China Youth Net Comment: the 20th anniversary of Boao, greet the new future destiny of the human community

  Wind of Haitian sail full wide, walk hand in hand to start over.

"The world big changes: Lovers in global governance setting effort ensemble ‘along the way’ strong voice" as the theme of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021 in Boao, Hainan 18th kicked off.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Forum, the impact of new crown in the global pneumonia epidemic, global challenges become more prominent background, the annual meeting of concern. To "tenth anniversary" as an opportunity, it is often an important node extraordinary journey for some people to review and outlook. Compared with other international organizations, the 20th anniversary of the Boao Forum for Asia "being young", already witnessed the golden age of prosperity and development of Asia.

Look at the Boao Asia, world outlook in Asia.

For 20 years, the Boao Forum for Asia has played an important role in promoting Asian economic integration and promote the development of Asia and defend globalization, free trade, multilateralism and the destiny of the human community.

"Boao voice" played, collision "Boao wisdom", "Boao Program" launched, built with the world intersect Asia, interlinked with the times, the Chinese expression to the Community concept of human destiny is read in mind.

  Community proposed the idea of human destiny, both the historical experience profound summary, is the strategic choice for the future.

Meanwhile Boao Forum for Asia 2021 annual session, the new crown deaths worldwide has exceeded 3 million, the current human epidemic in need of extensive exchanges and cooperation. In response to the outbreak of the global action, the cooperation between China and countries has not stopped, by providing more vaccines to developing countries, including African countries, so that global vaccination equal opportunity. The fate of the human community is not a great concept, but there are clear and detailed settled.

  The world we live in, is undergoing profound and complex changes.

Whether it is the current focus on epidemic prevention and control, or to deal with future climate change, it is the Community concept of human destiny a Road "plus questions."

Complex macroeconomic environment, the international community expectant mood intertwined and confused, eager Chinese voice, looking forward to Chinese program. "Addressing climate change is a common cause of all mankind", "China, the world’s largest developing country, will complete the world’s highest drop in carbon intensity" – the leaders of Germany and France on video recently held summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping resounding words, reflects the great powers China to make greater contributions to the community of human destiny to play. Construction of the human community is the fate of civilization process "road is long Come," the need for all countries to bottom search, before the relay line. On this road, China forefront. Build the human community destiny, not ideological, "klippe" is the Chinese civilization for the "Locally Colored ‘identity;" high decibel "on is not a slogan, but China’s economic development is its solid support.

Not long ago, China’s economy this year "in the first quarter News" published: GDP reached 24.931 trillion yuan, an increase of%.

Observe things, to look at the overall situation.

The world economy, the strong recovery of China’s economy, the world’s positive spillover effects.

International Monetary Fund (IFM) recently predicted that from now to 2026, China’s average contribution to global economic growth will exceed 1/4. Good World, China can be good; good Chinese world would be better. China sustainable economic growth, inject more powerful driving force for global economic recovery, the fate of the human community to build a more inexhaustible power output.

  Greet the 20th anniversary of Boao, writing a new chapter in globalization. President Xi Jinping had come to light "Boao program" with "one swallow does not make spring blossom spring beauties," the poem, pointed out that the general trend of the development of the Community concept of human destiny. Just as the permanent site of Boao Forum for Asia Dongyu Island, the shape of a giant Ao travel to the Pacific, and the Pacific broad enough to allow the construction of the community of human destiny the sunshine to the world. The heart is coming, the line is approaching.

Let us look forward to this year’s forum to make "circle" bigger and bigger, "voice" in the widening stronger. (Xie Weifeng).

Anhui multi-project won the National Science and Technology Award

On November 3, the 2020 National Science and Technology Award was announced in Beijing.

In the National Natural Science Award, the National Technology Invention Award, the National Science and Technology Progress Award, Anhui has a harvest. Among them, China University of Science and Technology has been awarded by the first unit, in the past ten years, China University of Science and Technology has received 13 national natural science prizes as the first completion unit, ranking fourth in colleges and universities in the country. Anhui Multiple Projects have learned a list of national award reporters that this national science and technology award, and a number of projects in Anhui.

