Tongwei (600438): short-term pressure on gross profit margin to expand production and reduce costs to support performance

Tongwei (600438): short-term pressure on gross profit margin to expand production and reduce costs to support performance
1.Event company announced the first three quarters of 2019 results announcement, the company achieved revenue of 280.25 ppm, an increase of 31 in ten years.03%; net profit attributable to mother 22.430,000 yuan, an increase of 35 in ten years.twenty four%.The company achieved revenue of 119 in the third quarter.10,000 yuan, an increase of 33 in ten years.32%; net profit attributable to mother 7.92 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.02%. 2.Our analysis and judgment are under short-term pressure on gross profit margin.The company’s overall gross profit margin for the third quarter of 2019 was 15.68%, down 6 from the previous month.18 averages, falling by 2 each year.The gross profit margin of 12 units is under pressure in the short term, mainly due to: (1) the slow start of the domestic photovoltaic market in the third quarter, which led to the decline in battery prices; (2) the aquaculture industry was relatively sluggish, and the company seized market share through partial concession. The expense ratio increased slightly.In the first three quarters of 2019, the company’s overall cost subsidy10.24% (one year +1.00pct), in which R & D, sales, management, and financial expense ratios are 2.33%, 2.75%, 3.32%, 1.84%, respectively +0.57pct, -0.46pct, +0.12pct, +0.77pct.Among them, the primary purpose of the company’s increase in financial costs is to: (1) gradually transfer the project to solid; (2) convertible bonds accrue interest according to the actual interest rate method. High-purity crystalline silicon: scale and cost continue to lead.The company has formed high-purity crystalline silicon production capacity 8 at the end of 2018, which are located in Leshan and Baotou respectively. Through cumulative conversion, the proportion of single crystal materials has continued to increase (80% -85% by the end of 2019), driven by scale effects.Costs continue to fall (expected to be less than 4 million / ton) and continue to lead. Cells: Expansion of production against the trend, cost down, market share increased.The company has formed a solar cell capacity of 12GW, which is respectively located in Hefei and Chengdu. In addition, the high-efficiency single-crystal battery capacity is under construction of 8GW (Chengdu Phase IV and Meishan Phase I projects). It is expected to be completed and put into operation in the end of 2019 to the first half of 2020.By then, the company’s battery capacity will reach 20GW, and the scale advantage will be further highlighted.At the same time, the decline in prices in the third quarter may restrain the industry’s expansion expectations, and the company’s market share is expected to continue to increase.At present, the company’s non-silicon monocrystalline cell cost is about zero.2-0.25 yuan / W, through the subsequent use of large-sized silicon wafers, the comprehensive non-silicon cost gradually realized to zero.2 yuan / W is close. 3.Investment suggestion The company is a global leader in silicon materials and solar cells for the photovoltaic industry. Its scale and cost advantages are prominent.We believe that the scale of the domestic photovoltaic industry is expected to start from the fourth quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2020. Product prices may stabilize accordingly. Overlapping companies will increase their production capacity and start production one after another.We estimate the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 to be 359.4.6 billion, 424.810,000 yuan, 485.760,000 yuan, EPS is 0.74 yuan, 0.96 yuan, 1.13 yuan, corresponding to the current total PE is 16.6 times, 12.8 times, 10.9 times, covering the company for the first time with a “recommended”杭州桑拿 rating. 4.Risk prompts 1) Risks of PV demand falling short of expectations; 2) Risks of falling PV industry chain prices falling below expectations; 3) Risk of battery technology innovation

Shanghai Construction Engineering (600170) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: 2019Q1 Performance Exceeds Expectation Benefits Yangtze River Delta Integration Is Flexible

Shanghai Construction Engineering (600170) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: 2019Q1 Performance Exceeds Expectation Benefits Yangtze River Delta Integration Is Flexible

This report reads: The company ‘s average growth rate of Q1 revenue and net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 exceeded expectations. Taking into account the company’s ongoing breakthroughs in new orders and high growth / on-hand orders and benefiting from the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, the companyFundamentals and 北京夜生活网 expected mean coaxial elasticity.

Investment Highlights: Maintain overweight.

Q1 2019 revenue was 471.

0 billion (+ 52%) / net profit attributable to mother 13.

200 million (+147) exceeded expectations. Taking into account the company’s continued high growth in orders and changes in fair value, the EPS is raised to 0 for 2019-2021.



