Many information is a kind of illusion that I happened.。

for a long time。
Summer shink,Except for these distracted brains。
Unreasonable,Then I don’t want to think about it.。
Since the other party has repeatedly targeted himself,One day later, I will expose the horse foot.。
As for the warning of good sound……Summer eyes bloom cold light。
The other party kills the door.,Will it be a bundle?。
Next,He began to deal with the body。
After everything,Summer sinking,Or take out the phone,Dialing Mingwu’s phone。
After ten seconds,Mobile phone,Sound,“Small day?”
“I am me。”
Summer deliberately makes tone a few points,Say,“Your people behind you,I was removed by me.,If there is no accident,They won’t threaten you.。”
Opposite,Ming Wu is heavy,“That’s good,That’s good……Right,You,You are not hurt.?”
Summer silence。
“Small day,Is there anything else??”
Ming Wu is obviously noticeable,Concern。
“Second uncle。”
Summer first call other party,Speak seriously,“I am in my world,Full of various darkness,I have seen a lot.。
many things,I have to think more about it.,if that’s the case,Will make me live longer。”
Toned,He also,“I would like to know,Why do you want to do that。”
This is also a hundred thinking in the summer.。
It’s not the belly of the heart of the villain.。
But character makes。
He is on New Year’s Eve,Support in plain text。
Make a reason,Mingwu,Should hate him。
Not,Not just hate,But I can’t die.。
As long as the summer is not dead,He will never be inheritance。
And the witch is working with him to remove himself……Summer can’t think of other reasons,Why is Mangwu choose to tell yourself?。
First2277Chapter Negatives
Summer is really seen and experienced too much。
So he thinks there is still necessary to face it clearly。
Otherwise,Suspected seeds will get deeper in his heart。

“Moon——”The uncomfortable appearance of a long and loud sound。

“fine,Hungry, let’s eat first.!Send you a piece of time!It’s fine,Don’t be afraid of your side!”
Hezi sucks the nose,Obviously。
“real,The scorpion lies you dry.?”
“Then I will eat a little.!I will take a little bit.,Then I went back to eat!”
Whez is very embarrassed to laugh,A finely broken tear is still hanging on the eyelashes.。
Case on her side,Others finally knew that it was awkward.。
After the grass returned, I found that my family hasn’t cooked.,After a while, I can’t eat it.,Just plan to run, please call again.。
But again,If it is called Niu’s words,One time, I will waste a lot of time on the road.。Niu Niu’s home is far away。
Then Hezu ran in a hurry.,Go on,I haven’t been to open the door for a long time.。
But the door is a virtual,Push away the door,I found that one of the houses is not。Then cry and ran to find a girl.,Desire to seek a lot of comfort。
Maybe I feel that she will feel the same as myself.。
“Maybe they just go out??I have lived in the village for a few days.,There is also a familiar person,It should be a good thing before going.!However, they will go so soon.!”
Zhou listened to a probably,Soft comfort,
“And I listened to Niu Niu just said,He promised to come back。One South is a good child,Speaking affirmative!Not sad.!”
He nodded on the side of the mouth,
“Niu Niu,Let’s go to a southern brother home.!I think my scorpion is quite aware.。”
“what~Still go~”
Niu Niu felt that ten eight nine people were already there.,They are likely to be simple to find themselves.,Where can I get to meet with the people in the village?。
With the group of children, you may just have a suitable opportunity to call yourself.。
So there is no meaningfulness.!
He didn’t say it.,I don’t want to say, I will not say it.。
Even if you encounter, you haven’t said it.,Niu Niu touched the bracelet on his hand.。
“Go!Niu Niu,You will take me again.!Last time!I will definitely not call you later.!”
Hezi seizes the last hope, I will never hicked.。
“Niu Niu,I will go to the husband again.!Anyway, you are also bored at home.!”
Niu Niu’s face is reluctant。
mother,You are my brotherhood!How elbows go abducted!How can I be bored at home?,I still want to study a bracelet for a south.!
I don’t know what major secrets inside.,Two people have nerve。It’s nothing to look.。
“Yes, yes, yes.!Niu Niu,You will accompany me.!I will call you in the future.!”
Hezi is full of food and putting down chopsticks, starting entanglement, Niu Niu,
“Let’s go!I’m stuffed!Scorpion,You will accompany me.!”
“Niu Niu went!”
Zhou took the back of the girl,
“Mother went to see if they finished eating,After eating, I am so clean up.。”