  In terms of the National Natural Science Award, the "Quantum-based Information Technology Research Quantum Physical Basic Problem" project is awarded the second prize of the National Natural Sciences project as the "quantum information technology research quantum physics basic problem" project "Based on quantum information technology research quantum physics" project as the main completion person.

  In the National Technology Water Award, the Hefei Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Public Security Department Certificate Identification Center, Anhui Provincial Public Security Department as the main completion unit "Raman Spectroscopy" project enhancement substrate, method and instrument key technology "project Waiting for a prize.

  In terms of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the key technology and application of intelligent monitoring and optimization operation of urban sewage treatment plant completed by Yu Hanqing (first completed person), Shengguoping (third completed person) and cooperation unit were obtained by second-class prize. In addition, the "Green Tea Automation and Digital Control Key Technology Equipment and Application" completed by Hefei Meiya Photoelectric (Second Completion Unit) and cooperation units has been obtained in the National Science and Technology Progress Award. prize.

  In addition, Alan Berule (France), the Chinese Academy of Sciences Hefei Materials Research Institute.

  At the same time, some of the research projects involved in the Anhui research team have also obtained the national award. Among them, "The Creation and Protection and Research and Utilization of Rice Genetic Resources" Project has won first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award; "the discovery and its developmental regulation mechanism of adult mammalian female reproductive stem cells" Yangtze River The cultivation and application of new high-quality Chinese indea rice, "Steel hot rolling process oxidation behavior control technology development and application" "Hydrogen-specific purification and high pressure storage equipment key technology and engineering application" "network source friendly wind power unit key technology and scale Application "The Immunological Mechanism of" The Immunological Mechanism of Harrant Hazard "won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

  In addition, the principal of China University of Science and Technology, the Secretary of the School Party Committee, Shu Ge, who have achieved results in the previous working unit (Dalian Chemical Physics Physics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianjin University), respectively, the national natural science First Prize and Second Prize. The National Science and Technology Award is the highest award in the field of science and technology, divided into five awards of the National Supreme Science and Technology Award, National Natural Science Award, National Technology Invention Award, National Science and Technology Progress Award and the People’s Republic of China.

275 projects were selected, including 46 national natural science prizes, 61 national technology invention prizes, 157 national scientific and technological progress awards, 8 International Science and Technology Cooperation Awards, 1 organization.

2 people in the Supreme Science and Technology Award. The National Science and Technology Award Results This selection, China University of Science and Technology is completed as the first unit "Based on Quantum Information Technology Research Quantum Physical Basic Problem" and "Key Technology and Application of Intelligent Monitoring and Optimization Operation of Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant" The China University of Science and Technology once again continued good results in the award selection. Quantum state is the core concept of quantum mechanics, and the basic problems of quantum physics are closely related to the characteristics of the quantum state, and the classic technology cannot uncover the true look of quantum world. In the "Basic Physical Basic Problem Based on Quantum Information Technology" project, Professor Li Chuanfeng, China University of Science, Ltd. is committed to developing quantum information technology, achieving accurate preparation, manipulating quantum state, and is used to study many basic problems in quantum physics. The main results of the achievements include: the first experiment observes the wave superimposition state of the light, challenge the traditional boundaries of complementary principles; experiments verify the uncertainty relationship between Hesensburg, the new form of the entangled aid; the experiment realizes the cooling of the Mike Vihai quantum algorithm. .

These results have greatly facilitated people’s understanding of some basic physics issues. In the "Key Technology and Application of Intelligent Monitoring and Optimization Operation of Urban Waste Water Treatment Plant", Yu Hanqing, which is professor, China University, broke the real-time monitoring of microbial activity, microbial multi-respiratory spectrum, intelligent optimization control, etc., and constructs intensive design, Real-time monitoring, intelligent control and intelligent urban sewage treatment technology system, putting sewage treatment by empirical extensive operation to data-driven intelligence operation, improving the operational efficiency, economy and stability of sewage treatment plants.

  The reporter learned from China University of Science and Technology. In the past ten years, China University of Science and Technology has received 13 national natural science prizes as the first completion unit, ranking fourth in colleges and universities in the country.

  Hefei newspaper full media reporter Liu Changshi Chen Jiangyu.