58 yuan (originally 0.



49 yuan), a growth rate of 46/10/15%.

Considering the expected advantages of the company’s sustainable growth, it will be given in October 2019.

5x PE estimates and maintains a target price of 4.

81 yuan, maintaining overweight.

High revenue growth and changes in fair value have contributed to higher performance, lower gross profit margins and higher net profit margins.

1) Total profit in Q1 2019 increased by 10.

400 million, of which the change in fair value contributed 7.

0 billion (Orient Securities contributed about 57%), the first quarter of 2019 revenue + 52% / net profit attributable to mother + 147% hit the highest growth rate in the 2011/2003 decade; 2) operating net cash flow -136.

6 (+1.

300 million), the cash ratio is 112.

8% (-12.

6pct), the cash ratio is 132.

6% (-26.

7pct); 3) Gross profit margin 9.

5% (-2.

0pct) / net margin 3.

4% (+1.

2pct), the sales rate is 0.

3% (-0.

1pct) / R & D and management fee rate 5.

2% (-1.

1pct) / finance rate 0.

8% (-0.

4pct); 4) Asset-liability ratio 82.

2% (+1.

6pct), accounts receivable and notes / total assets13.

1% (+3.

8pct), inventory / total assets 37.3% (-5.

6pct), asset impairment loss is 0.

0 billion (+1.

1.6 billion).

In the calendar year 2019, the new starting point has a high increase in the number of orders / there are too many orders in hand, and continue to benefit from the integration of the Yangtze River Delta.

1) “Outline of Yangtze River Delta Regional Integrated Development Planning” and “Yangtze River Delta Integrated Development Demonstration Zone Plan” and other important plans will gradually withdraw from Taiwan, the company ‘s fundamentals and themes continue to benefit; 2) New growth order 920 in the first quarter of 2019Billion (+ 31%), of which construction construction / design / building industry / property pre-sale / urban construction / other orders amounted to 718/55/58/5/63 / 2.2 billion, and the target order for 2019 is 330.5 billion (+ 39%)According to the “single value of the new millennium-recognized revenue value”, it is not necessary to consider the internal reconstruction budget of the company, which has 四川耍耍网 approximately 465.5 billion outstanding orders in hand.

Catalysts: Infrastructure growth rate stabilized and picked up, orders were executed faster, integration of the Yangtze River Delta accelerated and other risks: local financial growth contracted, orders expanded and landing replaced, accounts receivable risks, etc.

Health problems revealed by both feet

Health problems revealed by both feet

Cold feet or heart disease Health problems revealed by the feet The human body is an organism with multiple tissues and organs interconnected.

Your feet are a mirror of your health.

Paying attention to the abnormal changes in the feet can help to detect certain diseases early and anticipate the time for treatment.

1.A big cause of cold feet and cold toes is poor blood circulation, sometimes associated with smoking, high blood pressure, or high blood pressure.

Nerve damage caused by uncontrolled diabetes can also cause cold feet.

Other causes include hypothyroidism and anemia.

It is best to see a doctor to find out the cause of cold feet.

Foot pain Chronic wear of inappropriate shoes can cause foot pain. However, foot pain should also bear stress fractures of the heart (also known as fatigue fractures).

Excessive intensity sports such as basketball and long-distance running can easily cause foot fractures, and the size of danger for patients with osteoarthritis.

Foot burns are common in diabetic patients with peripheral nerve damage.

Other possible causes of foot pain include: B vitamin deficiency, athlete’s foot, chronic kidney disease, poor blood circulation in the lower limbs, and hypothyroidism.

The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis.

Arthritis, too much exercise, poor shoes, etc. can also cause foot pain.

3.Excessive swelling of the feet for too long, long flights, pregnancy, etc. may cause swelling of the feet.

Other causes of swollen feet are: poor blood circulation, lymphatic disease, thrombosis, kidney disease, and hypothyroidism.

4.Itchy feet Itching and peeling of the feet may be caused by infection of athlete’s foot fractures.
The 40-year-old age group is more common.

Contact dermatitis can also cause itching, redness and peeling of the feet.

Another major cause may be psoriasis.

5.Ulcers on feet that are difficult to heal are one of the important signals of diabetes.

People with diabetes should wash their feet and check for abnormalities in their feet every day.