Nan Ge is first walking before,Her face is frozen,Faced is extremely exquisite,Looking up at the snow。

Plus Nano’s figure,Many people can’t help but secretly see her.。
Zhouzhi also feels this scenery,Until the nanong reached out and wanted to lick the snow on the sky。
Subsequently, Nan Ge was onset.。
Snow is not laid out on the road.,Instead, it has been grown into a thin ice.,Other girls walk on the road,It’s all kind, I am afraid of being fell.,The sound is also delicate,Oops, oh, it’s slippery, you hold me.……
And the nan brother brought junction and emergency,Yell,Rapida slides out of the road so far——
“Come and play!”
“I want to play with you.!”Zhouzhi said with a refuse。
“Let’s slip more than anyone.!”
“I want to slide you with you.!”Continue to say the tone of the refuse。
“Less!Come back!Let’s decide to make a small hot pot tonight.!”Nan Ge said。
“Do not!”
The first game,Gain。
Nan Ge looks at it.,Uncomfortable:“I started slipping from here.,And you start slipping from here,Not countless!I now draw roots here.,Let’s start slip from this line.,Transpline violation!”
Second game,Gain。
Nano thinks:“I started to run from here.,You run far more than I,Not countless!”
Third game,Gain。
Nan Ge said that the clothes did not deduct the wind.。
Zhou Zhou looked at the more and more audience next to the road,And sitting on the roof of silently watching,There is no recutation。
Fourth game,Gain。
Nan Ge said that the clothes were too thick.。
Fifth game,Gain。
It turns out that the left is far away from Nange.。
“Last one!Declare!”Nan Ge is taking a long breathing,She is suspected that it is not my own shoes.,“You slip!”
I have seen a car far away.,After walking, I walked to walk.,He deliberately slipped nearby,Then found that more than a dozen slide trajectories before the combination is obvious.,He called out a breath:“I am tired.。”
Nan Ge does not dismantle,It is riveting。

“Hahahaha!What do i say?You two brothers still don’t believe,It’s a new year,The village chief will definitely take the lead in incense,Didn’t people come here early??“Wang Degui laughed,Walked out from behind Wang Youcai。

Xia Jian is stupid,Can also hear what he meant,Don’t you just burn incense?,Is it necessary?Xia Jian wanted to return him a few words,But when I think about it,,Quarrel with an elder,I’m afraid some people will say his is not。
“Uncle Wang is here too?happy New Year!“Xia Jian said very politely。
Wang Degui’s face couldn’t help but be stunned,He never expected,Xia Jianhui called him Uncle Wang on this occasion,And will give him a New Year greeting,This caught him a bit off guard,Said hurriedly:“Dare not dare,Happy new year, village chief“
“Why are you still so!Time is coming soon“Chen Erniu ran over,Take Xia Jian and run。
Inside the temple,Originally small place,Kneeling people everywhere,Xia Jian is at the door,And Chen Erniu barely knelt down,Wait for someone to shout:“time up“I heard the sound of firecrackers outside the temple resounding like thunder。
Everyone salutes,Take turns,Then out of the temple gate,I think this incense is burned out,I don’t know who is the first,Not good theory,Anyway, everyone’s long-cherished wish is over。
Xia Jiangang came out of the temple gate,I was discussing with Chen Erniu when I went home for a drink,Wang Youcai catches up,He laughed and said:“Why go back so early,Hug his wife,Neither of you are married“
“Something?“Chen Erniu asked coldly。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“This is a rare and exciting new year,How about our Lao Wang’s and your Lao Xia’s fighting lions this year?Bring the Yangko team by the way“
Lion dance,This has happened many years ago,Xia Jian gets excited when he thinks of it,But if Lao Wang’s and Lao Xia’s two families fight lions together,I’m afraid this is a bit wrong!Xia Jian hesitated and said nothing。
Wang Youcai took out the cigarette,Self-care,And spit out a big firework,Smiled:“how,Dare not?“
This sentence,Makes Xia Jian very upset,He said coldly:“What dare not,Fight to fight!“
Xia Jian’s voice just fell,Wang Youcai shouted loudly:“Come here quickly,Everyone listen up,This year, Lao Wang’s family and Lao Xia’s family fight for lions,Other surname,free choice,We set the time on the night of the third day of the first month,The location is the gate of the village committee“
When everyone heard what Wang Youcai said,So he yelled,There are a few young children surnamed Wang,Shouted:“Our old Wang’s Bi Sheng“
Chen Erniu pulled Xia Jian away a little unhappy,He walked and said:“Damn!Why are you so easily fooled,This is Wang Youcai’s trap,Don’t you see it?He had already planned this,And I heard people say,When he came home the other day,I bought the lion dance“
Xia Jianyi listen,I don’t feel calm just now,No wonder Wang Youcai agreed when he heard that,Immediately announced,And this time and place,He thought about it。
“What should I do?We have nothing,Get habi“Chen Erniu asked Xia Jian anxiously。