Chenguan Tun, Chenguan Town, Jinghai District, Tianjin, improving the residence of the countryside

Original title: Chen Guan Tun Town Improve Habitat Environment Human Environment Assistant Rural Revitalization Tianjin Jinghai District Chenguan Town to implement a country’s revitalization strategy as a starting point, solidly promoting human environmental remediation work, relying on the canal culture, vigorously develop rural tourism industry, and continuously enhance the people. Happiness. The road is flat, the garbage is not, the people are satisfied … Now, Chen Guan Tun Town Zhangguan Tun Village is clean, everywhere is beautiful, and the small village that has been inconsprecting has changed new look, but also to be 2020 Tianjin Cultural Tourism Village creates a village. From improving the environmental environment, continuous improvement of infrastructure construction in the village, in recent years, Zhang Guan Tun Village has not only changed the village of village, but also promoted the living standards. The change in Zhangguan Tun Village is just a minority of Chen Guan Tun Town to strengthen the work of people ‘s environmental remediation. In recent years, the town has increased the integrated environmental rectification efforts. Under policy support, we have invested more than 20 million yuan, complete 10 difficulties in the town to help the village construction project, hardened roads in the road.

At the same time, complete the construction of sewage pipe network of 8 villages, laying sewage pipelines, newly built six sewage treatment stations, realizing all unmrosive public toilets, household toilet transformation full coverage. In the future, the town will continue to use the "Express" of the rural tourism industry to develop rural tourism industries to develop rural tourism industries to develop rural tourism industries.

(Reporter Xiao Yue correspondent Liu Gang) (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao).

10 people died in a fire in a hospital in Western India

In Mumbai, Mumbai, November 6th, I took a fire in a hospital in Western, India, causing 10 new crown patients who were treated in the intensive care room in the hospital, 7 people were injured, of which 2 were seriously injured..The Chief Secretary of Maharashtra has requested the relevant departments to investigate the cause of fire.According to local media reports, the current hospital fire has been controlled.At the time of the incident, the first floor of the hospital was first, and the intensive care chamber of the hospital was located at one layer.Current Positive Indian Festival, November 4, the largest traditional festival "Dynamic Festival" in India.

It is still unclear whether the fire is related to people in the festival.India will have many hospital fire accidents every year.

In March this year, a fire in the hospital in a shopping mall in Mumbai, causing at least 10 deaths.

(Editor: Wang Yizhen, Liu Jieyu) Share more people to see.

Promote China Water Conservancy Experience China A Expo for the first time in the water resources forum

People’s Network Yinchuan on August 12 (梦) On August 12th, the third press conference of the 5th China Ashi Expo was held in Yinchuan. It is reported that the water resources forum is one of the important activities of the 5th China Afu, which will be held in Yinchuan on August 18, which is also the first water resources forum in China. The Water Forum is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Water Resources and the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Government, and the Ningxia Water Resources Department has concluded.

The forum aims to use the favorable opportunity of the 5th China Ashi Expo to vigorously promote the practice experience of China’s water conservancy and advanced technology concepts, strengthen China and "all the way" along the country. Water conservancy cooperation and information interoperability sharing.

The People’s Net Ningxia Channel learned from the press conference that the water resources forum presented three highlights.

First, the depth is equipped with a high quality development requirements for water conservancy.

Ningxia Construction Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development Area will effectively play the characteristics of "small provinces, factors", and is committed to creating "Ningxia Program", which is "Ningxia Program", which acts on the development of water conservancy, especially in digital driving water conservancy reform. In-depth exploration practices in the universities of innovation. The second is to promote the international cooperation platform. China Dam Engineering Society will promote the "Internet + Dam Engineering Hospital" platform to promote China’s advanced technology and ideas in Dam management; the Ministry of Water Resources International Economic and Technical Cooperation Exchange Center will promote the Ministry of Water Resources through the forum Service "One Belt All Road" Talent Cultivation Base.

The third is to create an important water event brand.

Promote cooperation between China and the "One Belt" Water Conservancy and Trade Development, encourage advanced water conservancy technology transfer, strengthen information exchange in water conservancy policies and innovation.

According to reports, this forum will take "online + offline, online", and set the guest speech, platform release, and invitation report three links.

The forum invited a well-known expert scholar, domestic and foreign water resources, and the domestic research institute, digital treatment water industry incubation enterprise representatives, etc.

