Simple self-healing method for massage exercises to alleviate diabetes discomfort

Simple self-healing method for massage exercises to alleviate diabetes discomfort

Our body is like a sophisticated system, and headache, insomnia, sore throat, swelling of the feet. These are not serious troubles, but it seems to be a virus that specifically looks for system breakthroughs, which makes us miserable.

In fact, the cause of these troubles is nothing more than overloaded work, excessive pressure, seasonal changes, and some simple self-healing methods can help us quickly make an effective “patches” for the body system.

  First, the pain of the legs and feet a day and walking to make your feet a little fever, swelling, and even pain?

There are several ways you can try to relieve the symptoms.


Make a relaxing “foot bath” 3 drops of peppermint oil, 3 drops of lavender essential oil (or 1 teaspoon bath oil, 1 teaspoon of sea salt) mixed together, pour into a basin of warm water that can barely have feet, they can help the skin to drainToxins make your feet feel comfortable.

Soak your feet in the water for 10-15 minutes, then dry them thoroughly with a towel and apply some cream with mint or lavender to massage your feet.


Put your feet up and lie on the bed, use a pillow to pad your feet, and massage your thighs at the same time. The brakes relax your muscles, stimulate blood circulation, allow more oxygen to enter the muscles, and relieve the swelling of the feet and calves.

  Second, headache studies have shown that the body’s stress hormones rise, the possibility of suffering from headaches is here.

How to relieve the irritating headache?


Take a head massage and take 2 drops of peppermint oil and 2 drops of lavender essential oil, mix them with a teaspoon of fragrance-free body lotion, massage with your fingers and massage the temples and the back neck.

The remaining mixed lotion is applied to the nose and then taken 3 deep breaths, after which it feels reduced.


Relaxation of the muscles of the eye is caused by the tiny muscles of the face and eyes.

In order to relieve the tension of the muscles, use the ring finger of both hands, the tip of the middle finger enters the eyelids, the temples, the brow bones, and the inner corner of the eye to draw a circle massage. The strength of the fingers should not be too heavy. You can apply eye cream to help the muscles around the eyes relax.

  Third, the neck and neck pain is not correct sitting posture, continuous tapping the keyboard and poor sleeping position can cause shoulder and neck pain and stiffness.


Aromatic Massage Marjoram essential oil is a “magic bullet” for relieving muscle tension and contraction. Mixing it with rosemary or juniper essential oil (2 drops each) can also effectively relieve muscle tension in shoulder discomfort.


The pressure massage tail sticks to the wall and stands. Put a tennis ball in the position between the shoulders at the back and tail, slowly bend your knees, then slowly stand up, let the tennis ball close to the shoulder instead of “massage”, can help the muscles of the shoulders relax.
When using the computer, don’t leave the keyboard and mouse too far away from you. The back is best placed on the back of the chair, so that the shoulders are evenly stressed and the muscles are loosened.

  Fourth, indigestion Almost everyone has experienced the uncomfortable feeling of indigestion, eating too fast, eating too greasy, drinking too much or stress, worry may lead to stomach “strike.”

The following methods can help us relieve discomfort in a short time.


Essential Oil Massage The abdomen can be massaged with citrus essential oil, peppermint oil or ginger essential oil for good results.

Take 4 drops of one or two essential oils, mix with a teaspoon of body lotion, apply the mixed lotion to the palm of your hand, and slowly massage in the clockwise direction on the abdomen.

Then wrap a bottle filled with warm water in a towel, lie on the bed sideways, put the bottle on the abdomen and then curl up and fall asleep, which is conducive to the absorption of essential oils.


A massage that relieves discomfort in diabetes. Use the four fingers of the right hand to draw multiple small circles in the clockwise direction across the abdomen.

The speed of the circle is based on the speed of breathing once, that is, draw a small circle every time you breathe.

  Place the palms of both hands on the lower abdomen, and place the hand on the upper part to slide up and massage to the upper abdomen and massage until the upper position.

The hand placed below is “started” and the action is exactly the same as the other hand.

This is alternately performed 10 times each.

  Fifth, insomnia stress is the first factor leading to short-term insomnia and sleep disorders.

The following simple methods will be more effective than counting sheep.

  1.Take a relaxing bath Lavender and sandalwood oil are the best “relaxation agents”. Mix the two essential oils, drop 6 drops into a teaspoon (10 ml) bath oil or olive oil, then add the mixed oil to the shower water.
In addition, drop 2 drops of lavender essential oil on the pillow before going to bed, be careful not to more than 2 drops, otherwise the strong aroma will make you unable to sleep.