I hit the iron plate today。

What a real master。
Ye Wen beat ten masters one by one。
Brother dog can’t stand,Kneeled on the ground。
“brothers,Have something to say。”
“Fucking,Why didn’t you have something to say just now。Obediently stretch out your arms,You want to interrupt my hand,I want to interrupt your hand……Left or right,Choose yourself。”
“I……I’m wrong,Sorry。”Brother Gou quickly put his arms behind his back。
Chen Xiu was taken aback,Why is this big brother so foolish?,I confessed my mistake before hitting him。
Kindergarten teacher did not teach himself,Forgive others if they apologize。
Chen Xiu threw the baseball bat in his hand,Whispered:“The special one is still big brother,So unkind!Not interesting at all,Call the police。”
Brother Gou answered repeatedly,I took out my phone with my right hand and pressed it“110”But the number is delayed without pressing the dial button。
“Quick hit!”Chen Xiu said impatiently:“I will regret it later,It’s not as simple as entering the game。”
Little dog,Dial key pressed,Soon there was a female voice from the other side,“here is110Alarm center,What can i help you?”
“I want to call the police。”

Everyone is listening to the situation,The face is also full of haze,That is to say, in addition to facing Dark Signier Tague,Also deal with three dark giants?

Chapter 347 I received three dark giants as the younger brother!
Yesterday helplessly opened the fan value,Originally, everyone is very good.,But yesterday was really hurt by a person in the comment area.。
Is a pirated reader,Run to genuine, we write derivatives,Originally, it should be generated.,Cannot charge,Should be written for free,I really haven’t heard it.﹏╰
A dark partner is already awkward,There are still three dark giants now?
And their fighting power,There is only Dijia who is full of full cost.,Flying Yanyan is only acting as auxiliary,Can’t hurt the dark giant,Not to mention addteree。
The situation is extremely severe,Even is the optimistic Lina,At this time, I can’t see the hope of victory.。
But his ancient is will not give up.,This is he promised night.,Until the last moment,He will guard this world!
“Over the ancient ancient,Historical experts who go with you??Really called me, I just called me.。”
August thinks in that case,Night should be a little fierce,But actually
After the ancient departure of the Louis,Tagoya did release more black fog,I have indeed affected the night.。
But just this,Since coming to this world,Night has never taken out,Because I can’t find my opponent。
Big ancient thinks is the limit of night.,But actually far more than。
Although he turned into Altman,It is impossible to become again“Super-Saiyan”,But the power system carried on him,It will also be converted to the corresponding“Light”!
After the ancient leaves of Louis,A strong ray broke out in the night,It’s like a large illuminator in the night.。
Rays splicing black fog,The dazzling light spreads to each corner of Lulier,Chantejeie-called Dark Signier,I can only temporarily avoid the front horse at this moment.。
Kahetra three,Seeing this state of the night,It is also a ghost expression.。
I have such a strong force.,Actually, I just left the death of Dijia.,I don’t think they have,This has been won。
Originally Ka Hai Lu also wants to solve the night,Then take him to find an ancient,Let the lathe that the slag man know,Betrayed your next game。
But now actually,Wait a solution,It should be them.
A few minutes later,Hitra and Daram have lying on the ground,Lose combat ability。
The situation of Kahetra is also almost,At this time, the neck was held in the night.,One-handed。
“Give you a chance,I just need a few walks of dogs.,Cough,Need a few like-minded comrades。
If you promise to help to deal with Tagoya,I can’t give you a living road.。”
Said that the night will throw the card to the ground,The latter began to cough vigorously,And stared at night with a grievance expression。
“So now make a choice.,Is to grasp this opportunity,Still now die here!”
Night wants to compile the reason for the card to pull them.,Because adding completely awakened plus Jerehe,He has no bottom in his own heart.。
Here is reality,Digga can become“Dika”Still unknown,Before he had to give them this side.,Add a little chip。
Night light,Indeed more than Dijia,But also limited。
and“Dark domain”Tanjiehe,It itself is the existence of darkness,Dark power is endless,Strong to swallow the whole world with darkness。
Night wants to be in a short time,Do add Tagoy,That is the ability to do。
But the night is not lasting,Aunt,How long does it take to persist?,Night’s light from its own strength,More powerful power,Of endless darkness。