6.Excessive foot cramps or muscle fatigue are common causes of sudden cramps (fractured fractures) in the feet.

Other causes include reduced blood flow to the feet, dehydration, or an imbalance of potassium, magnesium, and calcium, and vitamin D deficiency.

Hormonal disorders or thyroid abnormalities during pregnancy can also cause foot cramps.

Moderate exercise can alleviate muscle fatigue. Gradually feet before going to bed and regular drinking milk to supplement calcium can help prevent it.

7.Toe pain Gout easily causes sudden pain in the big toe, accompanied by redness and swelling.

Osteoarthritis and knee stiffness can also cause big toe swelling and pain.

Pain in the small toe (usually the third and fourth metatarsals) is often associated with Moreton neuroma (also called interphalangeal neuroma).

Women are 8 times more likely to develop the disease than men.
10 times.

The cause is usually trauma or excessive toe pressure.

8.Pulmonary diseases such as spinous, claw-like or spoon-shaped toe lung fibrosis and lung cancer are the most common causes of spine-shaped toe, but cardiovascular, liver and digestive diseases as well as certain infections can also cause it.

Possible causes of claw-shaped toes include: diabetes, alcohol or neurological disease.

Exercise stretching, wearing special orthopedic shoes or surgery can be treated.

The causes of spoon-shaped toes include: trauma, iron deficiency, or frequent exposure to petroleum solvents.

9.Yellow or white fractures of the nails can easily cause yellowing and thickening of the nails.

Yellow toenail may also be a symptom of lymphedema, lung disease or rheumatoid arthritis.
The causes of white nails include trauma and infection.

Nail nails that are intact but mostly white may be symptoms of liver disease, congestive heart failure, or diabetes.

If there is an abnormality, go to the hospital for examination. If treated early, the toenails can return to normal.
10.Stomp walking Stomp walking may be due to peripheral nerve damage leading to foot dysfunction.

Studies have found that about 30% of dragging is related to diabetes.

Other causes include foot inflammation and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Fight against the old and make a hard move to be an old lady

Fight against the old and make a hard move to be an old lady

Girls are looking forward to being human, but when they are over 25, they yearn for Tongyan!

For those actresses who still have the compactness and brilliance of the girls over the age of 30, the force of time on them is slower than others, proving that Tong Yan does not necessarily pass with time!

If you do a good job of resisting old age, you will naturally withstand the test of years. You will be a childlike beauty if you distribute childish brilliance different from your age!

  The seven main points of the old beauty are 1. Lei Lei is full of tightness, her face is not concave, and there is no law pattern.

  2, Tong Yan but no baby fat, fat and thin to master very accurately!

From cheek to figure, it must be well-proportioned.

  3. It is famous for its sweet image. It is sweeter than caramel pudding when it smiles.

  4, the size of the eyes can be bold to reveal the innocent and fresh and refined, squint can only be classified as personality.

  5, has a small mouth and thin lips.

Thick lips have mature and sexy feeling, Shu Qi is an example.

  6, faint, no pressure on the eyebrows, the eyebrows should not be too thick or too thick, otherwise it will be heroic and aggressive.

  7, speak softly and quietly, not a loud voice or laughing aunt.

  The dialysis of the old beauty 1, apply the mask every day, so that when the skin is dry, the beauty of the celebrities and stars is really irritating, each of them is oily and smooth, without dry and dull handles!

In fact, their maintenance steps are not complicated. For example, the maintenance of Sister Zhiling and Guan Ying is very simple. In addition to cleaning, the key is moisturizing. Whenever you feel dry, apply a mask. Chen Yanlan applies it 3 times a week.Then go to sleep.

Tianxin and Wang Yiren even apply every day!

Tianxin used to apply it after bathing, and Yiren used the heat from the bath to steam the nutrients in the mask.

  Magnolia Oil Water Moisturizing Moisturizing Moisturizing Mask 130 yuan / 5 tablets Product effect: Special weaving design, each tablet contains a large number of nutritional ingredients; Contains hot spring mineral essence and water-condensing vitamins, which can replenish skin moisture and nutrients, and deeply nourishAnd long-term lock moisture and nutrients; intimate eye design, eye care.