Simple meditation is especially suitable for those who can’t let go of their minds.

Close your eyes, spend a few minutes adjusting your breathing, and then start thinking that you throw all your troubles, pressures and fears into a cupboard, then lock the cabinet, paint it with bright colors, and then leave.

After doing this meditation, you will feel a lot easier, and your sleepiness will gradually come up.

How to bring healthy meals to a white-collar worker

How to bring healthy meals to a white-collar worker


For the choice of the insurance lunch box, if the office worker replaces the plastic lunch box, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacture of the material, and it is best to choose the product made of PP.

However, too many microwave food plastic boxes are made of PP, but the lid is not, so it is best to remove the lid when heating food.

The best choice for utensils with rice should be glassware, which can effectively protect the nutrients in the food.

The high temperature and high temperature heating of the plastic easily destroys the plastic molecules and becomes fine and durable. Therefore, it is found that the plastic box becomes hard, becomes transparent, atomized, deformed or scratched, and if other such lunch boxes are put into the microwave oven, they will be released.A substance that harms the body, so change the lunch box regularly.

Also be sure to thoroughly clean before using the lunch box.


For the choice of food, the choice of the office worker is best for rice.

The choice of meat is preferably low-fat. It is best to pick beef, chicken, lean meat and other meats.

For vegetables, it is best to choose tubers, eggplants, and potato vegetables such as tomatoes, white radishes, lotus roots, carrots, potatoes, and yam.

Do not choose green leafy vegetables, because green leafy vegetables contain different amounts of nitrate, which will turn yellow and taste after heating. Nitrate will be reduced to toxic nitrite by bacteria, which is carcinogenic.

Some foods are not suitable for bringing rice.

For example, salad dishes, because the cold vegetables are prone to deterioration after overnight; the eggs are not suitable for taking meals overnight; the fish and seafood with rice always have a taste and taste, which will cause harm to human health, because the fishAnd seafood is prone to protein degradation after overnight, which will damage liver and kidney function.

Can rice not be eaten with any food?

Can rice not be eaten with any food?

Rice is the most common staple food for Chinese people, but not everything is eaten with rice.

So don’t show these things on your dinner table.

  Rice: Rice should not be eaten with horse meat, honey, and cocklebur.

  Eggs: Eggs should not be cooked with sugar; with saccharin, brown sugar with food poisoning; with goose meat with food damage spleen and stomach; with rabbit meat, persimmon with food to cause diarrhea; at the same time should not be with turtle, squid, soy milk, tea with food.

  Pork (skinny): Pork should not be mixed with ebony, licorice, squid, shrimp, pigeon meat, snail, almond, clam meat, goat liver, parsley, soft-shelled turtle, water chestnut, buckwheat, clam meat, beef.

It is not advisable to drink a lot of tea after eating pork.

  Milk: Milk and lean meat are the same food, because milk contains a lot of calcium, while lean meat contains phosphorus, these two nutrients can not be absorbed at the same time, foreign medical circles called phosphorus and calcium.

The optimal ratio of calcium to phosphorus is 1:1 to 1:1.

Between 5, at this time promote mutual absorption.

  Carrots: Wine and carrots should not be eaten together. It will cause a lot of carotene to enter the body together with alcohol, and produce toxins in the liver, leading to liver disease. In addition, radish is mainly diarrhea and carrots are used as supplements, so it is best not to eat the same.

  Seaweed (dry): Seaweed should not be eaten with persimmon; it should not be eaten together with sour fruit, which is easy to cause degradation.

Lotus leaf tea also lose weight _2

Lotus leaf tea also lose weight

Since ancient times, China has regarded lotus leaves as a good medicine for slimming.

Because the roots of the lotus, (藕) and leaves have a simple diuretic, laxative effect.

  Taking full advantage of the weight loss effect of lotus leaf tea requires some tips.

  Must be strong tea.

The second bubbled tea has no effect, although it can be repeated as long as it can be used to make the color.

But in addition to the first bubble, there is no other weight loss effect.

  A small packet of lotus leaf tea can be washed into a cup.

Basically, you can wash 3-4 bags a day, and drink 3-4 times.

People who have constipation crimes can drink 4 packs a day for the first week and finish it 4 times.

The stool is smooth and has helped the weight loss.

  It is best to have it on an empty stomach.

Drink before dinner.

  No need to diet.

After drinking water drops, the hobby of food will naturally change, and many people do not like to eat greasy food.

  In addition, lotus leaf tea does not need to be cooked.

Put a packet of tea in a teapot or a large teacup and pour in boiling water to drink.

