Artificial snow harms human health also destroyed the environment? The truth is like this

On February 8, 2019, Jiangsu Nantong, Jiangsu Nantong, interchanges, lines, and color intertwined showed a different charm. (Xu Jun / People) (Declaring: All the words "People’s Pictures", the copyright pictures, is subject to legal protection, use (including reproduced), welcome to call: 010-65368384 or 021-63519288.) So, Will Artificial Snowball adversely affect human health? Although the artificial influence weather is chemical, artificially snow is a microphytic process, rather than producing a chemical change of new substances. Artificial influences often use dry ice, liquid nitrogen is easy to evaporate to form carbon dioxide and nitrogen, which itself is an integral part of the air, which does not affect the human body. Although the silver ion in the iodide is heavy metal, the amount of silver iodide is extremely small, dispersed in a large region, and the content of the unit area is minimal. In February, the process of artificial snowfall in Hebei Province has been an example. Wu Zhishui, deputy director of the artificial influence of Hebei Province, introduced that only Silver iodised iodized iodide per square kilometers, even if all, with snow landing, it is only the snow after melting. Iodide-containing silver microks, far below the standard of 50 micrograms of silver ion content in national standard water, almost not detected.

Therefore, artificial snow will not give harm to people. Artificial snow will not affect the environment. Last year, the National Artificial Influence Weather Technology Consultation Board organized environmental protection, related universities, troops, meteorological and other industries and fields, specifically for catalysts such as hydrolyzing, whether environmental pollution will be repeated again. The expert group believes that the research results in China and abroad have little amount of silver iodide catalyst used in the weather, and the silver ion concentration generated by the unit volume is much lower than the international and domestic water environment quality standards. There is no adverse effect, and there is no evidence that the weather affects the weather will have long-term and accumulated adverse effects on the ecological environment. This article is scientifically chestnounced by the deputy director of Fudan University Ph.D., Public Health School of Environmental Hygiene.

China’s practice of biodiversity protection (attention to protecting biodiversity)

  The increasingly accelerated climate change and biodiversity loss have threatened the survival and development of humanity, the "Convention on Biological Diversity and" Reform Transformation "in the Calligraphy of Biodiversity. The ecological environment caused by economic development has been destroyed. At present, there is a better solution in China: forest coverage increased from 10% to 24%, natural protection coverage increased from 3% to 18%, wetland protected area ratio from 5 % Is raised to 50%, big panda, snow leopard, Zhu Wei, Yanzi crocodile, elk, etc., the endangered species has been restored. Summary China’s transformation transformation in biodiversity governance can provide reference to the global ecological crisis. In terms of ideology, China has established the "Ecological Civilization" and "Human Destiny Community" Guiding Thoughts.

  In terms of government organization architecture, the Natural Resources Department has established all natural protected grounds to integrate all kinds of natural protection of more than a dozen sectors, and implementing the implementation of unified normative management; "being constructed" The natural protection system "; expand the environmental protection department as the ecological environment, greatly enhanced inspections and supervision related to ecological conditions.

  China will incorporate ecological protection into the planning of national social and economic development.

Since 2011, more than 50% of the country’s country of territory has been divided into national key ecological functional districts; implementing financial funds transfer payment, more than 800 counties have enjoyed the policy, and the key ecological functional area has continued to improve; It is the first country to develop an ecological red line plan, and the ecological red line plan provides a very important new mechanism for integrated protection and development in large scale. By the end of 2020, the ecological red lines of all provinces and municipal districts have been delineated, and the national average of 25% of the country has been included in the ecological red line.

The system maintains the integrity of the regional ecosystem, ensuring the continuity of the ecological process, fully limiting the industrial expansion of the industries that have damage to the vulnerable area; natural protection is the core components of the ecological red line, China’s initial establishment The park is the main body, the nature reserve is based, and the natural park is a supplementary natural protection system, covering 18% land,% sea area.

These and ecological programming have passed the "one blueprint to the bottom" to run through all aspects of social and economic development. In all parts of the country, a large number of key ecological projects, including tree planting, returning farmland (grass / wet), natural forest protection, anti-sand treatment, rocky desertification, wildlife protection and nature reserve, protective forest, restoration and wetlands and Coast, etc. After the 1998 flood, Sichuan Province implemented the first banned order in the country. It is fully banned to some natural forests in the upper reaches of Sichuan Province. Then, the country has stopped natural forest commercial harvesting. Transforming into a forestry, forestry enterprises participating in public welfare undertakings such as tree planting, and successfully realized the transformation of the industry.

