Chinese medicine teaches you how to look healthy from your lips!

Chinese medicine teaches you how to look healthy from your lips!

Human lips are actually an important indicator of people’s health.

Different lip colors can polish a person’s health.

The following editor of Ping An Health Network will take everyone to learn how to grind a person’s health problem from a person’s lips.

  First, the lips are pale white. Tips: Both Qi and blood in your body are relatively boring, because they are not full enough to make your lips show that kind of reddish color.

  Common discomforts: fatigue, drowsiness, back pain, low libido, etc.

  ー Method: 1.

Strengthen the absorption of relatively high nutrients, don’t picky eat again, don’t think about losing weight, life is more important than slim.

  Suggested food: fish, chicken, beef, lamb, eggs, etc.


Red cobalt peanuts, chewed properly every day, unlimited.

At least fifteen dried dates a day.


Don’t stay up too late, it will exacerbate the destructive consumption of your already insufficient energy.

  Second, the lips are blue-black (purple) Xiaobian reminder: there is still a relatively obvious blood stasis and qi stagnation in your body. Blood flowing at normal speed will not show lips of this color.

  Common discomforts: chest tightness, sigh, occasional tingling in the chest, nightmares, etc.

  ー Method: 1.

If you rarely exercise, a 30-minute jog every day will completely change your lip color.


It is highly recommended that you can add 1-2 tablespoons of old Shanxi vinegar every day, this will definitely make your dark black lips change after it is caused.

Laochen vinegar itself has other effects, but also has the function of softening blood circulation and improving stasis.


If you smoke, it is best to reduce your smoking.

The nicotine in the body is still better.

  Third, bilateral or unilateral mouth corner cracking I don’t know if you have experienced this. That is, the corners of the two sides of the upper and lower lip junctions often crack inexplicably. If in those days, Guo Degang’s crosstalk cannot be heard anyway.Look at Zhao Benshan’s sketch. If any colleague holds a mobile phone and reads a funny text message, I’m afraid it will cause the wound that just healed in the corner of your mouth to crack again, and the pain of heartbreaking heart . Hint: whether you talk or eatDuring the up and down movement of the lips, the position of the corner of the mouth is still relatively unmovable, and the effect they cause is very vertical. Therefore, once the spleen and stomach yin deficiency occurs inside the body, it is most likely to be “oil-starved” somewhere.They are still at the corner of the mouth, so in this case they tend to crack easily.

  ー Method: 1.

Go down the street and buy that kind of ripe kiwi, three at a time, three times a day, and after three days, you’ll believe why it has magic.


It is recommended to watch comics, sketches, and funny programs less to prevent the wound from cracking again.

Repeated cracking of the wound is not conducive to eventual recovery.


It is recommended to temporarily eat more foods with greater fat.

  Fourth, the lips are red or crimson or fuchsia. Tip: Your physical state is still relatively large. The tongue is like a reminder of internal energy. When there is too much energy in your body, it will cause “fire” due to excessive energy.

And the more the color develops towards the crimson, the better it means the fire in the body.

  Common discomforts: toothache, headache, dizziness, constipation, yellow urine, etc.

  ー Method: 1.

Immediately reduce the intake of the following substances, spicy foods, sugars, chicken, and lamb, they will only produce more energy, make your body more vigorous, and cause its color to be more crimson.


Try not to take supplements containing ginseng, jujube and other substances. After all, pouring oil on the fire is very dangerous.  3.

When you have so much discomfort, you need medicine to help.

30g of black ginseng, 30g of oatmeal, 30g of cinnamon, 2g of cinnamon, decoction.

This recipe is the ancient famous recipe Zengye soup.

The above-mentioned correction has obvious relief and healing effects. When the human body is “fired”, the yin can be replenished at the same time, so that we are no longer dry fire and no longer catch fire.

  Fifth, a black circle appears on the skin around the lips. Tips: There is still a significant amount of moisture in your body. At the same time, it means that your kidneys, spleen and stomach are beginning to have deficiencies.

  Common discomforts: decreased appetite, poor digestion, heaviness in the lower extremities, and frequent urination.