It is best to simmer for 5-6 minutes so that the tea will be thicker.

And even if the tea is cool, the effect will not change, so the summer can be changed after chilling, the taste is better.

Secret: Running can suppress appetite

Secret: Running can suppress appetite

Which item of exercise weight loss can best burn fat?

People know that running can lose weight, but you know that it also has the effect of suppressing appetite!

  British scholars have found that people who participate in different types of sports such as jogging and swimming have different drought sensations and there are significant differences in the types of foods they need.

The result of this research overturns the general view that “the more sports, the more you must eat,” which helps people choose the right sports for their own needs.

  According to reports, Dr. Stensel, a sports science doctor at Ralph Baller University, found that people have different levels of fatigue after participating in different sports and the types of foods they need to absorb.

  For example, people usually don’t feel hungry after jogging, just want to eat foods that have more water but are not easy to fill their stomachs.

On the contrary, people usually feel hungry after swimming. They want to eat a small amount of food. After lifting, they need food containing protein or protein.

In addition, the sports environment may also affect the body’s sense of obesity.

For example, swimming in cold water makes people feel obese and wants to eat high-micro foods, and running in warm weather is the opposite.

It is generally believed that exercise contributes to increased appetite, but Stensel’s findings overturn this view, indicating that appetite is not necessarily related to exercise intensity.

  Stensell’s research is published in the new book, “The Impact of Resistance and Aerobic Exercise on Obesity.”

According to his preliminary analysis, the effects of different exercises on the amount of “chronic hormones” that control appetite in the human body are diverse.

The same high-intensity exercise, long-distance running in a hot environment may inhibit the secretion of “chronic hormones”, swimming in cold water has the opposite effect.

  However, moderate to low intensity exercise has little effect on the secretion of “pregnancy hormones”.

For example, after walking for an hour and walking in the same way, there is no difference in the sense of drought in the human body.

This research provides guidance for people to choose the right exercise to achieve more effective exercise goals.

  Stensell said that the inhibition of appetite in running projects usually lasts for a few hours after the end of the exercise. If you want to lose weight, people can choose to run without worrying about an increase in appetite after exercise.

When you step on love, your body wants the most.

When you step on love, your body wants the most.

Are you accustomed to starting your sex life at midnight and stereotyped the alarm clock when you get up.

But do you really understand your biological clock?

Do you hear the signal from your body?

What is perfect sex is that you and he are “stepping” on the point of “want”.

The body and emotions are ignited, and I am afraid that the climax says “no”?

  Five situations women want to “make” to recall your most memorable sex experience, and perhaps find that they are the most sexual in certain situations.

The following five coefficients are thus accessed.


I have a strong desire, I want it very much, and my mood is very relaxed.

  ”At the time, I had no sex for almost a year. After chatting with my boyfriend who had just talked for a month, he took me home. It was already more than 5:00 in the morning. I asked him to wash his face, take a break and go back. As a result, heHold me in one hand.

In fact, I have already thought about what will happen when he is asked to send me home.


The other party is good, very considerate and good.

  ”My boyfriend is gentle and considerate, and there are often unexpected surprises with him.

He always finds a comfortable place, puts music and drinks a little wine, so I feel right away.

He is not the kind of person who sleeps when he finishes his head. He will put a pool of warm water and bathe with me.


The two are in love, after the romantic foreplay.

  This usually happens between sweet lovers, but there are special examples, such as “Although, I feel the best time is with a foreigner, when I have been divorced for two years, and he may trim myNeed, just at the hotel where he stayed, at 10 o’clock in the evening, he poured a glass of red wine to me. We first chatted on the sofa, then he kissed my ear, kissed my cheek, hugged me tightly, I never hadPassed this feeling of being ruined.

After taking a shower, he took me to bed. The only thing I thought of at that time was that I had to let it go and enjoy the moment in front of me.

He is very tall, I am very petite, but he is very pity and jealous, step by step into my entry into the good environment.


For a long time, reunion or special day.

  ”He was on a business trip for a month. When he got home, he hugged me tightly, as if he wanted to melt me in his arms.

When the climax, the whole body can not help but be happy, trembling, hope to close contact.

This time is the best, the climax can come two or three times.

“Sexual Anniversary will be done” On the first anniversary of our sex, he prepared a candlelight dinner, and I also put on the last year’s dress.

The theme and clothes are full of energy and teasing, and the result is natural.


In a stimulating, adventurous atmosphere, such as outdoor sex or worry about the wall has ears.

