Watching the van slowly walk out of the big iron gate,Suddenly, Wang Youcai felt uncomfortable。he does not know,Work with this woman,I don’t know what will happen in the future。

“Negotiated!This woman, you should guard against her。What look do you look at her,And walking posture,It looks like a fox”Liu Ying wipes hands,Standing next to Wang Youcai and whispered。
Wang Youcai looked back at Liu Ying,Suddenly turned back and smiled and said:“Compare you to her,Who is more…”Wang Youcai just said half of it,Liu Ying kicked it over。
Wang Youcai glanced at the kitchen,Ran away quickly。Because it’s too early to eat,Wang Youcai went to the field again。
Six young and strong workers led by Tian Wa,Are sweating and working。To know,Early spring in the mountains,The temperature is still quite low。Work and sweat,That’s really hard work。
Wang Youcai walked around the ground,He is quite satisfied with the work he has done these days。He suddenly had an idea,So he beckoned Tian Wa to come to him。
Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said:“I want you to set workers’ wages as three standards。Like these six people, you can get a salary。In this way,We can manage,Capable people will work harder。Otherwise mix up,Don’t work well”
“Your idea is so good,I’ll think about it before I’ll tell you”When Tian Wa heard that Wang Youcai wanted to grade the salary,Then he is really happy。
Wang Youcai thought for a while and added:“After all, the people who can get the first-level salary are few,As long as the purpose is to let them have a leading role。Of course,For those who are older,They can’t do how much you give”
“I understand what you mean,I will plan it carefully。But what you said about frost,I have been observing,This shouldn’t happen!”Tian Wa said,Suddenly the topic changed,Speaking of protection again。
Tian Wa looked up at the sky,Took a breath and said:“Accidents will happen,Let’s bear with it for a few more days。In case there is a little state,We can’t afford such economic losses”
“Ok!Then we can do less work every day,The straw curtain has to be tied up at night?”Tian Wa asked quietly。
Wang Youcai nodded and said:“Must be tied,Can’t fall a tree。If anyone did not do this,Responsible for the problem。Tell you,Some bigger landscape trees,It’s not worth your monthly salary”
Tian Wa stuck her tongue out and ran away。Wang Youcai stood in the field for a while,Only then started to go back。What he is thinking now is how to make a fortune。
He can see clearly,Stay in this mountain,Almost disconnected from the outside world。He doesn’t want to live such a life,He wants to be a man with a face。
Recently he has been thinking about how to open a small hospital in Pingdu。Because he found,Seeing a doctor can make money most。Because you are sick,The doctor prescribed you medicine,You won’t bargain。I can only do my best to pay。
Can do other business,It won’t be like this。Wang Youcai recognized this principle,He has been thinking about it recently。

Doctor leaves,He is tightly holding Blue Xin’s hand。

Watching her pale little face,Comparative excitement,Whispered:“Blue,You can hear me talking.,http://www.zhmsyjzy.cnYes or no?
Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival,Blue,I am really happy.,Are you really going to wake up??”
His hearts are like the same boom.,Excited mood can’t speak。
As long as I think she can wake up,He feels that he still lives in this world.,I am still a blood with blood.。
Lu Haocheng this night,Happy can’t sleep。
The whole person is immersed in joy。
Three days later,Blue and sorrow’s emperor kid48Billion box office,This amazing box office,Let more investors have seen the business value of Blue and Lanran。
Le Yu’s mobile phone,It was thrown out。
Blue sneer and solid red,Future star is even more。
Lu Haocheng saw the son has such a result,I am more happy in my heart.,All said that fat water does not flow out,Son is red,Of course, you have to develop in your own name.。
Mu Zihao also gave him a call,Let the blue and signed the people。
But,Lu Haocheng also knows his son’s temper,He persuaded,Not necessarily useful,Name:Son is very changing。
And there is a drama in the holiday,He is also very busy。
My son has their own master,It is also a good thing。
and,Talented,Learning and playing two incorrect。
Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin in the hospital bed,Pleasant,He laughed:“Blue,Our three babies are great,Yes or no?
Ok, now it is very hot.?
I got a very high payment,Kiki said,He is from home.,Become a soil emperor??
Now come to find someone who cooperates,Bottom,If you hear it,Also very happy,Yes or no?”
Although Blue Xin still did not answer him,But he knows,She must hear his voice,Feel your existence。
He still tells the Blue Xin every day.,Tell the children with her,Also said the company’s things。
He is only an hour of time every day to wait in the company,The rest of the time is in the hospital,All meetings,It’s all in the hospital.。
The most hard work is Ou Jing and Yang Jing.,Hospital two running,Both people have to deal with Lu Yun Group’s things,Lu Yi Group,And the company’s business state is a mess,More than he imagined。
Ou Jing, every time,All complained,Lu Haocheng can only use salary to comfort them.。
Ou Jing and Yang Jing have not been complaining。
At the end of the month,Ou Jing, finally recruited a good person.,Sitting in the office before Mu Ziyi,He has to have a breath。
New manager Yu Si Yun,Before you have worked in the clothing company,For the company’s workflow, it is in place.。
Half a month,Become a strong assistant of European。
NS945chapter:Not an orphan