  ー Method: 1.

Try to avoid all kinds of sweets, fried, greasy, sticky foods, cold foods, etc., because they can make your body produce more moisture.


Do not rush to sleep or sleep after a meal. This will directly lead to moisture in the body due to the slow transportation of food.


The meridians of your kidneys and spleen and stomach all originate on your feet. Your feet are just as important as the roots of plants. Try to soak your feet with hot water every day. This will directly supplement the heat energy from your “roots” to the associated filth.Device.

Reminder: don’t let the yoga mat hurt the skin

Reminder: don’t let the yoga mat hurt the skin

When you have completed a difficult yoga exercise such as handstand and knees, have you noticed that the yoga mats that have close contact with your skin are clean?

According to the Taiwanese People ‘s Livelihood News, most of the public yoga mats in fitness venues are not regularly sterilized, which is easy to hide dirt and breed bacteria and cause skin infection.

  Some people may say that they often use common mats to practice yoga without physical discomfort.

In fact, the reason is very simple. The germs in the unclean yoga mat do not immediately occur when they are infected by the human body. Instead, they lie in the skin’s surface for a long time.Infectious skin diseases.

According to doctors, unwashed yoga mats are likely to harbor bacteria, dust, and dust mites.

The bacteria in it can cause folliculitis, which can easily cause ringworm and athlete’s foot. The biggest threat of dust mites to people with allergies is to induce allergic dermatitis and asthma.

  There are a variety of yoga mat cleaning wipes, sprays, or yoga gloves, foot covers and other products recommended to consumers in the United States.

How often have these products been mentioned, Dr. Song suggested that the best way to prevent infection is to bring your own yoga mat.

In addition, after exercise, be sure to add a shower gel containing bacteriostatic ingredients to take a bath, fitness clothes should be soaked with disinfectant, or dried in the sun after cleaning.

  Maybe some people think that it is easy to solve this “trouble”. When you practice yoga, you should bring some disinfectant wipes and wipe the yoga mat, but do not advocate this seemingly trouble-free method.

Because the commonly used disinfection products do not change the entire pad when used, the cleaning and sterilization effect has not reached the standard, and it cannot play a role.

If you use a product with a high disinfection concentration, the disinfectant left on the pad after rubbing will also cause damage to the skin.

Experts explain why babies don’t like breast milk

Experts explain why babies don’t like breast milk

Question: The baby was delivered by caesarean section. Because of abdominal pain, Mummy’s milk did not come down. So when the baby cried, Mummy gave him a bottle. But when Mummy’s milk came down and her breasts were uncomfortable, no matter what.Feed the baby, the baby refuses to eat.

Expert answer: This situation is a “nipple illusion”, because the rubber nipple on the bottle is long and the nipple is large, the baby can suck the milk without much effort.

When they suck their mother’s nipples again, they will find it difficult to hold them, and they will struggle to suck them up. Therefore, they will not want to eat their mother’s milk again.

Correcting the baby’s “nipple illusion” is more difficult. The key is the patience and perseverance of the mother.

First, stop giving your baby a pacifier right away.

Even if the baby needs to be fed breast milk, do not use pacifiers, other methods, such as a spoon, a needle, a medicine dispenser and so on.

Basically, patiently and tirelessly help your baby learn the correct breastfeeding position. Make your baby face straight to the nipple (no need to twist the neck), form a straight line of head, shoulders and hips, and be comfortably held in the mother’s arms.

Use your nipple to tease your baby’s mouth wide. Once it’s widened, let the nipple drive straight in and reach behind the baby’s tongue.

Your baby’s nose should stick slightly to the upper side of the breast, and the lower lip should contain more areola.

If this time is unsuccessful, contract again.

It’s best to keep your baby in your arms, give him nipples whenever possible, and feed him when he’s comfortable and not too hungry.

Generally, the baby with “nipple illusion” is unwilling to wait for the milk to be squeezed out. You can squeeze the milk before feeding and wait until the milk “downs” before giving your baby’s nipples, so that the baby does not have to wait for milk to urinate immediately.