  Establish and continuously improve the laws and regulations system for protecting biodiversity, including resource environment, forestry, wetlands, grassland, wild animals, etc. are under construction.

Actively participate in various related international conventions and projects, including the Convention on Biological Diversity, the World Heritage Convention, "People and Biosphere Plan", "Ramsa Convention", "Convention on Climate Change", "Convention against Desertification "," International Trade Convention on Endangered Wildlife Plant, "Convention on Migration Species." After the 15th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, China will also become a key promoter of the "Global Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan" in the next 10 years.

  Support a large number of colleges, research institutes, international and domestic civil organizations, providing technical guidance for biodiversity protection policies and actions, and cultivating a large number of talents. China’s ecological protection is in the development of vibrant development, corresponding to the global ecological crisis continues to exacerbate, while China will continue to actively explore and practice, will take more responsive, lead, support, and synergy as many countries as possible. Building a human fate community! (Solitan Department of Zuo Yan, Zhu Zhu, Zhu Zhi, Ma Jingneng, China Biodiversity, China Biodiversity, China Biological Diversity, China Biological Division) (Editor: Bai Yu, Zhao Xinyue) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.

Become a classic and cultural confidence with poetic history

Since this year, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics has intended the form, deepen the connotation, combining party history education and inheriting excellent poetry culture, relying on the profound Chinese traditional culture, excavating the red resources in the poetry, carrying out the party in the form of young students. History learning education, inheriting the promotion of China’s outstanding traditional culture, leading college students to grace the party patriotic feelings, enhance cultural self-confidence, enhance the elasticity, effectiveness and affinity of college party history learning education. With poetic history, from the history of the 100-year party, cultural self-confidence, integrated part of the party history, the college is excavating the cultural connotation of ancient and modern cultural cultures, drawing the spirit of China’s outstanding traditional culture, organizing the first "knowledge of ancient and modern poems, Zhu Zhu Zhu Zhi" poetry General Assembly.

The General Assembly is designed with the content of the unique competition, guiding students to feel the Chinese traditional cultural spiritual connotation contained in the poems, and build the poetry and cultural feast of teachers and students. Relying on the rich educational resources of traditional culture, with poetry friends, poetry and poetic history, form poetry learning booms in the whole school. First, based on the excellent traditional culture, explore traditional cultural charm. The traditional Chinese culture contains a deep cultural value and national spirit, poetry as an important form of traditional culture, and has a cultural crystallization of China’s five thousand years. The Academy of the Academy provides the poetry and cultural communication learning platform for teachers and students in the General Assembly.

In terms of participatory, interactive, in the form of participatory, interactivity, in-site poetry, the form of activities, etc., enhance the participation of teachers and students, so that teachers and students will realize traditional cultural charm in poetry; in poetry topics, prepare special poems The question bank, covering ancient and modern poetry, highlighting the national cultural achievements of China; . The second is to excavate the red resources of poetry and cultural cultures, learn from the history of the 100-year party.

In the Poetry Conference, the classic poetry related to the hundred years of party history, the Chinese revolution, the Chinese revolution, the northern Airlines Tian Da Kong is deeply excavated in the red resources in the traditional poetry. Through the form of the poetry conference, the History of the People’s Conference, feel the spirit of the great website, and enhance the national confidence Heart, innovation to conduct party history education, become effective tools and grips.

During the event, the three generations of northern flights in the old and middle schools surrounded the party century journey, the motherland Xiumei Rivers, the northern Airlines people struggled to struggle to make poetry recitations, stimulating students to China’s traditional culture, the motherland Xiumei River Mountain, the deep love and the spirit of the North Airlines Unremitting pursuit.

Entertaining, entertaining, effectively enhance party history, learning, effective, outstanding traditional culture is the "soul" of the Chinese nation, using a good resource of poetry, guiding the general masters to inherit the red gene and is of great significance.

"Knowing ancient and modern poems, Zhu Zhu Zhi" Poetry Conference, Academic Society is constantly excavating excellent poetry classics, innovation competition content and form, guide the teachers and students to feel poetry, inherit and carry forward excellent traditional culture, encourage young students from the party’s 100 years Drawing wisdom and strength in the process of struggle, firm ideals, and character, and strive to grow into a era of ethnic rejuvenate.