  How to use: Open the small package and unfold the mask. Gently place the mask on the face and gently press it with your hands to close the face. After closing the eyes for 10 minutes, lower the eyelids and clean the corners of the eyes. Continue to use for 5 minutes, according to personal preference.And need to extend the use time properly; please discard the mask after use, you can use cotton pads, paper towels or wet towels to wipe off the surface liquid.

  Comments from netizens: There are many essences, the texture is creamy, and it feels cool and comfortable when applied to the face, without irritation.

After application, the skin looks hydrated, shiny and fair, moisturized and non-greasy. It is an indispensable facial mask for autumn hydration.

I like it very much.

Applying it on one piece will make you feel very happy. After washing it, you will feel that your face is smooth and firm. It is either tight or full.

  2, absolutely absolutely fat or thin to the cheeks of almost all the actresses are worshippers of sports teaching!

Fang Fangfang, who is nearly 50 years old, is stuffed with exercise schedules every day from Monday to Sunday. Guan Ying goes swimming and dancing whenever he has time. Lin Zhiling’s shapely legs are the result of hard swimming.

But they can pursue lean body, but do not allow flesh on their cheeks!

Zhiling is particularly fond of pig’s feet and chicken skin, while Guan Ying is a regular drinker of collagen drinks, relying on food supplements to maintain the richness of her face!

  FANCL Collagen Fruity Drink 298.

0 yuan / 50ml * 10 bottles Product effect: Collagen is an important ingredient for supporting and moisturizing the skin, keeping the skin away from aging problems such as dryness, fine lines, relaxation

Collagen will be lost with age, and will be eroded by ultraviolet rays and stress from life.

To keep your skin young and radiant, daily collagen supplementation is key.

  Comments from netizens: I now drink this product every night before going to bed. The taste is very sour!

But the effect is great!

I drank this every night. In the morning, I felt the skin was a little tight, and the skin was very bright and delicate.

After I kept drinking for such a long time, I felt that the fine lines and fine lines on my skin were much less!

  3, from the girlhood, we know that the important ultraviolet radiation is the number one killer of aging!

Look at the pictures of people who have umbrellas when they go to the big S film. Actresses have deepened the concept of sun protection!

When interviewing Michelle Yeoh, she directly told readers: I think sun protection is the best way to maintain!

When going out, rub SPF50 barrier cream.Also exquisite is Lin Yichen. Not only the face, but other parts of the body also require high-standard tight airtight sunscreen. The lower body can resist wearing socks, 100% physical sunscreen, and grit your teeth in exchange for white tender and translucent!

  Anresha Perfect Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 + PA +++ 280 yuan / 60ml Product effect: suitable for vacation and outdoor sports, inhibits sweat but does not make the skin dry has super waterproof effect, especially suitable for strong UV rays at the beach, swimming etc.In the case of irradiation.
  Netizen comment: I am a type that is easy to tan, and my skin is very picky about sunscreen. Many products have been eliminated by me before.

Some are too oily, some are inserted into the pores, and others are sensitive to long hair.

So I try to avoid sunscreen products using methods like parasols, but this is still not enough for the hot sun in summer.

This attempt surprised me.

First of all, the oil in this product is very moisturizing, it won’t let my skin breathe, and I can breathe easily even in the sun.

More refined is the addition of pearl powder to make the skin look beautiful and shiny, the overall color is much better.

In essence, the Ansunsha sunscreen is really good.

I went shopping without an umbrella and there was no problem at all.

I was most pleased to go to Beijing last year to play, because the joy of playing did not take care of touch-ups, and the sun was very hot that day.

I feel hot after I go home, but I feel comfortable after washing my face, and I have n’t turned black in the past summer. I ‘m so happy!


What I like the most is this sunscreen with long sun protection time, which is more suitable for lazy people like me, and it can be more fun to go out!

It’s very convenient for me not to remember to make up.

  Xu Ruoyu, a 34-year-old innocent puppy with broken eyes and broken skin, is the oldest beautiful girl with the highest voice!

  Lin Zhiling, 35-year-old thanks to her sister Zhiling to support the mature women!

Jade girl face + doll sounds are all born!

External treatment for shingles and skin diseases

External treatment for shingles and skin diseases

Shingles is an acute onset skin disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus. Traditional Chinese medicine calls it “Loin-Wounding Fire Dragon” and “Loin-Wounding Fire Dan”.

Folk commonly known as “Snake Dan”, “Spider Sores”.

  Foreign governance side: 1.