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China’s plus code supports small and medium-sized enterprises to inspire "special new" enterprises

Original title: China’s additional support for small and medium-sized enterprises to inspire the "special new" enterprise Central Economic Work Conference is adjusted in more than 2022 macroeconomic policies, will support the growth of China’s industrial manufacturing industry, and more clearly The direction of manufacturing high quality development.

In the first three quarters of 2021, China’s industrial economy was stable and restored, and the main indicators were in a reasonable range. All macroeconomic policies are precise, and the main economic indicators are maintained stable.

At the same time, the industrial chain supply chain guarantee capacity is continuously enhanced, and the transformation and upgrading are in-depth, and innovative vitality is continuously released.

Xiaokebo, the executive vice president of Tsinghua University China Economic Thought and Practice Research Institute, said that the seedlings of the recovery of manufacturing still continue, the PMI (China Manufacturing Procurement Manager Index) is backward, especially manufacturing The investment is surprising, and the manufacturing investment in January-September increased year-on-year, indicating that the private economy is recovering after the long-term impact of the epidemic. "This is a good signal, this momentum should be protected, to stabilize the confidence of entrepreneurs," he said. However, demand shrinkage, supply shock, expectation, and industrial manufacturing facilities face pressure. 7, 8, 9 for three months, the increase in industrial added value above the scale has declined. Looking forward to the uncertainty of 2022, Lixio Bo believes that if the commodity price continues to maintain high; second, as the European and American epidemic is gradually recovered, there may be a large number of manufacturing to overseas, causing a certain impact on China’s industrial chain.

The steady growth measures dated by the central economic work conference will support the healthy development of industrial manufacturing, such as "moderate advancement of infrastructure investment" not only pull investment, but also pull cement, steel, building materials. Waiting for industrial sector growth.

Data show, January-October 2021, infrastructure investment (excluding electricity, heat, gas and water production and supply) increased year-on-year.

Luxo Bo said that the issuance of the country will be based next year, and the issuance of local debt should also be moderately advanced. Since the downstream of the infrastructure is a long manufacturing chain, the industrial manufacturing industry will play a very positive role. Small and medium-sized enterprises will receive greater support next year.

According to the Central Economic Work Conference, guiding financial institutions to increase support for entity economics, in particular small and micro enterprises, scientific and technological innovation; new tax reduction and tax reduction policy should strengthen support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Recently, the main business indicators of SMEs have been affected by high-rated prices, insufficient orders, unusual use, high financing, high logistics costs, and dissemination of new crown pneumonia, the main business indicators of SMEs have slowed down.

Pixin, Professor, China University of Political Science and Law, which includes preferential policies such as VAT small-scale taxpayers next year, which is expected to continue, VAT, small-scale taxpayers exemption, and small micro enterprise income tax relief policies can still be further optimized.

Considering the sustainability of financial sustainability, it is expected that the scale of tax reduction and tax reduction is around RMB 1 trillion. Wang Han, chief economist of Xingye Securities, and Managing Director, believes that promoting the financing increment, expansion of small and medium-sized micro enterprises, and cuts off, and the price reduction, the reduction of small and medium-sized enterprises, the second is to strengthen intellectual property protection. It can be rewarded by intellectual property protection.

The Central Economic Work Conference also stated that it is necessary to enhance the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, launch a group of industrial foundation reconstruction projects, and stimulate a large number of "special" enterprises that have emerged.

Luxo Bo said that China has integrated into the world in the past 20 years, and enjoys the dividend of global division of labor, but the manufacturing industry also has a large number of techniques.

In the future, international environment is facing huge uncertainty, some technical conflicts and blockade trends will become more and more obvious, which requires a short board on the supply chain. "China’s development ‘specialty", based on the new development pattern, considering the changes in the environment and constraints of the internal and external environment, the essence is to make the development and safety coordinating ", Jingoibo believes that development" specialty "In order to make the manufacturing, the direction is specified for the flow of capital. (Liu Yingying) (Editor: Wooden Yucheng, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Tang food, package distribution, purchase semi-finished products "Fancy", how to ensure health and safety?