“Go to wash your hands and eat。 ”

Summer promises,I smiled and said hello.,Go to the toilet to clean your hygiene。
When he came out,A few hot dishes have been put on the table of the living room.。
Atmosphere,Also very warm。
“Right,When you come in, I see it.。”
Liu Qingqing put a piece of meat in the summer bowl,Say,“When I came back today.,See a little pigeon in our villa,I look at it, I will come back.,And I have a nest with Tian Yu.。On the right side of the yard……”
“Yes??”Summer is not concerned,“Raise,But you have no patience.,I have to work together。”
Tian Yu is also eating together on the dinner table,Wen said,“Not trouble,In fact, I have nothing to do again.。”
“I can also raise.。”
Liu Qingqing argued,“I have been raging a rabbit when I was a child.,Cat and dog,And the pigeons I have been raised,It is my own raising.……Bamboo,Be wrong,Say that the pigeons are,How to say me again,Summer,I tell you,That is a pigeon with golden feathers.,Nice。”
Golden feathers?
Summer,Rotary,“Who is cheating?,While pigeons with gold feathers。”
Seeing that the summer is not believed,Tian Yi also rushed to。
This time,Summer face is slightly serious,站 站,“Let me see。”
“Go together。”
At home,Liu Qingqing has completely changed personal,There is no one in a high yield。
She is like a little girl who is showing the heart.,On the side of it。
“I didn’t lie to you.,The pigeon is really beautiful.……”
“You http://www.58fishing.cnwon’t look wrong.,Really a pigeon?”
“Really,I just thought it was an eagle or other young bird.,But that is the picture of the pigeon.。”
Speech,Several people have walked to the outside yard,And followed by Liu Qingqing to the left direction。
Where is the wooden frame with a high foot。
The wooden frame is originally used to build a villa around the lawn。
But at the moment on the wooden frame but small wooden bird nest。
However, there is no pigeon of golden feathers say that there is no Liu Qingqing said in the bird’s nest.。
“Where is it??”
Liu Qingqing is also very strange,“Yes?Whereast?I just saw it before you didn’t come back.,That is a young bird,Still not flying?。”
At this time,On the right side of the lawn, the sound is suddenly coming.。

Inside the valley is like a thorough small lake like a gem,It is unlunged in solemn,The middle of the lake swims,Lake lotus flower。

Delivery,It is full of sinister。
This is the breath that every martial arts meeting。
The next morning。
More and more people have gathered more and more people。
The first stage of the competition,People can’t see。
Contest,For everyone, this is really lively。
Previous time,All major chambers have already opened the mouth,As long as the person in bet,Come here now.。
Not exaggerated,Strong power of every 100 years,The martial arts of Shencheng will come to watch the war.。
They are not only lively,Also pay attention,And more important sakes。
The most striped committee under the god,For these martial arts in Linghai and Lingtai,Not as big as a big opportunity。
Both sides in the process,Reference and inventive,From the middle school to something to practice and fight for yourself。
The temple does not limit the number of people,therefore,But what can be coming,All come。
In the military field,A large platform is slowly rising from the ground,Push up。
There are also mobile phones around hundreds of thousands of people around.,Looking at the six movies standing on。
These six people have passed the first phase of the selection。
Also predict,Their combat power,Decided to the gangli。
Four weekend into the hustle and bustle,Then become cheers。 The three palays are not exposed。
Familiar people know,These three temples with 谪 谪 修,That huge mind,It has been shrouded the whole mountain range。
Tens of thousands of people were put in.,They naturally don’t dare to neglect。
At this time,An old man wearing a cyan robe,Spoiler,Slowly fall above the ring。
Screaming,greatly awaited。
NS3545chapter greatly awaited
“Allocate,Hour has arrived,Below I announce,The second stage of the final finals of the fifty-story martial arts conference in Shenpu Island,On the ring,Officially begin。”
The old breath fluctuations are very powerful。
The sound is thick, if Hong Zhong Da Lu,Last awkward,The mountains have come to the echo。
False,The surrounding mountains have a very enthusiastic applause。
There is also a cheer of privacy。
Everyone’s enthusiasm is ignited。
Standing in the summer on the platform picking out the eyebrows。
Fifty Woods Conference?
Don’t you say,Already five thousand years。