Fresh purslane is smashed and applied topically, 2-3 times a day. Generally, the pain can be relieved and the exudation is reduced the next day after application. The crust will be cured after 3 consecutive days of application.


Pick several immature green persimmons, wash them, smash them for juice, and use the affected area 3 times a day for 3 to 5 days.


The amount of realgar powder is adjusted to a thin paste with vinegar and applied to the affected area once daily.

Most patients had no pain on the second day after treatment, and had scab and healed on 3 to 4 days.


1 cactus, remove the spines, cut the cactus into 2 pieces vertically according to the size of the shingles, close the cut surface to the herpes area, press firmly, and fix it with adhesive tape.

It is changed once a day, 7 days is a course of treatment, and 1-2 consecutive courses.


The snake sheds 5-10 grams, and it is charcoal-shaped with fire baking on the recombination, adding borneol 0.

5 grams, use sesame oil to make a thin paste, and then spread evenly on the herpes, 2-3 times a day, for 5 days.

What are the ways to build muscles in the office?

What are the ways to build muscles in the office?

Guide: What are the ways to build muscles in the office?

Men like to have strong muscles. Women want to find a wide and strong shoulder. Do men who are busy working all day neglect to exercise or have no time to build muscles?

Let’s take a look at how to increase our muscles in the office.

  Office series of fitness exercises. Pulling hands with each other — Strengthen shoulder, chest, and wrist muscles. Points: Straighten your arms. Use the force of the entire arm to pull your fingers against each other in opposite directions. Hold your fingers tightly.Be sure to keep it straight, and lock your wrists so that you do n’t flex. Never hold your wrists or fingers to pull.

  Make a fist to support the bottom of the table — Strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, wrists, chests, and abdominal musclesLean back to take advantage.

If it may not be nailed to the ground, press the table with your feet to avoid being lifted.

  Press the tabletop with your palm — strengthen the wrist, chest, abdomen, and back muscles. Key points: Press the tabletop with your arm. Place your palm on the tabletop with your back straight. Note: Keep your back straight during the action.And the wrist must be fixed.

  Shoulder joint pull-up exercise ———— Strengthen the movement of the shoulder joint. The shoulder joint forcefully pulls up the hands and fingers. Grasp the position. The bottom of the seat sits on the back of the chair and keeps it upright. Note: The pulling action has the shoulder joint force.

Keep your fingers on the bottom of the chair.

  Elbow pinching on the back of the chair — Strengthen the chest and back muscles: Two elbows press inward on the back of the chair to keep it straight and the forearm and hind arms flex to 90 degrees. The position to sit should be close to the back of the chair. Tips: WhenKeep the forearm fixed when you force the elbows on your elbows. Do not pull your fist forward, and keep your fist forward.

Yoga: Purify Your Mind Like Green Tea

Yoga: Purify Your Mind Like Green Tea

Popular in the world, the yoga fitness method that originated in ancient India is gaining the respect and love of the world’s fitness enthusiasts with its unique fitness theory that advocates nature and balanced physiology, and has become a world-renowned fitness program.

China also recognizes the mysterious atmosphere of ancient India, and the temperature of the domestic yoga market is constantly rising.

  The word yoga originates from Sanskrit, which is unified and peaceful in Sanskrit, which means to unite everything together.

Yoga can be divided into many types, such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Flow Yoga, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, and Meditation Yoga, etc. At present, China has mainly Hatha Yoga, and Hatha Yoga has fitness as its primary purpose.

This kind of yoga promotes physical health, and mental health naturally retreats to the second step.

  Yoga is not only good for body and body. Its biggest function is still to purify the soul and guide people to goodness. Although it has a certain religious color, the peace of mind is exactly what this hustle and bustle world needs. Our soul is already infectedToo much floating dust needs to be purified through the practice of yoga, keeping a pure land in my heart.

  Many domestic yoga practitioners pay attention to the weight loss and increase effect of yoga. Few people have noticed the effect of meditation in yoga, and they just use it as an auxiliary item of asana.

Indian S.

According to Dr. Rod Krishan, meditation is to look for the state of tranquility that belongs to your deepest heart through your self-examination of the inner self, to eliminate the disturbance of the external world to you, and to pursue the most peaceful moment in your heartIt’s called meditation.

  People can find the way of self existence through meditation. In our opinion, the physical existence is a manifestation. There is a real way of self existence in the depths of our soul. It can be found through meditation, but it is also actually found.The realm of human potential.