Carry forward the excellent traditional culture and create a campus culture atmosphere. The Poetry Conference uses an entertaining poetry contest and a hearty poetry feast, forming a boom in poetic history within the entire school, covering more than 50 schools and departments in the school, a total of 149 teams, more than 2,000 people participated in the event Effectively enhance the interests of teachers and students in the school for Chinese poetry culture, enhance traditional cultural identity, cultivate the soul, enlighten the wisdom, win the enthusiastic feedback of teachers and students in the school, alumni.

Model the campus cultural brand and cultivate love party patriotic feelings.

By carrying out the poetry conference competition, the book has built a traditional cultural study platform for the vectors of the Poetry Conference to create a traditional cultural heritage. This competition is also a heavy event in the first North Airlines Art Festival of the Party Flag, Red Sky Blue. The Poetry Conference has started from the traditional culture of the Chinese nation. Through the construction of campus culture, the students have clearly encourage students to inherit the cultural root pulse, the patriotism, and correctly understand the responsibility and historical mission of the times. Enhance students’ cultural confidence and improve the effectiveness of party history education. The Poetry Conference Effectively Mines the red resources in the poems, integrating party history and education into students’ characteristic cultural activities, innovating party history learning methods, inheriting excellent traditional culture. Integrate excellent traditional culture into party history, subtlely incentive to inspire teachers and students to understand, inherit and carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture, enhance cultural self-confidence, and effectively enhance the time of party history education. Educational education.

(Contributed source: Beijing University of Aeronautics and Aerospace University He Wei, Wang Ya, and Qu ".

The military system national moral models Jing Haipeng: her interests above all else

The interests of the country above all else – remember the military system of national moral models ■ Liberation Army Daily reporter Jing Haipeng single Hui powder at 1:16 on November 8, after about hours of extravehicular activities, in close collaboration Shenzhou No. thirteen astronauts take group the successful completion of extravehicular activity all given task. Day core module once again become the focus of much attention.

Watched his comrades set off again, People’s Liberation Army battalion astronauts astronauts Jing Haipeng super emotionally, round three of the sky by a dream trip seem to have presented in front. The completion of my country’s first extravehicular activities in space from the Shenzhou VII, Shenzhou nine to complete my country’s first manned space rendezvous and docking, to the Shenzhou 11 for the first time of the mid-astronauts in orbit reside …… Jing Haipeng was our execution most often manned flight mission, the longest flight time astronauts. Behind this is his hard training, challenge the limits, beyond the self strength and determination.

"Motherland’s interests above everything!" Engraved in front of the apartment astronaut brigade of eight characters, Jing Haipeng has become integrated into the blood of the faith. High school, Jing Haipeng accidentally saw a picture of valiant Air Force pilot, thus initiation flying dream.

Heard the news of the selection of astronauts, pilots have for 13 years when he had opened a new by a dream trip.

In 1998, Jing Haipeng selected the first batch of Chinese astronauts.

Flag face, he solemnly swear: "willing to fight for the country’s manned space program for life." Dream seeds need to be watered sweat. Sink simulated weightlessness training, hypobaric hypoxia training, exceptions from the disposal …… selected the first batch of astronauts to fly for the first time in 10 years, Jing Haipeng and his comrades were eight major categories, hundreds of professional skills training courses aim to amazing stamina again and again toward the physical and psychological limits assault.

In his view, for manned space flight, the points and 100 points is the success of the other, worlds apart, each exercise needs to achieve the ultimate. Wait ten years, once a dream round. On September 27, the high-speed flight of the Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft, to usher in the Chinese people’s first space walk. When his comrades Zhai Zhigang opened the door the moment, the astronauts headphones suddenly heard an alarm "fire the orbital module," the. Jing Haipeng comrades immediately checked and related systems and devices, determines the orbital in a vacuum at this time, it is impossible to fire.

Later analysis showed that the orbital module of the fire alarm was a false alarm.

Himself to his country, without fear of death, the astronauts never considered other options.

Every triumph, Jing Haipeng are the first to do zero to restart, "ultra-long standby," again and again to re-accept the "devil training", again and again choose to face the challenge test.