Cheng Li Snow is head muttered:“17what,I”

Don’t you know,A scary,Cheng Li Xue,God,You are all people who are forty.?
Hanjiang’s ideas are very simple,That is to change the tragedy of the future。
He don’t wait until Qiaa body lover is awakened.,Help San Fu Raoya confenen entropy。
When I gave the life to Qiana,He wants to cross a foot,This world is not what you have said.!
Strong strength may be useful,But there is no point to absolutely rolling,Still need to rely on the strength of the organization。
Didn’t see the old monster of the last era,Caicas Lana created the world snake tissue??
One percent of the guy can be with the presence of the Klan Delwander wrist,Just create an organization。
So I want to protect the sister of Santa Reeda,Still a force。
and,Only protect the girl is useless,Also have to fight against collapse。
otherwise,The world is gone,Take your sister to the quantum of the sea?
That more wrist。
Twitter chapter I want to go back to China.
Han Jiang seriously looked at Cheng Li Xue,After a few minutes,Asked:“How about it?”
Looking at the serious look of Hanjiang,Cheng Li Xue is somewhat embarrassed。
Just now,She is still affiliated to the strongestALevel female Wushen。
this moment,I have to decide whether I stand out.,Lead the god,Standing and life a height。
In the world of collapse,Each forces are full of dark tide。
Even the biggest two organizations,Temperacy and reverse entropy are not a piece of iron plate。
Dentity has San Fu Raoya wants to split out,The various executors of reverse entropy respectively。
so,Shenzhou must have the power of self-protection,Can not fall in the future。
But this kind of thing is not a head door to decide.。
“Your proposal is not bad,Can be my strength to integrate the current Shenzhou,I am afraid it is a bit difficulty。”Cheng Li Xue said。
Cheng Lixue’s strength is enough,Lack is a little famous,And the leaders of all states in Shenzhou。
“I know,Now I will take you to see a person.。”Han Jiang said to Cheng Lixue。
Want to integrate Shenzhou,That must be a person,That is the Fuhua。
Fu Hua, is the guardian of Shenzhou.,That is, she silently guarded.,There is no relationship with the power of the world,The possibility is not very large。
Not ancient times now,Inconvenience。
Even if it is five hundred years ago,The east of the world attacks God,Shenzhou Customs is not contacted by Fuhua?
“Let it go!”
Han Jiang looked at the time on the computer,This time point,If the unexpected words, Fuhua has trained in the training ground.。
“What person is going to see?,Delisha??”Cheng Li Xue asked。
In her opinion,Santa Feria else is eligible to be eligible to discuss this problem,Others say it is useless.。
“Guaranteed you to eat!”Han Jiang sold a close,嘿嘿。
Return Cheng Lixue to the school,I saw a lot of morning exercises on the road.。
After the Hanjiang brought Cheng Li, I entered the training ground.,Rad straight to the regular training。
Afterward,Wahoa, who is wearing a job, does not have a punch。
“It’s her.。”Han Jiang referred to the expression of Huawei。

Mo Yun Teng,It is the seventh-level constant star,And the seventh-order permanent star Moyunteng cultivated in this way is comparable to a normal permanent-star eighth-order warrior。