His reasonable left,In fact, it is waiting for these people.。

One side of the eight parties paid in the summer。
Like shock、In confusion、Imperative。
Small summer?
What is this called……Do not,to be exact,They actually know the summer?
They see clearly,Talk this old man,It is the predecessors in Li Shikou.。
Li Shihe three recently laughed and looked at the summer.。
They as the Los Lord,I have known summer identity.。
So when you do it before summer,Not to stop。
Even drinking is not。
As for punishment……nonexistent,To punish, it is also a punishment and provocative provocation.。
Don’t say anything unfair,This world has never fair。
In their eyes,Summer is my own person。
Summer coming to the past,Facade smiles,Archway,“I have seen the old old。”
This person is the old man who announced the core growers of summer in the year.,Woody,It is also one of the core elders.。
And it is the power of chaos eight。
This is the team。
“Ha ha。”
Wood is easy to take a shot of summer shoulders。
The other four people laughed and came.,Around the summer,Eat cuts with cold,Close。
As for more than 30 educational gains around,More than 100 Tong Xuan,All congratulations to hold the box。
“Have seen the summer!”
Muyi five core elders and summer is the status and status of flat coating,But others don’t dare to be free.。
Number of gifts。
Summer also hold boxing around,The eyes are happy from the heart。
He went all the way,There are not many people and the people who agree with him.。
Big Summer Country,Polar in the hospital。
The Xianling mainland is also one of them.。
Especially cultivate,The worker is more indifferent and self-private,The Xianling continent has given summer deep identity and belonging.。
After the ceremony,Some acquaintances also greeted the summer.。
Such a scene,Directly let the people in the crowd pale,Cold sweat,The whole body is in trouble.。