Committed to preparing for the moment he did not dare to relax, so only the second time in the eyes of others "lucky", the third time flying. 2012 June 18, complete with Temple One Shenzhou nine precision "handshake", he was the first to enter the temple.

October 19, 2016, Shenzhou 11 docking with Temple II form a composite body, Jing Haipeng, Chendong Shun Lee settled in Space "new home." Since then, the two astronauts spent 30 days of work and life. That, Jing Haipeng realized the Chinese people for the first time running space, space also had a 50-year-old’s birthday. Chinese people towards the dream of building the space station a step forward. Three patrol the sky behind the feat countless hardships and sweat, Jing Haipeng the Chinese people’s dream footprints printed on the boundless sky.

Flying three times, he was thankful: "I am from a rural baby grow into an astronaut, and a realization of a dream, a boarded another level, which is the result of education and training of the party and the people, the motherland is lifted me flying . "" space dreams lane long road, every astronauts are doing their best to run their own a bar. national moral models honor is the highest praise for the dedication of all the astronauts.

"Faced with high honor, Jing Haipeng remain humble.

"The next time also fly do not fly?" "I’m always ready, at any time ordered off.

"This year 55-year-old Jing Haipeng sonorous words, and looked strong.

Be brave: Life first "defense" word is the first aftest of natural avoidance to ensure the implementation of flood relief responsibility measures to "last kilometers"

In August, the average precipitation in the Han River Basin has the highest in the same period. According to meteorological forecast, there will be continuous rainfall in the next week, and the water level in the middle and downstream of the Hanjiang River may further rise, and the flood control situation is grim. On the morning of August 31, the Provincial Party Party Secretary and the Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters should be held in the provincial water conservancy hall to hold a video conference, and the conference will dispatch to do a good job in Hanjiang Qiufang. It should be invincibrated, to deepen General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on disaster prevention and disaster relief, adhere to the people’s first, life first, strengthen the extreme thinking, extreme value, strengthen early warning forecast, risking insurance, do a good job in engineering scheduling, avoid Insurance shift, ensuring that the control of flood relief responsibility measures have been implemented to the "last kilometer", implement the position to the head, and do their utmost to protect the lives and property of the people.

Wang Zhonglin, deputy secretary, governor and provincial flood control and drought-to-demand headquarters, attended and speaking.

At the meeting, the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, the Provincial Water Resources Department reported that the water-saving situation and post-weather trend in the Han River basin since the encyclopedia, the current water sentiment, and the Water Conservancy Committee notified the deployment of the defense of Hanjiang Qiufang. Provincial leaders and Jingmen, Tianmen, Qianjiang, Xiantao, Xiaogan, Shiyan, Xiangyang, Wuhan, etc. are mainly responsible for comrades video connection, listen to flood control work, analyze and study Han River Qiufang Situation, further compaction, strengthen flood control measure.

Be brave pointed out that flood control has always been a matter of Hubei, and the big matter must be implemented in the sense of responsibility. It should always be the first to protect the lives and property of the people in the first place, based on the anti-dragonfly, anti-flood, grab the dangers, save the disasters, continue to be highly vigilant, with a high responsible attitude, more powerful measures, more pragmatism The style of style, grasp all the measures to prevent flood control and disaster relief to ensure the Jianghe Lake Kur’an. "To fear life, fear nature, and fear responsibility."

"Be brave emphasizes that in the face of extreme weather frequently, we must deeply learn lessons, strengthen the bottom line thinking, risk awareness, Ning Xing teacher, nine empty, not unable to prevent paralysis, luck, luck The mentality, resolutely overcoming empiricism, putting problems, hidden dangers, risk thinking more, preparing for the plan, doing preventive measures, especially details, doing more carefully, doing it in the rain, preparation, no suffering, not only to prevent The preparation of big and anti-potential disaster, but also strictly prevent small insurance challenges. To adhere to the word "defense" first, avoid dancing is to, put "anti-" work in place, strengthen the value of the class, improve heavy rain, mountain flood , Mudslide, mountain landslide, etc., and timely organize the risk of risk.

Strengthen flood control dispatch, coordinate upstream, and scientific scheduling in the left and right shore, give full play to the control reservoir, the dam of the dam, the peak of the peak. It is necessary to prepare for the emergency week, not only for the defense, and focus on saving, doing good materials, strength, and rapidly launch the plan, quickly linkage. It should be brave emphasized that the responsibility of flood prevention is more important than Taishan, and it is not necessary to have a half-formatic bureaucracy.