You can also let the babysitter or family drop some pre-squeezed milk on the breast when the baby starts to suck, and run down the breast into the baby’s mouth to give the baby some “reward”.

Don’t starve your baby deliberately, thinking that he will be fed when he is very hungry.

This can make him weak and even cause dehydration.

Even if the “nipple illusion” is more serious, the baby who resolutely resists the nipple needs to take the extreme measures: on the first day, no nipples or nipples, and other ways to feed the baby with squeezed milk; the next day,Instead of giving a pacifier, use your nipples to soothe your baby, but also breastfeed in other ways; on the third day, your full nipples can be replenished and fed before your baby’s newborn.

Detoxification of the home to maintain home health

Detoxification of the home to maintain home health

We all know that the human body needs detoxification. If the toxins in the human body are not discharged, they will accumulate in the body for a long time, which will cause many physical diseases and even very serious systemic disorders.

Beautiful women in front of the computer must attach great importance to detoxification, and often detoxify their bodies.

However, you know, your house needs detoxification too.

For us, the house is a place to live, whether it is a physiological habitat or a psychological habitat.

The house is our home.

Or say this, make us a temporary home.

Because many white-collar workers are now working outside, although they are in high-end residential areas, but they are renting others’ houses.

  But, no matter what, the house always gives us a lot of warmth.

Since the house is so important to us, have you paid attention to your own housing toxins?

Certainly not, you usually take the land as a building, it must be a poison.

It’s not right to think like this.

In fact, our housing is also left with toxins.

Today, follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to understand the toxins of the housing, so that you can prepare for the detoxification of the living room in the future.

  Currently confirmed housing toxins, in addition to the chemicals encountered in daily life, such as various types of detergents, chemical raw materials, clothing and personal skin care products, the degree of displacement of the house is also an important reason.

Therefore, the Canadian government checks whether the category items are harmful according to the relevant reports, and then determines whether it can be sold. At the same time, the National Health Bureau also recommends that customers can directly ask the manufacturer about the chemical composition and safety index of their products.

  The children’s professor Bruce believes that it is best not to fill his home full of things that are not needed, so as to reduce the chance of pollution.

In addition, he also introduced some tips for housing detoxification.


Regularly turn on the exhaust fan in the kitchen and bathroom.

Open all the windows in your home every day. It is best to avoid using various insecticides and detergents made with chemical compounds in the house.


Always test the relative humidity in the room.


Install a tap water filter.


Replace the traditional carpet with tiles, hardwood floors or carpets made of non-toxic wool.


Cloth curtains are used instead of curtains made of polycarbonate compounds.


Try to use natural mineral soaps and shampoos, and use pure essential oils instead of perfumes.


Replace the non-stick pan with a ceramic pot or a cast iron pot, and replace the plastic container with a glass container.


Domestic experts pointed out that the Canadian approach is worth learning.

  Chinese residents have always focused on the issue of excessive formaldehyde, but in fact far more than that.

Deeper environmental cleansing includes creating a good external living environment, keeping away from various infectious diseases and reducing chemical pollution of daily necessities.

For example, if you want to open more windows, choose a high-efficiency air purifier to purify the air, use a uniform exhaust pipe, do not punch holes, etc., otherwise it will easily cause mutual pollution.

Simple self-healing method for massage exercises to alleviate diabetes discomfort

Simple self-healing method for massage exercises to alleviate diabetes discomfort

Our body is like a sophisticated system, and headache, insomnia, sore throat, swelling of the feet. These are not serious troubles, but it seems to be a virus that specifically looks for system breakthroughs, which makes us miserable.

In fact, the cause of these troubles is nothing more than overloaded work, excessive pressure, seasonal changes, and some simple self-healing methods can help us quickly make an effective “patches” for the body system.

  First, the pain of the legs and feet a day and walking to make your feet a little fever, swelling, and even pain?

There are several ways you can try to relieve the symptoms.


Make a relaxing “foot bath” 3 drops of peppermint oil, 3 drops of lavender essential oil (or 1 teaspoon bath oil, 1 teaspoon of sea salt) mixed together, pour into a basin of warm water that can barely have feet, they can help the skin to drainToxins make your feet feel comfortable.

