml  利用紫外光反射剂作防晒,并加入补湿及抗氧化等护肤成份,高效对抗紫外光,让肌肤清爽无负担,The texture is gentle, moist and easy to spread.
Protects against sweat and grease, suitable for daily use or outdoor activities.
  网友:呆呆219 油性皮肤  刚刚败得防晒的东东,他家的东西向来都是很不错的,口碑也好,这款防晒露很适合油性肌肤的MM,我皮肤就很油,但是用上去很清爽,而且吸收很快,用后没有厚重的感觉,嗬嗬 而且是60ml哦量也多足够一个夏天了.
Very good sun lotion.
  LANCOME Lancome soft and soothing sunscreen SPF30 Reference price: 495 / 30ml Effective, light and cool texture, make skin feel soft and delicate and moisturizing.
Always light, flowing and softly infiltrated into the skin, providing the skin with a comfortable, gentle and pleasing sensory experience.
Mexoryl SX和Mexoryl XL组合,有效全面抵抗UVA以及UVB辐射  网友:luojieaier0325 混合性皮肤/受损发质发质/23岁  很好用的一款防晒霜,涂的时候有淡淡的香味,抹在脸There is a light feeling on it, it is quickly absorbed, it is not oily at all, it is well pushed away, and the moisturizing effect is very good. I have mixed skin, and I usually use sunscreen T area for several hours.Very oily, but after a few hours, this sunscreen is not oily in my T zone, which shows that it also has a good oil control effect, and the sun protection value is also very high. In summer, it is enough to wipe the face.Buy another bottle because the price is still a bit expensive.
  CLINIQUE倩碧超凡嫩白防晒隔离霜SPF40+/PA++  参考价格:¥395/30 ml  不含油份,质地轻盈,防止黑色素生成,加速肌肤亮白进程  网友:n_v116 25岁  一直对防晒霜不报任何幻想,觉得It is thick and oily on the face, the most important thing is that it has no effect!
Until recently, the sun was very strong and the wind and sand were very strong. Every day when I returned home, I felt that my skin was dark and yellow.
There were spots!
To be honest with this sunscreen, I am very satisfied. It is not oily or thick. It can be applied to the skin very quickly. Even after removing makeup, it seems to be whiter than pimple ~~ My husband said that I finally bought a product.Value for money!
  战略2:人海战术,抗氧化成分前仆后继  抗氧化保养的基本功就是“保湿+防晒”,市售保养品或多或少都含有抗氧化成分,只要加上彻底防晒,基本上效果已经有80分.
However, there are too many “internal and external problems” in life. Those who are busy with work, staying up late for a long time, and having an abnormal diet, who are full of oxidative crisis every day, it is best to prepare 1-2 bottles of antioxidant care products with high concentration of ingredients,The compound formula is adopted to combat the free radicals and adopt the “human sea tactics”: the antioxidant ingredients succeed and succeed before they have the chance to defeat the free radicals.
  Estee Lauder Fresh Nutrition Night Cream seize the golden hour from 10 o’clock to 2 a.m., so that red pomegranate can get close to the sleeping skin and exert its metabolic effect with half the effort.
Enriched with rich moisturizing essences, it reshapes the skin’s natural repairing function and rescues the stressed skin during the day.
Nutrients and antioxidants are released at night, injecting the “source of brilliance”-energy into the skin, giving the skin the healthy glow it needs the next day.
As soon as I wake up, my skin is beginning to reflect a beautiful glow.
  Reference price: ¥ 580 / 50ml Netizen: Sherlyx 35-year-old A very good night cream, very moisturizing, fresh taste, it feels more greasy when just applied, but the skin really feels very moist and smooth in the morning.。Very recommended for dry skin MM autumn and winter use ~~~~ even mixed type, I feel pretty good.

  Lancome Youth Oxygen Emulsion Reference Price: ¥ 720 Lancome Youth Oxygen Essence Lotion is specially created for Asian skin. The perfect anti-oxidant, oxygen-enriched skin care for early aging. Antioxidant, skin care day after day, recovery.New live young.

A hydrating formula with cutting-edge aerobic energy, which allows skin to absorb richly.

The drops are translucent and infiltrating, awakening the skin soft and bright.

After cleansing your face in the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount on the palm or cotton pads, and pat your face gently to condition your skin for a fresh and tender skin.

  Netizen: nigh1234 mixed skin / oily hair, my skin is relatively dry, so I like to use the hydrating effect is significant, this one is very suitable for my skin, soft and gentle, the skin absorbs quickly, long-lasting shrinking moisturizing, letThe skin is smooth and supple, has good antioxidant properties and can delay aging.

  Strategy 3: Airborne troops, health food to complement the beauty experts suggest that taking healthy foods internally, anti-oxidation from the body, multiplying inside and outside, the effect is better!

  FANCL collagen-free beauty skin drink Reference price: ¥ 298 / 50ml × 10 Fancl third generation HTC beauty skin collagen drink (with Q10 ingredient) 1, HTC collagen-beauty skin ingredients: HTC collagen has two major benefits for skinIn fact, it has a short molecular structure and the same structure as collagen in the body, so it is easily absorbed by the body and reaches skin cells in the shortest time.

Studies have confirmed that skin absorption of HTC collagen is 4 times higher and faster than ordinary gum proteins.

2. Coenzyme Q10-antioxidant component: It is also very important to protect the existing collagen from further damage and reduction.

We therefore added Coenzyme Q10, a powerful antioxidant naturally produced in the body, to TENSEUP EX.

It can effectively protect skin cells and collagen from oxidative damage, and at the same time enhance cell energy and promote skin metabolism.

3, other active ingredients: TENSEUP EX also contains other skin beauty active ingredients, such as blueberry extract, intercellular lipids, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and vitamin E to give the skin flawless protection.

Exclusively marketed in Japan, adding Q10 ingredients makes skin protein more easily absorbed by the skin!

The Q10 ingredient can activate the skin’s fine casualness, make the fine casual muscles more active, replenish the skin’s deep energy, and bring out beautiful skin full of radiance.

  Netizen: The ideal type of collagen supplement for night and night neutral skin. Since it was discovered 4 years ago, it has been taken intermittently. It is very effective in hydrating and lubricating the skin. Basically, it can be very obvious in three months.For people who have good skin, the improvement is more flexible.

It is more expensive, more than 20 yuan per day, which is a disadvantage. Hehe recommends the reason: to improve skin problems from the body, skin care effect is completely lasting, unique and smooth, repair formula, for various problems such as rough, dry lines, excess, etc.The smooth repairing elements make the skin completely improved, restore smooth and translucent, firm and flawless.