Comparable to the strength of the eighth rank of the constant star,Plus Li Ming’s eightfold realm,Plus the Tier 3 force weapon that has been specially practiced in recent years【Hei Xuan Gun】。
With self-confessed strong‘Meteos’Fighting is enough to easily resist。
“I don’t believe you can stop my attack!”Meteoros is hideous,Although I guessed that the opponent is also quite powerful,After all, the constant star warriors are equipped with metal life or plant life,That is extremely‘trench’symbol of。
But he also has his own dignity,He knew that with the vastness of the universe,Even in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, there are powerhouses with much higher talents than him.。But a mere cosmic trainee mercenary is being evaluated,A young man with a constant star rating of Tier 3 or 4 can beat him!This made him quite proud of it.。
“Water dragon strangling,Die for me!”
Meteos broke out with all his strength,The long whip in his hand looks like a cyan dragon,Whistling and tumbling,Crazy waving and whipping Li Ming。
But Li Ming’s combination of Mo Yun Teng’s power broke,Plus the black mysterious gun,At the same time, Tissot is also turning into a golden fish to help resist。Combination of many means,Easily accepted these attacks。Even the other way around,The surface of the black mysterious gun draws a black sharp edge,Forcing Metenos to resist again and again。
Just when Li Ming and Meteoros are fighting with all their strength,Li Ming’s constant star powerhouse is taking‘Reiji’as the core,Quickly kill the other side。
The fragments of the red mixed copper mother are too sharp and too fast。
Tens of seconds,Every time Ling Er launches an attack,The opponent must have a permanent star pierced into the head。
Unexpected,A weapon appeared in the hands of Prince Zikurdanis。
That is a pistol that looks like enlarged。

Blue Xinzhi nodded,“Lu Hao Cheng,Don’t you say that we are friends??”

“Ha ha”Lu Haozheng laughed,“Blue,But this”
Blue Xin interrupted his words,Positive color:“Lu Hao Cheng,Today, you have to wrap me.?The thing I have to do today is to help Jiaqi cleaning health.,You also know that Jiaqi is now pregnant.,No friends around,We don’t help her,She is very hard。”
Jiaqi bought some stainless steel cabinets today.,Although it is new,But still want to clean again from the head to the end.。
Lu Haocheng heard her a friend.,I have nothing to say in the moment.!
The heart is faintly affected by a touch of exclusive,Even if he makes him more tired, he is willing.!
Also,From a friend in lovers,From the lover to become a wife,This is a little bit,Actually it is also good!
At least,Blue and blue don’t reject him close!
“Let it go!”He said,Go to Shen Jiaqi’s shop。
Blue Xin smiled at his back。
Lu Hao Cheng also has a lovely side。
She follows him,Slowly walk。
Blue Xin doesn’t know,Lu Haocheng is only in front of her,Will expose such a gentle side。
A few days of relationship,It seems to return to the original position。
Lu Haocheng saw Shen Jiaqi,Suddenly thought of the things that Gu Yi Lin came to last night.。
He is slight in his heart,Yi Lin always can’t walk the control of Gu Xinmu,He also protects Shen Jiaqi。
So he didn’t say that Shen Qi’s thing is coming.。
“Jiaqi。”Blue Xinying。
Shen Jiaqi, busy cleaning,I heard the Blue Xin sound,Quick raise your head and look at Blue Xin。
Suddenly I saw Lu Hao Cheng in front,She is slight。
“Blue,Continental,How come you come?”Let her more unexpectedly Lu Hao Cheng will come。
I am worried about her heart.,I am afraid that Lu Haozheng tells Gu Yi Lin in the things here.。
Blue Xin smiles,Say:“Jiaqi,I brought a bitterness,Help us do things together!”
“Ah”Shen Jiaqi suddenly looked at Lu Haozheng,Everything is shocked。
In the river,Who dares to take this famous aristocratic line of Lu Hao as a hardship??
Lu Hao became faintly looked at Surprised Shen Jiaqi,“Miss Shen,Can I not??”
“Huh”Shen Jiaqi huh, smile,Even the smile is difficult。
She wants to say it,I am afraid that the big president of this yin is angry.。
Cannot,It’s hard to be difficult!
She and her time are not short together.,I have also heard of the Lu Hao Cheng, which acts attended.。
I heard that his character is cloudy.,But I have seen him several times.,He also feels like there is no legend.!
“Jiaqi,You don’t have to feel difficult,People like him,Just pull him to experience life。”Blue Xin said on the side of the skirt while。
Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin,Also faint:“Blueprint。”
Blue Xin holds a red apron,Handle him:“Lu Hao Cheng,Put this apron,Will n’t stain your expensive clothes。”
Lu Hao Cheng,This red flower apron,He is a hundred unwillingness。
But I looked at Blue Xin.,See him and we are the same,He smiled slightly,Also put the apron in your own body。