  ”The most memorable one was at 2 in the morning. In an unmanned alley, I didn’t want to happen at first, but they were very close to each other, and then they were getting bigger and bigger. It happened. Halfway through, peopleSome are sober, very worried about someone passing by, but some people are very stimulated, and later became a good example of my flirting with my boyfriend.

“In a thrilling, adventurous atmosphere,” once I went back to his house with my boyfriend, we started watching movies in the room, the film saw it halfway, he started kissing me, I didn’t refuse, and I reacted, when his parents prepared dinner in the kitchen.
We did not take long, but it was very enthusiastic.

“Women’s sexual desire is not caused by changes. Women’s two peaks of sexual desire.

  Is there a gradual change in a woman’s sexual desire?

As early as the 1920s, British female scientist Marys?

Tops conducted a long-term and in-depth study on this.

She found that women’s sexual desire fluctuations are closely related to their menstrual cycle.That is, in every 28-day menstrual cycle, most women will have two peaks of libido, one in two or three days before and after ovulation, and one before menstruation.

  Some experts have conducted an investigation into unmarried women in North Carolina, USA.

It was found that women who had premarital sex in this state occurred mostly before and after menstruation, and the frequency of orgasm was also high.

The time for married women to reach orgasm is mostly before and after menstruation.

  Use the sleeping position to provoke desire.

  When you are going to sleep, if you feel that your body is exhausted without a little desire, you may want to ask him to hold you in your arms from behind and maintain an “intimate” posture.

This is a very sensational movement that makes women feel more sexy.

Keeping this position to fall asleep, many couples find that they will wake up from their dreams in the middle of the night and continue to linger.

Diabetic patients with feet and vinegar can prevent autumn dry feet

Diabetic patients with feet and vinegar can prevent autumn dry feet

Autumn is high, but the climate is relatively dry. Too many middle-aged and old sugar friends will have cracks on their heels. If you don’t pay attention to maintenance, it will lead to diabetic foot.


hzh {display: none; }  泡脚水中可以加少许醋  糖友的皮肤较正常人更干燥,尤其是双脚常常出现脱皮、龟裂,主要因为角质层相对较厚,含水量少导致的。Coupled with the dry weather in the fall, it is more prone to problems.

It is recommended to “wet” the foot twice a day – warm water to soak feet.

Wang Wuxi, director of the Department of Endocrinology at the Fifth People’s Hospital of Chongqing, said that skin cream or any vinegar can be added to the water to prevent decomposition.

“Before you wash your feet, try the water temperature with your hand or a thermometer. Most people with diabetes have nervous nerves in their feet and their ability to feel temperature is reduced.

General requirements 38?
For 40 seconds of warm water, you can add warm water while soaking your feet. The time for soaking your feet should not be too long. Do not exceed 13 minutes.

Neutral soap should be used for foot washing.

“When you wash your feet, it is best to wipe them with a white soft dry towel. If you find any blood or pus on the armor, be sure to dry the water between the toes. If necessary, blow it off with a small air blower.

  The feet are moisturized every day. After the feet are soaked, the doctor recommends applying a moisturizing cream or a little bit of olive oil to keep it moist.

You can apply more to the heel and sides, and do not apply too much between the toenails and toes to avoid creating an ideal living environment for the powder.

If cracking has begun, apply a high-salt skin care product such as Vaseline after each wash, and then wrap a layer of plastic wrap to moisturize and relieve dryness.

The sugar friend who needs to repair the toenail must also insert it after the toenail is soft. The toenail should be cut flat and can not be cut into a round shape to avoid injury to the nail groove.

“To prevent the occurrence of diabetic foot, in addition to the care of the foot in the weekdays, it is recommended to perform Doppler vascular ultrasonography once a year. No matter how old you are, you will have a lower extremity vascular ultrasound examination every half year after 5 years of illness.

“Wang Wuxi reminded.

  Female sugar friends should wear less high heels. For female sugar friends, special attention should be paid to wearing high heels.

When the foot is small and small, resulting in insufficient blood supply, it will cause physical discomfort. If the toes are worn out, the wound will not heal normally like ordinary people, which may cause further infection and cause diabetic foot lesions.

Therefore, it is recommended not to wear high heels more than 3 times a week, the pace should not be too fast, it is best to pad a forefoot pad to relieve pain in the soles of the feet.

A sugar friend wearing a flat-bottomed shoe can pad a heel pad to force the foot to move forward, reducing the tension of the heel ligament.

  Once there is discomfort in the calf when walking, intermittent claudication should be timely to the vascular surgery to exclude lower extremity arteriosclerosis obliterans.