“Do you want to kill him?”Zhu Xuehen turned around,Question Pu Shiming。

“How can I have such a vicious heart,I just want to test the strength of Nephew Zhu Xian,You also saw,I didn’t go far,If his life is in danger,I will make the first move。”Pu Shiming hurriedly explained,And bow to Zhu Minglang,Express my sincere apology。
suddenly,I wish Xuehen light and shadow like to draw a sword,The moment the sword emerged from its sheath,That Jueying Sword’s sword aura has already reached Pu Shiming’s head。
Pu Shiming is standing there,I only noticed on my face,When he wants to react,The feeling of suffocation of death has swept over like a roaring wave!
Strands of hair,Floating down from Pu Shiming’s temples,at the same time,Drops of cold sweat became beads of thread,Sliding off the sides of Pu Shiming’s cheeks!
Pu Shiming smiled apologetically just now,His face was extremely pale at the moment,The whole person is like an ice sculpture,Dare not move,Those eyes are full of fear,Still a little unbelievable!!
Zhu Xuehen draws a sword to herself……
And only differ,You can chop off your head!
Work together for many years,For such a little thing,Sword to yourself???
The sword has been sheathed,The whole process is like a blink of an eye。
Sword drawing,Shadowless Sword。
This sword,Zhu Minglang will do,But Zhu Xuehen’s sword release speed and return speed are quite amazing,So much so that Zhu Minglang didn’t see her movements clearly,There is no absolute certainty to take this sword。
“Next time,Will not deviate。”Zhu Xuehen said coldly。
“Do not……will not,Not anymore。”Pu Shiming answered stiffly,As if speaking slowly,I really fell to the ground!
Zhu Minglang doesn’t have a good impression of Pu Shiming as a hypocrite,This time he took the initiative to find himself,Actually I have some preparations。
Temptation,Still hurt myself,It just depends on the strength of this stone fairy……
Stone fairy thirteen thousand years,It is clear that it is the highest king。

Forcibly suppress the urge to run over and take a look,Li Tianzhen sacrificed a leaf knife to kill the newly-born army,The faint blue mirror above is calm again,Those black gravel all over the floor can no longer be recombined,The black mist that represents the vitality of the rock undead also dissipated cleanly。

Waited a long time,There is no new movement in the space rift,Li Tianzhi thoughtfully,It seems to have thought of how the Demon King used this rift,Spiritual power is one of its methods to summon the dead。
Do the same,Li Tianzhen once again released a spiritual creature,This time it is a very fierce hungry wolf,really,The hungry wolf annihilated shortly after entering the rift,A black boulder washed down again from the space rift,Release a stronger black mist,He decisively held a leaf knife and chopped this weird and evil stone into pieces。
Subsequently,Li Tianzhen tried other methods,Are some common magical powers,Like a lightning bolt,Two long spears transformed by vitality,He even‘Magic Box’I summoned two boars and so on,Never saw the black evil stone appear again,Basically confirmed the previous guess。
It’s just not certain that this rift was opened by the Demon King,There are other causes?The devil should not have such advanced skills,Even Metaverse’s Dayan who is proficient in space can’t do it,Can’t figure it out,Have to give up,Still follow the previous cognition,The emergence of space rifts,Is a sign of the end times,It’s just that this rift is special。
Mind movement,The dwarf craftsmen who are digging seem to have a problem,Li Tianzhen set up a suggested trigger formation between his waves,Whenever another alien species appears in this rift,You can call Li Tianzhen to the police while defending in time。
The craftsmen are extremely diligent,The channel has been dug to a depth of tens of feet underground,Then can’t dig,This is very close to the upper edge of the prisoner Panmang,Li Tianzhi takes a look,I knew I met the golden mace,Naturally can’t dig。
This eight-sided purple gold mace is the magic weapon of Cui Baigong, the master of Guangcheng Temple,Legend has it that it is made of Metaverse black black gold mixed with northern Mongolian stone,Not only extremely hard and heavy,And it’s the nemesis of the gods, demons and souls,Not to mention ordinary gods,Even the big gods,Be hit by a front face,The soul will also be hit hard,Even shredded,Use this thing to suppress Panmang’s soul,It’s also very targeted,It’s a pity this rare baby。
Li Tianzhi takes a look at the terrain and structures along the way,Then the craftsmen were ordered to dig upwards in a spiral line around their jaws,Dig into the ground,You’re done in two hours,Li Tianzhen breathed a sigh of relief after repeatedly measuring with the pupil of true vision。
Artisans and coolies,Li Tianzhen simply sat cross-legged,In his mind he is building a large array of fortified gold mace,Originated from a trapped formation in Yuwen Qiutong formation collection,Only this formation,Can barely replace the collapsed temple above the golden mace,To buy time,Implement the next step‘Locked Demon Cage’The construction of,in this area,He insists on his point of view,Don’t care about Li Xiucheng’s cynicism。
After the underground palace blasted,Pan Mang is always a heart disease,Especially when Li Tianzhen stayed in the ruins of the underground palace for such a long time,The other party didn’t say a word,I don’t even have the mood to shout,The violent breath quickly receded,This is not a good sign,It shows that this monster is accumulating power,Prepare for a fight,So Li Tianzhen also started playing his life after temporarily eliminating the danger of space rifts,Race against time。
Don’t know how long it took,When the rune of the last big formation is written,Li Tianzhi’s tight nerves are only slightly relaxed,Then he called out‘Magic Box’The craftsmen in Zhong began to build walls along the formation,Reinforced formation completed,Can’t say sit back and relax,But at least you can fight for a while。
When Li Tianzhen walked out of the ruins of the underground palace,It’s early morning that the east is white,The edge of the ruined hole,The three-headed tall body is looking at him nervously,Li Tianzhen surprised these three guys,The injury actually got better so fast,But Hei Qilin clearly told him,A whole week has passed。
In the meantime,Instructor、A female,A man,Even Old Man Dong has been here,But seeing the busy dwarf craftsmen coming in and out,Have not bothered him,When it was still dark just now,The old man Dong is here again,Looks very anxious,Swayed twice in place,Left without saying anything。
Old man Dong actually returned to Wuming Mountain?Li Tianzhu expected that the scene at Xinglong Mountain might not be too tight,Otherwise it is difficult to get out,So anxious,It must be something else。
really,Meet,Old man Dong can’t care about any gossip,First, ask how the other monster in the underground palace is doing?After getting a temporarily stable answer,He hurriedly threw out the second sentence,A third space gap appeared,And it’s not a place,It is precisely the Liuyun view that Li Tianzhen once stayed in,Due to late discovery,I don’t know how many alien monsters rushed out of it。
Chapter nine hundred and forty six New trend