Say,Summer with left little fish and a smile,The figure is going out。

Looking at his back,Zhuang Wei also waved hands,Be scattered,Why are you doing?。
Immediately caress,Summer and left little fish,The captain is Hao Lang,He is the same person,Don’t worry about you,In fact, others are very good.。
Summer and left little fish smiled nodded。
Let it go,I will take you around and turn around.。
Paused,She seems to be able to have the heart of the world.,Laugh,The thorn flower is originally created by the captain.,At the beginning, there is a male woman.,Later leaving,Transfer transfer,A year,Only the captain is a man。
There is a lot of strangeness between her look.,Ability to enter the Academy of Pasta,Both are genius elites,But as long as there is competition,There will always be different,Maybe I can’t wait?,Once the genius became mediocrity,Even people outside,As a woman,Almost no major advantage,Do not,we can even say,Almost no advantage,No matter the task,Still killing the enemy、Battle,Not as good as male students,Long time,Male student in the original team,Think that we are dragging progress,So less than a year,Most of them transfer。
Left little fish can’t help but ask,and after?
Later, only the captain left,He didn’t give up us,Another year,His life will bring us strongly,Also rose the grade of the thorn flower,Don’t look at him to be tired of late,Also don’t look at others seem to respect him.,In fact, it is exactly the opposite,We not only respect him,Still very admire、Even worshiping him。
After the thorn flower is strong,Sogeneity, we rarely collect male students.,But some tasks are very special,So when we can’t take care of it.,Will also ask foreign aid,Temporary recruiting male students do tasks,After the task is completed,Foreign aid will automatically return the lead。
Next,Zhuang Wei is familiar with two people。
In fact, there is nothing to be familiar.,Small village is not big,After turning a circle,Zhuangji came to a courtyard with a large number of two exquisite cabins.。
Institute wall,Is a circle of wooden fence,Arabeswangle,Blossoming flowers。
Wang Wei,You stay here.,Previously a male student,I have been empty for two years.。
Summer point of view,At the same time observation around the environment。
The environment here is very good,There is a clear creek on the right side.,Next to Xiaoxi is a small piece of lush grass。
Zhuang Wei laughs,I used to have a male student.,Habit of forming,Male students’ houses are mostly in the outer edge,Most of the four weeks are also empty,It is also very convenient to live here.,Small fish,Come with me,There are also a few empty yards.,You can pick up at will。
Left little fish should be lightly,In again, the sun is in the summer.。
Then two people left。
Summer push the fence into the courtyard,Four more,Towards one of the larger wooden houses。
Push the door。
There is no other decoration in the wooden house.,A wooden table,Two chairs,And a bamboo bed with bamboo。
Go to the table in the summer,Explore a finger,A plan on the wooden table。
There is a thin layer of dust above。
Before Zhuang Wei said that there were no people in a few years.,It seems that it will clean up regularly。
Summer eyes,Go to a wooden shelf.,Pick up the top of the tub,Prepare to cleanse。
During his cleaning,Hao Lang came over,And shouted in the house into the house。
I saw him feel free.,A black object appeared during his hand。
Ah,No surprise,This is the storage space that must be crystal.……This is a magic bear,Can be used as a mattress,This is three suites,Two sets of two are wearing our free time.,There is also a leap,promise,This is a new manual,See in detail,But the main record,Is about three secrets,No need to see,You only need to see the records of the Wenhai.,You still have the last assessment in Runhai.,correct,I heard that your weapon is a prototype.,Specially found it,But this knife is very common……
Hao Wah did not have a captain’s shelf,Can’t see the previous fattening,Instead, patience and gentle。 finally,He is positively,Wang Wei,Since you joined the thorn flower,Not only a player,It is also our brothers and sisters.,I am a captain,Obligatory,There are also rights,Supervise anyone practice,Ten thousand is full and lazy,Don’t blame me when you come.。
His real age is also 20 years old.,At this moment, it looks extremely mature and stable.。
Sitting in the heart of summer。
after all,He is much bigger than the other party.,Feel some uncomfortable。

Because in this world,The mortal is responsible for reproduction,Is the foundation of the monk。