New Year’s Eve, is your home’s New Year’s Eve is ready? In the epidemic prevention and control, not relaxing, not piled up less gather, advocate the background of the New Year, how to be safe and secure, and become a topic that everyone cares.

With the diversification of lifestyle, now, in addition to personally catch up, in the catering store, choose the hotel package, takeaway distribution, purchase semi-finished products, also become a new "food". So how should I choose a business in the consumption of the year? How to avoid consumption disputes? How to make protection when you eat? Consumers choose a regular catering company to carefully distinguish "deposit" and "deposit" according to China Youth Daily report, "New Year’s Eve" has become a "New Year" in the Year of the Ox.

The data shows that compared with 8-12 people last year, the number of people this year is 4 people, 2 people, or even single.

The first-tier cities "New Year’s Eve Book" are much higher than other cities.

China Consumers Association Published the Spring Festival consumption tips pointed out that during the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival is from family, relatives or friends from dinner, but this year, consumers should try to minimize dinners.

If you choose to go out or dinner in the restaurant, you must choose a full-scale, clean, and strictly implement the restaurant. Remember to ask for invoices or receipts after dining, ensure that the rights of consumption disputes are administered. Affected by the epidemic, many families have booked the New Year’s Eve on the online. In this regard, the Nanning City Market Supervision Administration issued the Spring Festival consumption tips. Consumers should pay attention to "deposit" and "deposit". Difference. Difference.

"Dingjin" is generally not returned, and consumers must carefully distinguish. If it is "deposit", it should also be concluded with the business agreed, suggestions and merchants confirmed whether they can be unsubscribed in advance.

Many people have dinner to implement the meal system, take the initiative to use the male chopsticks to eat a good year.

When consumption of dinner dinner, according to epidemic prevention requirements, individuals should actively cooperate with merchants to strictly implement wearing masks, scan, registration, temperature measurement, one-meter, ventilation and disinfection.

According to the consumption tips released by the Central Construction Association, it should be reasonably planned to arrange, oppose the spread, respond to the call call, and promote the use of the customs of the meshes, divergence, and avoid cross infection.

The official WeChat public account "Healthy China" officially, during the prevention and control of the National Health, China, should be implemented in order to prevent the disease from being in-depth, with family, friends, and colleagues. September meals can reduce the risk between people and people to spread new crown pneumonia. At the time of eating, you should pay attention to do not cut the dishes, take the initiative to use the gallopic spoon, and the dishes are not put back, order the right amount, and save. Catering companies strictly implement an epidemic prevention requirement to ensure that food and dining environment safety, guiding catering enterprises, in the premise of doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control, also advocates "home year" consumption model.

According to Jiangxi Daily, this year, the New Year’s Eve service that should be "epidemic" has a more flexible form. Some hotels actively carry out business adjustments. For example, special distribution specials, with discussion with discs to send to home; try to launch different kinds Semi-finished products, dinner, food vacuum packaging, convenient consumers choose processing; develop a small program, provide Spring Festival meals service; provide online reservations, online self-suction, distribution and home cooking a variety of service methods, etc. Consumer diversified needs.

Nanchang City requires various catering enterprises to formulate a targeted and operative epidemic prevention and control work program and emergency plan, scientific and reasonable do a good job in masks, gloves, disinfectants, thermometer, washing liquids and other epidemic prevention materials, focus on catching Good employee health management, food procurement processing, place of health disinfection, business service prevention and control, etc. At the same time, it is encouraged to reduce the risk of prevention and control of the epidemic from the year-on-sale service, non-contact delivery service.

Some catering companies are active from the details, providing consumers to safe, rest assured dining environment. For example, the customer is in front of the store to disinfection, after entering the store, do hand disinfection; then take a closing station and then set a closure to avoid dice pollution; staff must wear a hacle, mask, and disposable gloves during the service, and do a good meal Before the measures, after the meal. At the same time, according to the prevention and control of the epidemic, catering enterprises should have a kitchen kitchenware, cutlery and other requirements, and strictly regulate the customer to provide "health code" to enter the restaurant, while the number of tables is adjusted according to the number of customers. In terms of dining environment, in addition to regular disinfection, ensure safe distance between guests, and advocate guests to use the organizers.