But this time,A warrior of a war temple,Quickly come here。

“Chobby,There is a woman outside,Say to see you。”
other people,Every face is slightly doubtful to Shen Xuan。
have no idea,what’s going on。
But here,Shen Xuan is very calm。
Even so,But now,In fact, for Shen Xuan,How to deal with this in the end?。
In fact, Shen Xuan’s heart,Still very clear。
“kindness,Let her come in。”
Not long,That woman came。
Let Shen Xuan unexpectedly,This woman,Actually Situ Ying。
Seeing the moment of Situ Ying,Shen Xuan is slightly feeling some doubts。
“How did you come?”
Shen Xuan knows,Before Situ Ying is dealing with something。
So a half,There will be some separation。
but now,Situ came here,Let Shen Xuan know,She is definitely what is going to handle?。
as predicted,Situ Ying, who is in front of me, seeing Shen Xuan,Smile on your face,It’s more。
“actually,Is such that。”
“Shen Xuan,I heard,You have to deal with Zhujia,Can you,Let me also participate?”
Situ Ying said that Shen Xuan said directly.,This is to let Shen Xuan are very curious.。
These,what’s going on?
Could it be that,This Zhu family,What is deep hatred with Situ Ying??
So think of this,Shen Xuan looked at the Situ Ying。
Other War Temple,also the same。
And this time,Situ is like what other people want to say something.,She at this time,Before the look at the eyes,Light bite your lips。
“This Zhu family,At the beginning,Also want to bully me。”
“so now,I heard that you have to do it.,I naturally want to be with you.,and……”
Situ Ying said when he said,Slightly paused。
and,And what?
Soldiers around those War Temples are some,I don’t know what the situation is。
But Shen Xuan,When watching Situ,He seems to have understood。
Situ Ying’s lips slightly moved slightly,Be like it,I am your woman。
Just this,I have already representative everything.。
So here,Shen Xuan’s eyes fell on the Situ Ying in front of you,It is a nod.。
“it is good,Since this,So you and me。”
“but,Be sure to pay attention to safety!”
Shenxuan’s heart,How can it be unclear??
but,If you really say,To deal with this,In fact, Shen Xuan,How can it be unclear?,What should I do next??
Just now,The more like this。
In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,These things,It is very calm。