  Drinking green tea is a way to relax and taste comfort, and yoga meditation is like drinking green tea to the soul.

In modern cities, busy life, intense work, and pressure from all aspects often make people impetuous, empty, overcome, nervous, angry, depressed . Yoga meditation at this time can make people’s thinking very optimistic, veryhealth.

  In the face of many things in life, yoga meditation can teach us to control our thinking, control our mood, and cultivate the ability to improve our thinking, just like a driver learning to drive.

  When we are afraid or angry, our bodies become tight and our pores are tightly closed.

When we are in the forest, in the fresh air, we can’t help but get fresh.

Similarly, as long as we think about the sun in our hearts, the sun above our heads will always be sunny; all day thinking about unfairness and unhappiness, dark clouds will surround us, and the happiness and joy of life depends on our own ideas.

  Yoga meditation can make people abandon all kinds of material desires, relieve stress and repair the damaged cells of the human body, which cannot be achieved by deep sleep. It can repair aging caused by excessive distraction.

In meditation, we must clearly experience the ambiguity of emotions, including positive and negative emotions, carefully review the entire process of emotions, and make judgments that do not conform to the facts, or recall them.Happy times, sweet memories.

  In meditation, release the anxiety and tension caused by long-term life under stress and work, correctly grasp your inner world, and look at familiar things in a new way, free yourself from the cage you set, and make yourself becomeHealthy and vibrant.

Old people should not sleep immediately after meals

Old people should not sleep immediately after meals

As people age, nerve cell function is gradually declining.

Older people have less sleep time than young people and are easy to wake up, so they are also prone to fatigue.

Old people often have snoring and sleep during the day, especially after lunch.

This practice is detrimental to the health of the elderly.

  Federal German medical experts have recently pointed out that three people have a certain risk of taking a nap after a meal: elderly people over 65 years old; high blood pressure people who weigh more than 20% of standard weight; people with low blood pressure or severe circulatory systemPeople, especially those who often suffer from dizziness due to narrowing of blood vessels in the brain.

Most of the elderly have arteriosclerosis, especially obese people.

Hyperlipidemia is easy to cause arteriosclerosis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, often can cause insufficient blood supply to the brain.

After eating, the blood circulation of the digestive tract is strong, the blood flow in the brain is relatively reduced, and the sleep is still, it is easy to increase the local blood supply.

  There is a saying in China that “there is a diet and it is a disease.”

Therefore, after the elderly have eaten, it is not advisable to go to bed immediately, and some minor activities can be done to facilitate blood circulation.

The 10 psychological needs of the elderly

The 10 psychological needs of the elderly

Understanding and understanding the psychological characteristics of the elderly and solving the normal psychological needs of the elderly are of great significance for stabilizing the emotional changes of the elderly and for health and longevity.

  The common psychological needs of the elderly are: health needs, which is a common psychological state of the elderly.

When people reach old age, they often have fear of being old, afraid of illness, and fear of death.

  Most of the elderly who need to retire from work need to have the ability to work. Suddenly leaving the job position will definitely generate a lot of ideas. I hope to work again and reflect my own value.

  Depending on the demand for people to the old age, energy, physical strength, and mental power have declined. Some lives cannot be completely self-care, and they hope to be taken care of.

The filial piety of the children will make them feel old.

  The elderly need to have a harmonious family environment. Regardless of the family’s economic conditions, as long as the whole family is harmonious, the neighbors are harmonious, mutual respect and mutual help, the elderly will feel warm and happy.

  Quiet demand for the elderly generally like quiet, afraid of noisy.

Some older people are afraid of going through Sunday. On this day, children, children and grandchildren are coming, spending a day in a chaotic manner. For the elderly, such a Sunday is a “wean Sunday.”

  Dominant demand for the elderly is mostly the head of the family, to control the right to control at home.

However, due to changes in the social and economic scale of the elderly, the family merger and the right to control of the elderly may be affected.

This may also cause distress in the elderly.

  Dear demand, the elderly may leave their jobs and may be depressed. If they are not respected, they will develop pessimism and even go out of their way. In the long run, they will cause depression and depression, and lay the foundation for the disease.

  Courtship requires the elderly to be lonely after their death, and child care is not a long-term solution, so children should support the needs of the elderly for courtship.