(Source: Zhongxian Association, China Youth Daily, Jiangxi Daily, the official WeChat public number of the National Health Committee, Nanning Market Supervision Administration).

Unlicensed, unlicensed, discipline training? stop!

  On July 22, the Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau issued the "Notice on the Development of Summer Training Institutions" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), from July 23, Guangzhou Education Bureau and Municipal Public Security Bureau, social organization management The Department, Health and Health Committee, Emergency Administration, Market Supervision Bureau, Fire Rescue Detachment and other departments launched a joint law enforcement inspection of school training institutions. The "Notice" requires that there is no school training institution that has not obtained a school license, a business license (institution certificate, private non-enterprise unit registration certificate) immediately stops the discipline training for primary and secondary school students, properly handling the legacy issues. Foreign training institutions in the license must strictly regulate the act of running school, focus on the non-licensing of teachers without grane, supermarket, and long-term pre-recovered fees, etc. "Notice" proposed, strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic, implement the subject responsibility of the epidemic prevention, establish an emergency plan for public health emergencies, implement personnel classification management, do a good job in personnel health protection, strengthen key regional management, reserve enough common protective materials, temperature measurement instruments , Disinfectant, etc.

At the same time, strengthen the safety management of proof-proof training institutions.

Focus on investigation and punishment of fire safety hazards, security safety hazards, food safety hazards.

  Standardize the market order, eliminate unlicensed operations, unfair competition, contract violations, price violations, false illegal advertisements, do not publicize various information as required. Since July 23, the joint law enforcement examination team will carry out joint law enforcement inspections on the Guangzhou City Foreign Training Institutions. According to the announcement of the "People’s Republic of China, the Education Promotion Law", the "People’s Republic of China, the Education Promotion Law", stipulated, and returned the charges, and fined more than five times more or more of the illegal assumptions; constitutional violation According to the public security management, public security organs will give public security management penalties in accordance with the law; constitute crime, and investigate criminal responsibility according to law, and include the blacklist of national school training institutions.

A negative list of violation training behaviors in the pro-certification, including blacklist, blacklist information, joint law enforcement results, etc. The relevant provisions implement joint discipline.

  The Guangzhou Municipal Education Bureau reminded that the majority of students, parents and social masses have established the correct education concept, and rationally treat the role of participating in foreign training, do not blindly climb, and effectively reduce the child extracurricular burden. At the same time, it is encouraged to report on the violation of the school training institution.

Supervise the report phone 12345.

(Reporter / Ma Limin Correspondent / Sui Juan).

Playing games will also have occupational diseases and do this line more need to be maintained

Before the Spring Festival, the FPX E-sports TIAN released a statement on Weibo said that due to pressure, the body is not suitable, decided to temporarily leave the game.

"Will play the game will be injured?" Became the biggest doubts in the hearts of netizens.

In fact, not only TiAN, about half a year ago, the "War" level of the "War" level in the electrical competition is retired because of the injury. In the average retired age of 24, the injury is the topic that players can’t escape. As a result, team doctors began to appear in the E-sports club, they helped these electricity election hands to rehabilitate, treatment and psychological counseling to help them extend their careers as much as possible. The left and right hand of the player rehabilitation team of the full-time team of medical institutions at 12 noon, Kaden arrived at the EDG Equipment Club.

  At this time, the electrical players woke up, Kaden’s work also started: giving a consultation in the first-eyed players, found that the player’s body is abnormal; at the same time, simultaneous physical examination, Understand the body’s body function of the player has any changes compared to the previous day; then determine the number of reservation therapies and treatment plans on the day. This time after the consultation, Kaden will treat the reservation treated players … As the full-time team of the EDG club, Kaden is mainly responsible for medical diagnosis and rehabilitation at the players. Treatment, as well as the prevention of disease prevention.

During the event, team doctors will provide first aid, relieve pain, psychological counseling, and medical security. More flowered and loose work environments, so that the 90-year-old Kaden is like a fish.

  Kaden resigned to the work of a three-school rehabilitation department and became a team doctor of a football province. In January 2020, Kaden saw that the EDG Equipment Club was recruiting the team. He realized that the electric competition did not have a relatively perfect team doctor and health system as traditional sports. This opportunity and challenge may allow him to show his feet, so He stepped into the Blue Sea of ??the Equipment Club Health Management.

