Hanjiang also racks the start of the heart,We have witnessed three ladies to open the window.,Then organize the clothes and have http://www.xingxingguotongfu.cn been stunned.。

Not to mention,In front of you, this little girl Hanjiang really knows。
On the time, she feels a little itch.,Then put down the hand,“Your strength……Don’t turn it into my holy marks??”
This little girl and Xiao Yun were exactly the same as before,Also this http://www.hgbaoyuantang.cn speech,It seems that he has said that Xiao Yun said.。
Xiao Yun turned over a white eye to Hanjiang,Sitting in a chair,I poured myself to myself.:“That is just part.,I used to study for ten years in my beginning.,Have your own field,It’s just a small part of the holy marks.。”
Han Jiang nodded,“Then how are you here?,And personality……”
“Reality World and Quantum Sea have countless mobile entrance,The energy of the quantum sea will enter the real world,vice versa。”
“Decomprehensively reach the point of manhood,Awareness can be divided into several ways,Among the world’s bubbles are the projection of the real world.,I am also normal here.。”
Han Jiang thought about it,Kevin seems to have built a lot of world bubbles.,The Kevin in the world bubble is his branch.。
So much,In addition to what I saw,There is also one of the other world bubbles.。
“Aspect……”Xiao Yunshui Wang Wang flashed a silky,“Anyway, there is an unlimited possible in the world bubble,Why don’t you follow your mind to do something you want to do??”
Han Jiang oh,Then slowly nod。
Every child may be born,Personality is changing after the environment changes。
When you grow up,After having your own preferences,Imagine children like children, it is impossible.。
And Xiao Yun in the world,Powerful strength,There are still many times“Again”chance,Naturally don’t suppress your own heart。
Anyway, this world has created.,As long as there is enough opportunity,I can also enter the next world bubble and then back.。
“Then what is the praise,It is also your attention?”Han Jiang asked。
Xiao Yun nodded,“You also saw this world bubble.,Very strong strength,I just want to see if there is anyone who has no one.。”
Han Jiang’s face twitched two times,“Then you finally,That’s not going to marry.?”
Xiao Yunni is a horizontal,“Marrying is not married, I am not talking about it.?”
“All right,Increasing。”
The windows in the room have been blown by a hurricane.,A person waist Sword,The faceful young man jumped in,Turning back,Then look at Han Rong and Xiao Yun, who are talking.。
“OK,Miss Huti,Not waiting in the room at night,Run this far away to see a cold gates,This is going to say it.,The brother’s face is lost.。”
Chapter 510 Vent
The people who come are Zhou Zen.。
After eating for a meal in the afternoon, he is thinking how to find the residential yard of those who are families.,Cannail He Lu Feng Mountain Villa is really too big。
It’s a long time.,Finally, I was brought back by Xiao Jia’s people.。
I didn’t have long until I found someone climbing the wall root.,Then I saw Xiao Yun sprint into the Hanjiang room.。
Although full of threats,However, Zhou Zen does not show up the idea of saying this.。
The most important thing is,I didn’t look at the protagonist of this compassion, and I didn’t look at this.,Instead, God is staring at another person.。
“what are you doing?”Han Jiang has retired a step back。
How is a man?,How is it like a girl?,Not sure that the other party is a male is female,Han Jiang can not feel good to him。
“come,Come with me,I will not tell this thing.。”
Xiao Yun slightly frowns,I pulled the Hanjiang clothes soon:“who is he,I feel that I seem to be very interested in you.。”
Han Jiang shook his head,“Africa here,I don’t know if I specifically.,It seems to be the son of Zheng Guo Zhoujia,Specially designed。”
“how,Do not agree??”Zhou Zen step forward,“See you two like,Obviously it is an older。”

Xia Jian wakes up like a dream,Said quickly:“no no,But I have never done anything in this line,And what are you going to do?,It’s even worse,I will delay things“Sometimes Xia Jian is a jerk,But in the face of big things,He still knows how many catties he has。

“Minister Xia,You are welcome,At work and meeting,I will announce your appointment“Zhou Li’s tone is very firm,Feel that there is no room for negotiation。
Xia Jian thought,In this case,It’s better to do it well,Zhou Li is about the same age as him,Isn’t it a manager??Not to mention that I am still a man。
White shirt,Black suit,The most terrible thing is that he was equipped with a walkie talkie,This makes Xia Jian almost crazy,Assembly of all this,For the first time in his life,If they can be seen by Chen Erniu,He’s really a cow to the sky。
Zhou Li patiently explained to him how to use the walkie-talkie,Also told him,In the entire 100-odd people,Only four people including Zhou Li have used this stuff。Xia Jian heard this,Suddenly felt that his worth had risen a lot,Young people are like this,The more hopeful,The more motivated,He immediately asked Zhou Li for a roster,He wants to be a dumb bird and fly first。
Over sixty people,There http://www.yindasmf.cn are only ten people in the security department,Three floors,Xia Jian holds the walkie-talkie in one hand,Holding a pen in one hand,From the first floor to the third floor,Get familiar with the terrain first,Something you don’t understand,Ask Zhou Li on the intercom,When everyone is at work,Xia Jian has already made this place.。
Over a hundred people,Standing in the hall all together,Neat dress,And they are all handsome men and women in their early twenties,Xia Jian stood behind Zhou Li,I just feel that my eyes are not enough。
When Zhou Li announced his appointment,Applause in the hall。
The work arrangement started immediately,All staff,Stand in front of their own leaders separately,Xia Jian has the most staff,More than sixty people stood in a large area,But the station is very orderly,I can see that the management level here is http://www.aist-bj.cn not low。
Ten people in the Security Department,Eight men,Two women,Both men and women are dressed in black suits,The rest are the waiters in the song and dance hall on the third floor,Isshiki girl,Black dress,Slender legs,If it’s not for the burden,He has to look more,Xia Jian was secretly happy。
Speaking in front of so many people,Xia Jian’s first time,Who told him to be a soil bun from the countryside?,So many firsts,Looked up,Raise your chest,Although I am a native dog,But he wants to be a wolf dog。
This momentum has,Speak with confidence,Because I finished the draft in advance,Xia Jian didn’t take any effort,And arranged the work very properly。
It seems that the staff here,Are well trained,Dissolution,I got my job right away,Each started their own work。
When night falls,Yiyuan is already overcrowded,Xia Jian will run up,Run down in a while,Although nothing happened,But he always feels a heavy burden on his shoulders,No negligence。
“minister,You can’t do this,I’m exhausted from running up and down,You sit at the front desk on the first floor,What can’t you solve?,Will definitely go to you”It was a female employee of the Security Department who spoke to Xia Jian,She seems to be called Fang Fang,This name is a bit special,So Xia Jian remembered。
Xia Jian has the opportunity to take a look at others,The girl is six feet tall,Short hair,Look beautiful。
“Are you called Fang Fang?”Xia Jian stopped,Asked with a smile。
Fang Fang flung her short hair back,Laugh softly:“Yes minister”This action,Neat,Very beautiful。
“Oh!Why don’t you be a waiter,I want to do this security work?”Xia Jian asked,This is the thing he most puzzled tonight,Out of ten security personnel,Two of them are women。