All levels of defense should strengthen coordination, supervision and inspection, and promote the implementation of responsibility, and the implementation of measures. Along the Hanjiang River should take flood prevention work as the top priority, serious discipline, first-class level, and resolutely be responsible for defending the earth.

It is necessary to coordinate flood relief, normalized epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. Wang Zhonglin demanded that it is necessary to pay high attention to the ideological, and the situation is estimated more serious, and the preparation work is more fully, and it is resolutely prevents paralysis, luck, and experience the empirical mistakes.

To increase the risk of investment, the strength, compaction responsibility, and strictly investigate the rules of the rules, rectify risk hidden dangers, and ensure that they are not left. It is necessary to strengthen forecasting warning, increase the monitoring of the rainfall of the rainfish, and promptly release early warning information, and guide the prevention of the prevention. It is necessary to strengthen the preparation of rescue disaster relief, including emergency personnel materials, strengthen the province, and the people’s management, and guide the masses reasonably.

To strengthen organizational leadership, conscientiously implement the value of the value-based and information transmission system, and increase the inspection and supervision, ensure that the various work of flood control disaster relief is implemented, and the Hanjiang is safe. Provincial Leaders Li Le Cheng, Ke Jun, Ma Xunming, Mun Wen Wenhui, commander Hubei Province, Huang Wenhui, Wuhan Mayor’s Wenchang.

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Take a scarce definition, use the wine to interpret the culture: Wuliangye shares Zhenlong Tianzi wine rossed lotus pattern

Zhenlong Tianzi, Yicheng, Yibin Wuliang Co., Ltd., is a literary boutique representative of "Inheritance and Innovation – Culture, Wanjia", with exquisite wine design and scarce quality quality wine, It has brought unprecedented new experience to consumers, constructs cultural drinking, and selection of distinguished style.

Zhenlong Tianzi wine rossed lottery is like a bottle and its encounter, like a change in time and space, re-feeling the beauty of history, and the absorbed, witness the classic reproduction.

Seeing a distant dragon, the wine is like a bottle, just like the museum art of the day, the wine is designed by the Ming and Qing Royal Royal Flat belt, and the empty, the line is smooth, attached Full of a lotus, emotional life; there is a bottleneck in the bottleneck, and it is symbolized from Wanshou. In order to ensure the cultural value and appreciation value of this high-end Cantonese boutique and the concept of "inheritance and innovation – cultural into Wanjia" project, let excellent culture entered thousands of households, Zhenlong Tianzi wine The bottle of the rigs is full of well-known ceramics masters, and the deputy professor of the Design Art Institute of Jingde Town Ceramics University, Wang Hao master, the whole process, and has a monitoring certificate.

High-end, high-definition, high-quality, is a synonym of it! Zhenlong Tianzi wine, the lotus, the bottle, a superior wine product cannot be limited to the appearance, all say the name of the wine, Yibin, Zhenlong heaven, wine, the lotus bottle Wine is a high-quality representative product that is built with the five grain shares of Wuliangye, which is a high-quality representative product of Wuliang Shares. There are also five consequently praised: colorless and transparent, grain, fragrant, Chen Xiang comfortable, mellow and gourge, natural harmony, 余 味 爽, typical! Zhenlong The old wine, the lotus, the bottle is a top trainer, the wine is old, facing such a good cultural wine, nor is it. In particular, the outslocery of the Zhenlong Son, which is like a bottle, the same, the town to live beautiful imitation wooden hand-made gift box, the generos is red as the main color, the box is covered with lotus shading, wine tank There is a card slot with a large size of the wine bottle in the center, and the four big words of the true dragon of the world, highlighting the extraordinary temperament of this real dragon day wine (entangled out lotus).

At present, the market price is 8800 yuan / set. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose to be cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

Persimmons, hawthorn and other winter fruits are good to eat, don’t eat, greed, be careful, "Eat", gastrish stone!

In daily life, you can often hear people around you get gallstones, kidney stones are even bladder stones, rarely hear that there are "gastrish stone", many people will even be surprised to "long stone" ? Although stones are not immune, the harm of gastric stone is far from gallbladder, and the kidney stones are so large, but because it also has the characteristics of pain, it may also cause other complications, so it should also cause everyone to pay attention.