  First Kaden stepped into this blue sea, it is Shizeyuan and his team. Since June 2018, Shizeyuan and its team have already launched the work on electricity and health management. In December of the same year, Shanghai Hengye Health Technology Development Co., Ltd. has specially designed to have demand. Provide health management services.

  Labor is higher than the white collar number of slimming pain, will have a pain in the game? This is the problem of Kaden, who is born in the doctor, "I used to think that the electrical competition industry is playing games before joining the electricity industry. I really didn’t think so simple." According to statistics, 75% of electricity election hands generally have different degrees of occupational diseases. Kaden said that young players don’t have any problems in the body, but more about the medical persistence. At the TSG Equipment Club Manager Lu Jiangtao, the body of the electrical competition is indeed in sub-health, but the level of labor and "workers" in front of the computer are not too big.

  As a health management, Kaden and Shize have said that the physical labor of the electrical competition is several times that of ordinary people, and the age of electricity election is mainly between 16-22 years old, and the age of "worker" Most of 25-45 years old.

  "I believe that the electric campaign has maintained this state once it is 30-40 years old, and the labor situation must be more serious than other occupational people.

"But he admits that because the painful player has to go to the hospital, it is not high, because the player’s labor is the process of accumulating, and there is a few illness pain in a short period of time. EDG’s player is once The contest in the contest, "Because I just came over that time, I didn’t know much about each player, giving him a method of acupuncture and some other medical methods, helping him on the spot. "Kaden said," Maybe because the pain is reduced, I feel that my psychological pressure is much smaller, and then the game will win. "Touching the stone, the river, still belongs to the" high "Kaden and colleagues will provide treatment for electricity election hands throughout the day. Kaden said that according to the current data, these management can prolong the players for 15 months. Occupational life, ultimately maintaining the whole club smoothly running. Kaden believes that the electrical team is very necessary, but due to the real problem such as funds, the experience of the team’s medical doctor in the electricity club is very low.

  At this stage, each club is equipped with team medical attention, so some clubs will choose health management companies such as Hengye.

Shize said that due to the more chronic diseases of e-sports, more important is long-term health management to prevent serious problems, enhance players in the state of training and life, extend the professional life of players through various maintenance. Shizeyuan has played a bit, and the goods in the store will be shaped for a long time. At this time, we need to rub the gray and ensure the successful sale of goods. TSG E-Competition Manager Lu Jiangtao does not deny the benefits of a team doctor, and many electrosphate is not awareness of health management.

TSG has worked with experts from sports college sports rehabilitation, but the health management model of traditional sports is not fully matched with the electrical industry, and the health management system of electricity is still in the "Touching the River". During the stage … Lu Jiangtao said that many clubs have worked with health management companies, but for the club, the cost is not high, the club is still considered from overall operations. "There is a team of cars to add flowers on the brown, there is of course better, no normal, we are more willing to spend money on the blade." Most of the electrical clubs are in a losing state of the consensus. Lu Jiangtao believes that the core value of the electricity club is on the players. If you want a team to play well, you need to add a strong player, and you will take a small number of electric election, more than 10 million; Need to protect the daily overhead of the players, so that the players will have a good life, maintain a good state; sometimes you need to buy a game seat … "The price-priced price of the team hired by the doctor is a subselection compared to other inputs.

The players must basically have some hidden diseases. Chronic diseases do not need to emerge, so the electricity club is willing to put more funds into the core operation costs, providing a better environment for the player … "Lu Jiang Tao said.

  Demally, what disease is easy to "wrap" electric competitor? Shizeyuan wrote in the article "Healthy issues in professional electricity election", and the electrical competition will cause tendoni, wrist swelling, pain due to finger and hands, and pain; due to poor posture, sedentary Labor of the shoulder and legs even cause the lung collapse … and more serious or the problem of lumbar and cervical vertebrae than the wrist, and the problem of lumbar vertebrae accounts for 20% of health issues.

  "Although advocate players try to avoid the sitting positions that are prone to labor, the players have long been used to changing in a short time." Lu Jiangtao said, "This thing is priority, each player has its own habit Posture, I can’t force the player to adjust his sitting posture, and the uncomfortable posture does not play the strength of the player, but it will not pay.