Soak your feet in the water for 10-15 minutes, then dry them thoroughly with a towel and apply some cream with mint or lavender to massage your feet.


Put your feet up and lie on the bed, use a pillow to pad your feet, and massage your thighs at the same time. The brakes relax your muscles, stimulate blood circulation, allow more oxygen to enter the muscles, and relieve the swelling of the feet and calves.

  Second, headache studies have shown that the body’s stress hormones rise, the possibility of suffering from headaches is here.

How to relieve the irritating headache?


Take a head massage and take 2 drops of peppermint oil and 2 drops of lavender essential oil, mix them with a teaspoon of fragrance-free body lotion, massage with your fingers and massage the temples and the back neck.

The remaining mixed lotion is applied to the nose and then taken 3 deep breaths, after which it feels reduced.


Relaxation of the muscles of the eye is caused by the tiny muscles of the face and eyes.

In order to relieve the tension of the muscles, use the ring finger of both hands, the tip of the middle finger enters the eyelids, the temples, the brow bones, and the inner corner of the eye to draw a circle massage. The strength of the fingers should not be too heavy. You can apply eye cream to help the muscles around the eyes relax.

  Third, the neck and neck pain is not correct sitting posture, continuous tapping the keyboard and poor sleeping position can cause shoulder and neck pain and stiffness.


Aromatic Massage Marjoram essential oil is a “magic bullet” for relieving muscle tension and contraction. Mixing it with rosemary or juniper essential oil (2 drops each) can also effectively relieve muscle tension in shoulder discomfort.


The pressure massage tail sticks to the wall and stands. Put a tennis ball in the position between the shoulders at the back and tail, slowly bend your knees, then slowly stand up, let the tennis ball close to the shoulder instead of “massage”, can help the muscles of the shoulders relax.
When using the computer, don’t leave the keyboard and mouse too far away from you. The back is best placed on the back of the chair, so that the shoulders are evenly stressed and the muscles are loosened.

  Fourth, indigestion Almost everyone has experienced the uncomfortable feeling of indigestion, eating too fast, eating too greasy, drinking too much or stress, worry may lead to stomach “strike.”

The following methods can help us relieve discomfort in a short time.


Essential Oil Massage The abdomen can be massaged with citrus essential oil, peppermint oil or ginger essential oil for good results.

Take 4 drops of one or two essential oils, mix with a teaspoon of body lotion, apply the mixed lotion to the palm of your hand, and slowly massage in the clockwise direction on the abdomen.

Then wrap a bottle filled with warm water in a towel, lie on the bed sideways, put the bottle on the abdomen and then curl up and fall asleep, which is conducive to the absorption of essential oils.


A massage that relieves discomfort in diabetes. Use the four fingers of the right hand to draw multiple small circles in the clockwise direction across the abdomen.

The speed of the circle is based on the speed of breathing once, that is, draw a small circle every time you breathe.

  Place the palms of both hands on the lower abdomen, and place the hand on the upper part to slide up and massage to the upper abdomen and massage until the upper position.

The hand placed below is “started” and the action is exactly the same as the other hand.

This is alternately performed 10 times each.

  Fifth, insomnia stress is the first factor leading to short-term insomnia and sleep disorders.

The following simple methods will be more effective than counting sheep.

  1.Take a relaxing bath Lavender and sandalwood oil are the best “relaxation agents”. Mix the two essential oils, drop 6 drops into a teaspoon (10 ml) bath oil or olive oil, then add the mixed oil to the shower water.
In addition, drop 2 drops of lavender essential oil on the pillow before going to bed, be careful not to more than 2 drops, otherwise the strong aroma will make you unable to sleep.


Simple meditation is especially suitable for those who can’t let go of their minds.

Close your eyes, spend a few minutes adjusting your breathing, and then start thinking that you throw all your troubles, pressures and fears into a cupboard, then lock the cabinet, paint it with bright colors, and then leave.

After doing this meditation, you will feel a lot easier, and your sleepiness will gradually come up.