From infants and young people, there is no specific crowd in gastrhoods, and they are on the old man, and the old to infants may have gastroids due to improper diet. The most common is vegetative gastrointestinal stone. So, can the gastrointestinal symptoms can be prevented? Here and you share a case. A 65-year-old Jin Dabo, Zhejiang, likes to eat persimmons. At the end of last month, the season of persimmons were harvested. The old man bought three pounds of persimmons, and he had almost eaten, and the results occurred on the evening, there was a stomach pain, vomiting, Symptoms of antic acid, after gastroscopy, the doctor found a lot of gastroids in his stomach. Through this case, you want to prompt everyone, although it is a season that is suitable for persimmon, you should pay attention to not eating more.

This is because persimmon contains a large amount of tannic acid and pectin, especially those that are not mature, unprypricted, and it is easy to combine with gastric acid, cellulose, and citric acid will not solve the water with protein. The precipitate, pectin can also condense, resulting in the binding of peel, fruit fiber or food residue together, and ultimately may lead to gastrish mismatics, depending on the personal situation, may need to go to the hospital for treatment.

These highly tanned fruits may also lead to gastric stone hawthorn mentioned hawthorn. Most people will think of hawthorn has the effect of helping digestion, appetizing, etc., will also choose some hawthorn to help digestion, our daily life There is also a ingredients of hawthorn in the joining film.

The hawthorn also contains more tannic acid and pectin, and there is a binding of the material in the process of digestion, and some precipitates are formed, which may eventually lead to gastric stone.

Black jujube black jujube may not be a particularly familiar food, not like persimmons or hawthorn, mention most people know, but I believe that everyone must have heard that Beijing’s winter has a very famous street special snacks – rock sugar gourd . Rock candied hoist is made of many kinds of fruits, and hawthorn is the most commonly used raw material, in addition to strawberries, grapes, bananas, etc., black jujube is also one of the indispensable raw materials.

Although the black dates, although they were asked, they were actually known as farmers, which also known as a wild tmill, which means that it had the same characteristics with persimmons, and it contains more pectin and tannic acid. After eating more It may cause gastric stone. In addition to the above mentioned foods, rich in acid-rich fruits include apples, grapes, pomegranate, etc., while ingestion of dietary foods may also be the cause of gastric stone, such as celery, pumpkin, etc. Although these foods are not very common, we also give us a wake up. In daily life, you should pay attention to the food with these characteristics, don’t eat too much. Four tips for effectively prevent gastria 1. Look at persimmons, if there is no ripe persimmommons, you need to put it together with Apple and other fruits.

2. Do not eat persimmons and persimmon skin in the abdomen, do not eat with aquatic product containing a large number of proteins, and the protein is also easily formed of gastric stone under the action of tannic.

3. When eating hawthorn, persimmons, don’t drink overheat, too much water, and drink alcohol after eating. 4. If you eat persimmons, hawthorn, etc., there are symptoms such as gastric discomfort, and should go to the hospital in time. Dr. Wen / Master, Master of Master, Guide / Master, Master.

The fire rescue course is listed as a comprehensive evaluation of students in Shanghai.

Original title: The fire rescue course is included in the Shanghai Junior Music Class Student to learn to strike the rope / firefighting in the Xuhui District South Railway Station. The presentation is held in Shanghai Natural Museum. The reporter learned that from this school year, the four lessons of fire rescue station training courses will be officially listed as a compulsory course in the first-year students in the city, and incorporates the comprehensive quality evaluation of students. It is expected that 176 fire rescue stations in the city will usher in. 100,000 middle school students conduct training. At the launching ceremony of the student’s comprehensive evaluation, Xu Huili, deputy secretary general of the municipal government, emphasized that this year’s "119" fire publicity month activities is "implementation of fire protection responsibility, prevent safety risks", departments, and units should be close Fire protection and publicity and education, the "government unified leadership, departmental supervision, units", and enterprises, enterprises, enter the country, enter the community, enter the community, enter the school, enter the family, enter the countryside, enter the community, enter the school, enter the family "work Actively build a social fire control structure that builds a sharing of co-construction. The reporter learned that the training course for the four lessons of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission has been officially listed as a compulsory course for the first-year students in the city, and is included in the comprehensive quality evaluation of students. This is marked with Shanghai primary and secondary school fire safety. Education takes the lead in standardization, popularization, and training new stages.