"In addition to the strains of the body, due to the long-term works and the inertial problems caused by the irregular diet, it also plasted with e-sports. More importantly, the electrical competition has from age, family, competition and public opinion. Phambers.

Moreover, the electric campaign is different from the traditional sports staff. They have no physical ventilation routes due to long-term sedentary.

  "E-sports industry is a very cruel industry, as long as you can’t get that kind of mental state, you may be replaced by others.

"Lu Jiangtao said.

Due to the high-end, technical level, unable to break through the cause of the bottleneck period, the bodied pressure is on every player. "A player did not play well, forum or microblogging, even Weibo private letter, there will be many people say some bad words to him.

For example, how do you so dish, how is it so weak, you are a tragedy, just like this kind of words.

"These public opinions will combat these young players, bringing them serious troubles, and even affect the game’s play. Lu Jiangtao said that this psychological pressure is inevitable," psychological pressure is actually a screening standard. Some people cross this threshold, even though everyone gave you confidence and encouragement, you can’t get out, you can only be eliminated.

People who can take them can go high, this industry is like this.

"He believes that only the more pure people can go farther on the way. Text / This reporter Zhang Ziyuan Intern Sandan Baim coordinates / Zhang Bin.

“it is good,Go downstairs to the alley on the right,Not far,I can see it when I walk,Here are farmers who grow vegetables to sell,The price is not high,not bad。”

“Ok,it is good。”Xia Qiuping nodded,Go out。
Xia Qiuping advised her sister to go home with herself the next day,Xia Shuyue refused,Sister had to leave alone,She continues to be a promoter,Anyway, one day’s salary,At least the rent and living expenses are there。
“When are you born?”When business is not busy,The shop owner chats with Xia Shuyue。
“almost,More than two months left。”Xia Shuyue answered。
“Your current situation,Can you go far?”Boss asked。
“how far,My body is alright,Can go out,But if it takes a long time,May not stand。”Xia Shuyue looked at the boss,Do you want to arrange a business trip for her pregnant woman??
“It’s an advertisement for a set of maternity clothes at the company headquarters,They hope to find a real pregnant woman,And also hope to find a more beautiful one,I think you are quite suitable,Recommended you,The people at the headquarters said,All travel expenses can be reimbursed,Another 20,000 yuan in reward,I feel good,Just a bit hard,What do you think?”
“is it?I certainly do,Thank you so much,Can i really?”Xia Shuyue really needs money,I heard that there is a reward of 20,000,I got excited right away。
“It’s a three-hour train ride to the North Station over there,you know,The train station is far from the city center,You have to take the bus for an hour to get to the company。”Boss looks at her。
Xia Shuyue nodded,“can,I am in good health now,I think it’s ok,I would go,Just ask you to arrange it for me,thank you boss。”She wants to leave here and go outside。
“it is good,Since you agree,I will contact them immediately,Buy you a ticket right away,How about leaving tomorrow?We go together,I want to go back to the company,You have to stay at the company for a week before coming back。”Boss smiling。
“Ok,It would be better if you go with me,Have a companion on the road,Can also take care of each other。”Xia Shuyue was a little pleased,nod,Simply pack up and change clothes when you go home from get off work,I went on a business trip with the boss。
Tossing for a few days,Qi Muyun was buried,Zhu Yi didn’t sleep much for many days,I went home and slept all day and night before waking up。
I received a call from Wang San as soon as I woke up,Make an appointment with him at the cafe。
Zhu Yi can’t wait to see who that woman is,Immediately agreed,Casually ate something,Just rush to the cafe。
When he arrives,Wang San is already waiting in a small private room in the corner,Zhu Yi sat across from him,“Wang San,You are too interesting,I treat you as a friend,You are partnering with others to cheat me!”
Fang Na hasn’t come yet,Wang San looked around,Whisper,“Boss Zhu,I really can’t blame me for this,Don’t keep this hatred on me,Because your family is too rich,Someone is always thinking,I’m just following orders,You know,Just for a bite of rice。”
What a mess,Made him commit a murder,Killed my mother again,Zhu Yi can’t wait to cut Wang San live on the spot,But he forced himself to calm down,I will force my anger down。