The more powerful monks,The more difficulty。
But this world is very qualified.,And the law is sufficient,Too suitable for cultivation,There are very few people who are not suitable for cultivation.。
All people know the benefits of practice,Therefore, people who are not suitable for practice will also work hard to practice,Repair it, the higher,The more difficult to give birth to the child。
So each of the people who are not suitable for practice,Will be encouraged by Yuxi Palace,Efforts。
Because of proficiency,Yang Hao did not expose the horse foot,Get along with the people here。
He knows more and more things。
The world’s Kunlun Mountain is a monk for hundreds of years of monks.,The most powerful one of them is not much better than the peak.。
They have an extremely powerful breath.。
Yang Wei heard the title of Tianjun for the first time.,And open a small world, etc.。
Yuxi Palace monks did not have this indigenous,They come from the wild world。
For them,Real Kunlun Mountain in the wilderness world,Every new race,Will be informed by the elders。
This is the root of ancestors,Cannot forget。
Yuquy Palace,Even the great monks,Also from not high,And from time to time, will be disclosed in Kunlun Mountain.。
If someone meets them,Ask questions,They will also answer Yan Yue,No timely。
Yang Wei experienced a spirit in them,That is selfless,And it is very sincere to the avenue.。
At the same time, it is not superstitious.。
Yuxi Palace is not awesome,Only for a portrait,Portrait of a portrait,They all call them a ancestor。
And these monks have a great awesome,At the same time, they are not ancient people.,The rules of this world are not dead,But with time development,But every rule must be discussed and negotiated,Be sure to meet the interests of most people,At the same time, we must do our best to protect the interests of everyone.。
The final result must be that everyone can accept。
The people of this world are dedicated to dedication,But also pay attention to itself,Most of the people who have seen it are vigorous。
In fact, people here are between people,Very few people conflict。
Because the people here are really few,Add up, less than 10,000 people,And more resources are unimaginable。
But Yuxi Palace does not advocate waste。
Yang Wei is very curious about Yuqu Palace,He made a bold decision,That is the back of the tire,He must be completely integrated into here,Enter Yuqu Palace。
Sudden more than ten years,Yang Wei once again became a joyful。
This day,He finally entered Yuqu Palace to practice。
Yuxi Palace is a total of four immortals,Three of these are the same brothers and sisters,Another everyone called him forever。
“Yang Jian,You first worship the ancestor。”Looking at the teenager for the first Yuanzi。
After they unanimously judge,Yang Wei’s qualifications are the best qualifications in the people born after they enter the big black sky.,Moreover, the long old age is inferred,This child is born with the Kunlun Mountains.。

It is impossible to say that the board of directors reached a resolution,Will inform Wang Yufei as soon as possible。

Not to mention that the other party still uses Weibo to shout this kind of sorrow operation。
This decision will probably wait until Ge Lingyue officially visits Google,Will take effect。
After all, Google will not help Changxiang Technology to promote a wave on the Internet,And offend Microsoft to death。
In fact,Google has done a lot to appease allies and long-term interests,For example, sharing so many years of experience in operating system development with Microsoft,More than Android,Also includes Google’s self-developed cross-platform operating systemFuchsia OS。
Of course for Wang Yufei,Whether you can get a reply is also optional。
And he also came up with a concept,Really want to set up the so-called Xin Alliance,There are still a lot of concrete things to do。Such as alliance regulations,Eligibility for joining the alliance,How to manage alliance members,Distribution of benefits within the alliance,How to deal with entanglements,and many more,and many more。
Fortunately, these messy things don’t need Wang Yufei to consider,Ge Lingyue has very rich experience in this area。After all, Apple added a lot of groups before。After Wang Yufei controlled the general direction,So I focused my energy on the research and development of quantum computers。
As long as he can study technology fast enough,Things like company bankruptcy will never catch up with him。
Wang Yufei’s life began to calm down,Started a four-point-line life again,Even deliberately ignored the undercurrents of the entire world’s science and technology community。
The good news is still coming one by one。
Ge Lingyue stayed for three days in Samsung,Then the media spread the good news of Samsung Electronics joining the Xin Alliance,Became the first batch of foreign manufacturers to join the Xin Alliance。
at the same time,Those software friends that Microsoft announced on the previous announcement,Quite a tacit understanding, almost simultaneously lowered the sales price of its products in China。Special offers are also available for old users,As a compensation。