Based on the pilot work of Xuhui and Huangpu Fire Rescue Detachment, after the education curriculum experts and fire refers to the warfare, the post preparation, theoretical learning, visiting trainee and skill training, more than 10 projects Training program, and shoot the production of fire safety teaching films in the city, write real training demonstrations, and carry out grade teachers training.

All district education bureaus and district fire rescue detachments will plan a training program based on the number of projects, reception capabilities and schools in schools, and is expected to meet 100,000 middle school students throughout the city. Ensuring that each student can systematically accept fire safety real education in the compulsory education stage, realization of fire safety.

Under the Municipal Fire Volunteer Service Corps, the Municipal Fire Volunteer Association has supported the guidance of the Municipal Civilization Office and the Municipal Volunteers Association. .

In recent years, the city mainly rely on the organization of the Communist Youth League, Ping An Volunteer Platform and other organizations to carry out fire-fighting volunteer activities, carry out volunteer, hidden dangers, hidden dangers in units and communities, and control and inspections, fire safety and other volunteer services, assist in the Shanghai World Expo, China International Import Expo, fireworks and firecrackers safety control and other social prevention and control and major activities, holiday security work, emerged with a group of outstanding fire volunteers organized by Shanghai "Sound" Youth Volunteer Service Center. The Shanghai Fire Department will take this opportunity to strive to create "Blue Friends +" fire volunteer service brand, launch the four major people to participate in fire hazards, the city’s campus fire safety, all the people’s fire department, professional fire rescue skills guidance service is four major Volunteer Series Project.

"Fire Wire Rescue" held the first broadcast last night, the first documentary "FireWire Rescue" of the Shanghai Radio and TV Station and the Shanghai Fire Rescue Corps, the first documentary "FireWire Rescue" will be used in Oriental TV, Besi TV, 哩 哩, Tencent video is broadcast on the line. As the first personal tracked film series, the creation team has been in 18 months, and the 24-hour squat is closely tracked, with the Shanghai two fire rescue stations, 58 first-line firemen eat the same police, with the first A story of these cities in the perspective of the perspective. The documentary is 45 minutes each episode, which is composed of 8 chapters such as "the hero of the city", and the hero of the city. It realizes the thrilling fire extinguishing scene, and many of the live and death line, the time running.

In addition, the event site also read the advanced collective and personal praise of the fire safety work in 2021, and the urban two-level fire science education base naming decision and issued a certificate of award. The people of the citizens watched the first fireform and founded report show, visiting the new fire vehicle and equipment equipment.

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Shanghai: Painting high quality new painting to create a "people city" happiness

Fuxing Community No. 1 Building is contracted. Huangpu District for the map of June this year, No. 1 Building, No. 1, Renxing East Road, Yuyuan Street, Huangpu District, successfully signed a contract, Huaihai Zhong Road Street Garden Apartment Community and Jiao Le Community installed elevators have also signed a smooth signing, and there are many Huangpu District Layer residential installation elevators have been overwritten in 10 streets. The old community "hanging out of the elderly" has been an urgent hope "plus a dream", and it is really close to one step.

The complex three community is a typical city center old community, the residential area is intensive, and the older residents are more. Some of these eight or nine-year-old residents, because the upper and downstairs are not convenient for many years, there is a difficult issue in the installation of elevators. From the district housing management bureau, the Yuyuan Street Management Office, Yuyuan Housing Office, Jijie Hubstand Committee, Raiders, etc. Composed of Fuji, with the form of a meeting, the problem of adding elevators in completion of the completion of the three communities at a meeting Crack.

Yushu Street, the power of all parties to promote the project, through perseverance, patience, confidence, to advance this Huimin practical project, bringing the residents to gain feelings and happiness. Shanghai is one of the earliest cities in China. How to make the old people "food", the old "Le", put Huimin practical things to the people’s heart? "Two beautiful one soup, respect the old package is only yuan." On the eve of the Chongyang Festival, the elderly cafeteria in the community of Mille Town, Baoshan District, and many old people were endless. The 260 square meters of space has 55 dining, the window is a net, more than ten old people are waiting for the meal. Several old people stand in front of the glass of the cooking area, observe the chef operation.

"The elderly canteen welcomes all residents to eat." The live staff introduced that there are two options in the dishwood and single point. In addition to 15 yuan and 20 yuan package, there is another single area, the price is divided into 9 Yuan, 12 yuan, 19 yuan, for residents to buy themselves.

Old people over 65 years old can also enjoy a 15% discount, and each meal rice and examples are free. Small food hall, big people’s livelihood. Today’s Shanghai, people’s livelihood is very good, happiness and harmony. In 2020, the per capita disposable income of residents in Shanghai is 10,000 yuan.

Covering the basic public services of urban and rural areas, employment, social security, housing, pension, housing, education, health and other public service systems are more perfect, and the per capita expectancy is still in the world leading level. The public transportation is more convenient, and the total mileage of rail transit is ranked first in the global city. Urban governance scientific, refined, intelligent levels are significantly improved, Shanghai is one of the safest cities in the world, stability is the golden signboard in Shanghai.

"Everyone has a chance of life. Everyone can participate in governance. Everyone can enjoy quality life. Everyone can effectively feel the temperature. Everyone can have a belonging." Taking the "People’s City" philosophy Guide, Shanghai is working hard to achieve "city, make life better". Link long triangles, build high quality development growth "145" just started, Shanghai is reviewing, adjusting, re-optimizing the development pattern. Shanghai’s field of view is an eye-catching triangle, looks at the world, to implement the national strategy of the Yangtze River Delta integrated development, and explore the effective path facilitating the construction of new development patterns. Recently, in the Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital Qingpu Branch, Zhejiang Jiashan’s residents Yang Wei came to visit. Although I forgot to bring Jiashan’s medical insurance card, she used the "Medical Security Electronic Voucher" on the mobile phone under the guidance of the staff and payment.

"The 31 yuan registration fee is directly deducted on my medical insurance account, I don’t have money!" The surprise, Yang Wei is convenient.

Today, in the long triangular integrated demonstration zone, more than 230 million insured residents feel the gradual convenience of cross-domain medical treatment.

For the first time, I have applied the ID card "cross-provincial universities", cross-provincial account migration, cross-provincial medical treatment directly switched card settlement, cross the province to study the secondary school, buy a house in different places to extract the housing provident fund … The long triangulation of the Demonstration area has been unveiled for two years, in medical treatment, Many fields such as education, government services, break through the innovative initiatives of administrative division restrictions, one followed by a non-stop, the people in the demonstration area enjoy the real convenience.

Leo finally got a little impatient:“So many questions,Isn’t it just a delay?,Are we in a hurry?”

Green Bull shook his head,Seems not in a hurry,But there seems to be something wrong。
Green Bull don’t understand,Leo naturally flashed towards the shampoo without expression。
The advantage of not having to make a boat is that they can walk straight,Directly across the ocean current,Arrive at Chambord。
Just returned to shampoo,Green Bull is a little eager to use the super large life essence。
His suction ability is already very good,But the attack is very general,After all, his giant tail is more suitable for use in the sea,Too clumsy on the shore。
Although the devil fruit makes him stronger,But the attack is still weak。
Now only break through the life level,In order to improve his various abilities。
Once he is promoted to the eighth life level,Immediately able to have the strength of the strong sea,It’s not impossible to help Leo resist Raleigh。
Leo didn’t refuse this time,Isn’t he doing so much so that Green Bull can safely use the super large life essence??
Fruit is not the key,The key is to make Green Bull break through,Security breakthrough。
Take the green bull into the sea,Green Bull’s ability to store fruits,Started to exercise with Leo’s help。
The protective layer of Green Bull has strong resistance to water pressure,If you don’t put away the protective layer,Exercise will have no effect。
“Exercise is not as convenient as before!”Green Bull helplessly。
Leo smiled:“Of course,Who made you a fruitful person!”
Now the green cow can’t fully enter the sea,After entering, it will lose strength,Although not all,But only half of the power,Relying on this 5% strength, I want to exhaust my physical strength,It takes seven or eight times longer。
“Don’t worry,Anyway, only two or three times!”Leo laughed。“After two or three times, your life level will break through,But when you enter the sea, you won’t be completely relieved!”
Incomplete release,Then it consumes energy faster。